Customer Insights 2007 How the pharmaceutical industry can connect

					Customer Insights 2007
How the pharmaceutical industry
can connect with customers
Customer Insights was written by David Coleiro, Steve Padgett and
Stephen Small of ConsultComplete.

The authors would like to thank the following companies for their cooperation
and own valuable insights:

  ● Abbott                                       ● AstraZeneca

  ● Boehringer Ingelheim                         ● Ethicon

  ● Jazz Pharmaceuticals                         ● Johnson & Johnson

  ● Lundbeck                                     ● Novartis

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  ● Schering Plough

We would also like to thank Brian Bulley, Chief Executive of Inergy Limited,
for his valuable contribution to the research.

       Introduction                                                                1

       A. What are insights and why are they important?                            2
           1. The changing industry landscape and the need for customer insights   2

           2. What are customer insights?                                          2

           3. Why are insights important?                                          3

       B. How insight works: in theory and in practice                             5

           1. What is insights research?                                           5

           2. The key starting point for insights research                         5

           3. Techniques and methods in insights research                          7

           4. What pharmaceutical companies want from insights research            9

           5. Case studies                                                         12

           6. The future of customer insights in pharmaceuticals                   14

       Summary                                                                     15

       C. ConsultComplete: who we are and what we offer                            16

           1. Who we are                                                           16

           2. Why we believe in insight-driven brand strategy                      16
       Tom Peters, the business management writer, once said, “Be obsessed
       by your customers, not markets. A market never paid a bill”. This
       sentiment has never been more relevant in the pharmaceutical
       industry than it is today.

       Recent trends in the industry are driving a need for ever greater
       insight into the motivations and behaviour of its customers. This
       report will explain why this need has developed, before going on to
       explore what customer insights are, why they are important, and
       how to get them.

       By providing an overview of the rapidly expanding field of
       insights research, we hope to show the enormous potential of
       insights for driving brand strategy and bringing the pharmaceutical
       industry closer to its customers in an increasingly competitive
       market environment.

A. What are insights and why are they important?

Insight: an        1. The changing industry landscape                Physicians, like patients, are only human, and
understanding of   and the need for customer insight                 while they should be expected to consider
the motivational                                                     clinical data first, they also tend to develop
forces behind      Industry issues
                                                                     emotional connections to individual brands,
one's actions,     The pharmaceutical industry landscape is          companies or classes of drugs – which can
thoughts, or
                   presenting a number of challenges to strong       significantly influence their prescribing habits.
                   revenue growth. The demand for healthcare
                   products is increasing, yet many large            So, as market conditions become tougher,
                   pharmaceutical companies are struggling to take   the need for product differentiation becomes
                   full advantage. The reasons for this include:     more pressing; and in such an environment,
                                                                     true customer insights can be pivotal to a
                      ● thin product pipelines
                                                                     product’s success.
                      ● generic erosion of branded drug revenues
                      ● an uncertain regulatory environment          2. What are customer insights?
                      ● a declining return on investment for         Customer insights are more than just market
                         sales and marketing efforts                 research findings. They are a deep
                                                                     understanding of customer motivations and
                      ● fewer blockbuster brands                     behaviour: a penetrating perception that unlocks
                      ● downward pressure on drug budgets            opportunities and generates ideas. Typically,
                         from payers                                 insights are not immediately obvious – they have
                                                                     to be uncovered – but when recognised they
                      ● increasingly complex sales and
                                                                     reveal a simple, clear truth about the customer.
                         marketing channels
                                                                     A simple illustration from the consumer world
                   Implications for customer research
                                                                     (which is informing the pharmaceutical
                   As the cacophony of voices trying to gain         industry’s use of customer insights) was
                   market share grows ever louder – and as           Swatch’s realisation that people do not buy
                   selling in a competitive marketplace becomes      watches just to tell the time. They also want to
                   increasingly difficult – the implications of      say something about themselves. A simple
                   these industry developments become clear.         insight, but when fully realised it allowed
                   Truly understanding what drives and motivates     Swatch to re-invent their product by making fun,
                   prescribers and patients to change behaviour      stylish and colourful watches that functioned
                   and make emotional connections to a               more as an accessory than a timepiece. The
                   particular brand will be crucial to making        watch was transformed from a special,
                   products stand out.                               infrequent purchase to an affordable fashion
                                                                     item. An entirely new market was created.
                   The pharmaceutical industry has long
                   understood that patients often take               This example shows all the characteristics of a
                   medications for more than purely clinical         good insight. It seems fresh, even obvious.
                   reasons. Whether they understand the              It feels like an enduring truth about that
                   clinical data or not, they can be motivated by    consumer but is not bland. It is an idea that
                   wider emotional, psychological and ‘lifestyle’    gets marketing teams excited because they
                   ideas – such as being more independent or         can immediately see how it could re-invent a
                   able to do more activities with less pain.        brand or inspire a communications campaign.

