Apache HTTP Web Server Configuration

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					Apache HTTP Server 2.0.36 Installation Manual

1. Installer Apache 2.0.36-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi
2. Double-clicking on the downloaded file and answering the questions
3. Click “Next” to continue the next screen.
4. Read the agreement, click the accept button and proceed to the next screen.

5. Read documentation (if you need to) and proceed to next section.
6. Enter the server information and proceed.

7. Choose which kind of setup you prefer.
8. If you choose custom, choose the desired option and continue to the next screen.

9. Begin the installation.
10.Sit back and wait for installation to finish

11.Installation complete.
12.Now, you can start Apache (if it not automatically started) by selecting Start-
   Program-Apache HTTP Server 2.0.36-Control Apache Server-Start. This will start
   up the Apache service. To test your installation, start up your browser and enter
   http://localhost or into the address bar. This should display a
   screen like the one shown below. This means your successfully installed Apache.

So that’s it! Apache is successfully installed.

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