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									                                                                              juice and cider making                                 11

Vigo has many years of experience meeting the needs of apple juice and cider makers. Many of our staff have hands-
on experience of cider-making and the managing director of the company makes Bollhayes Cider, a consistent winner of
prizes at the Royal Bath & West Show and the Devon County Show. We understand farm-based production and can offer
qualified advice to all levels of producer. We can supply individual items of equipment or complete production lines with
capacities from a few hundred bottles per day to thousands of bottles per hour. In essence, we offer more than just a list
of products.

The initial process of making juice from apples is the same for cider as it is for apple juice. Cider is fermented juice and juice
for sale in an unfermented state is pasteurised to prevent fermentation. Many cider-makers sell apple juice and many apple
juice makers make some cider.

Considerations of scale
When planning a juice or cider-making business we recommend that you consider the overall scale of production – i.e.
the volume of juice or cider to be made in a season, divide that by the number of days that you are prepared to work and
thus determine the daily production capacity required. Vigo can offer advice on capacity and we will usually recommend
equipment with a stated hourly or typical daily production level and an indication of the labour requirement. This allows
our customers to make an informed decision about the equipment they will need. In most processes there will be a clear
choice between less expensive, slower, more labour-intensive machines and more expensive automated machines
with a lower labour requirement. Most systems are flexible and modular, allowing progressive upgrading as demand
increases and finances allow. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Apples must be crushed to a fine pulp before pressing.
The yield of juice is determined as much by the
efficiency of crushing as by the power of the press. All
apple mills are suitable for pears and can be used for
a wide range of other fruits (except those with stones
– see page 43 for de-stoning machines)

Speidel centrifugal mill                                     Speidel mill            Voran RM 2.2    Voran RM 5.5
These mills are suitable for the enthusiastic amateur.
Fruit is fed through a heavy duty PE plastic hopper into the milling chamber, sliced and pulverised by a three part
stainless steel blade system and then discharged from a narrow chute. This is a very safe and thorough system. The mill
is fitted with a motor cut out switch that inactivates the mill if the hopper is removed.

Voran RM 2.2 centrifugal mill                                        Voran Pomace trough
This is a robust, heavy duty, high speed mill for commercial         Glass reinforced plastic trough
operations. A single heavy rotor in the milling chamber              to fit under the Voran RM 2.2
pulverises the fruit which is then discharged through a              mill. The sloping end and
perforated screen. Different sizes of screen are available           smooth sides make shovelling
to produce mash of optimum consistency from fruits of                pomace very easy.
varying qualities.

Voran RM 5.5 mill
A high speed mill with a capacity of 4200 kg per hour, fitted with an easy-access hinged hopper and motor with brake. A
range of 16 different mill screen patterns and sizes ensures that the ideal pomace can be produced. Vigo can fit these mills
to existing apple elevator and pomace pumping systems. Variants of this machine are available for vegetable pulping.

                Model       Capacity (kg/h)   Dimensions (L x W x Hmm)   Motor (kW)   Voltage (V)   Weight (kg)   Stockcode
           Speidel            Up to 1000          514 x 586 x 1250          2.2          230            25         91202
           Voran RM 2.2          1000             550 x 520 x 1530          2.2          400            60         91214
           Voran RM 5.5          4200             725 x 690 x 1440          5.5          400            70         91218
           Promace trough       200 lit           1230 x 570 x 510           -             -            12         91410
     juice and cider making

     Bin tipper
     Take all the effort out of emptying apple bins with the Voran bulk
     bin tipper. All stainless steel construction and electro-hydraulic
     operation (single phase), with simple push button tipping and
     lowering controls. Can be used with UK and Euro size bins.

     Designed for use with the Voran range of washing and milling

     Optional sorting table for use with the bin tipper, with perforated
     surface, side panels and mounting for washing/milling
                                                                           Bin tipper

                     WAShING & MILLING MAChINES WITh ELEVAToR.
     These machines are designed to wash fruit and deliver it milled directly into the press, freeing the cider and juice
     maker from the labour of shovelling or pumping pomace. The machine consists of a washing bath with dirt screen and
     overflow, auger elevator with built-in rinser and a mill which discharges through a perforated screen. The supply of
     apples to the mill is automatically regulated by a pressure sensor fitted either in the pomace hopper of the mill or at the
     belt press inlet. The machines are compact and built throughout from stainless steel.

     Elevator SA – with capacity of up to 1 tonne per hour.
     For use with the EBP350 belt press or for other applications
     where an exposed elevator is an advantage – e.g. where soft
     fruits are to be processed. Mounted on wheels for ease of
     movement. Available with or without a mill.

                                                                           Elevator SA

                                                                WA/LC with capacity of up to 2 tonnes per hour is available in
                                                                different specifications suitable to each application.


     Larger Voran mills available with capacity up to 12 tonnes per hour.
                                                                                                      juice and cider making      13

                     APPLE AND CIDER PRESSES

Rack & cloth presses
Traditional cider and apple juice presses operate with a system of racks and
cloths: apple pulp is wrapped in strong, open-weave cloths, sandwiched between
slatted wooden boards (racks) to produce a stack – known as the ‘cheese’ –
which is then pressed. The thin layers of pulp allow juice to flow laterally and give
a quick and high juice yield under pressure. This system is simple and relatively

Hydraulic rack & cloth presses are available in a range of three sizes, suitable for
cider or juice makers wishing to press between about 500 kg and 6 tonnes per
day. All presses are supplied complete with racks and cloths and juice discharge
tube. The 100 P press is available in three versions: with a single press bed, twin
press beds on trolleys and twin press beds on a rotating chassis (PS model).
The twin bed press allows a cheese to be built while a cheese is pressed, thus                                          100P1
doubling the rate of production.