A. What are insights and why are they important?

“Physicians,          Grasping these ‘simple’ insights often involves         Therefore, before embarking on strategy
hospital              a complex process of observation, deduction             development, companies first need to fully
administrators,       and imagination, exercised through a range of           understand their key customers. In the case
payers, will
                      sophisticated research and analytical                   of the pharmaceutical industry, these include
always say that
                      techniques. But if the insight is true, the             physicians and patients, as well as other
they have made
their decision        rewards can be immense.                                 important influencers in the purchasing decision.
on efficacy of                                                                Most companies acknowledge that information
the product,          3. Why are insights important?                          about their customers is critical to success.
patient response,                                                             But they are not always truly customer-
satisfaction…         Insights are important because they are the
                                                                              focused and they do not see that real
when you look at      fuel for great marketing ideas and for much
                                                                              insight will help position a product in a way
how the product       strategic thinking and planning. As shown in
is really used                                                                that ensures long-term demand generation
                      the figure below, real customer insight
those factors are                                                             and fulfilment.
                      improves business performance by creating a
rarely what drives
the end decision,     basis for compelling differentiation, future            For some people in pharmaceutical marketing,
what drives it is a   innovation and the development of strong                however, insights are becoming a major
concept assembly      brands, strategies and relationships.                   priority. They realise that, in the real world,
of the various
constituents of
what makes
people happy.”

                                                           Investment in customer insight

                                             Creates understanding of customer needs and behaviours

                                                           Creates customer opportunities

                                          Enables provision of products/offerings which appeal to customers

                                                      Creates sustainable competitive advantage

                                                        Maximises performance in the market

                                                               Increased payback and ROI

                      The value of customer insight

A. What are insights and why are they important?

“Emotional         purchasing decisions often hinge on more than           In short, insights are important because
insights is the    efficacy, tolerability and price. Therefore,            they open a window on what customers
most important     understanding what else they depend on is crucial       really feel and think about (consciously
research that we
                   to an effective marketing strategy. And the value       and subconsciously) when they consider
should be doing
                   of these insights can be deployed well beyond           purchasing, prescribing or using a product.
in healthcare.”
                   classic marketing to inform and enhance all stages      There is no better place to start than insights
                   of the drug discovery and development process.          when building a brand strategy.

                                                                                   Developing       Communications
                                                                 Creating          Brand            Needs
                                                                 Product           Vocabulary
                                            Building             Positioning
                         Searching          Brand Strategy
                         for Insights
                                                                                                           share of voice
                                                                                                           via Medical

                                                                                                           Making an
                                                                                                           impact with
                                  Defining                                                                 and PR
                                  Market             Mapping
                                  Landscape          Routes to            Designing
                                                     Market               Brand Identity    Crafting
                                                                                            Key Messages

                   Insights-driven brand strategy

B. How insight works: in theory and in practice

“If insights        1. What is insights research?                          “Discovery of customer insights should not
research is done                                                           be perceived as an outcome in its own right,
                    Insights research looks for in-depth
properly it could                                                          rather it is part of a process to drive strategy.
fundamentally       understanding of the fundamental motivations
                                                                           Sound brand strategy development should be
change the          for buying, or not buying, a product. Commonly
                                                                           an iterative, cyclical process between insight
direction of our    used for many years in consumer marketing,
business because                                                                                              ”
                                                                           generation and strategy development.
                    insights research is particularly applicable to
we may find an
                    consumers or patients. It has been increasingly        Perhaps most importantly, insights research is
insight of our
customer that is    used in the pharmaceutical business in recent          not just about understanding motivation, it is
so different from   times to understand the input these groups             about providing insight that can be acted on.
our perception      have in the purchasing or prescribing decision.
that we have to
                                                                           2. The key starting point for
                    Insights research is, by nature, also more
                                                                           insights research?
                    future-looking than other forms of market
                                                                           Effective insight research involves asking the
                    research, using creativity and industry
                                                                           right questions to the right people in the right
                    knowledge to provide insight not only into
                                                                           way. As one of the most acclaimed and
                    current market conditions, but into attitudes
                                                                           influential thinkers of the 20th century - French
                    that will influence future market landscapes.
                                                                           anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss - said:
                    It can unearth insights that simply would not
                    be found by traditional market research.               ”The wise man doesn’t give the right answers
                    As one senior marketing executive put it:              he asks the right questions”

