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					        PMI Manitoba: On Target
        Newsletter of the PMI Manitoba Chapter

    SPRING/SUMMER 2009                                                              President’s Message
                                                                                       Nick DeStefano

INDEX                                         Hello everyone. As your PMI Manitoba 2009-2010 President I welcome you to our first newslet-
President ’ s Message                     1   ter edition of 2009. I trust that you will find the articles interesting and useful.
Annual Recognition Event                  2   It’s been a little over two months on the job as President and it’s been very exciting and fun thus
Annual General Meeting                    3   far. I’m really enjoying getting to know and working with the new board members and volun-
Announcements                             3
Document Repository Site                  4   I am very excited about the year ahead. The board just recently had its annual strategic plan-
2008 Chapter Volunteers                   5   ning session on April 25th so the markers have been laid in terms of what our goals are for this
                                              year and the next. Our primary objective as always is to provide the best services and re-
Project of the Year                       6
                                              sources to the PMI Manitoba membership for optimum value.
On Target with New Format?                6
Professional Development                  7   The elected 2009-2010 Board of Directors are:
                                              Nick DeStefano, PMP           President
PMI Golf Tournament                       7   Johnathan Fahr                Vice President
‘ T he Real PMP Question ’                8   Toby Elson, PMP               Past President
Region 2 Update                           9   John Campbell, PMP            Treasurer
                                              Diana Maxymowich, PMP         Secretary
                                              Christa Ferreira, PMP         Programs
About PMI Manitoba                            Jon Cook                      Professional Development
PMI Manitoba promotes the project             Victor Kolynchuk, PMP         Membership
                                              Ray Hope, PMP                 Marketing
management profession in business,
                                              Cory Alexander, PMP           Communications
educational institutions and
professional organizations in                 Your current board is comprised 5 returning board members, 2 experienced committee volun-
                                              teers and 3 brand new volunteers. This dynamic mix of volunteer and business experience pro-
Manitoba.                                     duces a well rounded group.
Contact Us                                    I would also like to extend my thanks to the retiring board of directors. Each of their contribu-
PMI Manitoba PO Box 1857                      tions has been instrumental in growing PMI Manitoba to the level of success it is now enjoying.
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3R1
(204) 943-0717 (message center)               The year ahead will be a busy one. Just recently the Professional Development committee
                                              hosted it 10th annual Professional Development Days on April 29-30. The feedback from atten-
                                              dees indicates the committee delivered another incredibly successful event. A big thank to all
                                              associated with the event. Your dedication to servicing the membership is very much appreci-
PMI Manitoba: On Target is published by
the Communications Committee:
This Edition:                                 The Programs committee has also arranged a series of interesting lunch meeting speakers with
          Lorraine Russell, CAPM              lots of opportunities for members to network and further educate themselves.
          Jeff Reitburger, PMP                Allan Okano is hard at work finalizing the arrangement for our next golf tournament. When the
          Cory Alexander, PMP                 notification email goes out indicating the date, I suggest your register quickly to ensure a spot at
          Michael Costantini                  this fun and well attended event.

                                              Thank you for your membership and please do not hesitate to contact either myself
Please visit for          ( or 204.934.0717) or any of the board of directors with comments
more information about PMI Manitoba. If       or suggestions on how we can better serve you. Please also see our website at http://
                                     for more details on the events and other topics mentioned throughout
you have questions or suggestions, or
                                              the newsletter and/or how you too can volunteer.
would like to submit an article for the
newsletter, please email us at:
PMI Manitoba warmly thanks our GOLD Sponsors                      Annual Recognition Event
          for their continued support
                                               The 3rd Annual PMI Manitoba Joint Recognition Event was held
                                               on February 19, 2009 at the Royal Canadian Mint. This year’s rec-
                                               ognition event was attended by over 80 individuals to recognize
                                               three important components of PMI Manitoba; the sponsors, vol-
                                               unteers and new certification recipients.

