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									                         S t . P h i l ip & S t . J a me s ’ a n d S t . T h o ma s ’

                         I     n the Book of
                               Common Prayer
                               2004, there are
                         less instructions about
                         when to sit, stand or
                                                    will explore some of every aspect of
                                                    the different aspects worship covered in
                                                    of our worship.        our mini-series but
                                                                           we will certainly
                                                    We can so easily go make a start!
                         kneel, than in the         glibly through our
                         previous prayer books.     liturgy, just moving Worship is at the
                         In light of this, some     along from one part heart of what we do.
                         weeks ago, a               to the next, without In a way, it is the
       PARISH            parishioner asked me       ever really thinking ‘shop-window’ of
                         when we were               about it, and so       our parish
                         supposed to sit or to      hopefully, in the      community. It is
 Rev. Gillian Wharton                               mini-series, we will important that we
      The Rectory,       kneel, or to stand, and
                                                    be prompted to think have an
Cross Avenue, Blackrock, why do we move up or
       Co. Dublin.       down in the different      a little more about    understanding of
      Tel: 2887118       parts of the service.      our worship and        what we are doing
                         The conversation then      what it means, and and that we strive to
         Email:                                     what it conveys and get it as right, as
 booterstown@dublin.     evolved about why we
                         had various things in      helps us to            appropriate and as
                         the services, and the      understand of God, faithful, as we can.
        Curate:                                     Christ, faith and the
 Rev. Suzanne Harris     request was made that                             Hopefully the mini-
                         we might do a mini-        Church.
    Tel: 087-9354869                                                       series will help us to
         Email:          series of sermons on       Why do we have the have a better of idea
   curate.booterstown    worship – what we do       particular readings of what we are    in our worship, and        on particular          doing, and why we
                         why we do it the way       Sundays? Do we         are doing it, and that
  St. Thomas’ Rectory    we do it.                  just have any old      in turn, our worship
     Foster Avenue,
                         So, over a number of       hymns on a given       will be enriched.
     Mount Merrion,                                 Sunday; does the
                         Sundays in October,
       Co. Dublin.
      Tel: 2835873       November and               Rector just stick a            Gillian
                         December, whenever         pin in a list of hymns
                         we have a ‘normal’         to decide what ones
    Deirdre Donovan
                         Sunday and we do not       we are going to
         Email:                                     sing?!!!
mountmerrion@dublin. seem to have too many       of those at times(!), we
                                                    We may not get
PAGE 2                                              NE WS LE T T E R

                                                Holy Baptism:

J    oshua William Ellis - On Sunday 26 April 2009, we welcomed Joshua William Ellis, the son of
     Lesley (née Kilmurray) and Mervyn Ellis into the family of Christ. Family had gathered from
     Dublin, Cork and Portugal to celebrate this special occasion. Joshua’s godparents are John Ellis and
Niamh Kilmurray. We wish him every blessing as he travels on his journey of faith.
Joshua Anders Kincaid Sherlock-Robertson – On Sunday 17th May 2009, the son of Joan Sherlock-
Robertson and William Robertson, was baptised in St. Thomas’ Church at 10.00. Big brother Matthew
helped! Joshua’s godparents are Michelle Orr, Ann-Marie Holdsworth and Richard Holdsworth. We wish
him every blessing as he travels on his journey of faith.
         lla O’Neill and Sofia O’Neill - At 11.30, also on Sunday 17th May 2009, in St. Philip and St.

E        James’ Church, we welcomed Ella and Sofia into the family of Christ. Ella and Sofia are the twin
         daughters of Anna Frankland and Ray O’Neill, and had travelled home from Australia to meet
their extended family in Ireland and to be baptised in St. Philip and St. James’. Ella’s godparents are
Loraine Creane, Leila Morris and Ronan Brady and Sofia’s godparents are Aoife Fitzgerald, Giulia
Vaccarino and Patrick Glover. May Sofia and Ella carry the light of faith with them throughout their lives.

