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									Hotel Kunlun Beijing
                                                                                                                         BY LIANA GARCELLANO

             Stylish Retreats
                          Fantastic beds, wide array of nibbles                            Floors are the stylish retreats - complete with art

                         and drinks plus fabulous lounges are                              decor - of corporate executives who know the true
                                                                                           meaning of elegant serenity in posh surroundings.
                       just some of the reasons why executives                             They are the benchmarks of more-than-excellent

                       keep coming back over and over again                                accommodations. Frequent Traveller checks in to find
                                                                                           out how comfortable stay is and what hoteliers
                                       to their favourite hotels.                          have up their sleeves for their loyal residents.

                                                                                           OF BEDS, SHEETS & DUVETS

                                                                                           The princess in fairytale Princess and the Pea knew
                                                     eds that follow the contours of       what it meant to have a good bed to lie on. A
                                                     your body, bed linen with 300-        miniscule pea hidden under more than 10 mattresses
                                                     thread count, express check in        kept her awake throughout the night. Like the
                                                     and check out are some of the         princess, executives know a thing or two about
                                                     regular amenities and services that   comfortable beds, which hoteliers are cognizant
                                                     you’re wont to expect at Executive    of. A bed, for starters, should be one that you can
                                   Floors. After all, you’re not paying top dollar to      roll around in without falling off to the floor with
                                   live in a dormitory and lie on a pallet. Executive      every turn. Second, the right amount of softness

                                                                                                                                 Frequent traveller | 15

                                                                     The Regent Singapore
Hilton Beijing

                            should keep you on steady ground - one isn’t                    that include an exquisite gold pattern and are
                            looking for a waterbed. Third, the sheets should                soft to touch.” The Summit Club was designed by
                            be smooth on the skin - coarse sheets are definitely             American design team Bilkey LLinas Design and
                            not what should wrap you up at night. And the                   features the only revolving dining and lounge space
                            ambience should exude warmth and tranquillity.                  in Beijing offering international cuisine.
                            You want to stay in your room, not listless and                     Added Yoshiko: “The bathrooms are second to
                            ready to leave the moment you step in.                          none. All include standing towers with a detachable
                                At Hilton Beijing, they recently remodelled                 showerhead and all-natural dye-free wooden stool,
                            their 77 Executive Rooms and Suites according to                which have proven to be a hit with Asian travellers.
                            Harald Feurstein, the hotel’s Director for Business             The separate bathtub is large enough to recline
                            Development. “(They) are chic havens, combining                 comfortably...Oversized Aigner soap is convenient
                            the best of modern living with distinctive traditional          especially for male business travellers; (the) women
                            Chinese touches. Designer lighting and modern                   enjoy the Aigner lotions which are standard in all
                            amenities fuse with elegant antique vases, enchanting           rooms. We especially ordered the Honey line in
                            paintings, Oriental panelling and local literature              order to combat Beijing’s dry air.”
                            to create a warm yet stylish environment to relax                   The bathrooms have his and her sinks for the
                            and unwind,” added Harald. Their bathrooms are                  guest and his/her companion can prepare for
                            also havens for the harried corporate travellers                the coming day side by side. The Chinese touch
                            with the oversized vanity basins, a separate bathtub            is perfected with the antique Chinese wooden
                            silhouetted by a LCD TV screen, glass-encased                   boxes placed inside the bathroom. Specially
                            shower and floor-to-ceiling mirrors.                             designed headboard covers were ordered for the
                                The Summit Club at Kunlun Beijing boasts                    beds, which are attached nightly during turndown
                            121 spacious rooms and suites equipped with                     service. “These simple, white cotton covers were
                            white marble bathrooms with a separate standing                 designed with the intention of providing a layer
                            shower and bathtub. According to Yoshiko Kurotsu,               of hygienic protection for guests who may choose
                            Kunlun’s Public Relations Manager, “the executive               to rest their heads against the headboards while
                            rooms feature luxurious, imported silk duvet covers             working or watching television.” In addition, there

