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Final Project on University of South Asia Pakistan by usmanjee123

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									                 FINAL PROJECT
               University of South Asia

Presented To
Mr. Mansoor Mehmood
In the name of Allah,
The most beneficent,
 The most gracious.
 By time, man is in loss
Expect those who believe
   And do good works
And exhaust on each other
 To truth and patience.

   Presented By:
  Mansoor Afzal
Rana Amer Hussain
Muhammad Idrees
   Abid Hussain
We dedicated our work to our honorable

Parents and respectable teachers, whose

   And magnificent devotion to our

  Studies encourage us to achieve this


All glory and honor is for Allah, the Supreme Being who bestowed profound perseverance
                        and ability on us to accomplish this work.

 We express our profound and cordial gratitude to offer thanks to our learned, kind and
  experienced teacher, Assistant Prof. Mansoor Mehmood, for his valuable guidance,
   constructive comments and continuous encouragement through out the research.
                           Executive Summary
  Marketing Theory and Practices (MTP) is the course title we had studied during this
semester. Besides learning theoretical outlooks of basics of marketing, we practiced all the
concepts in a broader manner through developing a marketing plan of University of South
Asia USA. It is a brief introduction of how the whole effort is allocated in developing the

University of South Asia USA is an emerging educational institution with well developed
infrastructure, competent management and learned faculty. Yet some discrepancies in the
                   marketing strategy devoid USA to enjoy a nice ride.

 Our marketing team underwent a detailed study using basic marketing tools to learn the
  current scenario including the interview with the marketing manager of USA. Present
      situation was analyzed by taking in consideration their offerings and services,
 segmentation, market share-growth and competitor overview. Finally we come up with
 proposed Marketing mix and Promotional mix strategies. The project was completed in
              allotted time with immense efficiency and best possible output.

                             Table Of Contents
              Message of Rector

              Message of Pro-Rector

              A Level





              Fee Structure
            Student Facilities

            Car Pool & USA Transportation

SWOT Analysis
BCG Matrix
Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model
Unique Selling Point
Competitive Edge
Core Competencies
Physical Evidence
3 C’s


Product Life Cycle of USA
Future Strategies Developments (Recommendation)
                 Market Problem and Analysis

                 Strategies to Solve Problems

University of South Asia has a rich history of sixteen years in the field of education. It has been
recognized as an organization of high repute. It has worked under the names of American National
School (ANS), a school with exclusive image and National College of Computer Sciences (NCCS), the
pioneers in computer science education.

As a University it was formally inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Punjab on May 29, 2004. USA
(University of South Asia) is firmly grounded in its past, yet it faces the future with confidence in its
ability to provide each student with an experience that prepares him/her for success. However, learners
must decide to take advantage of all available to them here; they must participate fully in establishing
the credentials of a serious student who has a personal commitment to excellence.

                   Message of Rector Lt. Gen. (R) Tauqir Zia
Today Pakistan stands at the threshold of progress and I am of the view that education plays a vital
role in the development of a nation. There is a strong correlation between national investment in
education and economic prosperity. At USA the faculty and the student body come together to share
knowledge, collaborate, help shape the future and embark on a life long journey of exploration. I
welcome you to University of South Asia which has been established to develop a strategic base of
professionals and managers in all spheres of life, actualizing the highest standards of effectiveness,
accountability and commitment in accordance with national goals. Studies have shown that all the
presently developed countries focused on their educational targets before being able to activate
economic prosperity. The future of Pakistan is bright because the nation as a whole has started giving
priority to meaningful education.
I have a personal commitment to make USA a high-quality, comprehensive and one of the best in the
region. My commitment along with yours will lead us to great success, and I look forward to that. I
hope you will, too.

Welcome to University of South Asia!