G       eorgia Ruby Beatty - One week later, the daughter of Gail (née Power) and Clive Beatty, was
        baptised on Sunday 24th May 2009 in St. Philip and St. James’ Church. Her older brother
        Alexander read and brother William provided the entertainment! Georgia’s godparents are Hilary
Lewis, Nicole Mooney and David Power. We wish Georgia every blessing as a member of God’s family.
         ate Nicole Hiles and Chloe Anne Hiles – On Sunday 23rd August 2009, at the united service in

K        St. Thomas’ Church, we welcomed Katie and Chloe into the family of Christ. Katie and Chloe
         are the twin daughters of Sarah Beth Hooper and Steven Hiles, and the younger sisters of
Ellen. Family had gathered from overseas and all parts of the island to be a part of their special day.
Kate’s godparents are Paul O’Brie and Suzanne Hanlon and Chloe’s godparents are Alan McKibbin and
Aska Hooper. May Katie and Chloe grow in their faith throughout their lives.
Received and Welcomed into Church: John Morris was formally received and welcomed into the
Church on Good Friday evening, in St. Philip and St. James’.

A        lbert Karl Bessler and Ruth Elizabeth Benville were married in St. Thomas’ Church on
         Saturday 18th April 2009. The weather was wonderful as family and friends gathered to celebrate
         with Albert and Ruth, firstly in the church and then at The Beaufield Mews. We wish Ruth and
Albert every happiness for their future together.

H         arriet Elizabeth Parsons and John Paul Moriarty were married in St. Thomas’ Church on St.
          Thomas’ Day, Friday 3rd July 2009. It was a beautiful wedding, enhanced by a beautiful day as
          the congregation made their way to a marquee in John’s parents’ garden after the Service. Our
best wishes to Harriet and John and their daughter Emily for their life together.

V       ictoria Louise Fox and Simon Jon Norcutt were married in St. Philip and St. James’ Church on
        Wednesday 9th September 2009 (999!). Vickie had grown up in the parish, attending church and
        school here, and very much wanted to be married in St. Philip and St. James’. It was a beautiful
wedding, and that it happened mid-week in term-time was very exciting for the pupils of Booterstown
National School! The reception was in No. 10 Lower Ormond Quay. We wish Vickie and Simon
everything good in their married life.
                                            In Memoriam:
         veleen Gertrude Daish (née Ryan) died on Saturday 18th July 2009, in St. Mary’s Home where

E        she had been wonderfully cared for over the past number of years. Since Eveleen went to live in
         St. Mary’s Home, a number of parishioners, had befriended her and their visits to her were most
appreciated. Eveleen’s grand-daughter Nicola paid tribute to Eveleen, at the Funeral Service, which was
held in the Victorian Chapel at Mount Jerome on Wednesday 22nd July 2009. We extend our sympathy to
  PAGE 3                                            NE WS LE T T E R

her children Avril and Alan, and to her granddaughter Nicola.
        eresa (Teri) Garvey died in the Blackrock Clinic on Wednesday 29th July 2009. Three years

T       previosly, Teri, who worked in RTE, had attended the funeral of her colleague, Vere Wynne-Jones
        in St. Philip and St. James’. Teri asked the Rector – who had taught in Rathdown with Teri’s
husband Declan - to visit her in Blackrock Clinic, where Gillian is the Church of Ireland Chaplain. Teri’s
funeral took place in St. Philip and St. James’ Church on Friday 31st July 2009, followed by cremation at
Mount Jerome. We extend our sympathy to her husband Declan d’Estelle Roe, their children Dabheoc,
Dallan and Yseult; Teri’s siblings Peter, Breda and Kevin, and her extended family circle and friends.
          ervyn John Dennis died in St. Vincent’s University Hospital on Monday 27th July 2009.