16 | Frequent traveller
is an extensive Pillow Menu for people pernickety      with 37-inch plasma TV, DVD player, surround
about their pillows.                                   speakers, a large work desk and wireless/wired
    For The Regent Singapore and Marina Mandarin       broadband Internet access.
Singapore, their guests are getting a good night’s          Sticking to the Marriott International code
sleep due to the Simmons mattresses. At The Regent     of comfort, JW Marriott Bangkok implemented
where most of the rooms feature batik artwork and      Marriott’s new bedding “Revive” concept in every
the early days of Sumatra and Java, the Simmon         guestroom in the hotel, which is done up with a
mattresses are specially designed for the hotel and    modern contemporary design accented by Thai oil
cannot be purchased at the Simmons showrooms           paintings, fish art culture and sculptures. The new
or from the hotel, according to Director of Rooms      Marriott bed features down comforters in sheeted
Douglas Ariza. The residents have given their          duvets, which replaces the traditional bedspread.
thumbs-up to the customised orthopaedic range          Detailed Anchalee Chamroontaneskul, the hotel’s
of mattresses that bask in the brightness of the day   Director of Marketing Communications: “(The)
and the earth colour tones of the room.                crisp, white bed linens with a 300-thread count
    Meanwhile, at Marina Mandarin where all            raise the bedding benchmark for quality as well
rooms and suites feature art pieces by local artist    as thicker, more comfortable mattresses with the
Chua Ek Kay, according to the hotel’s spoke            addition of three-inch mattress toppers and more
person, “a good night’s rest is guaranteed as          pillows. The stylised bedding is accented with an
guests sink into the plush comfort of Simmons’         elegant bed scarf.”
13-inch pillow-top mattress, tailor made for the            Sister property Renaissance Riverside Hotel
hotel with Simmons patented Do-Not-Disturb             Saigon likewise implemented new and luxurious
body contouring features.”                             beddings - from mattress to duvet - in a fresh white
    Enhancing a good rest is the interior design       and accented with a decorated bed scarf and bolster
marked by a contemporary touch while retaining         look in line with Marriott International’s global
the Asian feel as well as top-of-the-line amenities:   bedding scheme. Said Albert Kaindlbauer, General
all Meritus Club Rooms and Suites are equipped         Manager: “The new bedding features 300-thread

                                                                                                              Frequent traveller

                                                                          Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon
JW Marriott Bangkok

                                 count cotton bed linen, more pillows and a two-                               favourite fruits, flowers and beverages as well as
                                 inch plush mattress topper that gives that gentle                             in-room preferences such as humidifiers and DVD
                                 feel of a feather bed whilst retaining the support                            players,” says Yoshiko.
                                 and firmness of the mattress.” The soft colours                                    At JW Marriott Bangkok, the mini-bar has
                                 in the room and the panoramic view of the city                                everything for one: Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 and
                                 or Saigon River enhance the comfort.                                          Chardonnay 2004 for the tipplers or a spot of beer
                                     Weary travellers residing at Amara Singapore                              from the selection that include Singh Beer, Beer
                                 are lying down on “hotelier” beddings said Lai Lai                            Chang, Heineken and Asahi. For teetotallers,
                                 Yeong, the hotel’s Marketing Communications                                   there’s Evian, Perrier, Gatorade, sodas and juices
                                 Manager. “The beds are firm and comfortable                                    that are complemented by munchies that range
                                 and always able to provide a good night’s sleep,”                             from Oreo biscuits to Wrigley’s gum. Similarly
                                 continued Lai Lai, adding that the bed sheets have                            at The Regent Singapore, Douglas recites the
                                 300-thread count and with 100 percent cotton,                                 mini-bar menu: “Still and sparkling mineral water,
                                 giving that smoother and comfortable feel.                                    isotonic drinks, miniature size spirits, liquor, vodka
                                                                                                               and gin. All our suites are also fitted with a fresh
                                 THAT PECKISH FEELING                                                          coffee machine.”
                                 Gone are the packets of peanuts and a bottle of                                   Marina Mandarin’s mini-bar is teeming with
                                 drink masquerading as a mini-bar. Mini-bars are                               power bars and snacks, complimentary still and
                                 the hotel’s version of a posh convenient store that                           sparkling water and pineapple cakes each day.
                                 tides one over until the proper meal at one of the                            Amara Singapore boasts spirits like Cognac VSOP
                                 hotel’s restaurants. From spirits to liquors to chips                         and Gin, Scotch and Vodka alongside snacks
                                 and favourite candy bars, the mini-bar is yours for                           like chocolates, Cashew nuts and potato chips.
                                 the taking.                                                                   For The Regent Singapore, an In-room Dining
                                     The best part is you get to state what you want                           Menu showcasing the hotel’s specialities as well
                                 on the Preference Form especially if you’re a                                 as selection from Japanese Restaurant Tenshin
                                 guest at Kunlun Beijing. “All guests’ preferences                             complements the mini-bar of chips, cheese
                                 are recorded thoroughly...information includes                                cookies, cereal bar and Japanese snacks.