With best regards,

Lt. Gen. (R) Tauqir Zia Rector

                   Message of Pro-Rector Dr. Abid H. Qureshi
We welcome you all to the University of South Asia. Undoubtedly your time as a student is one of the
most exciting and challenging periods of your life. The talents you have, whether academic, social,
sports related or cultural will all develop naturally in a congenial environment at the university.

At this juncture, choosing the right university is an important decision. Our website describes the
opportunities available and gives you an idea of what life is at university of South Asia. It is our
strong conviction that university of South Asia, with its entire infrastructure i.e., electronic
communication and a team of highly qualified, experienced and talented faculty, will induce and
infuse a new spirit in the flow of education miraculously. Today, we lead you towards a better
tomorrow. We place great emphasis on our students becoming competent and confident individuals,
ready to face the world.

Best Regards,

Dr. Abid Qureshi

A Level:

A level is a two-year study program offered in affiliation with the Cambridge University. Students
seeking admission in the A-level must have appeared in the O level examination and must have
achieved or expect to achieve a minimum of C' grade in the subjects for which admission is sought.
Usually the students enroll in three main subjects and one English General Paper. The usual course of
study for these students is two years with one summer break of two months. Students enrolling in A
Level have the choice to additionally study the Bachelor's level courses and earn college credits. This
additional study helps the students in exploring their actual talent and choosing the right career path
after they have completed their A Level.

Students pay the fee for the A Level studies only and study Bachelor's credits without any additional


The Intermediate program is a two-year program where the students appear for the Board of
Intermediate and Secondary Education at the completion of each academic year during the months of
April and May respectively.

Students of Intermediate take three elective subjects and four compulsory subjects.

Students seeking admissions in the Intermediate program must have completed or appeared in the
Matriculation examinations and have a reasonable expectation of passing with a minimum of second

These students have the option to earn Bachelor's degree credits along with their regular Intermediate

Students pay the dues for their Intermediate classes only and enroll in the Bachelor's credit without
any additional cost.

To earn a Bachelor's degree from University of South Asia, students are required to do the following:

Earn a minimum of 120 credit hours of studies as follows:

• Core degree courses 45 credit hours

• Major area of specialization 57 credit hours

•Minor area of specialization or Electives (Optional) 18 credit hours

• Second major (Optional) 57 credit hours

Students can earn a degree with one Major and a Minor, with two Majors or one Major and a number
of elective courses adding breadth to their knowledge base.

• One CREDIT HOUR is equal to one hour of class studies or two hours of practical work done each
week during the entire semester. Therefore a course of 3 credit hours would require the students to
attend 3 hours of class lectures or 6 hours of practical sessions or a combination of both during each
week of the semester.

• CORE DEGREE COURSES are a list of courses comprising 90 credit hours falling into five
different categories out of which the students are required to choose 45 credit hours. These courses are
intended to develop an overall personality of the students giving them a wide variety of knowledge.

• The MAJOR area of specialization is the main profession the student intends to adopt. This major
area can be out of the 27 disciplines currently offered at the University that include Business
Administration, Accounting, Marketing, Fine Arts, Law, Computer Sciences, etc.

• The MINOR area of specialization covers a reasonable level of studies from a second discipline that
the university offers. For Example students have the option to study Computer Science as Major and
Business Administration as Minor.

• ELECTIVE COURSES are courses that the students choose from various disciplines that are
offered at the University. Students can study the elective courses at other Institutions also for the
sake of getting experience or studying a subject that the University does not offer.

At the Bachelor's level the students can take admission in three different categories. These categories
are classified as follows:

Students joining in the Intermediate or A' levels or after appearing or completing the Intermediate or
A' Level studies:

• These students are required to select courses out of a list of more than two dozen subjects during the
first semester that are offered in the morning, afternoon and evening.

• Students can choose any number of courses ranging between 3 to 21 credit hours depending upon
their individual capabilities.
• The usual recommended study load is 15 credit hours per week.

• The usual recommended study load for the Intermediate or A' level students is 6 credit hours on top
of their regular studies.