M         Mervyn who had been a Choir Boy in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, lived in Blackrock Village. His
          funeral was in St. Philip and St. James’ Church on Saturday 1st August 2009, followed by
cremation at Mount Jerome. The Rector interred Mervyn’s ashes in his late father’s grave in Mount
Jerome Cemetery on Friday 28th August 2009. We extend our sympathy to his partner Deirdre, his sons
Ian and Alan, his mother Jessica, his brother Graham, his sister Sandra and his extended family.
         rederick (Fred) John McDowell died in St. Vincent’s University Hospital on Friday 4th

F        September 2009. Fred had been a parishioner of St. Thomas’ for many years, living only about 10
         doors away on Foster Avenue. He had a great love of music and was a member of the Rathmines
and Rathgar Musical Society. For the past number of years, his lack of mobility prevented him from
getting to church, and he very much missed the church music and hymns, but he greatly appreciated having
Holy Communion each month at home. Fred’s Funeral Service was in St. Thomas’ Church on Tuesday 8th
September 2009, followed by burial in Deansgrange Cemetery. We extend our sympathy to his wife Mary
Millea, who so wonderfully cared for Fred over the past 4 years, and to his extended family.

                                          Interment of Ashes:

        usan Agnes Beckett (née Warrington) and Alfred George Beckett - on Maundy Thursday, 9th

S       April 2009, Susan Beckett’s ashes were interred in the new Garden of Remembrance at St. Thomas’,
        along with the ashes of her late husband, which had been interred in the old Garden of
Remembrance at St. Thomas’, and which were re-interred in the new Garden of Remembrance.
           erina Ruth Collins (née Smith) – on Good Friday, 10th April 2009, the ashes of Nerina Collins

N          (Christine Beare’s mother) were interred in the new Garden of Remembrance at St. Thomas’.
           Jeanette Hunt (née Lyons) on Sunday 12th July 2009, in the new Garden of Remembrance
at St. Thomas’.
          veleen Gertrude Daish (née Ryan) on Friday 24th July 2009, in the old Garden of Remembrance

E         at St. Thomas’.
          James Laurence (Jim) Hill on Wednesday 12th August 2009, in the new Garden of Remem-
brance at St. Thomas’.
Over the past few months, a number of our parishioners have been bereaved. We extend our sympathy to:
                    Viola Brady and her family on the very sudden death of her brother
                               Stewart Hunter in Rosses Point, County Sligo.
                           Bob Knaggs and his family on the death of his sister.
                            Ian Mullen and his family on the death of his aunt.
   Judy Hayes and her family on the sudden death of her mother Thelma Cassidy. Thelma loved coming
          to the School and Parish Carol Services in St. Philip and St. James. The Rector took part in
               Thelma’s Funeral Service in Rathfarnham Parish Church, and conducted the burial
                                         in Deansgrange Cemetery.
    Valda Sheridan (daughter of Arthur and June White of St. Thomas’ and sister of Rachel McConnell)
        and her children, and to the Sheridan and White extended families on the tragic death of Billy.
   Mike Lee and his family on the death of his mother Ursula. The Rector had the privilege of getting to
       know Ursula over the last number of weeks before her death in the Blackrock Clinic. The Rector
                   took part in Ursula’s Funeral Service in St. Patrick’s Church Greystones.
   Ken Hunt and Sandra Cullinane on the death of Ken’s sister-in-law, Sandra’s aunt, Velma Lyons.
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               C      onfirmation classes for the 12-16 age group continue on Wednesday
                    evenings in the Canon Osborne Barr Room. There are candidates from
                         both our parishes, as well as Monkstown, Dun Laoghaire, and
    Sandford. There are also two adults being prepared for Confirmation. This is a very
           special event in the lives of these people and in the life of our parish.
 Your prayers are asked for: Alexander Beatty, Ellen Beirne, Ryan Bradley, Samuel Dhas,
  Victoria Hayes, Elizabeth MacCann, Grace Mason, Adam McConnell, David Nolan, Jeff
 Otengo, Estelle Reeves-Long, Sarah Roden, Emma Rooney, Emma Telford, Aidan Wilson,
   Samantha Brigg and Robert Clements. There will be a Vigil Service and Rehearsal, at
 which two of the candidates will be baptised on Saturday 26th September 2009 in St. Philip
                             and St. James’ Church at 6.00pm.
      The Confirmation will take place on Sunday 27th September 2009 at 10.30 hours in
  St. Philip and St. James’ Church. Please do not feel that this is an occasion for the family
  and friends of the candidates and that you should ‘stay away’; it is important that we as a
   parish family, representing the world-wide Christian church should be there to support,
              encourage and celebrate with the candidates as they are confirmed.