                                                                          A rich understanding of:
                                                                           - Patients
                                                                           - Physicians
                                                                           - Brands
                                                                           - Markets

                             Strategic and commercial understanding of:
                              - Brand development                                   Intuition and imagination
                              - Market realities
                              - The competitive landscape

                    The insights research process

B. How insight works: in theory and in practice

             Often a series of simple questions or               additional benefits or side effects, and they
             ‘insight drills’ can reveal rich insights about     might highlight key differentiators in a
             a customer and their relationship with a            crowded field. For example:
             brand, product or market.
                                                                    ● “Those other tablets made me really
                                                                        drowsy, but now I feel happy driving at
             Typical Insight Questions
                                                                        night. Or
             Here are some typical example questions that
             can be applied to physicians and/or patients:          ● “I know they’re doing me good but I
                                                                        always feel sick after I take them.
             How does their condition make them feel?
                                                                 Such answers remind us that really
             This question is central to understanding
                                                                 understanding the patient experience may
             patient and physician perceptions and
                                                                 be more important than the minor
             behaviours. These feelings are likely to vary
                                                                 differences in efficacy that often form the
             across the patient journey from symptom
                                                                 basis of marketing communications.
             perception to diagnosis and on to treatment.
             Knowing how they feel, how others treat             How do people think the product works
             them, and what support they need will all           and how does it work in reality?
             impact communications with patients and             By understanding how people think the
             healthcare professionals.
                                                                 product works, it is possible to root out any

             What does it feel like when the product             misconceptions that might be holding the

             really delivers or when it fails? What is the       brand back and to identify new opportunities

             moment of truth?                                    for differentiation. For some customers,
                                                                 understanding how the drug works might be
             This question might prompt a very simple
                                                                 really important for their comfort levels around
             answer based on efficacy and clinical outcome,
                                                                 prescribing or using it.
             but it might also reveal an interesting lifestyle
             or emotional truth, such as:                        How could the brand do more to help
                ● “I know it works because I can now             improve people’s lives?
                    play nine-holes again without my back        Asking how the wider company brand might
                    seizing up. Or                               improve the lives of patients or doctors could
                                                                 identify additional services or information
                ● “It might sound silly, but now I can go
                                                                 that would create a very positive impression
                    to the shops without feeling afraid.
                                                                 with either the prescriber or the patient.
             Insights like these which are based on an           These might be unrelated to the drug itself,
             emotional discussion about patients’ lives can      such as funding for education or training in
             drive a whole brand strategy.                       the drug’s therapy area.

             What do people really value from the                What bigger market is the brand
             product and what would they not miss?               competing in from a customer viewpoint?
             Answers to this question get to the core of         It is easy to focus competitive strategies
             what people expect from the product and             purely on drugs in the same class or with
             help keep a brand strategy focussed.                similar clinical effects, but the patient or
             The answers could relate to core efficacy,          doctor may see it differently.

