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									CONNECT 2000
 wireless telephone trunking
   communication system

Within a regular cordless telephone system each handset (remote subscriber) would require to have
his own telephone base to make/receive calls, and in this regular variant the system scheme would
    have as many base transceivers as many remote users existing – including antenna-feeding
  equipment for each base – and each handset is registered and belongs to a definite BASE. For
example, if company needs to provide wireless communication to its 50 employees - that would be
               quite expensive to buy 50 cordless phone sets ( bases and handsets).
                                   TRUNKING SYSTEM CONNECT
  ACS created CONNECT system that gives a possibility for many REMOTE subscribers operate on
 limited telephone BASES, in other words to use for example only 2 COMMUNICATION CHANNELS
 for 5 handsets (or 3 channels for 50 handsets, or other suitable combination). REMOTE users “rent”
    any vacant BASE for a talk time only (CONNECT controller directs the call to vacant BASE and
connects with relevant handset). In this way all REMOTE USERS have equal access to the resources
of BASE EQUIPMENT, and at the same time these resources are not wasted and do not stay without
                  work (that saves money on equipment and avoids extra expenses)
CONNECT system provides:
               wireless telephone trunking
               efficient establishment of
                telephone system in small towns,
                warehouses, ports, customs
                terminals, building sites
               possibility to substitute cellular
                network for small towns
               mobile and stationary
                subscribers (REMOTE)
               Long Range wireless mini-PBX
                system for big companies
CONNECT system gives:
            efficient establishment of group
             multi-user communication system;
            communication range up to 100km;
            service for 256 subscribers;
            up to 64 trunk telephone lines;
            unlimited direct telephone lines
             quantity - with Е1 board;
            low price for the system
             (counting value for 1 subscriber)
CONNECT system
is composed of:
             base equipment
              ( controller CONNECT,
              base units SN-568, SN-868) with
              antenna-feeding accessories
              (antennas GP-2, cable RG-213) as
              part of base equipment

             subscriber equipment
              (SENAO cordless phones and
              wireless phones SN-258 Delta, SN-
              358 SmART, fixed subscriber data
              stations LINE)
    Base equipment consists of:
                  MAIN BLOCK: Controller’s casing with power supply
                  and motherboard (all other components are either
                  installed inside the block or connected to it). It is also
                  supplied with power cord, interface board, control
                  handset SN-568. Connects telephone lines and
                  “controls” the use of BASE units by handsets.
                  TRANSCEIVER - BASE: Connected to Controller
                  (radioport boards) and serve as transmitter-receiver
                  channel for mini-PBX system: number of transmitters
                  indicates the number of mini-PBX users that can be
                  on air in one period of time. SN-868 and SN-568 base
                  units are applied as transceivers for Connect system
                  (base units are updated by RCS and supported with
                  extra components etc).

ANTENNA-FEEDING   ANTENNA AND CABLE: Connected to transceiver
                  (equals to the number of transceivers)
                         SUBSCRIBER EQUIPMENT:
 All REMOTE users may have their own direct telephone numbers, or some of REMOTE
USERS may have only “extension” telephones numbers (if the quantity of telephone lines
       is limited). Extension number is given to every CONNECT subscriber as in
mini-PBX system to call to within the Connect network. REMOTE may be mobile or fixed.

                               MOBILE HANDSETS - VOICE: SN-258, SN-
                               258Plus, SN-358, SN-568, SN-868; SN-258Delta
                               (shown on picture).

                               FIXED STATIONS – VOICE AND DATA:
                               Subscriber data station to install inside the
                               house/office for data communication. Can
                               connect desk-top telephone, fax machine, mini-
                               PBX, modem etc. Mobile data station variant
                               is possible.
                TELEPHONE SLOT BOARD(1-to-16):
                 installed inside controller main block to connect
                 trunk PSTN telephone lines to the system. Each
                 telephone slot can connect up to 4 telephone
                 lines. There can be up to 16 telephone slots in
                 one system (that makes it 64 direct telephone
                 lines). All these telephone lines     (connected
                 to slots) can be given to REMOTE users (for
                 example, if you have 64 users of Connect – all
                 64 of them have possibility to use direct
                 telephone lines; if you have 100 users – 64 will
                 have direct telephone lines and others 36 will
                 have extension – like in mini-PBX)

                TELEPHONE PORT BOARD (1-to-8):
                 Installed in controller to connect transceivers to
                 controller box. It may be up to 8 radioports
                 (correspond to number of transceivers).

                BILLING PROGRAM: system operator may
                 use it to see the total expense for each
                 subscriber depending on call rate and type and
                 call time, or set limits for some calls etc

                BANK OF EVENTS: stores last 8000 events
                 happened within the system

         CONNECT system is
            being built by modular
            easy to upgrade;
            simple to install and use

          combines mobility and
          low price for the system
           (counting for 1 subscriber)
          low maintenance charges

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