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					THE CONFRATERNITY OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT                                mar-may 2009

The Superior-General writes…

A Christian Opportunity
How much has changed since
1966 when this famous exchange
(right) between Archbishop
Michael Ramsey and Pope Paul VI
took place!

As Catholics in the Church of
England it was the beginning of
heady days which took us through
the 1970s, the ARCIC reports, the
visit of John Paul II to the UK,
towards what seemed an answer
to the Lord's own prayer that we
might be one (John 17). But now,
forty-three years later, the report
of the Manchester Group appointed by the General Synod, influenced by pseudo-
religious secularist interest groups, has made it clear that they do not want Jesus' High
Priestly Prayer answered -- well, not as we had hoped. And that most recent report has
us repeating the same response to the psalm: 'A Code of Practice will not do!'. We have
gone from an imminent visible unity of the Church to a position where the Synod cannot
even make provision for those who hold to Catholic faith and order. There are indeed
still some revision stages the Synod must go through, but no-one can seriously think that

A Christian Opportunity continued
it's just a question of 'if’ rather than 'when'.   printing of the Quarterly and the
This clear rejection of the Catholic religion      mammoth task of distribution. It was after a
by the Synod, of course, makes us                  certain amount of thought that we decided
despondent, especially as dreams and               to take this step, aware of the valuable
hopes are dashed. But we must never                opportunities for contact Ward Secretaries
give way to despondency - that's a sign of         had with members through the distribution
no Hope, even hopelessness, which for a            of the Quarterly. Our hope is that that
Christian cannot be true! The challenge            contact will be maintained in other ways,
before faithful Catholics now is not to            whilst we can ensure that every Associate
barricade ourselves in, or become an               will receive the Quarterly efficiently and
inward looking self-preservation society,          promptly. This of course means making
but ask the Lord how he wants his High             sure that your details are correct and up to
Priestly Prayer answered. It takes courage         date, so Ward secretaries are asked to
to do that and courage that can only be            check that that is the case!
found in him. The call is not to change
direction or 'dig in', but see what new            The other, more significant change, is that
opportunities of service we can offer. The         Canon Alan Cross, with a very heavy
Blessed Sacrament is the source and sign of        heart, has decided that the time has come
our unity, and cannot be a means to it. If         to relinquish the responsibilities of being
we are to find the youthful joy of that day        Treasurer-General. Fr Cross stepped into
when Pope Paul VI gave his episcopal ring          the breach in 1997 and has done a great
to Archbishop Ramsey, the place to look is         work during that time. He has also retired
no further than the Tabernacle of the Altar.       from parochial ministry and wants to spend
Is this naive or pious? Maybe for some the         more time with his family and guarding his
present situation is a political opportunity;      health. He remains District Superior for
for others it's a Christian opportunity.           District 6. I am grateful to Fr David Waller,
                                                   who is already a Trustee of the
We hope you like the new style Quarterly.          Confraternity, for being willing to take on
It brings with it a number of other changes        that work until our AGM in May. Fr Waller
too, because those who have formerly               is not without some financial ability and as a
received it from a Ward Secretary will now         consequence the post of Accounts Manger
have received it direct through the post.          is no longer required; we are grateful to Fr
We are very grateful to the Additional             Gordon Adam for the work he has carried
Curates Society (ACS) for taking on the            out for the CBS.

The Confraternity has a set of matching               Stevens in Plumstead, we are grateful to
concelebration chasubles (white, red and              him and Mr Reg Martin for the often
purple, 30 of each with two matching                  thankless task of making them available
dalmatics) for use by Priests Associate,              and keeping them in good order.
for a minimal cost plus postage and packing.
They are now kept at the ACS office in
Birmingham, and can be collected from
there (tel. 0121 382 5533). Until now they
have been looked after by Fr Andrew                   Fr Christopher Pearson SSC

CBS National Festival 2009
Saturday 6 June
S Alban’s Church, Brooke St, Holborn, London EC1
Underground: Chancery Lane

        Preacher: Fr Darren Smith,
        General Secretary of the Additional Curates Society

1.00pm LUNCH (provided)


       followed by tea

Priests Associate are invited to concelebrate
please notify the Secretary-General by 30 May.

                            REGISTERED CHARITY No. 1082897
Lenten Prayer at Sarum S Martin
Last year a number of our people were asking for opportunities to pray together
about the state of the Church apart from Mass. Lent seemed to offer such an
opportunity, so instead of the customary Lent Course, we committed ourselves to
meet every Thursday evening for an hour in the Sacramental Presence of our Lord
Jesus Christ. We entitled it, “Will you not watch with me one hour?”

