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									                                                                                                                                                          1 Benton Office Park, Bennett Ave,
                                                                                                                                                          Horbury, Wakefield, West Yorkshire,
                                                                                                                                                          England WF4 5RA
                                                                                                                                                          TEL: +44 (0) 1924 200444
                                                                                                                                                          FAX: +44 (0) 1924 363714
                                 Polygraphica’s label press division specialises in supplying pre owned
                                 equipment from simple single colour machines to the latest specifcation
                                 multi colour presses from all the worlds recognised manufacturers.                                                          www.polygraphica.com
                                 With around 200 presses and ancillaries available at any one time and all
                                                                                                                                                           E: sales@polygraphica.com
                                 on Polygraphica’s website it is easy to source and plan your next
                                 production press.                                                                                                               T: 01924 200444
                                                                                                                                                                 F: 01924 363714
                                 With the ability to fully refurbish any machine to as new condition and
                                 guarantee quality, Polygraphica can deliver the desired machine and
                                 re install and commission it anywhere in the world

                 FLEXO                                           6 COLOURS                                         4 COLOURS                                             8 COLOURS

               2 COLOURS
                                                  Edale 250S 6 + 1 print, UV dryer,                 Sanjo SP4L Standard unwind, 4 rotary                  Gallus R250 BO1 flexo varnish unit,
                                                  delam/relam unit, video web inspection, 4         letterpress print units, 1 flexo unit, UV             flatbed die station, rotary die station, turret
5” Tackyboy 2 die stations, slitting,             die stations, 8 chamber blades, age 1998.         drying, flatbed die cutting, waste rewind,            rewind, Bobst auto register system,
selection of dies, label counter, 16 print        Ref V50641                                        sheeting station, conveyor, single rewind,            delam/relam, age 1987. Ref V50732
cylinders. Ref V49644                                                                               age 1980. Ref V49579
                                                  Edale 250S DG 10" web, 4 die stations,                                                                                  9 COLOURS
               3 COLOURS
                                                  doctor blades, pumps, IR + hot air dryers,        Shiki PC45 Chase area 270x450mm, 2-4                  Nilpeter B280 and B200 package 5 col
Mark Andy 830 3 die stations, slitting, 2         slitting, turnbar, web guide, dual gearing,       colour print, die cutting area 270 x                  B200 press aged 1983 with varnish station,
rewind stations, stacker, only 700 hours,         age 1996. Ref V50868                              300mm, 270mm web width, no                            corona, 3 die stations, flat bed die + 1993
age 1994. Ref V50795                              KDO Seeltec 10.5" web width, splice table,        lamination or re-register, F&S rewind,                B280 press with 6 letter press, 3 screen
               4 COLOURS                          Accuweb web guide, 1 GEW UV dryer, 5 IR           age 1986. Ref V50311                                  and 1 flexo print stations, corona, hotfoil, 3
Arsoma EM280 280mm web width, web                 dryers, tension control for film printing,                        5 COLOURS                             die stations, flatbed die, register control.
                                                  age 1992. Ref V49755                                                                                    Ref V50793
guide, splice table, tension control infeed,                                                        Gallus R250 B01 Auto core loader, auto
hot air dyers only, 2 rotary die stations,        Nilpeter F2400 Web cleaner, corona                core gluing, numbering station, 5 spindle             Kopack 250 260mm web width, 1000mm
slitting, trim extraction, station for            treater, 3 rotary die stations, flat bed die      turret rewind, web guides in & out, web               CI drum, auto registration, 2 web guides, 1
perforating or sheeting, video web                station, UV flexo station, laminating, video      tension control, no die stations, age 1987.           flatbed & 1 rotary die stations, laminating,
inspection, age 1996. Ref V50273                  inspection, auto register, large selection of     Ref V50097                                            web cleaner, delam/relam, corona treater,
Comco Cadet 10" web width, turn bar,              tooling, age 1993. Ref V50222                                                                           sheeting, rotary hot foiling, large selection
                                                                                                    Gallus T180B 4 semi rotary print heads, 1             of tooling, age 1987. Ref V49763
laminating, auto throw off, doctor blades, 3      Propheteer 1000 260mm web width,                  flat bed print head, flatbed die cutting, air
rotary die stations, 2 product rewinds, 2         255mm print width, repeat 8"-15", 1/8th           drying, age 1980. Ref V49565
waste rewinds, splice table, web guide,                                                                                                                            COMBINATION
                                                  gear pitch, 1m unwind dia., web guide,            Kopack 250 3 stations with UV, flatbed
crush slitting, IR drying, auto tension           tension control, hot air dryers, register                                                                              7 COLOURS
                                                                                                    diecutter, 1 rotary diecutter, age 1980.
control, large selection of print cylinders,      control, 3 rotary die, sheeter, rewind,           Ref V50066                                            Gallus R250B 10" web, 2 rotary screen-4
age 1999. Ref V50360                              CTC 5 spindle turret rewinder, age 1991.                                                                letterpress-1 flexo print units, hot foil
                                                                                                    Lintec LH3000 300mm web width, semi
Edale Alpha IR drying, 3 rotary die               Ref V50225
                                                                                                    rotary letterpress, 5 UV dryers, servo                stamping, waste and product rewinds, 7
stations, sprocket punching, 4 mag                                                                  motor infeed & delivery, unwind,                      UVT UV dryers, units, Bosch auto register,