Students joining after completing a Bachelor's degree from another Institution:

• Students joining after completing a two year Bachelor's degree are given an exemption of 60 credit
hours and are required to study 45 credit hours of major area of specialization and 15 elective courses
completing the minimum of 120 credit hours.

• Students joining after completing a three or four year Bachelor's degree from other Institutions are
required to study 45 credit hours at University of South Asia to complete the minimum residency

Students joining by getting their credits earned at other recognized Institutions transferred to
University of South Asia.

• Students currently enrolled in any other recognized university can apply for the transfer of credits.
Credits are transferred based on several factors used internationally for equivalency evaluation. These
students must apply for transfer of credits and get their work evaluated before taking admission.


The Master's level is considered a very high level of specialized study. No fundamental / principle level
courses are taught at the Master's program of University of South Asia. The program duration at the
Master's level is 36 credit hours and can be completed in one year depending on a student's prior
academic achievements and study behavior. Students seeking admission at the Master's level must
have studied the same major area of specialization during the Bachelor's studies.

Admissions in the Master's level are offered under the following categories:

• Students holding a Bachelor's degree with 120 credit hours pursuing the same major area of
specialization at the Master's level can complete the degree in one year by earning 36 Graduate level
credit hours.

• Students holding a Bachelor's degree with 120 credit hours who have not studied the same area of
specializations as pursued at the Master's level are required to study 45 credit hours of Undergraduate
courses with the same area of specialization as pursued in the Master's along with 36 credit hours of
Graduate work. These students can complete their Master's degree in two years approximately.

• Students who have already studied a Master's degree in the same area of specialization can earn a
Master' degree from University of South Asia after completing 24 credit hours of Graduate work.

• Students who have studied a Master's degree in another area of specialization are required to study
45 credit hours of Undergraduate work in the major area of specialization followed by 36 credit hours
of Graduate work.
• Students currently enrolled at another University and seeking to transfer credits to University of
South Asia can complete their Master' degree by completing 24 credit hours of Graduate work
provided they have studied the 45 hours of necessary Undergraduate work from the previous


The PhD program of University of South Asia is aimed at producing indigenous faculty for the
University in the future. Scholars seeking a PhD degree are required to work in the teaching and
research departments of the University for five hours daily, complete a certain number of courses, and
carry out research work under the supervision of a PhD instructor. The University pays an amount of
Rs. 25,000 per month to all the PhD scholars so that they do not have a compelling need for earning
their livelihood and can pay full attention to their studies and research work.

The admission to the PhD program requires the approval of the academic counsel, Rector and Pro-
Rector along with the consent of the relevant instructor.

Fee Structure:

• The fee structure of University of South Asia is designed to support the bright students with an in-
built scholarship program.

• The fee at the Intermediate and A-levels is Rs. 130,000 for a period of two years. Smart students
can study their Intermediate courses along with a number of Bachelor's level credits. (This is a very
normal practice in the United States of America.) By studying the Bachelor's level courses students
can earn up to 36 credit hours along with their Intermediate studies and save the fee for 36 credit
hours and around one year of University time.

• The fee at the Bachelor's and Master's level is Rs. 3500 per credit hour. However students are
required to pay for a maximum of nine credit hours and study as many courses as they can.

• Admission / registration fee for all programs is Rs. 10,000/-

Student Facilities:

At University of South Asia, a number of facilities are provided to the student for extra curricular






                 Fashion and Design

                 MBA Professional


                 Science and Technology Promotion

                 E-business Promotion


                 Sports (Different courts for Tennis, Basket Ball and Bed Minton)

                 Karate and Gymnastics


Students are actively encouraged to participate in these club activities. The University organizes a
dinner followed by Music on the last Saturday of every month during summers and last Sundays
during winters. Invitation to these programs is through invitation passes issued against a small

Car Pool & USA Transportation:

• The transport operates on pre-designated routes at pre-defined times.