We are fortunate in that the geography of          our prayers. And the leader used a few
the chancel at S Martin’s makes this quite         vocal prayers. There are a number of very
convenient. The Blessed Sacrament is               useful books designed as resources for such
reserved in a hanging pyx suspended over           Holy Hours – one is I the Lord Am With
the free-standing High Altar. We have              You Always, edited by Christine McCarthy
sufficient space to be able to put chairs fairly   and published by the Society for Eucharistic
comfortably in a semi-circle to the west           Adoration. Sometimes there was an
side of the Altar, so that people could sit or     invitation for those present to share prayer
kneel as they chose. It seemed important           concerns as well.
to be comfortable and relaxed, and the
whole hour was quite informal. Just before         The abiding memory is of the sense of
the hour began the Sacrament was placed            healing warmth as we gathered together as
in the monstrance on the Altar, and                brothers and sisters in the Presence of our
everyone was invited to place a votive             Lord. It seemed, over the weeks, that we
candle (of the tea-light sort) on the altar        were given the image of the Water of Life,
step (there is no carpet.) This would be a         and we have yet to explore this further. But
visual reminder of the cause or causes we          with the emphasis on silent prayer, it was
were each especially bringing to our Lord          very much a matter of receiving rather than
on that particular night. The leader (not          just asking, and, although Lent of course
necessarily the priest) then presided over         came to an end with Easter, everyone
an hour of silent prayer interspersed with         involved is keen that we should continue
up to three simple hymns or songs. We              this pattern of Holy Hour, which S Martin’s
were quite happy to sing unaccompanied;            had never done before. There is always a
plainsong works very well in such a setting,       very precious moment at Mass, when
as well as Taize chant and responsorial            Communion is completed and before the
psalmody, and we were able to use simple           ablutions. This is, in a way, an attempt to
items which we might not normally choose           recapture that moment and extend it.
to sing in the Liturgy. There were also one
or more short readings, chosen to focus            Fr Keith Robinson
our reflection, and to give some form to

MARCH                                                          R.I.P.
                                                               We commend to God the souls of all
1    LENT 1 - That we may be faithful to God’s Covenant
                                                               Departed Associates of the
2    The Ward of the Transfiguration, Haywards Heath
                                                               Confraternity, especially the following
3    The Ward of the Precious Blood, Horsham                   who have died recently
4    The Additional Curates Society
5    The Ward of S Anne, Hove                                  Priests Associate
6    The Ward of SS Mary & Nicholas, Lancing College           Lionel Rex Hurrell
7    My Ward - its Superior and Members                        Neil Jamieson - Harvey
8    LENT 2 - That we may listen to God’s beloved Son          Bishop Lionel Renfrey
9    The Anima Christi Ward, St Leonards on Sea
10   The Catholic Societies Vocations Initiative
                                                               Margaret Hardy
11   The Ward of S Cuthman, Storrington Deanery
                                                               Sarah Hughes
12   The Ward of S Gabriel, Worthing                           Glynes Lawson
13   The Ward of Our Lady & Corpus Christi, Cambridge          Joyce Donovan
14   My Ward - its Superior and Members                        Douglas Spurway
15   LENT 3 - That we may see in Christ the Wisdom of God      Olive Bowen
16   The Ward of S Edmund, Downham Market                      David Vickers
17   S Patrick - Christians in Ireland
18   The Catholic League
19   S Joseph - Husbands and fathers
     & Lindsay Urwin, installed at Walsingham today
20   The Ward of S Mary, Great Yarmouth
21   My Ward - its Superior and Members
22   LENT 4 - Thanksgiving for the Saviour sent to redeem us
23   The Ward of Our Lady, Walsingham
24   The Ward of SS Peter & Paul, Uppingham
     Thanksgiving for God’s promise fulfilled
26   The Church Union
27   The Ward of S Clement, Exeter
28   My Ward - its Superior and Members
29   LENT 5 - Thanksgiving for the example of Christ’s love
30   The Ward of S Michael, Paignton
31   Fr Chris Pearson, our Superior-General
APRIL                                                               MAY

