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									               COLONGE VILLA RENTAL – Helpful advice/instruction
     Address: Els Toranges, I1-1, Carrer Venezia, Vizcondado de Cabanyes, Colonge

The following points are made to help your stay in our home more comfortable and
trouble free. The points are made as a supplement to your signed Agreement.

You should find our villa in perfect order. If not, please let us know upon your return. If
you have more serious problems or queries, then please immediately phone Christine or I
at home on 0044 1886 833701, or on my mobile on 0044 7950 930679.

The villa is located on a residential development, and a car is essential in order to access
most amenities…eg beach, town, shops, restaurants & bars.

Please note that access to the villa on your day of arrival is strictly not before 3.30pm.
Please feel free to use the tea and coffee. In the fridge you should find a welcoming
supply of cold drinks, including beer, white wine, and bottled water, and a bottle of red
wine should also be awaiting you. These are for you to enjoy after your journey and to
welcome you to our villa. All we ask is that you leave a supply for the next guests. The
alcohol in the cocktail cabinet is also there for you to enjoy. If you take a particular
liking to anything, then please replace it upon leaving so that choice and supply remain
constant for future guests. Please make yourselves at home. You should find the villa in
perfect condition, and beautifully clean for your arrival.

The alarm system is connected to a call station and the police. Activating the alarm will
result in a rapid armed police response. On arrival you will need to disarm the alarm. The
code is 3112, and the key pad is just inside the front door. Unlock the front door, await
he bleeps to commence, and simply tap in the code on the key pad. (Please note that the
front cover flips down). On leaving, simply key in the same number to set the alarm, and
leave locking the front door behind you.

We no longer provide keys for the safe as a spate of recent burglaries have
unfortunately taken place where thieves are specifically targeting safes and are looking
for passports, credit cards and cash. Burglaries have taken place, not when the villas are
empty, but rather when the thieves know persons are staying. It is therefore advisable
to keep your valuables with you at all times.

Please note that we take no responsibility for any injury or loss or damage to your
person or property or that of any party member or vehicle (owned or hired) during your
stay and consequently you are strongly advised to take out your own travel insurance.

The villa has four bedrooms. There are two en-suite bedrooms with double beds, (king
size), and two bedrooms each with three foot single beds. Duvets and pillows are
provided. Please protect the beds with your own duvet covers and pillow cases and
sheets. Please leave the mattress protection on the beds, and pillow protectors on the
pillows. Please leave beds made up as you found them so it looks nice for the incoming
guests. Please ensure that you use your own base sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases
before using the beds. Please also use the towels that you have brought with you.

The upstairs en-suite bedroom is our bedroom. We keep our own belongings in one
wardrobe, under the bed, and in one cupboard under the sink in the en-suite bathroom,
and kindly ask that you do not disturb these.

You will need to bring your own towels.

Do not forget also to bring at least one European plug adaptor for your personal
electronic items, such as hairdryers.

You will need to bring your own tea-towels.

Cooker. When using rings on top, the highest temperature is 1, not 6! Wipe over the
ceramic hob with specific hob cleaner each time it is used with a cloth. Do not use
abrasives or scatch. If using the oven, please ensure it is left spotless.

Barbeque. The barbeque is for your use as well. The gas supply is underneath. A full
spare gas bottle is also kept underneath. Should a bottle run out during your use then fit
the spare and replace the empty bottle with a new full one. The Ferretier in Colonge
supplies replacement bottles for around eight euros. The Ferretier can be found on the
main road in and out of the village. From the Suma supermarket head towards Colonge,
and it is on your right. Alternatively, at the local garage turn left into Colonge. At the
main cross roads, rather than heading up into the old village, take a right. Just on your
left you will find Ferretier Colonge. Automatic lighting instructions are on the front
control panel. Ensure that foil is always in the drip tray underneath the burners and
replace the foil if not more frequently at least at the end of your stay. This is done by
simply pulling out the drip tray. Do not use metal cooking implements on the ceramic

plates – only plastic. A supply are to be found in the kitchen. To clean the ceramic plates
you will need lots of very hot soapy water and elbow grease - a hot soak overnight is
recommended followed by a wipe with a cloth. Always switch the gas off at the bottle
top after each use as well as off on the grill controls, otherwise a gradual leakage of gas
occurs. Do not use the barbeque if you cannot be bothered to leave it spotless for the
next guests, and if you are not prepared to replace the gas bottle if it runs out during
your use.