18 | Frequent traveller
SPECIAL TOUCHES                                          camera or the Playstation/Xbox.
The feeling of a personalised trip is further enhanced       Hilton Beijing does it the Hilton way with
with the special touches that make the trip memorable.   state-of-the-art conveniences such as high-speed
For example, at Amara, Lai Lai said that the hotel       Internet access, plasma screen TVs, BOSE sound
offers a choice of personalised gifts every stay and     systems, individual espresso machines and a
during festive occasions like Christmas or Chinese       comprehensive personal home systems with its
New Year. Each Club Floor guest receives fruitcakes      Internet access, fax, copier, scanner and printer,
and cookies or Mandarin oranges before their             two-line telephone set, voicemail messaging system,
departure. Added Lai Lai: “ We want the guest to         spacious glass-topped desks and ergonomically-
feel like every trip is a personalised and individual    designed chair. “The world at your disposal at the
experience.” Presently, OGAVE brand amenities are        click of a button,” said Harald.
available to corporate guests but “we’re in the midst
of re-looking at the brand and fragrance to provide      CHILLING & UNWINDING
a more favoured and personalised gift for our guests     Part and parcel of the stylish retreat experience would
that will be unique to you hotel.”                       be the time to chill out at the Executive Lounge,
     Marina Mandarin’s Meritus Club rooms and suites     the private watering hole of corporate travellers
feature a Nespresso in-room coffee maker for freshly     where they wine, dine, read, shoot the breeze or
brewed coffee or espresso, a six-jet power shower to     simply enjoy the space around them. The Regent
massage the day’s stress away and a Soap and Pillow      Club of The Regent Singapore epitomises comfort.
menu. In addition, a cup of red date tea, known for      Explained Douglas: “Decorated and furnished in a
its calming properties, is served to guests.             tasteful fusion of East and West aesthetics, there is
     Techno-savvy guests at JW Marriott Bangkok          an exclusive lounge that cocoons two very private
will be delighted with the Jack Pack Connectivity        areas for business meeting and evening soirees.
kit (RGA Cable) to hook up their laptop to LCD           Located on the 11th floor, The Regent Club lounge
TV; Sound cable for Ipod/MP3; and video cables           comprises of three separate areas - a breakfast
to hook up to the DVD player, video player, digital      and evening cocktail service section, a decadently