                            HARVEST THANKSGIVING

                T        his year, we will give thanks for the harvest as well as marking the
                         start of the school year, at the United Harvest Thanksgiving which
                                will be held in St. Thomas’ Church at 10.30 on Sunday
                                       4th October 2009. Please note the time.
   Then on Sunday 18th October 2009, we look forward to joining our neighbours from the
     Church of the Assumption, in St. Andrew’s Church Presbyterian Church at 11.00.
           Please see the enclosed sheet giving all the details of the service times.

   START-OF-THE-YEAR                                               BLESSING OF
     SCHOOL SERVICE                                                THE ANIMALS!

            T       his year, we will
                     be marking the
                       start of the
            school year at the United
  Harvest Thanksgiving Service in
                                                    W            e are happy to report that all the
                                                               creatures who came to the Blessing
                                                              of the Animals, returned home in the
                                                    same health, if not better health, having been
                                                    blessed! Some people are already
       St. Thomas’ on Sunday                          looking forward to next year’s
   4 October 2009 at 10.30 am.                                  service!!!
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                     FUNDRAISING …… AUTUMN FAIR!!!
                   t’s Autumn Fair time! As always, we need your support on Saturday 10th

                I        October 2009. Again, we plead for good quality items for the
                    Bric-a-brac… please, please, please no junk. It causes major hassle and
 expense to get rid of junk that is not sellable. If you are trying to dump the stuff because it
  is junk, inevitably, we will end up having to dump it because no one will want to buy it.
  Please help us with this. We very much appreciate people’s generosity which is always
                      overwhelming but do please help us in this matter.
  As well as bric-a-brac, we are looking for cakes and goodies for the cake and deli stall;
books; toys; bottles for the bottle stall; food and help with the lunches; BBQ; plants, etc. for
  the Garden and Gift Stall. We also need your help to ‘man’ the stalls, and we need you,
   your friends and relations to come and snap up wonderful goodies and great bargains.
         There is also going to be a raffle with wonderful prizes – details elsewhere in this

                         ST. THOMAS’ GIFT DAY

O          n Sunday 4th October St. Thomas will hold their annual Parish Gift Day.
             This day is one of the ways we can contribute to the Parish , which supports the
                     work of the Church locally and in the wider community as well
                                          as overseas.
                 Donations can be made in the envelopes provided in Church on
         Sunday 4th October or forwarded directly to the Hon. Treasurer, Mr. Ian Mullen.
                            Many thanks for your continued support.

                          HEALER PRAYER GROUP

               P      rayer for Healing continues in our group of parishes. Each month there
                        is a time of prayer for those who have asked for prayer, or for whom
                      prayer has been requested. This takes place on the second Thursday of
 each month at 19.30 hours; usually in the Committee Room of the Monk Gibbon Hall at
St. Thomas’ but sometimes in St. Philip and St. James’. The next Healer Prayer time is on
Thursday 8th October 2009 at 19.30 hours in the Committee Room. Details are announced
 in the weekly news-sheet. It is time where we get an update on the people on the Healer
 Prayer List, and we then pray for each of them. After that service, the list is updated and
 fresh lists are placed in each church the following Sunday, for people to take away and to
      use. Those who take the list, are asked to pray for everyone on the list each day.
 In addition, in each church, there are sheets, where the names of anyone whom you would
                             like to be prayed for, may be added.
                  All are very welcome to come to that short time of prayer.
     In November, we will meet on Thursday 12th in the Committee Room at St. Thomas’
                       Church, and in December on Thursday 10th.
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                                                    STUDY GROUP

                 S     tudy Group will resume again on the second Thursday of each month,
                        meeting from 20.00 hours to 21.00 hours, usually in the Committee
                       Room at St. Thomas’. In October, we will meet on Thursday 8th, and
         then in November on Thursday 12th, followed by Thursday 10th December 2009.
               Our topic that we have planned to explore in October is Atonement.