cylinders, web guide, age 2001.                                UV FLEXO                                                                                   chill rollers, corona treater, inspection
                                                                                                    numbering with UV dryer, flatbed diecutter,
Ref V50093                                                       6 COLOURS                                                                                table, web cleaner, rebuilt 1995/1999,
                                                                                                    laminator, rewinder, age 1993. Ref V50420
Edale E250 DG 250mm web width, hotair                                                                                                                     age 1989. Ref V49180
                                                  Allied Gear 16" web width, 1000mm dia.            Nilpeter B200 205mm web width, full UV,                              9 COLOURS
dryers, 3 rotary die stations, twin rewind,                                                         UV flexo varnish, flat & rotary die cutting,
                                                  unwind, 6 UV & 6 hot air dryers, servo
dual geared 1/8th AND 32DP, turnbar,                                                                hotfoil stamping, delam/relam, corona                 Nilpeter B3000 6 letterpress units with
age 1992. Ref V50406                              driven print rollers, 3 rotary die stations,
                                                                                                    treater, sheeter, age 1985. Ref V50264                cooling plates for film printing, 2 rotary
                                                  800mm dia. rewind, sheeting, plate
Focus F250 250mm web, 2 rotary die                mounter, age 1995. Ref V50249                                     7 COLOURS
                                                                                                                                                          screen units, 1 flexo unit, 3 rotary die
stations, doctor blades, 2 product rewinds,                                                                                                               stations, hotfoil station, standard unwind &
1 waste rewind, ceramic anilox rollers,                           8 COLOURS                         Gallus R250 255mm print width, 1 flat bed             rewind, corona treater, web cleaner, full
crush cut slitting, hot air drying, age 1987.     MPS press 16” web, web guide, prepared            & 1 rotary die, 1 product rewind, 1 waste             UV dry, turnbar, laminating, Rotocontrol,
Ref V48935                                        for 8 screen units but without screens,           rewind, E & L web guide, corona treater,              age 1995. Ref V50261
                                                  laminating rotary die station, age 2000.          video web inspection, crush cut slitting,             Kopack 400 coupon label press, 2
7” KDO only 2 usable print stations, 3 die                                                          delam / relam, Sensotec register control,
stations, 5" cutter adapter, 3 slitting knives,   Ref V50921                                                                                              unwinds, 2 webs, 5 web guides, corona
                                                  Nilpeter F3000 Standard unwind with web           hot foil, age 1983. Ref V49470                        treater, web cleaner, electronic in feed, 7
4 ink trays, stacker unit, spare motor.
Ref V50780                                        guide & corona treater, electronic infeed, 3      Nilpeter B3000, 1 flexo unit, air cooled              letterpress units, 4 stork screen units, 1
                                                  rotary die stations, electronic register          UV, flatbed die cutting, 2 rotary die                 flexo varnish station, 13 UV dryers, 2 die
Mark Andy 830 IR dryers, large diameter                                                             stations, BST Promark video web                       station, slitting, age 1977. Ref V50922
unwind, dual rewind, 2 die stations, web          control, flatbed die station, slitting, rewind,
                                                  sheeter, age 1995. Ref V50427                     inspection, age 1998, Ref V50935
guide, age 1998. Ref V50776
Propheteer 1000 260mm web width,                  Nilpeter F3000 305mm web width, 300mm
255mm print width, repeat 8"-15", 1/8th           print width, UV & hot air drying, de-lam / re-
gear pitch, 1m unwind dia., web guide +           lam, turn bar, auto registration, 3 rotary die                                                                            Nilpeter B3000, 1
tension, hotair drying, 3 rotary die stations,    stations, 1 flatbed die, video web                                                                                        flexo unit, air cooled
sheeter, rewind, age 1991. Ref V50226             inspection, age 1996. Ref V50044                                                                                          UV, flatbed die
                                                                  9 COLOURS                                                                                                 cutting, 2 rotary die
               6 COLOURS
                                                                                                                                                                            stations, BST
Arpeco Impressionist 420mm web,                   Comco Pro Glide 22" web, UVT UV
                                                                                                                                                                            Promark video web
400mm print width, constant turning anilox        lamps, web cleaner, cold foil unit, soft
                                                                                                                                                                            inspection, age 1998,
rolls, doctor blades, 1 product & 1 waste         tension control, infeed tension control,
                                                                                                                                                                            Ref V50935
rewind, splicing table, web guide, corona         dual gearing, chiller, 3 die stations, exit
treater, UV dryer, delam/relam, turn bar,         pacing, 2 die courts, slitting, laminating,
laminating, 4 rotary die stations, age 1998.      turnbar, sheeter, register control, age 1998.
Ref V48564                                        Ref V50920
Aquaflex DBSP 1006 web 260mm, 2 web                         LETTERPRESS
guides, tension control, hot air dryers,                                                                                                                                          Label Presses &
                                                                 4 COLOURS
3 die stations, 6 doctor blades, laminating,
cold foil, UV dryer, sheeting, age 1989.                                                            Modification to technical specification is reserved.                       Ancillary Equipment
                                                  Gallus Q33 7" web, 2 x 160 heads, 2 x 180         All machines are offered subject to remaining unsold and as
Ref V50704                                        heads, segment die cutter, Gallus                 per our Standard Conditions of Trade - Photographs are                     URGENTLY
Comco Pro Glide MSP 18" web, die                  rewinder, drying tunnel, UV dryer,                for illustrative purposes only.                                            REQUIRED
cutting cassette, 500 FPM. Ref V50919             age 1970. Ref V49020
              OFFSET                                          4 COLOURS                                 INSPECTION REWINDERS                             MISCELLANEOUS