                                                                                                                   Frequent traveller

                                                                      Victoria Plaza Park, London
Amara Singapore

                             furnished main lounge and a stylish full-mirrored,                     the Executive Level Concierge to offer fax and
                             all white and brown TV lounge room.” If guests                         photocopy services,restaurant bookings etc.
                             need extra help, Regent Club Manager Jocelyn                                High on top of the 22nd floor of Hilton Beijing
                             Flores will attend to their needs and problems.                        is its contemporary lounge with views of the new
                             Hailing from Mexico, Jocelyn’s last port-of-call                       embassy district. The lounge features an eclectic
                             was Four Seasons Mexico City and “with over                            mix of seating arrangements suitable for everything
                             five years of Four Seasons hospitality experience,                      from relaxed meetings to intimate cocktails and
                             Jocelyn truly epitomises ‘unmatched Four Seasons                       tempting canapés. As Harald put it: “’re
                             service standards,” said Douglas.                                      in good Executive hands at Hilton Beijing.”
                                 Over at Amara at the 17th floor, The Club Floor                          The Saigon River is what greets you at the Club
                             Lounge a soothing and minimalist design that                           Lounge of Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon,
                             provides maximum space for a casual discussion,                        on the 18th floor, while the Singapore River is
                             an exclusive dining area with large LCD panel                          what you see at the Meritus Club Lounge on level
                             that beams the news channel and a mini dining                          21 of Marina Mandarin. Marina Mandarin has
                             and kitchen. The lounge should give our guests                         expanded their Lounge early this year to include
                             that relaxing mood of “feels like I am at home”                        a fully equipped open concept kitchen. On the
                             and a break from all that meetings during the day.                     29th floor of Kunlun Beijing is the Club lounge,
                             Personalised service includes calling guests by name,                  or the Summit Club restaurant and lounge, with
                             offering their cup of beverage upon check-in and                       an executive guests reception area, small private
                             a variety of choices of Amara collection as gifts.                     meeting spaces and wine cellar. The elegant dividers
                                 On the 16th floor of JW Marriott Bangkok is its                     studded with Swarovski crystals separate the dining
                             Executive Lounge exuding a classic, contemporary                       tables. The restaurant features an open kitchen
                             design feel. “It’s eight years old and we’re planning                  with live action station (i.e. Indian tandoori over,
                             to renovate in 2007,” said Anchalee. Guests are privy                  Japanese teppanyaki and Western grill).
                             to a city view in the Terrace area and a dedicated                          The Executive Lounge is the point of
                             butler team with Executive Manager Kanittha                            convergence and even without an Executive Floor
                             Mulsutthi looking after the guests. There is also                      would serve guests well such as at the Victoria

20 | Frequent traveller
Plaza Park, London. Said Chris McFall, Director           Staying Fit
of Sales of the hotel: “The Executive Lounge is a
luxurious and spacious area in which clients can          Gyms have become              weights and aerobics            able to make use of the
relax in comfort and keeping with the rest of the         one of the extended           equipment as well as two        comprehensive range of
hotel, the lounge is contemporary in its design...        areas for corporate           squash courts, an indoor        cardiovascular machines,
The calming atmosphere in the lounge is designed          travellers to de-stress.      swimming pool, Jacuzzi          weight machines and
to both relax and unwind our guests, but also             Marina Mandarin has a         and sauna. Qualified fitness    free weights. One unique
gives them a space in which they can recharge             24-hour gym equipped          instructors are on hand to      service of the gym is that
and revive themselves. It is smoke-free area and          with a new and                provide training advice and     basic workout gear (i.e.
a quiet zone where mobile phones are prohibited           comprehensive range           lead daily yoga and Pilates     clothing, shorts, shoes,
which aids this feeling of tranquillity.”                 of cardiovascular and         classes. Similarly, aerobics    socks and swim wear)
    Located on the first floor of the hotel, the            resistance equipment          classes are conducted           is available on loan at
Executive Lounge offers guests a full English breakfast   following the renovation      daily at the health centre      no charge.
every morning and tea, coffee, pastries and fresh         last year. On level five is   of JW Marriott Centre as
fruit throughout the day. In the evening, there are       an Olympic-size mineral       well as yogilates, water tai
complimentary refreshments (i.e. wine, beer, soft         water pool that guests        chi, power combat, aqua
drinks and canapé)s. There’s also wireless Internet,      can access at any time.       fitness, jazz dance, Pilates,
a TV, workstation with PC and printer.                    Free yoga lessons are         Thai boxing and Boxing
    The amenities and services are far more than          available to members          Aerobics with professional
fantastic. The bed is absolutely divine. Executive        and hotel guests weekly,      instructors.
floors are the place where you should be the next          and personal training             The Regent is in the
on business or leisure trip. Wrapped in the elegant       programs are offered          midst of completing all the

                                                                                                                        JW Marriott Bankok
robes of peace and comfort, shrug off the stresses of     as well.                      equipment, which will be
the day in your suite in style and elegance. Welcome         Hilton Beijing’s fitness   done by December this
to your stylish retreat!                                  centre features modern        year. But guests are still

                                                                                                                                                     Frequent traveller

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