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     jumps on
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  Manitoba brokers celebrate their 50th • Adjuster Locator inside
2 InsuranceWest Fall 2001
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                                                                   Fall 2001   InsuranceWest 3
                                                   a&b claims - a division of a&b sound ltd.
4 InsuranceWest Fall 2001
                                      Volume 6     Number 4   Fall 2001

                                                       26      EMU gains marine
                                                               Internet supremacy
7    Finding the SEMCI Holy Grail
     The Broker’s Workstation claims it may be
     the single entry solution.
                                                               Canadian market shows how it should be done
                                                               for cargo insurance.

8    You help me and I’ll help you
     Tec4 products help InsurGuard save ‘big time.’
                                                       50      Lazy companies leave
                                                               opportunities for brokers
                                                               American condition points to ideas north of 49th.

9    Shumka becomes
     ‘virtual’ giant with Web                                  Manitoba Broker
     Edmonton-based SCM rolls out its                          Association Special
     adjuster solution.

13   Recruitment:
     Casting a broader ‘Net’
                                                       37      Five Decades old & still evolving
                                                               IBAM reaches 50 with stronger broker support.
     Finding staff with electronic recruitment
     becoming the newest hiring standard.              40      The Manitoba Twenty
                                                               A Presidential Roster of some of the people who
                                                               helped build IBAM.
16   Paperless office possible
     in adjuster world
     Crawford moves towards ‘electronic                        Profiles
     adjusting’ globally.

17   No rush onto Internet
     says broker in B.C.
                                                       45      Manitoba’s Broker Emeritus
                                                               still enjoys talking shop
                                                               George Tatlock recorded a 49-year career.
     Okanagan’s Capri says use the Internet
     like a tool.
                                                       46      Trying harder pays off for SGI

18   Wireless no ‘tomorrow
     tech’ anymore
     Family of Vancouver answers browser-based
                                                               in Winnipeg
                                                               Grace Parsons given highest marks by brokers.

     solutions with a VPN.                             48      Law career didn’t have a chance
                                                               for this claims jockey
24   Doing what it takes
     UAB says that being adaptable is the key to
     success when it comes to the Internet.
                                                               Regina’s Clay Paget still not ready to take it easy.


25   B.C.-born replacement
     software a rising contender
     Assured Software makes Schedule of
                                                                                             Cover: Wawanesa president
                                                                                             and chief executive officer,
                                                                                             Gregg Hanson, has taken a
     Loss work an online shopping trip.                                                      front and centre spot
                                                                                             supporting a single entry
                                                                                             solution already on the

                     Western Canada
                     Adjuster Locator                                                        Photo by Wayne Elliott.
                     Guide to locating the
                     Adjusters which
                     service the west.

                                                                                             Fall 2001   InsuranceWest 5

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6 InsuranceWest Fall 2001

                            Finding the
              Holy Grail                         By Stan Sauerwein

              ith claims of being the       The firm is endeavouring to get its   with cold, hard cash.
               only true Single Entry    software, The Broker’s Workstation, in     Could that mean a SEMCI solution
               Multiple Company Inter-   place and in use across Canada. At the   has indeed arrived?
               face(SEMCI) solution on   same time, CSIO is working on the          John Bjornson, vice president of mar-
the market today, prairie-based Cus-     development of a SEMCI portal solu-      keting and property underwriting at
tom Software Solutions (CSS) wants to    tion for brokers.                        Wawanesa Insurance in Winnipeg, says
be the acknowledged industry answer         At least one major company, Wawa-     so far the company has invested “up-
when it comes to an interface between    nesa Insurance, believes CSS is on the
broker offices and insurers.             right track and it has shown its faith                   Continued on page 20
                                                                                                Fall 2001   InsuranceWest 7
  e-com e-commerce e-com e-commerce e-com e-commerce e-com e-commerce e-com