                               EASTER GENERAL VESTRIES

                T        he following were either elected or appointed to serve on the Select
                               Vestries for this year, up until the Easter General Vestry
                                                meetings in April 2010.
                                     Mount Merrion Select Vestry:
     Rector’s Churchwarden: Michael McWilliam. People’s Churchwarden: Vi Wilson.
          Rector’s Glebewarden: Ken Hunt. People’s Glebewarden: Vera Pepper.
 Select Vestry: Meriel Armstrong, Christine Beare ( Hon. Sec.), Denis Beare, John Hudson,
 Kieron Knight, Des Lalor, Rachel McConnell, Audrey McNab, Ian Mullen (Hon. Treas.),
                          Monickam Thanaseelan, Ken Wilson.

                          Booterstown and Carysfort Select Vestry:
   Rector’s Churchwarden: Faith Frankland. People’s Churchwarden: Denise Richards.
        Rector’s Glebewarden: Clive Beatty. People’s Glebewarden: Mike Hayes.
  Select Vestry: Brian Abbott, Viola Brady, June Burgess, Vi Hoffman, Deirdre Kennedy,
 Anne Mason, Sue McDonnell, John Morris, Barbara Plant, Uta Raab (Hon. Sec.), Quentin
                           Teggin (Hon. Treas.), Bev Turner.

   Those who were elected as Parochial Nominators, Supplemental Parochial Nominators,
  Diocesan Synodspersons and Supplemental Diocesan Synodspersons in 2008, hold office
                                     for three years.

                                           DIOCESAN SYNOD

                T        his year, the Diocesan Synod will be held on Tuesday 19 October
                          2009 and Wednesday 21 October 2009, in Taney Parish Centre.
                              Every three years, each parochial group elects three lay
                    representatives to Diocesan Synod for every cleric in their parochial
 grouping. When we last had a triennial election in 2008, June Burgess and Uta Raab were
    elected by Booterstown and Carysfort and Mike McWilliam by Mount Merrion. In
addition, Robin Peilow and Victor Armstrong were elected by the Diocesan Councils, so we
             have plenty of voices at the Diocesan Synods! At the next triennial
     election (in 2011), because of the Rev. Suzanne Harris being part of our parochial
          grouping, we will be able to elect six representatives to Diocesan Synod.
       We look forward to receiving a report on the Diocesan Synod from one of our
                                 representatives in November.
   PAGE 7                             NE WS LE T T E R

                               LAY MINISTRY ENQUIRERS DAY
                                                         Could it be you?

                N         o, this isn’t an article about the lottery!! What I mean is: have you ever thought
                                  of taking the step to be commissioned for your particular kind of
                             ministry? Or wondered whether you wouldn’t actually like being a Parish
                                       Reader or a Diocesan Reader?
As you know, I was commissioned a Diocesan Lay Minister this last Holy Week, but you may not know
that one of the tasks I was commissioned for is being Administrative Assistant to our Diocesan Director
                 for Lay Ministry, the Revd John Tanner (of Tullow). As such, I will be
 involved in some of the aspects of training of new lay ministers and John Tanner is planning to hold a
          Lay Ministry Enquirers Day on Saturday, 26th September 2009, in the Church of
           Ireland Theological Institute (formerly: College) in Braemor Park, 10 am to 3 pm.
    Our new way of training is not meant to “threaten” anyone who has already been doing hands-on
        ministry for years (such as reading the lessons in church, visiting elderly or housebound
  parishioners, running the Sunday Club, giving lifts to those who need them, co-running groups that
         create fellowship…) into thinking that one would need a qualification for this all of a
   sudden!! No, the idea is rather to offer training and commissioning not just for Readers (Parish or
Diocesan), but also for all kinds of ministries for those who would like to put what they do or wish to do
           on a (more) trained basis. In my own ‘guinea pig’ group of trainees we had, e.g.,
people who were commissioned to be lay pastoral visitors, to be responsible for lay education (for Bible
           Study or Confirmation Classes etc.), to carry out prayer ministry (such as for the
      laying-on-of-hands at Healing Services) and to be responsible for welcome and hospitality.
   So, if you have any inkling that this might be for you, please do contact our Rector Gillian or me!
                          Uta Raab (086 353 7670)

