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ELIC Newsletter Feb06


ELIC Newsletter Feb06

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									                                                     Web site:
                                                         For general enquiries telephone: 0208 252 9524

                                                                                     Issue 6

                                                            February 2006
                                                     Christmas Get Together
                                                   Our Christmas get together proved to be a
                                                    successful evening with over half of our
                                                    members attending. This is a time when
                                                  members can bring a guest or their partner
                                                    and meet other people in the club for a
                                                  chat in a relaxing atmosphere. This event is
                                                        proving more popular each year

                     The Queen’s? No! ELIC’s        Garden Party
Your committee is thinking of having a bigger, more formal afternoon or evening event in
late Spring/ Summer where invited guests such as the media, councillors, Business Link,
Financial Institutions, product promoters, etc are invited. This would provide good
networking opportunities as well as promote the Club.
Your support to this event will be important. Would you like to attend a meeting such as
Please email your opinions to:.

   ELIC spreads the Word Worldwide…..
Since being launched in Apr 2005 The East London Inventors Club website :- has received over 60,000 hits — over 9,000 hits a
month. This is an enormous amount of people visiting our site. People who have written on
the forum come from all over the World—USA, Portugal, China, Tokio, Canada, Croatia,
Cork in Ireland, Silicone Valley, Puerto Rico, Scotland to name just a few.
Writes ELIC’s webmaster—Diamond Braganza.

There are links to national and international inventors’ clubs and associations providing
worldwide networking opportunities. It is possible for visitors from all over the World to
obtain access to Club information and download the ELIC Newsletter.

More information is regularly being added to the website. For example, we are hoping to
add member’s profiles onto this site. If you wish your profile to be added please send
details (about A4 page) to
                                 Setting Our Minds Buzzing
November saw the first part of our series of talks based on trying to get your message over to a Financial
Our guest speaker Michael Klein answered all questions put to him by members as well as including the
questions below.

How do you present your invention and its financial requirements to key individuals?
How do you make contact with entrepreneurs, financial institutions and organisations
       in all sectors of commerce and industry to enable you to present your invention?

At the end of the evening we were all buzzing with enthusiasm.

Note: The Second part of our series is planned for March when members will give a range of
presentations with feedback from a panel, and be watched by a friendly audience of club members..

                                     Views from the CHAIR
Hi everyone,

Welcome to our first newsletter of the year 2006. Since the last newsletter a lot has been going on. 3 of our members
were chosen to take part in a pilot programme for the BBC with James Dyson. Celia Gates showed her Cookware,
Brenda Reay showed her Temperature controlled Animal Container and Melvyn Wright showed his child’s
inflatable bumper car. The show is a possible forerunner for a series later in the year, but for internal use only at

Melvyn Wright took on board your suggestions at the January meeting and has contacted several manufacturers at
the Toy Fair at Excel and NEC. Charles Seber has now revised his A4 handout to make it easier to be understood as
a result of feedback at the meeting. There is more about our meeting on page 6 of this newsletter.

Two of our members were selected to appear on the Richard Hammond Show on ITV at 5.0oclock
‘Mothers of Invention’ Brenda Reay was selected for her Animal Container and Cintra Jaggan-Vince showed her
CY strap. Both members received feed back and email enquiries as a result of the Programme.
Things have gone quiet, regarding the approach from BBC to make a new pilot programme about UK
Inventions, but I will chase them up and keep you all informed of the progress.

New roles of responsibility were selected at the January committee meeting. I am the Chairman, Brenda Reay is now
Club Secretary, the Treasurers job is going to be done by me, Bola has offered to do the club fund raising and
Diamond is continuing to manage our web site. Both Paul, Diamond, myself and Brenda are going to take
photographs to help publicise the Club. Any other relevant photographs would be appreciated.

I know I speak for all the committee when I say that we are working hard to make ELIC the best inventors club in
the UK. We have the inventors and the resources to make this possible.

Please let me know if you have any publicity or achievements during the year as we would like to include successes in
our newsletters.

Terry Jennings
                        British Female Inventor and Innovator
The BFIIN Event which consists of an Exhibition, Conference and the celebratory Awards Ceremony aims
to promote exceptionally creative, inventive and innovative women across Britain and acknowledge
the contribution to economic growth takes place on 20th and 21st February. The exhibition will be on
the 21st February at the Guildhall, London.