                                               Guests were treated to a wonderful dinner and the opportunity to
                                               mingle with peers. The entertainment during cocktails and dinner
                                               consisted of the beautiful voice of Jackie Hope followed by the
                                               Bolero Dance Theatre. Some of the guests even had an opportu-
                                               nity to touch $40,000 worth of gold! A fitting token to the evening
                                               and the value our volunteers, sponsors and PMP, CAPMs and
                                               PgMPs are worth to PMI Manitoba.

                                               PMI Manitoba Chapter volunteers are an integral and fundamental
                                               part of our organization. Without the approximately 55-60 volun-
                                               teers of PMI Manitoba, we would not be able to deliver the ser-
                                               vices our members come to expect as well as to continue to lead,
                                               grow and flourish. They play a key role in advancing both PMI
                                               and the project management profession. They do this through net-
                                               working and community promotion, advocating of the institute and
                                               the profession, their service as respected leaders for the mature
                                               practice of the profession, and support of excellence in profes-
                                               sional development and project management oriented knowledge
                                               and expertise. PMI MB recognized these volunteers who have
                                               committed their time and skills in 2008.

                                               (See the chart of 2008 PMI Manitoba volunteers on page 5)

                                               In 2008, 46 individuals successfully wrote the PMP exam to ac-
                                               quire their designation. Three individuals were successful in ob-
                                               taining the CAPM certification and two individuals added the
                                               PgMP credentials to their names.

                                               The PMI Manitoba Chapter is fortunate to have the support from
                                               the local organizations who believe in the profession of project
                                               management and in PMI MB. At this recognition event we were
                                               fortunate enough to publicly thank all the 2009 sponsors for their
                                               commitments to our chapter.

                                               February 2009 was my last year as the Chair of the Recognition
                                               Event. I thank all who have worked with me over the last three
                                               years to bring these events to fruition. In particular I thank (name
                                               removed by request) who invited me to be part of the first annual
                                               PMI Recognition Event and to Toby Elson and Nick DeStefano
                                               who invited me back for the subsequent two years. I had a great
                                               time planning these events and working with a great group of peo-
                                               ple to recognize an equally great group of people. Thanks as well
                                               to all of you who have supported and attended the Recognition

                                               Cindy Elliott
                                               Chair, PMI Manitoba 3rd Annual Recognition Event
                                                Annual General Meeting

PMI Manitoba conducted its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday, March 3, 2009. The event was conducted at
the Winnipeg Convention Centre with a great attendance of 123 members and 4 guests.

The AGM began with Toby Elson (2008-2009 President) reviewing the accomplishments between March 2008 – Feb-
ruary 2009. Major highlights included a “meet & greet” held in Brandon that included a guest speaker, a fall Brandon
workshop, the 5th annual Project of the Year (POY) award, the hosting of the 3rd annual joint recognition event, the new
online registration system for PMI MB events, the new volunteer document repository, the implementation of the “Past
Presidents Circle” to obtain feedback on specific board actions and the redrafting the PMI MB’s bylaws based on the
PMI Global template.

John Popowich, CAFM, from Lazer Grant LLP then reviewed highlights from the chapter’s audited financial statements
for the period ending December 31, 2008.

Toby then invited the 2008-2009 Board of Directors to the stage and personally recognized the contributions of 5 retir-
ing board members: Donna Castellano, PMP (Past President), Bob Suen, PMP (Communications), Cindy Elliott
(Secretary), Cindy Genyk, PMP (Membership), and Ed Wright, PMP (Treasurer).

Toby then congratulated the incoming 2009-2010 President, Nick DeStefano, who facilitated the remainder of the
AGM. Nick thanked Toby for his significant and memorable contributions during his year as President and then invited
Les Howard, Nominations Chair to announce the Membership position election results and introduce the 2009-2010
board of directors.

Nick congratulated the 2009-2010 board of directors and then reviewed highlights of the plans for 2009-2010 including
the newly developed board orientation session, the continuation of the development of the volunteer document reposi-
tory, as well as delivering the 6th annual Project of the Year (POY) award and the host of other services the PMI MB
membership comes to expect from its board.