                                  THE REV. SUZANNE HARRIS
                      unday 21st June 2009 was a red-letter day in our group of parishes when Suzanne

               S     Harris was made deacon (or ordained to the diaconate) to serve in our group of par-
                            ishes. The last curate of St. Philip and St. James’ was Samuel Derek
               Hamilton from 1961-1963. The Parish of Mount Merrion never had a curate as such; the
                curates were curates of Taney Parish up to 1956 and Canon Trevor Hipwell who was a
    Curate of Taney became the first Rector of the newly created Parish of Mount Merrion in 1956.
The last time someone was ordained as a deacon to serve in St. Philip and St. James’ was Richard Ran-
                   dall Hartford in 1928! So, all in all, it has been quite a wait!!!
 Already Suzanne has made an impact on our parishes and we very much look forward to her ongoing
                                      ministry amongst us.
The Archbishop has decided that next year, the Ordinations to the priesthood will take place in the parish
         churches. In consultation with Suzanne and Gillian, he has set the date for Suzanne’s
Ordination to the Priesthood in St. Philip and St. James’ Church, on St. Barnabas’ Day, Friday 11th June
                 2010 at 8pm. Put it in your forward planner. You have been warned!
 That will be a huge event for Suzanne and for us as a group of parishes. There will have to be singing
    practice – will we ever reach the dizzy musical heights of Christ Church Cathedral?! – baking,
                           organising, and lots of spit and polish, etc., etc.!!!
PAGE 8                          NE WS LE T T E R

                                  FITNESS FOR ALL
                              (formerly League of Health)
                            1934—2009 75th Anniversary

              A        fter a very disappointing summer with very few opportunities for
                       outdoor activities, we are now peparing to return to our routine.
                      Classes resume in the Monk Gibbon Hall on Tuesday, 15th and
  Wednesday 16th September. The Tuesday morning class (11 a.m.) for Active Retired
 members adapts the Bagot Stack system to suit those who for various reasons prefer not to
            do floor work. It’s amazint how much can be achieved sitting!
   On Wednesdays there are two separate sessions (10 a.m. And 11.15 a.m.) - the later one
   being slightly more technically advanced. All classes are worked to a variety of music,
                                which adds to the enjoyment.
 If you have not already tried our system of exercise, drop in and experience it for yourself!
                For further information or details of classes in other areas—
                               contact Alison at 01-2888761


A        fter the summer break we are delighted to welcome you all back when we reopen
         our doors on Thursday 17th September. We are looking for new members and
         anyone who wishes to join us will be most welcome.
   We are holding an Open Night on Saturday the 17th October at 7.15 to encourage some
           friends and parishioners to try their hand and hopefully join our Club.

                                                     Bill Semple,
                                                    Hon. Secretary

               PLAYBALL IRELAND                                  KUMON IRELAND
                                                              OPEN AFTERNOON
               Entertain your child
                                                             Saturday 26th September 2009
                    (4-12 years) with                         St. Thomas’ Church
            a multi activity/sport party                      Monk Gibbon Hall
                                                       Foster Avenue, Mount Merrion
         Contact Kurt:                             You and your children are welcome to drop
         0861744923                                  in anytime between 2.00 and 5.00 pm
                                                                  Ciara Byrnes
                                                      Kumon Instructor—1800 523 191
PAGE 9                          NE WS LE T T E R

                                                     Our Autumn Fair
                                                       is taking place this year on Saturday,
                                                   the 10th October 2009 at an extended time of
                                                      12 o’clock to 3 pm. The Admission is
                                                      €2.00. We need All Hands on Deck to
                                                    support this Annual event and you will note
                                                       below contact numbers for all Stall
                                                 If you have any of the items set out in the
                                                  List please make direct contact with the
                                                  Stall Holder to arrange delivery of your
                                                     Books, Toys, Bric-a-Brac etc. All
                                                        donations are very welcome.
  We would appreciate it if every family in the Parish donated two items to the Cake/Deli
 Stall. This was one of the most popular Stalls at our Fair last year. However, it is vitally
important that we have a substantial amount of Baked Goods or Deli Products to sell on the
                        day. I would urge you all to get baking now.
 We have some wonderful Top Prizes for our Raffle. However, we need a lot more Raffle
  Prizes to make this a viable Fund Raiser. Please contact the following people with any
          Donations, Gifts, Prizes, which you may have. All Donations Welcome.
                                  Beverly Turner 2780981
                                Maureen van Wijk 2943953
               Or Drop them into the Rectory if that is more convenient.