This year we have at least three ELIC female members competing for the prize of British Female Inventor
of the Year 2006— Hannah Mensah, Cintra Jaggan-Vince and Brenda Reay.

The East London Inventors Club has entered into an Award winning category which covers “initiatives or
projects that increase the ability and skills of individuals, groups and organisations to plan, undertake
and manage their valuable inventions or innovations”.

BFIIN exhibition 2005                         Overall winner and ELIC Member          Well done to two other ELIC members who
                                              Deb Leary photographed with             won awards: Cintra Jaggan-Vince and
                                              Bola Olabisi—ELIC Committee Member                   Celia Gates

                         Annual Fees for 2006 ….. NOW DUE
Your annual membership fee was due in January 2006. The East London Inventors Club was formed by
and for inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs. It is a non profit making club run on a voluntary basis
which serves to stimulate, encourage and promote the development of members’ innovative new
Invention ideas, concepts and for products mainly up to the stage of business start up—an area were
many other organisations specialise.

The East London Inventors Club explores every aspect of the invention trail from “I’ve got an
Idea…..What do I do next?” through to and in some cases beyond the product being available to the
consumer. Developing new ideas can be a complex, expensive and demanding process. ELIC
offers its services at no extra cost to members.

Your committee are voluntary people and they have worked extremely hard to keep costs down to the
reduced price of £24.00 for another year. This price includes refreshments and free entry to our normal
club meetings.

For those of you who have a swipe card, these must be updated and renewed at the same time as you
pay your membership fee. If you no longer intend to be a member these cards must be returned
otherwise the UEL will charge you £5.00 for it.

You must agree that £24 is an extremely cheap price to pay for ten meetings a year and our Christmas
get-together which we hope to repeat again this year. Last Year, we were also able to offer members
a highly reduced price for exhibiting at the British Invention Show Exhibition, the British Female Inventors
and Innovators exhibition this year, Asian Women’s Day as well as certain other publicity events.

                        Members Recommended Web Sites.       http://www.

                        Proctor and Gamble’s website P & G is actively seeking opportunities to
                        connect with innovators from around the world to find the next game-
                        changing products, packaging, technologies, processes and commercial
                        connections that can improve the lives of the world’s consumers.
                           Inventors Handbook Notes
Thought this might interest you. It was taken from NESTA – Inventors’Handbook: Facing reality—Editor

If you are going to succeed, you first need to adopt the right feet-on-the-ground attitude towards
your idea and its development. So:

1.   Don’t think invention. Think business opportunity

2.   Don’t expect anyone to beat a path to your door (unless they intend to rip you off). Good
     things will happen only if you get out there and make them happen.

3.   Companies often complain that inventors aren’t on the same wavelength as them. To you,
     your idea is your baby, precious and unique. To companies it’s just another log on the fire.
     Swallow whatever it is you need to swallow and get on that wavelength

4.   Innovations brings rewards but it also brings risks, so always control your costs and always limit
      your risk.
5.   A typical development timescale is 2 – 3 years – often more and rarely less – so plan carefully
     and never rush into anything.

6.   Be professional as you can in all your dealings, claiming that because you’re more of a
     ‘creative’ type it’s okay to be disorganised, unreliable and inflexible just won’t wash.

                                           Congratulations Ranjith

                       It is with delight that I announce that Ranjith has recently signed a contract
                       with a large distributor and we will soon be seeing his Stable Table in the
                       market place. Ranjith has been an active member and supporter of our Club
                       for some time now and we all send him our congratulations—Editor

   The IWP basket platform (Stable Table) is designed for use with any rotary washing line or line pole,
it attaches at the base of the pole and is fastened on. Once fitted it can be left in place
When required it is simply folded out to form a convenient platform then afterwards it just folds neatly
back out of the way. Manufactured mainly from glass-reinforced plastic, it is very strong and weather
resistant and can hold up to a maximum of 10Kg.
                              Dates for your Diary
20th February          British Female Inventor of the Year Conference, DTI, London
21st February          British Female Inventor of the Year Exhibition, The Guildhall, London.