Upon closing of the official AGM business, the guest speaker, Tom Gouldsborough, presented a dynamic session on
the “New Manitoba Hydro Building”.

Thank you to all the volunteers responsible for making the AGM such a success, for the members who came out and
voted for their selected candidate and the Winnipeg Convention Centre for great service and a fabulous meal as al-

Nick DeStefano


       * Tentative dates for Fall Workshop in Winnipeg are November 2nd and 3rd 2009, with possible dates
       in Brandon pending interest

       * Tentative dates for a PMP/CAPM study group are being looked at in September/October 2009

       * There will be no chapter meetings over the summer. Monthly meeting re-commence in September
                                       PMI Manitoba Launches Document Repository Site

If you were able to attend the March 3 AGM, you would have heard our current Past President Toby Elson advise our membership
that in early 2009 PMI Manitoba had launched its document repository site and was piloting with the Board of Directors.

As part of the 2008 Strategic Plan to centralize all PMI Manitoba knowledge material and reduce new board member transition
timelines, a special project team headed by myself (then Vice President) launched to source out and locate a service provider that
would meet all of PMI Manitoba’s document storage needs. Project Management best practices were followed through out the
                                                  lifecycle with formal requirements collected and RFQ’s sent out. Then in the fall of
                                                  2008 Online Business Systems, a PMI Manitoba Gold Sponsor graciously offered
                                                  to provide PMI Manitoba with its own SharePoint sites at no cost using Online’s
                                                  server and helpdesk services. Discussions continued until a formal agreement
                                                  was drafted. Over the last few weeks, the document repository has grown to:
                                                  • Extended access out to all volunteers
                                                  • A total of 15 sites; a website for Board documents as well as for each of the
                                                  Portfolios and special events like Project of the Year, AGM Nominations, Outreach
                                                  and the Joint Recognition Event.
                                                  • House all the organization’s documents from meeting agendas, minutes,
                                                  status reports, and lessons learned, process documents, marketing materials, PMI
                                                  Manitoba’s charter, bylaws and policies, presentations, strategic and organiza-
                                                  tional planning documents as well as a multitude of other important material.

                                                 Prior to this Document Repository, all organizational documents were housed indi-
                                                 vidually by the document creators or by the Portfolio Directors.

                                                 PMI Manitoba would like to thank PMI Manitoba members and volunteers
                                                 Frank Kozmet and Cindy Elliot for the roles they played on this project and
                                                 for their hard work and commitment. PMI Manitoba would also like to thank
                                                 Online Business Systems for teaming up with us to provide this solution for
                                                 our volunteers and membership. The Online team worked to understand
                                                 our needs, offer the solution, craft the agreement and provide the helpdesk
                                                 support to all volunteers in ensuring they were “up and running”
                                                 quickly. The Online team consisted of Tim Siemens, Susan Neilan, Laurie
                                                 Reimer, Paul Hagen, Chris Deacon and Annie Tan.

                                                 Great Job everyone!

                       PMI Manitoba warmly thanks our SILVER Sponsors for their continued support
                                                     2008   CHAPTER VOLUNTEERS
Toby Elson, President        Donna Castellano, Past         Nick DeStefano, Vice        Ed Wright, Treasurer          Cindy Elliott, Secretary
                             President                      President

Communications                                              Bob Suen, Director
Anton Abiiaka                Christopher Gumprich           Brendan O’Connor            Allan Okano, Golf Chair
Jeff Reitberger              Lorraine Russell
Marketing                                                   Ray Hope, Director
Cory Alexander               Suvojit De                     Russell Enns                Sanjay Jain
Membership                                                  Cindy Genyk, Director
Ira Lester Reyes             Robert Kury                    Marty Lepage                Diana Maxymowich              John McLeod
Marina Reimer                Gayatri Singal                 Kim Smith
Professional Development                                    Johnathan Fahr, Director
Debra Akister                Lucy Camara                    Simon Clayton               Jon Cook                      Juanita Desouza-Huletey
Ray Hope                     Connie Klawis                  Barry Morrison              Scott Munn                    Debbie Radtke
Don Ruchkall                 Yanik Sourisseau               David Steinhilber
Programs                                                Christa Ferreira, Director
                                                           Christa Ferrier,
Renato Arthur                Michael Bennett                Murielle Collette           Dave Johnson                  Connie Lemoine
Allan Okano                  David Prathipati               Irene Wagner
Project of the Year                                         Allan Okano, Chair
Kathie Allardyce             Brad Mundy
Nominations                                                 John Davidson
Special Projects                                            Nick DeStefano, Chair
Frank Kozmet