Cleanliness / Hygiene
There is a strict no smoking policy in the villa. Please ensure you and your guests do not
abuse this policy. Smokers must do so outside, and must dispose of cigarette butts
appropriately and not simply throw them on the garden, which is extremely annoying. I
am fed up of clearing up discarded cigarette ends from the patio and garden. Similarly,
Chris and I are many of our guests are non-smokers. We do not want our home to stink
of stale tobacco on arrival, or to suffer from tar stains on walls, fabrics and other
belongings. Please ensure all smokers in your party are aware of this requirement.

Upon leaving, leave no rubbish or household waste in the house. There is no household
waste collection service. Consequently dispose of all waste at the nearby
recycling/rubbish point. This is located at the entrance to Carrer Milan – you pass the
recycling bins and waste carts every time you drive in or out of the estate. You are
strongly recommended to dispose of food waste on a daily basis during the hot summer

Do not leave or allow your fellow party members to leave food or drinks out in any part
of the house over night. Ants have an incredible sense of smell and will invade the villa
over night to your horror in the morning.

Similarly, do not leave food or drinks outside over night. Ants are constant pest and will
rapidly overrun glasses and plates, tables and food/drink if left about for even a short
powder and spray is to be found in the utility cupboard downstairs. If supplies run low,
all supermarkets sell a range of products to kill off ants so please replace if supplies run
out during your use. Please use the ant powder outside the villa, and the sprays inside or
outside. Ant powder sprinkled outside the patio doors and front door is very effective.

On departure please dispose of all perishable foodstuffs in the fridge unless you are
certain that another family is arriving on the day of your departure.

Please ensure throws are used to protect the sofa. Feet can get dirty wondering in and
out. They help keep the sofa clean. Also, please avoid sitting on the dining chairs and on
the sofa when covered in sun protection oils for obvious reasons, or cover the
chairs/sofa with towels.

The hi-fi in the main living room is fairly simple to use. If you like our taste in cd’s, then
please enjoy. You may like to bring your own cd’s. All we ask is that music is not played
to the extent the neighbours can hear it – noise travels on the hillside….and we wish to
stay friends with our neighbours. Unfortunately we had complaints last season from our
neighbour about certain Orange Grove bookings whereby this request was abused. We
wish to remain friendly with our neighbours. Please respect other people’s privacy. Under
no circumstances must music be played down by the pool. Again noise travels far and we
do not wish to upset our neighbours. Abuse of this request will result in future booking
requests being denied.

In the interest of providing a peaceful and relaxing holiday please note that there is no
television or dvd player available at this villa. There is, however, a cd player with a range
of cd’s provided, but please feel free to bring your own.

Please also note that there is no telephone at the villa. You will probably, therefore,
want to bring a mobile as a means of communication.

Please do not light the log fire in the living room. It is for decoration only. Should you
need to warm the house, adjust the thermostat to be found on the wall in the dining
area. This will activate the central heating, but you must remember to switch the
controls back to where they were upon leaving otherwise a waste of central heating fuel,
which is very expensive, will occur. Occasionally we suffer from power cuts. These will
throw the computerised controls to the boiler, and may even throw the trip switch in the
fuse box. (Located by front door). If so, the boiler is to be located in the boiler house
at the side of the villa. On the red front panel, at the base of the boiler, is to be found
the master controls. There are three settings – a) off; b) hot water only; & c) hot water
& central heating. Should you need to, press the top button which controls these three
options and set accordingly. If problems persist, then call me. Should you need to engage
the central heating, then do ensure that upon leaving, that the thermostat on the wall in
the dining area is reset to 7 degrees otherwise the central heating will continue to run
at great cost.


Introduce no chemicals, liquids or soaps into the pool. The pool is carefully maintained on
our behalf and the chemical balance is a delicate science. No children UNDER ANY
CIRCUMSTANCES must to go down to the pool terrace without being supervised. There
is a strict no diving, no jumping policy in the pool as it is too shallow. There must be no
swimming whilst under the influence of alcohol. Glassware must not be taken down to the
pool area. There is a shallow end and a deep end to the pool. The deep end is at the
pergola end, and drops to 2 metres deep. Non-swimmers of all ages must be supervised
at all times and should not be allowed to go out of their depth. Buoyancy aids should be
worn by all non-swimmers. The pool maintenance is on contract. You will see John, who
maintains our pool, or a member of his staff sometimes several times during the week.
Between John’s visits should you need it, there is a net by the poolside for collecting
leaves and floating insects each day before use. The underwater lighting switch is
located on the fuse box sited on the wall at the end of the pool terrace, alongside the
path to the side of the pergola. Whilst magical at night to swim with the lights on, do
not leave the pool lights on. Once you have finished swimming then switch them off.