1    The Ward of S Peter, Plymouth                                  1 SS Philip & James - All bishops
2    The Ward of S Margaret-Mary Alacoque, Cheltenham               2 S Athanasius - Forward in Faith
3    The Ward of The Little Flower, Longton                         3 EASTER 4
4    My Ward - its Superior and Members                               That we may know the care of the Good Shepherd
5    PALM SUNDAY OF THE LORD’S PASSION                              4 The English Martyrs - The Anglican/Roman
     Strength to follow the Way of the Cross                           Catholic International Commission (ARCIC)
6    Monday in Holy Week - Confessors and Spiritual directors       5 The Alexander Mackonochie Ward, Holborn
7    Tuesday in Holy Week - Grace to make a good Confession         6 The Corpus Christi Ward, Kenton
8    Wednesday in Holy Week - The Society of the Holy Cross (SSC)   7 The CBS Council-General
9    MAUNDY THURSDAY                                                8 The Ward of Our Lady & S George, Winchmore Hill
     Thanksgiving for the institution of the Blessed Sacrament      9 My Ward - its Superior and Members
10   GOOD FRIDAY                                                    10 EASTER 5
     Thanksgiving for our Redemption
                                                                       That we may remain branches of the True Vine
                                                                    11 The Ward of S Giles, Reading
     The Guild of All Souls and all the Faithful Departed
                                                                    12 The Love of Jesus Ward, Wantage
     Thanksgiving for the Resurrection                              13 The CBS Trustees
13   The Ward of Our Lady & S Andrew, Newcastle under Lyme          14 S Matthias - Those whom God chooses
14   The Ward of SS Mary & Dominic, Wednesbury                      15 The Ward of S Francis, Derby
15   Fr David Waller, our Treasurer-General                         16 My Ward - its Superior and Members
16   The Ward of the Holy Grail, Wolverhampton                      17 EASTER 6
                                                                       That we may share God’s Spirit of love for the world
17   The Ward of the Sacred Heart, Lincoln Diocese
                                                                    18 The Ward of S Laurence, Long Eaton
18   My Ward - its Superior and Members
                                                                    19 The Ward of All Saints, Collingham
19   EASTER 2
     The happiness of those who have not seen but believed          20 The American CBS
20   The Ward of S Magnus, City of London                           21 THE ASCENSION
                                                                       That we may reign with Christ
21   The Ward of the Sacred Heart with S Andrew, East Finchley
                                                                    22 The Ward of the Holy Cross, Nottingham
22   Fr Lawson Nagel, our Secretary-General
                                                                    23 My Ward - its Superior and Members
23   S George - Christians in England
                                                                    24 EASTER 7
24   My Ward - its Superior and Members                                That we may be consecrated in truth
25   S Mark - Evangelists today                                     25 The Ward of S Martin, Salisbury
26   EASTER 3                                                       26 Isolated Associates on the Secretary-General’s List
     That we may know Christ in the Breaking of Bread               27 The Ward of S Michael, Croydon
27   The Adoremus Ward, Hanworth                                    28 The Ward of S Agnes, Kennington
28   The Federation of Catholic Priests                             29 The Ward of Corpus et Sanguis Christi, Plumstead
29   S Catherine of Siena - Christians throughout Europe            30 My Ward - its Superior and Members
30   My Ward - its Superior and Members                             31 The Ward of S Peter, Streatham
Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament
THE OBJECTS                                       THE OFFICERS
The Confraternity exists for the                  Superior-General
advancement of the catholic faith in the          The Reverend Christopher Pearson
Anglican Tradition and in particular to           The Vicarage, 37 St Agnes Place, London
promote:                                          SE11 4BB
    The honour due to Jesus Christ our Lord
    in the Blessed Sacrament of his Body
    and Blood,                                    The Revd David Waller
                                                  S Saviour’s Vicarage, 210 Markhouse
    Prayer for one another at the Eucharist,      Road, London E17 8EP
    Careful preparation for and reception of
    Holy Communion, including the
    Eucharistic fast,                             The Revd Canon Dr Lawson Nagel
                                                  Aldwick Vicarage, 25 Gossamer Lane,
    The reverent and dignified celebration        Bognor Regis PO21 3AT
    of the Eucharist and the reservation and
    veneration of the Blessed Sacrament,

   The continuance of the catholic
   priesthood, and                                CONTRIBUTIONS
    Catholic theological teaching, learning
                                                  Perhaps you would like to contribute to
    and development.
                                                  the Quarterly with news of events or
                                                  articles relating to what is happening in
THE RULES                                         your Ward?
    To take part in the celebration of the
    Eucharist on all Sundays, greater festivals   We also welcome photographs of any
    and holy days whenever possible;              recent CBS related activities – please
                                                  send all contributions to the Secretary-
    To promote the reverent celebration of
                                                  General at the address above.
    the Eucharist as the Church’s daily
                                                  Material for the next edition must be
    To make special intercessions as set out in   received by 15 April 2009
    the Quarterly.

Recent Grants
Salle, Norwich, SS Peter & Paul         News from the Wards
Fr Christopher Morgan-Cromar
                                        New District Superior
                                        District 19, South Wales
Ward of SS Mary & Dominic,              Fr Irving Hamer
Fr Kevin Palmer                         Revived Ward
Monstrance                              Littlehampton,
                                        Our Lady of Littlehampton
Anglican Religious Life Year Book
                                        Ward Superior: Fr Michael Gudgeon
Br Steven CR
Publishing subsidy
                                        New Priests Associate
Glastonbury Pilgrimage youth work       Fr Henley James
Fr Dean Atkins                          Fr Stuart Evason
Grant towards youth work
Oxford Movement Day of Prayer
Fr Robert Beaken
Contribution towards costs

                                          ts at St Paul's Plaisance in Guyana
     Fr Randolph Reynolds with CBS vestmen


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