Recognition Event                                           Cindy Elliott, Chair
Nick DeStafano               Brad Mundy
                                                               PMP, CAPM, PgMP
PMP                          Pervaiz Aftab                  Chad Bisko                  James Brereton                Pauline Campbell
Sandy Carriere               Sean Clarke                    Sandra Craven               Michael Denton                Zenaida Duay
Lisa Elliot                  Carol Emerson                  Ed Fast                     Elisee Parfait Feudjio Foka
Ronald Fleming               John Gietzel                   Michael Grindean            Christopher Gumprich          William Hazell
Manish Jain                  Heather Janik                  Aman Kapur                  Shelley Kern                  Faris Khalil
Paul Lacap                   Charlie Lucking                Jacqueline Marques          Samuel Matheson               Marshall McDougall

Shirley McLellan             Gwendolyne Nyhof               Eseosa Osagie               Jill Palitsky                 Bob Palmer
Debbie Petz                  Irene Precourt                 Vida Reader                 Kim Robinson                  Dana Sandhu
Phil Stelsovsky              Thomas Still                   Shelley Stopera             Tracy Stople                  Pablo Szajt
Katherine Tetlock            Wayne Tichon                   Hector Urbina               Jacqueline Veilleux
CAPM                         Cory Alexander                 Roger Coss                  Wilfred Wong
PgMP                         Janice Handford                Wendy Kirouac

Gold                         PCGI Consulting Services       Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba                    Wawanesa Insurance
Online Business Systems                                     Federated Insurance         Kesitah Systems               University of Winnipeg
Great West Life Assurance Company                           Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation                     TimeShift Solutions
Silver                       Smart PlanIT                   Canadian Wheat Board        Red River College             Alitra Inc
Emerging Information Systems Inc. (EISI)
Bronze                       Mirage Consulting Ltd          Sierra Systems
                                                      Project of the Year

Want to Be Recognized as the Elite of the Elite?

Put a task in your project plan now to submit your project for the 2010 Project of the Year!

CEO’s and other officers whose projects receive the PMI Project of the Year Award often acknowledge that this honour
is among the ones they are most proud of. To be recognized among your peers as having managed “the project of
projects” is a high point – not just for the project manager and project team but for the organization as a whole.

Projects from around Manitoba are encouraged to participate, regardless of size, industry type or location. PMI affilia-
tion is not necessary.

It’s not too early to talk to your Executive, Clients, project sponsors and teams to let them know your project deserves
to part of this rewarding experience.

Past Nominees have said.

“Very worthwhile indeed. Our project was promoted not only within our organization but outside as well.”

“Our project was very well represented in the presentation. The PMI POY committee did a really good job and very
informative presentation, thanks again! ”

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Project of the Year Information sessions to be held September 22, 2010.

For complete details, visit -

Editor’s Note: Check page 14 of the June issue of PMI Today for full coverage on PMI Manitoba’s 2009 Project of the Year awards.

                                         PMI Manitoba: On Target with a New Format?

What do you think of the new format for your PMI chapter newsletter?

Do you have a great idea for our next newsletter? An article you would suggest, or even like to write yourself?

Are you preparing to take any PMI exams in the near future? Then perhaps you would like to write a review on the study materials
that you have chosen to purchase and let us know whether you have found these beneficial or not.

Have you recently passed the PMP or another PMI exam? Why not write to tell us what was helpful and what was not in your
preparation for this undertaking.