          S O F T WA R E S E R V I C E S                                                     expected to retail at about $7,500, but
                                                                                             the entry level is lower as customers
                                                                                             only buy the modules they require.
                                                                                               “We expect to have commercial auto
                                                                                             available probably by the end of the
                                                                                             year and then a farm module not too
                                                                                             long after that next year,” he says.
                                                                                               Walker adds that a broker who is not
                                                                                             using a computer to do an average
                                                                                             amount of commercial business can gain
                                                                                             two man-weeks a year with Policy
                                                                                             Works. That significant saving, he says,
                                                                                             gives critical staff the time to go out and

        You help me
                                                                                             look for new business.
                                                                                               “It’s not so much how a broker can
                                                                                             save money with Policy Works as it is
                                                                                             how the broker can generate more busi-

      and I’ll help you
             Tec4 and InsurGuard co-operate
                                                                                             ness by using it,” he adds.
                                                                                               Marlene Hauser, the operations man-
                                                                                             ager for InsurGuard, agrees completely.
                                                                                               InsurGuard is able to administer the
                                                                                             work of 13 offices in Saskatchewan and
                                                                                             11 in Manitoba with only 3.5 staff lo-

      t almost seems like heresy to say it,   marketing of their commercial business.        cated in the town of Wolseley. Picked by
      but for some firms, particularly           The broker completes underwriting           Harrowsmith Magazine as one of the 10
      the ones that provide software with     information within Policy Works and            prettiest towns in Canada, Wolseley is
      lots of data muscle, the Internet       chooses the coverages being requested          about an hour east of Regina. They
just doesn’t cut the mustard.                 for the client. This is sent as a submis-      manage that amazing administrative feat
   With Calgary’s Tec4 for example,           sion to the broker’s insurers. It is quoted    thanks to the customized Policy Works
the web browser model is still not able       out and sent back to the broker. The           modules Tec4 has created for them.
to deliver the rich user experience that      broker then loads the quotes into Policy         In business for 13 years and the largest
firm wants to bring its customers. Tec4’s     Works and selects the ones that are            brokerage marketing group in Saskatch-
answer is to look for other ways of           appropriate for the client.                    ewan, InsurGuard worked with Tec4
delivering results and that means ignor-         “The broker can then tell Policy Works      starting in 1994 in the development of
ing the Web as an information transfer        to create a proposal, which it will do         administrative software for five farm
tool, at least for now.                       automatically, and once the client ac-         products. It began using Policy Works in
   “Browser-based computing, in which         cepts the proposal the broker can then         1996. InsurGuard has a seed growers
PCs are basically used as terminals, is       print a cover note and it binds the policy     program, a grain insurance policy which
too limiting,” says Kevin Campbell,           with the insurer,” says Don Walker,            insures high-end grain farms, a dairy
president of Tec4 Systems Inc. Tec4           Tec4 sales and marketing manager.              insurance program, an equine ranch pro-
designed and supplies software called            Last October, Tec4 introduced the sec-      gram and a program for the Western
Policy Works to the broker community          ond component it called Issue Module.          Canadian Wheat Growers Association.
in western Canada.                            “That one is for brokers who have au-            Hauser says the custom software
   “Our strategy has been to develop          thority to issue policies on behalf of one     “gives us a competitive edge because it
XML-based software to leverage the            or more of their insurers. We’ve got IBC       frees up so much time. We don’t spend
power of the web connection while deliv-      wordings loaded as standard in Policy          so much in administration. We spend
ering the rich experience that our cus-       Works so when they print the dec page          more time developing other niche prod-
tomers demand,” Campbell adds. “We            with the coverages they’ve requested, the      ucts. Our producers aren’t sitting in
are lobbying for companies to provide         wordings print automatically. As IBC           front of a computer issuing paper.
web services based on the C.S.I.O. com-       changes a wording, we update it and send       They’re out selling the products.”
mercial lines standards so that brokers       it out to the client so they always have the     She says that once each week every
can have the best of both worlds: a richer    latest version,” Walker says.                  office in their group transfers files that
user experience and ease of connection.”         Tec4’s most recent offer is its Lloyd’s     have been modified onto a disk or burns
   Tec4 released the first component of       Module to handle necessary Lloyd’s             them onto a cd. “Some offices that are
Policy Works, its software suite, in June     declarations. “Lloyd’s has approved our        smaller are able to email the files to us
2000. Called Survey Module, the bro-          wordings for general use for their bro-        and then we transfer them into our
ker-driven app is loaded directly onto a      kers,” he says. “Besides that, we auto-        system so we have a main database here.”
broker’s server. It allows brokers to do      matically do IBC coding in Policy Works          Prior to working with Tec4, Insur-
The Team: Rear, left to right: Laurie
                                              for every transaction in a specific pe-        Guard was issuing policies using a
Langlois, Diane Beliveau, Patty-Lou Dolter.   riod.”
In front: Marlene Hauser.                        With all four modules the system is                           Continued on page 47
8 InsuranceWest Fall 2001
  e-com e-commerce e-com e-commerce e-com e-commerce e-com e-commerce e-com