B. How insight works: in theory and in practice

             For example, a blood sugar or cholesterol            3. Techniques and methods in
             lowering drug is not always just competing           insights research
             against other drugs: they are sometimes
                                                                  Insights research involves a range of
             competing against lifestyle choices on diet and
                                                                  techniques. It is highly qualitative, often
             exercise. Understanding how a diabetes sufferer
                                                                  involving face-to-face or group interviews
             or an obese person views a product, its effects
                                                                  carried out by a skilled moderator or
             in the wider context of their lifestyle choices,
                                                                  clinical psychologist.
             and the emotions they feel about their disease,
             may provide a new perspective on the brand.          Traditionally, healthcare professionals have
                                                                  been the main customer research targets
             Who really uses the product and gets the
                                                                  for the industry, but increasingly patients,
             most out of it? Would targeting these
                                                                  carers and family members are being
             people/physicians create more growth?
                                                                  analysed. Healthcare administrators,
             The brand’s indication might be much wider
                                                                  pharmacy advisors and payers can also be
             than the group who actually use it in large
                                                                  the focus of research.
             numbers. For example, certain drugs might be
             more frequently used in narrow demographic           Insights research continues to develop new
             or ethnic groups. Or it may be that dosing or        techniques to better understand people’s
             delivery issues make it more or less appealing       motivations. These include new variations on
             to primary or secondary care practitioners.          the expert or customer interview that involve
             To build a successful, targeted, brand strategy,     data collection in their working or living
             the brand team need to know this.                    environment (such as asking patients to keep
             How does the brand’s values/personality              journals to log their feelings regarding their
             fit with peoples’ own values and                     treatment or condition).
             aspirations? What sort of club does the
                                                                  In depth interviews might move beyond
             brand make them feel part of?
                                                                  the basic one on one interview to involve
             It may be that a product provides increased          different influencers in the brand or product
             mobility to the patient, but what does that really   purchase decision e.g. patient and physician,
             mean to them? Independence? Freedom?                 sufferer and family carer. They might
             Relief? If the product’s effect can be linked to
                                                                  incorporate visit to doctors or pharmacies to
             such a concept, what it feels like to use or
                                                                  bring to the surface feelings and motivations
             prescribe this product will be better understood.
                                                                  at point of purchase or prescription.
             This insight will shape the tone with which a
             brand is expressed and communicated.                 Other methodologies drawn from the
                                                                  academic arenas of anthropology, cultural
             What conflicting needs exist? How can
                                                                  analysis and neuroscience are also beginning
             these trade-offs be resolved?
                                                                  to take a foothold, as various different insight
             Treatment choices are usually made based
                                                                  specialists employ tools such as ethnography,
             upon a complex trade-off between different
                                                                  observation research and semiotics.
             brands, different features and benefits provided
             at different costs. Exploring preferences to         Indeed, there are many unique methodologies,
             understand customer needs and understand             projective tools and techniques which can
             the brand’s true relevant differentiated benefits    be employed. Some of these techniques are
             is crucial to establishing competitive advantage.    now summarised.

B. How insight works: in theory and in practice

“Using a variety    Insights research techniques                         Semiotics – Semiotics is the study of ‘signs’
of approaches to    Workshops and focus groups – Skilled                 in their broadest sense. In the context of
insights research   moderators lead groups of target patients or         insights, it means an analysis of how brand and
can open up
                    professionals through a series of structured         competitor communications work within the
‘windows’ on        questions to build understanding and explore         visual and written languages used and seen by
the customer.“      a range of attitudes or build a consensus view.      customers in a particular market. This analysis of
                    Often group sessions are used less as                signs, their meaning and their context can help us
                    “discussions” and more actively as creativity        reach a deeper understanding of the structures
                    workshops designed to help generate and              and meanings that resonate with customers.
                    build more future focused thinking
                                                                         Observation/ethnography – Through close
                    Zaltman’s metaphor elicitation technique – This      observation of behaviour, such as watching
                    technique uses ambiguous images and open,            people use or prescribe products in their own
                    probing questions that allow the ‘mental models’     environment, we can identify needs that the
                    that drive thinking and behaviour to surface.        patient or healthcare professional might not
                    Projective/techniques – These terms cover a          even be aware of.
                    wide range of tasks and games designed to
                    deepen discussions. Projective techniques            Whatever methodologies and techniques
                    encourage participants to 'project' their feelings   are employed it is unlikely that one particular
                    or beliefs onto an imaginary other person or         approach will provide all the answers.
                    situation. This approach enables participants to     Increasingly the most customer focussed
                    say more about the research subject than they        clients seem to moving towards a multi
                    might say during a simple interview – tapping        disciplinary approach that opens up as many
                    into thoughts, feelings or meanings which may        “windows” on the consumer as possible
                    not be immediately available.                        (as illustrated below).