For a smaller rack and cloth press see our website www.vigopresses.co.uk.

                        Dimensions       Capacity    Motor                 Pressure      Weight
 Model    Beds                                               Voltage (V)                             Stockcode
                      (L x W x Hmm)       (kg/h)     (kW)                  (tonnes)       (kg)
 50P1        1      1100 x 990 x 1430       150       1.1    230 or 400      17.5         195        91356/7
 100P1       1      1208 x 1030 x 1450      300       1.5    230 or 400      24.7         265        91328/30
 100P2       2      2080 x 1030 x 1450      600       1.5    230 or 400      24.7         295        91332/4
 100PS       2      2080 x 1030 x 1450      600       1.5    230 or 400      24.7         378        91346/7
 180PS       2      2300 x 840 x 1850       1000      1.5     400 only        50          820        91348

Juice and collection tank
A 100 litre capacity stainless steel tank, with flanged fitting to take a straining sock. Can be fitted with a depth switch for
automatic pump operation.

                               Dimensions       H
                      Inlet                                  Outlet        Stockcode
                                  (mm)        (mm)
 For 100PS                      720 x 720      215    ¾” BSP ball valve       92927
 For other rack &
                    1¼” BSP        500         600    ¾” BSP ball valve       92988
 cloth presses

                                Acacia Racks
                                Made from riveted laths of highly durable acacia wood. These racks can last through hundreds of
                                tonnes of pressing. New presses are supplied with a complete set of racks.

                                Available in five sizes – see price list.

Press Cloths
Press cloths suitable for juice and cider production. Cloths are available either ready-made to suit our range of hydraulic
presses or can be made to measure to customers’ requirements.

                                              Type - polypropylene           Suitable for              Width (cm/”)   Stockcode
                                              Coarse weave                       Cider                   150 / 59      91424
                                              Fine mesh               Ripe juicing fruit & berries      200 / 78½      91494

Press cloth can be bought as a length off the roll or Vigo can make up cloths to order, with a charge for cutting and hemming.
Extra-large cloths can be made by joining two widths and smaller cloths can be made by splitting widths. Cloth samples can
be sent on request.
     juice and cider making

       EPB 650 press with WA/LC

                    BELT PRESSES
     Belt presses are the modern alternative to the rack & cloth press. A thin layer of fruit pulp is fed continuously onto a
     porous belt and pressed against a series of stainless steel rollers to extract the juice. This system requires minimal
     labour and gives yields comparable to those achieved with rack & cloth presses.

     Owing to the short pressing time and minimal air contact the quality of the juice is very high and the solid content very
     low: juice freshness and flavour is maximised. A wide range of fruits and vegetables can be pressed.

     Vigo offers the Voran range of fully automatic continuous belt presses. Operated with a washer, elevator, mill system
     (see page 12) this range of presses can handle from 300 kg per hour to more than 6000 kg per hour of apples,
     requiring only minimal supervision. As long as there is a supply of apples to the water bath the pressing system will
     run automatically, with pulp fed continuously into the press. The belts are cleaned automatically. There are no cloths
     to clean and the structure of the presses is stainless steel throughout. These presses are simple to operate and easy
     to clean.

                                                                                      Press     Capacity (kg/h)
         If you are tired of trying to find reliable and
         affordable seasonal labour or just tired of folding                         EBP350          300
         press cloths, then contact Vigo for details of                              EBP500          500
         these belt presses.structure of the presses is                              EBP650       1000-1500
         stainless steel throughout. These presses are                               EBP1200         3000
         simple to operate and easy to clean.                                        ZBP1200      6000-8000
                                                                            juice and cider making                                    15

This conveyor is designed to move spent pomace
from the discharge side of belt or pack presses, away
to a trailer or bin. Use of a conveyor completes the
automation of the belt press and removes the labour of
barrowing or shovelling away pomace. Belt width 280
or 500mm, length 4000mm and maximum discharge
height of 2400mm. Available as either single phase or
3 phase.

 Belt width (mm)   Stockcode
      280          96600/11
      500          96601/12

                         Heavy duty lined rubber gloves with a good grip surface. Suitable                    Size        Stockcode
                         for juice and cider making and when removing hot bottles of juice or
                                                                                                        Size 7 (Small)     99072
                         cider from pasteurisers.
                                                                                                        Size 8 (Medium)    99073
                                                                                                        Size 9 (Large)     99074

                         Tough polythene pomace scoops for shovelling apple pulp when building ‘cheeses’.
                           Stockcode    99070

                   Red rubber full length aprons (48 inches long) with tying tape, ideal for protection from the mess of
                   apple processing.
                    Stockcode   99071

                                Nylon Straining Socks
                                Vigo can make a wide range of sizes of straining
                                sock for filtering apple juice or other liquids.          Weave                           Stockcode
                                                                                                           (L x W mm)
                                These are ideal for filtering juice as it runs off
                                                                                     Fine Nylon             700 x 250       91447
                                the press. Strongly sewn with a drawstring top
                                for use on the end of a flexible hose secured to     Coarse Polyester       700 x 250       91462
                                a sock holder tail (see fittings, page 27).

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