                Shumka becomes
            ‘virtual’ giant with Web
               ith the complete roll-out     of the adjusting business for us,” he         all the things we do and the way we do
                of its web-based sys-        says. Prior to the online business adjust-    business because it’s all built into the
                tem for adjusters and cli-   ment, setting up a new office used to         Web program.”
                ents across Canada this      represent a large investment
fall, Edmonton-based Shumka Craig &          for SCM. “Setting up an
Moore Adjusters Canada Ltd. says it is       office has been no simple
ready to take on the world – virtually.      task. Now we can actually
  Jim Campbell, SCM’s vice-president,        set up in a location with one
information technologies, says the com-      adjuster where before it
pany has converted its entire adjusting      might not have made fiscal
system to a 100% web-based offering.         sense. As long as they have
  “All our adjusters can do all their        an Internet browser they can
claims entry and creation of documents,      begin doing official SCM
entry of their notes, etc. over the Inter-   work.
net.”                                          “They can be an SCM
  Campbell says the change represents        adjuster part-time. They can
a tremendous market opportunity.             go in with all our con-
  “This has slightly changed the nature      straints, all our documents,                 SCM’s website is user-friendly

                                                                                                           Fall 2001   InsuranceWest 9
 e-com e-commerce e-com e-commerce e-com e-commerce e-com e-commerce e-com

  Campbell thinks it gives the company
a competitive advantage “because it            “It makes it easier for us to have higher penetration.
makes it easier for us to have higher
penetration. Now we can be ‘virtually’
                                                     Now we can be ‘virtually’ the largest...”
the largest adjusting firm there is.”      to have ‘read’ access or ‘write’ access       pricing is calculated on a per claim
  He explains that SCM’s system pro-       that goes right down to a specific claim.     basis.
vides various levels of access. “Every-    So we can give one person read access            “We tried to build in anything we
body goes into the same system – our       to one screen of one claim and nothing        foresaw that anybody might use,”
adjusters, our clients and even claim-     more, all the way up to complete access       Campbell says. “What makes ours a
ants where it makes sense and where it’s   to every claim in the system for some-        little different is just how easy it would
allowable.                                 one like our vice-president.”                 be for us to expand without a lot of
  “We have this big page of things that       The head of SCM information tech-          training.”
we check off whether they are allowed      nologies says the security features are          When training in-house adjusters on
                                                        stringent and in many cases      the system, he says many are able to use
                                                        automatic. “For example,         the system proficiently in only 15 min-
                                                        if a claim is going into liti-   utes. The system is user-friendly and
                                                        gation and it is noted, parts    intuitive.
                                                        of the system will become           Campbell says a typical initial confi-
                                                        automatically unavailable to     dential adjuster’s report may be three
                                                        certain people where that        or four pages of text. “Most of that is
                                                        would be inappropriate.”         automatically generated by our system.
                                                        There are a lot of privacy       Adjusters just go in on their browser
                                                        safety features built into the   and say they want to make up an adjust-
                                                        system, he says.                 er’s confidential report for a specific
                                                           Pricing for system use is     claim number and bang, it is on the
                                                        dependent on the client and      screen and done. They might check it,
                                                        how much access is wanted,       maybe type in some comments, but
        SCM walks adjusters though the process          he says, and almost all the      basically it’s done that easily.” IW

10   InsuranceWest Fall 2001

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