23rd February          EAST LONDON INVENTORS CLUB MEETING 5.30—8 ish

6th March              British Library—Baroness Greenfield—In Search of the Creative Mind
                       Venue in the Conference Centre British Library, 96 Euston Road, London
                       NW1 2DB at 6.30 Tel: 020 7412 7222

8th March              How to Work a Room Research shows that networking, referrals and word
                       of mouth are critical to growing a small business Venue: London Chamber
                       of Commerce 33 Queen Street, London EC4R 1AP 6p.m. to 8 p.m. Entrance free

8 March—2nd April      E arls Court Ideal Home Exhibition, Earls Court, London

13th March             British Library—The Creative Entrepreneur 6.30
                       Dame Anita Roddick is the founder of Body Shop,
                       shares some of her highs and lows

21 March               Networking PLUS March—Business Link for London Venue Kingsway Hall Hotel, WC2B
                       5BX     from 5—9 pm Charge online £21.25 + vat)

28th March             A Woman’s Place—Networking for women in business—6—10 p.m. Contact Dawn
                       Charles Tel: 01727 752394 for more info
30th March              EAST LONDON INVENTORS CLUB MEETING 5.30—8 ish
5th—9th April           Exhibition Inventions de Geneve, Polexpo, Switzerland

27th April              EAST LONDON INVENTORS CLUB MEETING 5.30—8 ish

                    Member’s handy tips— by Brenda Reay

It is often difficult to write a couple of sentences about what you do, but providing an
overall statement summarizing at the highest level, the unique position the product intends
to fill in the marketplace is essential. The following format may be useful.

For target customer who statement of need or opportunity the product name is a product
category that statement of key benefits i.e. compelling reason to buy In contrast to primary
competitive alternative product/service our product has statement of primary
differentiation. (unique selling proposition.)

E.g. For Entrepreneurs who recognise the need to operate globally, J4F is a Consultant
which offers greater added value. In contrast to other consultants J4F has real experience
of operating and investing internationally. This can accelerate your fund raising and your
entry into new territories and markets.

Here is my attempt. It takes a long time but does sort our the key benefits.
Dogs die in Hot Cars—RSPCA
1 in 3 UK Dogs holiday with their Owners—Wagg
For people who sometimes cannot avoid their animals being put in potentially hazardous
situations and recognise the need to protect their pet from suffering an agonising death
from heatstroke or the cold.
The Animal Container (Kind to Animals) offers a unique opportunity. It is the only thermal,
Temperature Controlled container on the market that can be set to warm in colder
weather and cool in the summer thus helping to prevent the extreme discomfort of animals.
In contrast to other containers/cages, our product is temperature controlled, works from
mains, car battery or its own power supply and increases the comfort and safety of animals.
                                    I’ve got an Idea….
Our January meeting proved to be one of the most popular meetings yet. Instead of our usual
“Guest Speaker” we highlighted some of the key issues involved in launching a new product to
market. It was very much an interactive evening with lots of help and advice given by other
Some of the advice included:
1.      Say the name of your invention first.
2.      Make your presentation clear—less technical
3.      Don’t confuse people by talking about too many of your inventions. Select 1 or 2
4.      Use a brand name for your product
5.      Focus in on the main area to which you are trying to sell e.g. army
6.      Then select your five best reasons why you think your invention is better than similar products
        already on the market. Don’t confuse people by giving too many.
7.      Produce a scaled down model if possible
8.      Try to give some idea of the retail cost.
Here are some members comments about the evening:-
“I thought it was one of the most stimulating meetings we have had. Normally we are all so wrapped
up with our own projects, our eyes glaze over when other people talk about theirs on a 1-1 basis. So
it is very good to have a meeting where everybody could join in”.         Charles Seber

“I think it was very informative and made me realise that although you may think you have a good
idea, there are loads of ways to dissect it i.e. looking at the pros and cons.” Chix Okeiyi

“An inspirational evening with lots of pointers in the right direction. We should certainly have more of
this type of interactive and sharing of good practice format a lot more.”        Bola Olabisi

“I thought it was a superb meeting, look at the response from the audience, it could have gone on
until midnight. You should have more evenings like this one. Only one suggestion is that you start at
6.00 p.m. and finish at 9.00 p.m. It must be difficult for any people in employment to get along at
these times.

It was good to hear that you are not alone in having to pound away to get people to listen
to your new inventions. We should have government also to attend and see the passion
in the people who invent!”                                                John London

     ‘Wacky Patent of the Month’
     UK Patent Application No. GB2172200. An
     umbrella for wear on the head. The support
     frame is designed so as not to mess up the
     wearer's hair.
     Such umbrellas are apparently on the
     market, but it's uncertain whether they are
     constructed according to the patent

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