• Students interested in taking advantage of the University transport can subscribe to the transport
facility by Paying Rs. 750 per month payable for the entire semester in advance.

• The University transport will only pick and drop the students on the main roads and will not enter
into small streets.

• Students desirous of getting the service up to their residence are required to pay Rs. 1500 per month
and can use the small vans for such pick and drop facility.

• The University transport will wait for one minute at each stop. Students must come at least five
minutes ahead of time to ensure that they do not miss the transport.

• Every driver of the transport has a mobile phone with him. Students can call him up if the transport
does not show up on time due to unforeseen reasons or in case of an emergency.
• In case a van or bus gets out of order temporarily, the transport department will arrange for another
source that may result in time delays.

• In case of such delays, the student will be exempted from the attendance policy on circumstantial

                                         Swot Analysis

                 27 master degree programs offered in the same campus

                 Beautiful campus


                 Experience faculty


                 Unfriendly management

                 Communication gap (extent of teachers)


Business of educational institutes is growing because awareness of people to get more education is on


Increasing no of educational institute and chartered to different private institutes.

                                           BCG matrix

The market as a whole is growing but share of the USA is low. So USA is at     ’?’ presently. The
quality of the education of USA is very good but it has low market share for that purpose I will
suggest him to penetration price tools.

                         Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model
In the Michael porter’s theory the following five forces are acting together to form a model. First of all
suppliers are the metric, inter level and graduate level colleges come under this category. Buyers are the
market and business sector to who USA is providing the KSA for the betterment. New entrance can
only be possible if the new comer has strong financial and political back ground. Because this type of
business needs a lot of investment. There are many substitutes of the USA, so it has to very careful for
the future.

                                    Unique Selling Point

        The unique selling point of USA is 27 master degree programs are offered at a same campus
        one at private institute.

                                       Competitive Edge
                 Complete education process from intermediate to PhD is offered in same

                 Personality development of the students (presentation and communication skills,
                 confidence etc).
                         Another thing in the University of South Asia which makes it different from all
                         other universities is that it provides master degree students an option that they can
                         select an additional course that they like, just like Photography, Fashion, Painting
                         and Music etc. After commencement of every semester University offers a list of more
                         than 20 courses as mention above, students can select any of them. The reason is that
                         every person has different hobbies in his/her life; in this way every student can full
                         fill its desire.

                                                               Core Competencies
            University of South Asia is chartered from the May 29th, 2004, and it is new in the market. So it has not
            developed any core competencies.


The Target Market of USA consists of those students who belong to Upper Middle and Elite Class. And these students also want to get education, so the
basic segmentation of USA is on the basis of social class (Psycho graphic Segmentation).

The students which do not get higher marks in the intermediate and graduation and they do not get admission in the Government Institutes, they get
admission in the USA.

                                                                 Product of USA

The product of USA is KSA, which is abbreviated as:




                                                                        Position of USA

            University of South Asia has just started to educate the students and it is at the introductory stage. In the market it has a lot of
            appreciation but student and people waiting for the first graduates, when they spread into the market. And how market deals with these
            new comers and how they penetrate into the market. Now it is not east to say anything about USA.

             Everything in this world has some price, so USA also has some price for their KSA. USA charge price to the students in the form of Fees and
             such other charges to meet their expenses.

                                                                Promotion of USA

USA is using the following Promotional tools:

                          Adds in news papers

                          Local cable network

                          Personal Relations

                          Incentives like life time internet facility (They are planning for the future)


People in the USA are divided into the two types:



Both Staff/Teachers and Students are divided into the different department. These different departments can be differentiated by the programs (These
Programs are A level, Intermediate, bachelors, masters and PhD). For every subject two or three teachers are allocated. So that the students has no
problem to access to the teacher.


The process of the USA is that

                          Firstly they get their desire students in the raw form from the colleges and different institutes.
                          Second thing is that they develop different skills, knowledge and abilities through the education process.