Nilpeter MO 3300 340mm web, 2 u/w’s for       Gallus T330S 330mm web, 4 hot air                  Ident 280mm web width, 3" unwind              Edale perf/sheeting tooling
coupons, turret rewind, corona, web           dryers, flat bed die, splice, slitting, counter,   shaft, scissor slitting (5 sets of knives),   Ref V49267
cleaner, 18 offset, 3 flexo and 3 screen      tension control, mag plates, age 1983.             dual rewind with 3" & 1 3/4" rewind           Comco Mag Die Cylinders Gerhardt 10”,
cassettes, chill drums, roto control 3300,    Ref V50703                                         shafts, length & label count, age 1990.       84T, 87T, 92T, 93T, 108T, 111T, 130T.
video, turnbar, delam/relam, comp-            Gallus T330S 350mm web, 330mm print                Ref V50211                                    Ref V49424
uterised ink ducts, age 1999. Ref V30782      width, 4 UV dryers, 1 flat bed die, sprocket       Arpeco Tracker 16” web width, web             Caroflex light box 2 shelves, daylight
Nilpeter MO 3300 5 colour basic press         hole punching, splicing table, crush cut           guide, anti static, clear on clear label      tubes, opal perspex, tempered glass,
with roto control, 4 MO 3300                  slitting, age 1981. Ref V48979                     counter, 12 lane missing detection.           single phase, 240v x 6 amp, age 2007.
platforms, 3 flexo units, 3 screen units,                                                        Ref V50614                                    Ref V50431
                                                        HOT FOIL PRESSES
web cleaner, corona, splice ink agitators,                                                       Arpeco Tracker 13" web width, 115             Caroflex spray booth adjustable
3 moveable UV curing units, embossing,        Newfoil 5000 MK2 2 print heads with 220            counter, age 1988. Ref V50256
                                              x 150mm print area, die cutting unit, re-                                                        back support for the plates, age 2007.
video, perforation, turnbar, age 1997.                                                           Rotoflex SW 2000 20" web width, web           Ref V50432
                                              register facility, 228mm web width,                guide, 5 slitting knives, length & label
Ref V50865                                                                                                                                     Caroftex lifting gantry 250 kg hoist,
                                              laminating, age 1988. Ref V50258                   count, age 1989. Ref V49908
             SCREEN                                                                                                                            age 2007. Ref V50433
                                              Newfoil 5000 MK2 2 print heads with 220                       LABEL SHEETERS
              2 COLOURS                       x 150mm print area, die cutting unit, re-                                                        9 x 18” VTI UV stations between 2-5
                                                                                                 Gallus BS330 330mm web width, heavy           years old. Ref V50652
Franchini Speri Sericonvert 330 model,        register facility, 228mm web width,                duty unwind, sheet to mark or sheet to
                                              laminating, Steppa motor, age 1989.                                                              2 Nilpeter B280 screen units complete
340mm web width, max pull 320mm, max                                                             length, batching conveyor, age 1980.
                                              Ref V50224                                         Ref V48737                                    including control panel and UV systems.
print width 330mm, max print length
                                                                                                                                               Ref V50866
250mm, flat bed screen print, UV dryers,                    DIE CUTTERS                          Rospatch CF180 Fully automatic woven
semi rotary die cutting, electronic feed,                                                        label cutting & folding machine, photocell    Nilpeter MO 330 screen unit complete
                                              Daco DTD250, 10" web, 1 rotary die                                                               with trolley, 6 month use only, aged 2005,
photocell for loop feed, waste rewind,                                                           guide for pre printed work, cut to exact
                                              station, 25mm, 38mm 44mm & 50mm air                                                              varnish pump, 2 cowling shafts, sensors, 2
slitting, 2 product rewinds, age 1997.                                                           length, double or single end fold or centre
                                              shaft for the rewind, 5 razor slitting knives,                                                   UV lamps. Ref V50930
Ref V50092                                                                                       folded, max label size 2" wide x 3.5" long,
                                              age 2003, Ref V50942
SMAG 11” web width, UV dryers,                                                                   140-180 labels/min. Ref V50036
                                              Rotary logic C250-2D 250mm web, 2 die
lamination unit, flatbed cutter, age 1990.
                                              stations, linear register, end of roll
                                                                                                            FABRIC PRINTERS
                                                                                                 Windsor CL180 180mm web width, 4+1
Ref V50490
              3 COLOURS
                                              detection, splice, 2 rewinds counter,              print, 100m / minute speed, 2 rewinds,                   Graph
                                              guarding, age 2002. Ref V50932                     age 1997. Ref V50227
Nilpeter S330/S Unwind unit, automatic                                                                                                           Suppliers of Doctor Blade Material
register control, 1 flatbed die unit, waste   Rotary logic C250-1D 330mm web,                              MISCELLANEOUS
                                                                                                                                                in Carbon Steel (3 grades available)
rewind, slitting, semi automatic turret       single die station, end of roll, splice,           Bielloni    T2 core cutter 2007,                       and Stainless Steel.
rewind with 76mm & 45mm shafts, hot and       slitting, 2 rewinds, guarding, age 2002.           tungsten carbide plates, dust extraction.
IR drying, age 1975. Ref V48168               Ref V50933
                                                                                                                                                    Square edge or pre-ground
                                                                                                 Ref V49548