Do not open or interfere with the fuse box by the pool. The light switch is on the
external face of the box. Do not leave the pool lights on over night because it attracts
insects to the pool, as well as been a waste of electricity. Always lock or bolt the front
door to the villa if out the rear around the pool. This will prevent people entering the
villa without your knowledge. The pool house, located underneath the pool, is permanently
locked and is STRICTLY OUT OF BOUNDS. It contains expensive and complicated
computerised controls for the pool and garden sprinkler system. Should for whatever
reason you find it unlocked, do not allow any member of your party to enter at any time.
Please ensure the pool shower is used on each and every occasion before entering the
pool, but please do not use the lower of the two taps on the shower stand. The tap
regularly shears through the washer causing the tap to run continually, so we do not use
it. You are asked to shower prior to swimming so that oily lotions that create harmful
bacteria and gravel particles that would otherwise enter the pool filtration system and
can cause expensive damage are removed. During May, June, September and October
please keep the pool cover on overnight and upon leaving to maintain the water
temperature in the pool.

Children must be prevented from throwing stones and other foreign objects into the
pool. All damage will be charged for. All toys in the pool must be inflatable only.

Please note that summer 2006 has brought a new pest – wasps ! They appear to like to
nest under the sun-loungers around the pool, and several guests have been unfortunately
stung. They have been sprayed and got rid of, but of course could return at any time. Fly
killer will soon destroy any fresh nesting plans, but please beware.

The outside gate post lights and front porch lights are switched on from the light
switches to the inside of the front door. The garden lights to the rear are switched on
by the light switch located on the wall between the fireplace and the patio doors in the
lounge. The patio by the boiler room is lit by lights controlled by a switch in the boiler
room, on your right as you enter the boiler room. Do not leave on overnight. Electricity
is expensive in Spain. The light switch for the pergola lights is to be found on the
central pillar in the pergola.

No pets are allowed.

Keys for the boiler room are provided. The boiler room is located at the side of the villa,
on the upper terrace. In the boiler room you will find the tumble dryer, along with the
table tennis table, boules for the boules court, and other games equipment and inflatable
toys for the pool. The games equipment is for your use and enjoyment. Please note that
the table tennis table is on wheels, and whilst easily moved, will require two persons to
lift over the step into the boiler room. With the cover off, to open the table lift the two
red handles underneath the table and gently let down the each leaf of the table. The
table can be left outside, folded up, with the cover on, during your stay. However, whilst
water resistant, please bring inside during heavy rain.

as advised above in case of loss of hot water / heating). IF IN DOUBT – CALL US.

The washing machine is in the cupboard under the stairs.
The tumble dryer is in the boiler room. The filter in the door needs cleaning after every
dry, Please ensure that you clean it.

The fuse box for the villa is located by the upstairs front door. If any circuit blows,
flip the trip switch back up. (They should all be switched up).

The First Aid kit is to be located in the wardrobe in the en-suite bedroom on the ground
floor. Please replace if possible any items used.

Replenish toilet rolls and cleaning equipment for use by our next guests.


We trust you may never need these points of reference, but they are important to note

General emergencies / ambulance / police / fire : 112
Local police: 972 660327
24 hour doctor: 972 816912
Palamos hospital: 972 600003

You must vacate the villa on your day of departure by no later than 09.30am

We trust that you found the villa in perfect condition. It would be much appreciated if
you left our home in the same condition ready for the next visitors. Guests are expected
to clean the villa prior to leaving ready for the next visitor. This arrangement keeps
down the service charge we make, and ensures that the villa is maintained to a high level
of cleanliness for all visitors.

Turn down thermostat on central heating to 7 degrees (if used during stay), and ensure
that the computerised controls to the central heating system, if adjusted during your
stay, are back to the hot water only setting.

Ensure calor gas switched off on bottle on BBQ.

Remove all light plugs and electrical equipment plugs from sockets.

Lock up properly on leaving with patio doors locked and shutters closed and bolted. All
appliances except the fridge and freezer must be switched off. Leave no running taps.
Switch off all lights.

Please sprinkle ant powder around balcony doors, patio doors, and front door before

Leave no equipment outside except the barbeque and plastic patio and poolside furniture.
Ensure the parasols are in their boxes in the boiler room. Bring inside the sun-lounger
cushions. Bring inside the teak bedroom balcony furniture.

Remove all rubbish to the local recycling / waste bins and do not leave any perishable
food unless in the fridge for the next guests. Please ensure that there is a supply of
beer, along with white wine and water in the fridge for the next guests who follow you.

Leave the safe open.

Please sign the visitors book and add any helpful comments.

Lock the front door and boiler room as you leave. Set the alarm.

Sorry if all this sounds a bit official, but the points are made to ensure your stay is
comfortable, safe and enjoyable, and that we remain friendly with our neighbours, and
that the villa is left in good order for the next family in.

Happy holiday, Chris & Granville Orange


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