                          Lastly they send their student and knowledge to the market for promotion of different sectors.

                                                                Physical Evidence

USA has purpose built campus that provides every possible facilities includes cafeteria, library, laboratory, well equipped laboratory and swimming pool
etc. all these serve as a physical evidence of USA.

                                                                   3 C’s of USA


Consumer of USA is our young generation; those who have resources for the education and cannot get to the market.


Competitor of USA is UMT (University of Management and Technology) and Punjab Group of Colleges.


The corporate of USA is management. And management of the USA is military and industrialists. Din newspaper and Pakistan army retired officers are
the management personnel’s.

                                                         Product Life Cycle of USA

                                                                             ANS &NCCS

As ANS (American National School) and NCCS (National College of Computer Sciences) institute has rich history of Sixteen years, so now ANS and
NCCS are at the maturity stage. And they has high market share.

But this institute is charted in May 29th, 2004 as a university, so USA as a university is at introductory stage.

                                                     Future Recommendation

                                                        Market Problem and Analysis

We have allocated following problems in the University of South Asia:

Promotional problems:

We have find out that there is bad promotional tools are used in the USA.

Pricing problems:

The pricing of the USA is not satisfactory to meet the market level and there is no positive penetration strategy for the future of USA.


They have to revise their market segmentation to meet the future and compete the competitors. If USA wants to increase its market share, the
segmentation of market should be revised.

                                                        Strategy to solve the problems

We have proposed the following promotional strategy for the future of the USA:


The advertisement of the USA can be done through the following ways:


                          TV channels

                          Local Cable Network


The advertisement should be done by the above ways and also another thing can be done that is as follows:

USA has target market in their mind that is upper middle class and elite class. More than 90% from this class go to the places like McDonald. USA
should offer one dropout with every serving of McDonald. This promotional tool is not very much costly but this can target directly to the target market.

Sales Promotion:

Sales promotion includes demand-pull strategy, which is as follows:

Students that are already getting education from the USA should give some special benefits from it, just like that if one boy/ came to the USA and
his/her brother or sister is already getting education from it. They should get some discount in the fees of the institute. i.e. 20% discount in the basic fees
of the semester.

Direct Marketing:

The direct marketing of USA can be done by the following ways:

                          Attractive web site


                          Ringing tones and logos

                          Free downloads

The above thing are today desirable for all the viewers on the Internet, this type marketing is called direct marketing. The effect of the above things is that
the no of viewers on the website can be increased.

Personal selling:

For the Personal selling we have to go directly to the target market and try to convince the people. This may be the costly marketing tool but this can be
done to some zones that you have targeted.

Personal relation:

Personal relation is one of the promotional mix tools. The strategy of the personal relation is that

Conduct seminars for welfare and try aware the people and your target market.
Involve some celebrity or national hero in your promotional strategy. This will make the things easy for you and you can easily convey your message to the

Pricing Strategy:

USA should adopt the price penetration strategy, which means that if USA has to launch new product, they have flexible price strategy i.e. low price for
the product.


USA should have to revise its segmentation to some extent that is affordable to the people. The segmentation of USA should be geographical based.
(Porch areas like Defence, Model Town and such area). also it has been declared as a university so that should be marketed to other cities also like
Islamabad and Karachi etc.

Promotional Mix:

From the above all discussion we have proposed following budget for future strategy of USA.

                                  Content/Tools                        Percentage Allocation

                                  Advertisement                                              60%

                                  Sales Promotion                                            20%

                                  Direct Marketing                                            5%

                                  Personal Selling                                            5%

                                  Personal Relations                                         10%

From the above all discussion we find out that University of South Asia has a lot of resources and well equipped. But it
has some management and marketing problems that we have discussed above, if the management follow that
recommendations we have proposed. University of South Asia would be the leader of the market.

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