                                                          Workshops and focus groups

                                                                                                    Zaltman’s metaphor
                                                                                                    elicitation technique

                             Semiotics                                                             Projective techniques

                    Insights research techniques

B. How insight works: in theory and in practice

             In summary, insights research uses a number            4. What pharmaceutical companies
             of different ‘windows’ to explore customer             want from insights research
             needs. The techniques used are far from
                                                                    We examined what insights meant to decision
             standardised, and increasingly approaches are
                                                                    makers within the industry, what they wanted
             becoming more creative and sophisticated.
                                                                    from insights research and how well their
                                                                    needs are being met.
             Applying insights strategically and tactically
             Finally, after the research is complete, members       Insights research within pharmaceuticals:
             of the insight research team must have the             attitudes and understandings
             ability to interpret responses from research           We asked our interviewees what the term
             sessions. This requires an understanding of the        ‘insights research’ meant to them. Their
             therapeutic area being discussed as well as            answers revealed considerable variation in
             an understanding of brand strategy. If done            understanding and appreciation of insights
             well, insights research can provide important          research, ranging from scepticism or lack
             strategic insights and guidance that can form          of understanding in a small minority to
             the foundation of a successful brand strategy.         detailed knowledge and appreciation among
                                                                    many. Some illustrative responses are
             Insights also eventually lead directly through
                                                                    shown below.
             to actionable tactics, such as medical
             communications, advertising and PR                     Their responses show that while most
             campaigns – even down to the level of                  marketers understand the difference between
             providing vocabulary and ideas for visuals for         highly qualitative insights research and
             these campaigns, as well as influencing which          traditional market research, insights research
             media and channels are used.                           is still an emerging concept.

                                                                        “Looking for the
                     “I was hoping                                          Ah-ha!”
                       to ask you”
                                               “I really donít
                                            know much about it.                              “Finding out the
                                              Is it just market                            underlying reasons
                                               research with                                for behaviour and
                                              consumers and                                   understanding
                                                  patients?”                                  how they differ
                                                                                               by audience”

             What is insights research? The question can elicit a range of understanding

B. How insight works: in theory and in practice

“Over 50% of the    Some still require reassurance that insights         ● New insights. Understanding new
pharmaceutical      research has real value in connecting the               methods, like total immersion
executives we       industry with the emotional, social and                 techniques, social marketing techniques
talked to stated
                    psychological motivations of their customers.           and population-based research in ethnic
they were
unhappy with the                                                            groups. This would represent a level of
                    However, most people did understand the
current provision                                                           sophistication and a new form of insight
                    term and had positive attitudes to what it
of insights                                                                 that is rarely found.
research.”          could do for them. The key theme to emerge
                    was of a strong recognition that understanding       ● Strategic advice. A gap often exists
                    the ‘why’ was only important when actionable.           between what the market researchers
                                                                            produce and what the strategists
                    The stereotype of the market researcher is
                                                                            need. Pharmaceutical companies are
                    changing within many pharmaceutical
                                                                            looking for support to close this gap
                    companies where they are increasingly seen
                                                                            and indicate that this can often be
                    as potent partners for the brand team. There
                                                                            filled by agencies that develop
                    is a huge opportunity for market research
                                                                            strategy playing a greater role in the
                    professionals to build a new way of thinking
                                                                            development of the research that will
                    and drive the implementation of customer
                                                                            inform their strategy.
                    insights within their organisations.
                                                                         ● Actionable insight. The most
                    What the industry is looking for                        interesting and profound insights are
                    Practical examples of what the industry is              worth little if they cannot be applied to
                    looking for include:                                    tactics and deliverables.

                       ● Getting to the heart of motivations          How well are current needs being met?
                          that drive behaviour. To understand
                                                                      Many of the pharmaceutical companies we
                          “is this really what people will do, or
                                                                      spoke to were either well satisfied or
                          just what they say they will do?”
                                                                      reasonably satisfied with their traditional
                       ● Practical application of consumer            market research. Here is a typical response:
                          techniques to pharmaceuticals.
                          A solution that could apply consumer        “Our needs are met today pretty well. I’m quite
                          insights to pharmaceuticals generally, or   satisfied with the agencies we’re working with.
                          to a specialty area like oncology to        Some have been the same contacts for 5 years
                          understand what oncologists, patients       and they know the history of the product and
                          and nurses want from the                    are good at giving recommendations, know the
                          pharmaceutical industry in that field.      company and our needs”

                       ● Speed of response. Quick insight. It         However, over half the pharmaceutical
                          is a priority to be ‘current’ and in step
                                                                      executives we talked to stated they were
                          with customer needs.
                                                                      unhappy when it came to the provision of
                       ● Emotional insights. Identifying the          newer forms of qualitative-based or insights
                          emotional trigger words that are ‘rich’     research. One marketer revealed that when
                          with meaning was seen as very               he talks to standard market research agencies
                          attractive, providing they also inspire     about insights research, “the eyes glaze a bit”
                          practical applications.                     at the concepts.