                            FOR AUTUMN FAIR
         Teas/Coffees:     Deirdre Kennedy 2882845, Yvonne Laycock 2885660
                           Barbara Plant 2880202 and Lynne
                           Wolfe-Flanagan 2833749
         Cake/Deli:        Anne Mason 2756811 and Angie Sharp
         Bric-a-Brac:      Vi Hoffman 2888655
         New Gift Stall:   June Burgess 2888887

         Toys:             Bev Turner 2780981
         Games:            Andrew Bradley 2780981
         Books:            Adele Chapman 2836268
         Raffle:           Maureen van Wijk 2943953
         BBQ               Mike Hayes 2889178, Clive Beatty 2691764
         Bottle Stall:     Alan Rowden 2887118/Andy Crawford 2943953
PAGE 10                                  NE WS LE T T E R

                             ST. PHILIP & ST. JAMES’
                             BADMINTON PLAYERS

             C     alling all new and ex-badminton players. Time to get moving and join
                                 the St. Philip & St. James Badminton Club.
                                      Thursday nights after 8 .00 pm

                       Phone: Maureen 2809826

                           BOYS’ BRIGADE COUNCIL

          I     n 2006, I received a phone call from Arthur Vincent to know if
                    I had my 2009 diary yet! He received a suitable reply!!!
                  Arthur as Chairperson of the organising committee of the
Boys’ Brigade Council Conference 2009 wanted to know if they could come to
 St. Philip and St. James’ on Sunday 6th September 2009. They were taking
              over the Stillorgan Park Hotel for the conference.
On Sunday 6th September 2009, we welcomed over 523 members of the Boys’
 Brigade Council and other members and supporters of the Boys’ Brigade to
St. Philip and St. James’ – it was jammy-packed! Music was provided by the
  Steadfast Band, and our own organist Charles Pearson, and we were also
  delighted to welcome a worship band from the Boys’ Brigade in England,
                remarkably called ‘King Jehoshaphat’s Camel’!!!
      The singing was fantastic – there are no cobwebs left in the church…
                                  all blown away!
 The Rev. Derek Sargent (BB Chaplain, Republic of Ireland), the Rev. Terry
Hurst (BB Chaplain, UK) and the Rector led the Service. The Archbishop of
Dublin preached. Bishop Poyntz, who has been attending BB Council meetings
   since 1954, was there too, as was our curate the Rev. Suzanne Harris.
   The attendees at the Conference marched down Mount Merrion Avenue
complete with a Gardaí Siochána escort and two bands, to the Service. After
 the Service, a salute was taken on Cross Avenue, and then they all marched
                      back to the Stillorgan Park Hotel.
Having spoken to some of our neighbours, they were highly bemused, although
 some did wonder was this our version of Drumcree, especially as part of the
  Stillorgan Road was closed to facilitate those marching… needless to say,
          there had to be some very prompt and clear explanations…!
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                                     PJT Youth Club
                 PJT Youth Club is a parish youth club for members of Booterstown
              and Mount Merrion Church of Ireland Parishes and their friends.
               The Club is called after the three saints in whose names our two
churches are dedicated: St. Philip and St. James’ in Booterstown and St. Thomas’
                                in Mount Merrion.
                    There are three sections to the Youth Club:
         PJT 1 is for those who are in 4th, 5th or 6th Classes in primary school.
        PJT 2 is for those who are in 1st, 2nd or 3rd Years in secondary school.
      PJT 3 is for those who are in Transition Year upwards in secondary school

.PJT 1 and PJT 2 meet every alternate Friday night in the Parish Hall at St. Philip
and St. James’ Church 20.00 – 21.30 hours. We also go ‘out’ and sometimes meet
 in The Monk Gibbon Hall at St. Thomas’ Church. Check the parish website for
details. If there is no venue given, assume that we are meeting at St. Philip and
                            St. James’ Parish Centre.
PJT 3 meets every Friday night.    They come along to help with PJT        1 and then have
   their own time after that from 21.30 – 23.00.            They also come along to PJT 2
  (20.00 – 21.30). PJT 3 too have ‘out nights’ and sometimes meet in The Monk
 Gibbon Hall at St. Thomas’ Church. Again, check the parish website for details.