Polygraphica proudly announce the eco-friendly, efficient
                        cleaning system from Caroflex

                                                                                 The fully automatic operation couldn’t be more simple
                                                                                 1 Open the machine cover
                                                                                 2 Load dirty ink trays on the carousel and ancillary parts
                                                                                   on the cleaning shelf
                                                                                 3 Close the machine cover
                                                                                 4 Press the cycle start button
                                                                                 5 Very quick 5-10 minute wash cycle begins automatically
                                                                                 6 On completion of cycle open machine cover
                                                                                 7 Remove trays, doctor blades and ancillary parts and wipe dry
                                                                                 8 Machine is ready for its next load
Savings for your Company
Caroflex Limited felt that most of the
machines and cleaning methods currently                                            How the cleaning system works
on the market were like pouring your                                               Cleaning solution is pumped into the machine quickly and
money down the drain.                                                              efficiently with its own in-built pump valve. Once automatically
Paying for valuable employee time to clean                                         filled the Caroflex swift can be loaded ready for the cleaning cycle.
                                                                                   When activated the cleaning solution is jetted directly onto the
                                                                                                                                                                                            LAB 01 / 07 / 4S

print trays, doctor blades etc, using costly
hot water and chemicals, paying tax for                                            trays and ancillary parts via a series of spray nozzles and
waste solution removal together with the                                           collected into its own filtered reservoir, where it is recycled back
negative effects on the environment were                                           into the machine. This solution can be used effectively over and
all areas Caroflex knew they could save                                            over again until such point as necessitates a change of the
your printing company money.                                                       solution. (Heavy useage, usually after a 6-8 week period).

                                                                                                                             E: sales@polygraphica.com
www.polygraphica.com                                                                                                         T: 01924 200444 F: 01924 363714

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