B. How insight works: in theory and in practice

“There may be          Another marketer put it like this: “Our needs          Spending on insights research typically ramps
some high-end          are not being met today. We have an existing           up as a launch nears (when marketers need
individuals that       team of business analytics who are incredibly          critical, decision-driving data to determine
could do it
                       good at what they do [traditional market               exactly how to position their new product). And
(insights research),
but the traditional    research], but they’re now moving into needs           a few even felt that insights research was not
market research                                        ”
                       that they are not experienced in.                      appropriate for a mature phase of the product
agencies can’t.”

                             Therapy area                                                                         Strategic
                               expertise                                                                           vision

                             Research                                                                            External
                             capability                                                                          validation

                       Key insights capabilities

                       How pharmaceuticals currently use                      lifestyle, unless there had been problems with
                       insights research                                      the launch. However, others used insights
                       When we asked our industry professionals               research to develop business, strategic and
                       about their needs for insights research, there         brand plans throughout the product lifecycle.
                       was consensus that the biggest application
                                                                              One marketer went so far as to say: “Insights
                       for insights research is accurate segmentation
                                                                              underpin everything we do whether we are
                       and differentiation around product features, as
                                                                              looking at an initial market entry and need to
                       well as for understanding how benefits and
                                                                              do segmentation studies or a marketed
                       performance are viewed.
                                                                              product and want to do some targeting.
                       Insights research was seen as useful for
                       positioning, messaging, setting pricing, identifying   An increasing focus of insights research on
                       unmet needs and understanding the competitive          consumers and patients was also evident. One
                       environment – including blockages in prescribing       interviewee revealed that they found insights
                       and the key drivers of customer needs.                 research useful “when you want to understand
                       Insights research was also valued for its ability      why patients have a reticence to try your new
                       to identify potential problems that could affect       procedure, understand their fears, understand
                       commercial development in the future.                                                            .
                                                                              how a successful procedure makes them feel”

B. How insight works: in theory and in practice

             5. Case studies
             These case studies below show how a simple but genuine insight can have a major impact on
             brand and communications strategies.

             Case studies: examples from pharmaceuticals

                 Case A. GlaxoSmithKline: Seretide and chronic obstructive
                 pulmonary disease (COPD)
                 GlaxoSmithKline’s objective was to expand Seretide’s market from asthma management
                 to gain a share of the COPD market. Traditionally, bronchodilators were used to treat
                 COPD, not steroids. Therefore there was a need to change physician treatment habits.

                 Physicians are primarily motivated to treat and relieve COPD patients’ symptoms, rather
                 than considering the prevention of exacerbations. This revealed a gap for GlaxoSmithKline
                 to work in – a significant unmet patient need that was not being addressed by physicians
                 or current treatments.

                 Seretide adopted a ‘beyond bronchodilation’ positioning. The advertising campaign
                 encouraged physicians to treat COPD to also reduce exacerbations. In effect, they
                 widened the set of issues that physicians considered when prescribing in order to widen
                 the set of products they would consider (i.e. a steroid-containing product).

                 Case B. Pfizer: Lipitor and cholesterol
                 Lipitor, the market-leading statin, was facing competition from a new market entrant, Crestor,
                 which was attacking Lipitor based on superior efficacy. Crestor has clear advantages over
                 Lipitor, such as a greater decrease in low-density lipoprotein and a greater increase in high-
                 density lipoprotein. It is also effective at a lower dose, which may produce a cost-saving.

                 Pfizer developed the insight that, in the UK, the physicians’ primary driver is meeting GP
                 contract (general medical services [GMS]) targets for clinical outcomes (such as cholesterol
                 levels), not necessarily efficacy or cost.

                 Pfizer implemented a reassuring, defensive strategy which emphasised that physicians
                 had no need to switch their patients away from Lipitor “because 96% of patients can
                 achieve GMS target” using their product. This kind of insight-driven strategy has helped
                 Lipitor to maintain its market leading position (with over $12 million sales worldwide) in
                 possibly the most competitive of all pharmaceutical markets.