   This year, we are delighted to have three experienced leaders heading up our
 youth club: Ian Maxwell, Susan Connolly and Graham Hayes. During the summer,
the parishes made the commitment to employ three experienced youth leaders in
 order to provide our young people with a continuity of good quality, experienced
  leadership. Ian will be familiar to you from last year, and Graham has come up
    through the ranks of our youth club, and for the past number of years was
             assistant to our former youth club leader Nicola Halford.

 We will still need parents and guardians to help us, and you will be hearing more
                             about that in due course.

Subscription: Each member is asked to pay €20 per term – i.e. €20 in September,
January and April – towards the snack that members receive on ‘nights –in’, prizes
                         for the games, equipment, etc.
PAGE 12                                         NE WS LE T T E R

                        NOTES FROM OUR SUNDAY CLUBS
                        St. Thomas’                                St. Philip & St. James’

                 W            e hope you all had
                             a good summer and
                                 are ready for
          another term of Sunday Club.
                                                      S   unday Club for the children of St Philip
                                                           & St James is starting again on Sunday
                                                             13th September. June, Beverley &
                                                      Barbara are looking forward to seeing the
                                                       children after the summer. We will be
 On Morning Prayer Sundays we meet in church        continuing with the same programme as last
    and leave during the first hymn. On Holy                   year which is the series
       Communion Sundays we meet in the           Searchlights. Like last year we intend to meet
               Monk Gibbon Hall.                  twice in each month and the children will each
         We will recommence on Sunday                     receive a copy of the list of dates.
  13th September. The following are the dates        We are looking forward to a new period of
  until Christmas (subject to slight change from Sunday Club and we welcome any new children
                   time to time)                   to join us. The following is a note of the dates
                                                 for Sunday Club for September & October also
   Sunday 13th September (Morning Prayer)            showing the other important dates in these
         Sunday 20th September (Holy                                   months.
                  Communion)                         Sunday 13th September—Re-commence,
   Sunday 11th October (Holy Communion)                             meet in Church
    Sunday 8th November (Morning Prayer)             Sunday 20th September— Sunday Club,
  Sunday 15th November (Holy Communion)                              meet in Hall
   Sunday 29th November (Morning Prayer)              Sunday 27th September—Confirmation
   Sunday 6th December (Holy Communion)            Service in St. Philip & St. James’ at 10.30 am
   Sunday 13th December (Morning Prayer)               Sunday 4th October—United Harvest
       Sunday 20th December (contribute                    Service—St. Thomas’ 10.30 am
       something for the Christingle Family            Sunday 11th October—Sunday Club,
                Service @ 11.30)                                     meet in Hall
                                                   Sunday 18th October—Ecumenical Harvest
          Your Sunday Club Team—                             Thanksgiving, St. Andrew’s
                 See you then!                            Presbyterian Church at 11.00 am
                                                 Sunday 25th October—United Family Service
                                                             in St. Thomas’ at 10.30 am


H           ello to everyone and a very sincere thank you for the extremely warm welcome that I
               have received since arriving in the Parishes of Booterstown and Mount Merrion.
          I have really enjoyed meeting many new people and getting to know them and make the
connections. I am very bad at remembering names so you will have to forgive me if I ask you your
   name a number of times. I also speak too fast all of the time !!! so please feel free to tell me to
 slow down, I won't mind at all. It is a bad habit from teaching and trying to fit in so much in a 40
minute class. I am looking forward to worshipping with you and am enjoying the friendly and re-
                                laxed atmosphere in both parishes.
                                     See you all on Sunday,
                                     Thanks again Suzanne.

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