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									                    Champagne Cocktails
The Bellini £6.95
25ml Peach Puree, 10ml Peach Liquer, topped with Prosseco

Kir Royale £6.95
15ml Creme de Cassis, topped with House Champagne

       All £5 add £1 for Purple/Champagne hooters                        R E S TA U R A N T
              All shooters are served as 50ml
Kaluha, Baileys, Absinthe (Layered)

Squashed Frog
Midori, Advocaat (Layered), drop of Grenadine
Brain Hemorage
Archers, Baileys (Layered), drop of Grenadine

Hole in One
Sambuka, Absinthe (Layered)

Traffic Light
Red and Blue Aftershock and Absinthe (Layered)

Jam Doughnut
25ml Chambord, Cream (Layered)

10ml Blue Curaco, 10ml Creme de Bannane, 10ml Baileys (Shaken)

Baby Guiness
Tia Maria, Baileys (Layered)

Champagne Hooter
15ml Blue Curaco, 15mol Smirnoff Vodka, Champagne, dash of Lime Juice
(Shaken)                                                                    Wine
Buttery Nipple
Butterscotch Schnapps, Baileys (Layered)

                                                                                                  Champagne & Sparkling
                    Our wines are served by the bottle,
                small glass (175ml) and Large glass (250 ml)                   Fantinel Prosecco Extra Dry, Italy 11.5%
                                                                               £21.95 £4.45
                                                                               Fresh, dry, fruity sparkler offering a velvety finish and poetic flavour
                              White Wine
                                                                               Perrier Jouet Brut, NV 12%
Berri Estates Unoaked Chardonnay, Australia 14%
                                                                               £39.95 £6.95
£13.45 £3.45 £4.75                                                             Elaborate richness with an exceptional maturity laden with concentrated
A crisp style with a fresh, yet ripe lemon character with no oak ageing.       elegance

Vendange Pinot Grigio, USA 12%                                                 Veuve Clicquot Brut, NV 12% £49.50
£13.95 £3.45 £4.95                                                             Often described as the champagne for champagne drinkers no matter what
A ripe easy drinking wine with great freshness and fruit                       the season

Etchart Privado Torrontes, Argentina 13%                                       Perrier Jouet Rose, NV 12% £55.00
£14.95 £3.75 £5.25                                                             Exemplifies vinosity and body with its distinctive character
Floral and dry wine that will appeal to many different palates
                                                                               Laurent Perrier Rose . NV 12% £69.30
Veramonte Reserva Sauvignon Blanc, Chile 14%                                   A fabulous rose Champagne made only from Pinot Noir from vineyard sites
£16.45 £4.25 £5.75                                                             rated 100% Grand Cru. It is bursting with fresh summer fruit.
A classic example offering gooseberry and cut grass aromas
                                                                               Dom Pérignon NV 12.5% £115.00
Vina Esmeralda, Spain 11.5%                                                    One of the finest champagne, in the mouth the attack is direct, a prelude to
£16.95 £4.35 £6.00
Floral fragrant medium dry blend of Muscat and Gewurztraminer
Ca’ Montini L’Aristocratic Pinot Grigio, Italy 13%                                                               Classic
£18.95 £4.95 £6.75
Fine example, superb concentration of honeyed fruit
                                                                               Sex on The Beach £5.95 (J)
                                                                               25ml Vodka, 10ml Midori, 25ml Archers, dash of Grenadine topped up with
Robert Mondavi Woodridge Chardonnay, USA 13.5%                                 Cranberry & Orange Juice
£17.95 £4.65 £6.35
Citrus ripeness, hints of peaches and elegant lingering finish                 Bacardi Mojito £5.95
                                                                               50ml Barcardi, 15ml Brown Gomme, 25ml Lime Juice, Mint Leaves, Dash of
                               Red Wine                                        Soda

Berri Estates Merlot, Australia 14%                                            Cosmopolitan £5.95 (J)
£13.35 £3.45 £4.75                                                             35ml Citron Vodka, 15ml Lime Juice, 40ml Cranberry Juice
Delicious combination of raspberries, blueberries and soft plum characters.
                                                                               Long Island Iced Tea £5.95 (J)
Arium Tempranillo Crianza, Spain 13%                                           10ml Smirnoff Vodka, 10ml Gordons Gin, 10ml Sauza Tequila, 10ml Tripple
                                                                               Sec, 25ml Lemon Juice, 25ml Lime Cordial, 15ml Gomme topped with Cola
£13.95 £3.50 £4.95
Deliciously blackberry fruit flavours and creamy vanilla finish
                                                                               Blue Dakota £5.95 (J)
                                                                               20ml Smirnoff Vodka, 10ml Blue Bolls, 10ml Archers, topped with
Malbec, Etchart Privado, Argentina 14%                                         Lemonade
£14.95 £3.75 £5.25
Rich but very soft and juicy example of Argentina’s most successful grape
                                                                               Whiskey Sour £5.95
                                                                               50ml Bells Whiskey, 10ml Gomme, 10ml Lemon Juice
Flagstone Longitude, S Africa 15%
£16.45 £4.25 £5.75
Plum, dark character predominantly Cabernet and Shiraz blended wine

Barossa E Minor Shiraz, Australia 14%                                          Razmopolitan £5.95
                                                                               35ml Rasberry Stolli, 15ml Chambord, 10ml Lime Juice, 40ml Cranberry
£17.95 £4.65 £6.35                                                             Juice
Vibrant fresh plums and red berries, fermented in American oak

                                                                               North Shore £5.95 (J)
Santa Caterina Collio Pino Nero, Italy 13%                                     25ml Jack Daniels, 25ml Archers, 25ml Ameretto, topped up with Orange &
£19.45 £5.05 £6.85                                                             Cranberry juice
Attractive ripe strawberry aromas and soft velvety tanins
                                                                               Berry Infusion £5.95 (J)
                              Rose Wine                                        25ml Rasberry Stolli, dash of Rasberry puree, 15ml Chambord, 20ml Lime
                                                                               Juice, top up with Pineapple & Cranberry Juice
White Zinfandel, Vendange, USA, 11%
£14.95    £3.85 £5.25                                                          Hazelnut Martini £5.95
Delicious blush rose bursting with strawberry, and water melon flavours        35ml Frangellico, 10ml Vanilla Vodka, 5ml Baileys, dash of Milk.

Robert Mondavi Woodridge Rose, USA 12%                                         Appletini £5.95 (J)
£17.95 £4.65 £6.35                                                             25ml Apple Sourz, 25ml Martini dry, Lemonade
A fresh, crisp rose with bursting ripe fruits and hints of orange peel spice
                                                                               Bannanarama £5.95 (J)
Fortius Navarro, Spain                                                         15ml Galliano, 15ml Creme de Bannane, 10ml Smirnoff Vodka topped with
£14.45 £3.60 £5.15                                                             Pineapple & Orange juice
An aromatic dry rose with hints of summer fruits
                                                                                                  (J) these cocktails are available as jugs

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