B. How insight works: in theory and in practice

             Case studies: leveraging the consumer experience

                Case C. Flora Pro-Activ
                In recent years, consumers have become increasingly aware of health issues, such as
                the dangers of cholesterol and heart disease. This has led to increased demand for
                functional foods that offer an additional health benefit. Flora Pro-Activ was developed in
                response (and in line with Flora's commitment to maintaining a healthy heart).
                This campaign was aimed at women over 55, as heart disease is the no. 1 killer in
                this group.

                Insights research found that many women in this age group were unaware that they
                had high cholesterol, what the real implications of this were, and those that had high
                cholesterol were not sure how to go about lowering it.

                To address this insight, Flora tried to get women in the target audience to think more
                seriously about their own health and how Flora's product can make a positive impact on
                it. A wide ranging advertising and PR campaign was launched, featuring the well known
                singer Lulu, who had experienced high cholesterol herself. This experience added
                credibility and relevance to the campaign. The audience did not expect someone like Lulu
                to have high cholesterol, and so the campaign made them realise that they might be at
                risk – as well as giving them an easy way to address the problem. Since its launch in
                2000 the brand has gone from strength to strength. It is now worth £60m in the UK,
                outselling its nearest competitor 3 to 1.

                Case D. Dove: campaign for real women
                Unilever wanted to drive sales of a new range of Dove cosmetic cleansing products in a
                saturated marketplace.

                Unilever gathered insights by researching historical beauty advertising, women's attitudes to
                body shapes and the impact of celebrity role models. Women were found to be intimidated
                and depressed by the prevalence of 'stick-thin' models in competitor advertising.

                A big budget advertising and PR campaign was launched that attracted huge attention by the
                use of "real women" as models in their advertising. Leveraging the advertising, PR generated
                a nationwide debate on what is ‘real beauty’. This raised awareness of Dove beauty products
                and a powerful connection between the brand and the vast majority of ‘real’ women.
                Unilever directly attributed the 700% rise in sales of the brand's firming cream products
                in the first 6 months of 2004 to this radical insight-based advertising campaign.

B. How insight works: in theory and in practice

“Insights underpin   6. The future of customer insights                socio-economic groups disengage from the
everything we        in pharmaceuticals                                health service when they are often the groups
do whether we                                                          most likely to use certain products from a
are looking at an    Earlier insights research
                                                                       purely clinical point of view. There will be a
initial market
                     The current market landscape indicates            synergy of interests in understanding such
entry and the
need to do           the need for pharmaceuticals to invest more       phenomenon from both a commercial and
segmentation         in early-stage development. The earlier           health outcomes perspective. Insights
studies or a         insights can be uncovered and implemented,        research will be a tool to help pharmaceuticals
marketed product
                     the better positioned the product will be         in such types of social market research.
where we want
to improve           when launched.
our customer                                                           Other areas for the expansion of insights
targeting.”          The main emphasis of insights research is         research include predictions for future
                     currently pre-launch in late Phase II and early   business, pricing research, message testing
                     Phase III. Insights research will continue to     and creative concept testing.
                     play a critical role at these times. But
                     proactive market research – starting years        Increasing use of insights research
                     before a drug hits the market – will help build   The need for insights research is steadily
                     long-term strategies for products entering        increasing due to greater acceptance of new
                     ultra-competitive markets. Earlier use of         methodologies and the need for new ways to
                     insights research will help companies             differentiate products in a highly competitive
                     understand potential unmet needs and how          marketplace. In some companies insights
                     physicians perceive existing competitor           research is now the cornerstone of their
                     product attributes, both of which can provide     strategic planning.
                     direction to clinical development.
                                                                       One pharmaceutical company marketer
                     Companies that use insights research and          gave the following prediction for the future
                     competitive intelligence properly will have       use of insights research. “Over time,
                     a keen understanding of the target physician      organisations will find that they spend more
                     and patient segments. They will be able to        money on insights research. If done properly
                     react quickly to market changes, and they         it should give you a more defined, more
                     may be able to shape the market for               reliable segmentation. It is an ongoing
                     future success.                                   investment and it is important to follow
                                                                       through the investment.
                     A wider range of new areas for enquiry

                     The ability of insights research to get at        In short, insights research is likely to become

                     people’s motivations will be increasingly         a part of marketing activity throughout the

                     used to examine new groups and populations        product lifecycle – an activity just as important

                     that have hitherto been hard to reach with        as monitoring the therapeutic area for new

                     traditional market research.                      developments and competitors. Furthermore,
                                                                       as expectations rise about the ability to apply
                     For example, many healthcare organisations        insights in practice, insights will increasingly
                     and pharmaceutical companies are concerned        be seen as the foundation of both a focussed,
                     with social inclusion and health. They would      relevant brand strategy and effective,
                     also like to know why people from certain         targeted, tactics.

     In an increasingly competitive marketplace, the need to develop
     customer insight is vital – especially in the absence of significant
     efficacy differentiators.

     Insights are a powerful way to reach a deeper understanding of patients,
     prescribers and other key influencers in the purchasing decision.

     A focus on insight provides the most logical starting point for any
     truly effective brand strategy – constantly reminding us to keep the
     customer at the centre of all our branding and marketing activities.

     Understanding the value of insights discovery and implementation is
     growing within the industry. New research techniques are being
     adopted which explore customer needs and motivations.

     A huge opportunity exists for the pharmaceutical industry to build new
     insights-driven organisations which, by truly focussing on connecting
     with customers, can build sustainable competitive advantage.

C. ConsultComplete: who we are and what we offer

"Our partnership       Who we are                                        Why we believe in insight-driven
with ConsultComplete                                                     brand strategy
has allowed us to      Insights on ConsultComplete
think more                                                               We believe that any brand strategy not driven by
                       We are called ConsultComplete for a reason.
strategically as a                                                       a deep understanding of the customers’ needs
                       We offer unrivalled breadth and quality of
business, helping us                                                     and motivations will struggle to succeed.
see our brands in a    services, combining scientific knowledge,
                                                                         Insights are not just the inspiration for great
different light."      strategic insight, and learning and development
                                                                         marketing ideas they are the logical first step in
                       expertise. Our many years of pharmaceutical
                                                                         any strategic thinking and planning about a brand.
                       marketing experience enable us to provide
                       complete solutions to your business needs.        Because of our commitment to customer
                                                                         insights, we have recently enhanced our
                       Our drivers                                       offerings in this area and hired consultants and
                       The ConsultComplete team is passionate            analysts with many years of insights experience.
                       about finding innovative solutions to your        Our team can now provide a total solution for
                       business problems. We thrive on challenges        your strategy needs, from gathering insights to
                       and are not afraid to suggest new ways of         using them in a strategic and practical way.

                       doing things. But we always bring our blue-sky
                                                                         Our services and capabilities
                       thinking back down to earth – providing
                                                                         Our services span the entire product lifecycle,
                       practical programmes and strategies that will
                                                                         from Phase II product development to the
                       work in your market.
                                                                         revitalisation of mature products. They include:

                       Our brand essence                                 ● Insight research – revealing the
                       We are innovative, insightful and                   underlying attitudes and emotions that
                       responsive – and part of one of the biggest         really motivate your customers and using
                       and best medical communications agencies            these insights to drive your brand and
                       in the world, Complete Medical Group                communications strategies.

                       (CMG). Just imagine you are calling in a          ● Strategic consultancy – working with clients to
                       special operations team with all the other          develop and implement, global strategy
                       services on call for support and expertise          plans, lifecycle management strategies and
                       when necessary.                                     customer-focused product development plans.

                                                                         ● Routes to market implementation – helping
                       Our differentiators                                 clients understand healthcare
                       Our difference? We are as big or small as you       organisations, determine key customer
                       need us to be. At our core, we are a creative,      needs and develop the structures, services
                       client-focused team of marketers, consultants,      and programmes to meet those needs.
                       analysts, researchers, writers and account        ● Learning and development – creating
                       managers. But as part of CMG we can also            unique training programmes that allow
                       assemble tailor-made cross-functional teams,        successful implementation of strategic
                       with specialised clinical knowledge, to deliver     goals. All training is tailored to meet the
                       truly integrated programmes.                        specific needs of the audience.

For more information about ConsultComplete, our core competencies, services and people, or on
      customer insights, please contact David Coleiro, Steve Padgett or Peter Richards on
                      +44 (0)1625 624000 or

          ConsultComplete is part of the Complete Medical Group family of agencies
      Complete House, 19-21 King Edward Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 1AQ, UK
                      Tel: +44 (0)1625 624000, Fax: +44 (0)1625 619812
            Email:      Web:

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