Have you tried a new PM Methodology? Or a new PM specific software? Is it working for you?

There are many experiences that you have that could be of value to your fellow members. If you would like to know how to share
but are not sure how to get started, email us at We’d love to hear from you.

Cory Alexander
Director, Communication

                      PMI Manitoba warmly thanks our BRONZE Sponsors for their continued support
                                               Professional Development

This year’s conference has just wrapped up and considering the economic times it was a great success. The organiz-
ing committee anticipated reduced numbers for this year and we had expected and planned for rough numbers in the
low nineties. With the couple of walk up registrations we ended up with 103 attendees for the conference and work-

The conference day started out with a keynote by John Canfield with a short networking session before the three con-
current tracks got started. To end the day up we had a networking session and a closing keynote. For our closing key-
note for this year we decided to add some levity to the end of the day with Payson Hall’s Project Blame Management.
Most people in the audience chuckled along with Payson as he explained the rationale behind his proposal to expand
the 9 knowledge areas to 10.

On day two we had five concurrent workshops running with John Canfield presenting Leading Change, Payson Hall
with project Assessment, Heather Erhard with This Isn’t Vegas. Darya Duma presented Virtual teams and Project
Scheduling and Control as two half day sessions. Mark Kozak-Holland presented a new topic for the Manitoba audi-
ence called the Great Escape and a repeat session from a couple of years ago on the Titanic.
A big thank you to all of the volunteers that made this event a success from Johnathan Fahr (Past PD Director and
Conference Chair) and myself.

Looking forward we are planning another study group session for September/October time so that we do not intrude on
the short Manitoba Summer. Following that we will planning the Fall Workshops. We have the dates confirmed with
the Hotel and we are currently working on a contract to bring a presenter to town. The PMI Manitoba Board is currently
investigating the business case for presenting those workshops in Brandon as part of an outreach program.

Jon Cook
PD Director, PMI Manitoba

                2009 PMI Golf Tournament
                                                           Register up to a 4 person team or as an individual
Date – Tuesday, September 15th, 2009                       9 holes of golf, great diner and prizes included
                                                           Previous golf experience not necessary
Place – St. Boniface Golf Course – 100 Youville Street     Prize sponsorship welcome

Format – 9 Hole Texas Scramble                             Contact Allan Okano ( – 954-4390) if
                                                           you have any questions on this event. Registration is now
Fees - Members - $65.00                                    open!
        - Guests - $75.00
        - Dinner Only - $30.00
(Carts, Power Carts, Club Rentals, etc. – extra)
                                 Would The Real PMP® Exam Question Please Stand?
                                 Contributed to PMI Manitoba by Cornelius Fichtner, PMP

One of the most critical skills of a Project Management Professional (PMP) is the ability to cut through the jungle of
“undergrowth” of extraneous details and identify the true challenges. The PMP certification exam may at first look as if
it is full of confusing questions and immaterial detail but it’s designed in such a way that it also tests this crucial area of
judgment. If you can cut through the noise and identify the important facts, you’ll do fine on the exam.

As you take the exam, you’ll see some very difficult questions that are cluttered with facts and figures that aren’t really
pertinent to the actual question. The exam is very detail-oriented and demands your best reasoning skills. It is also vital
to remember that the PMI way of thinking is the important thing here, even though you may have developed different
techniques. Look at each question from the point of view of the “ideal” project environment described in the PMBOK
Guide. You’ll find it easier to cut through the inconsequential fluff and find the real question.

For instance, Acme Company has to choose between two projects. Each will cost $120,000 and take the same amount
of time. The first one would reap immediate benefits, reducing costs of production $120,000 per year. The second
would involve developing a new product and over 3 years could possibly net the company $360K. Are they both
equally beneficial or is one more attractive than the other assuming the discount rate is 5% per year? The test then
gives you a choice of the percentage of advantage one project has over the other. With an average of less than ninety
seconds to answer each question, you’ll have to be ready for the flurry of figures and red herrings thrown your way. So
prepare by taking lots of sample tests. By taking online and other types of practice tests, you will soon be able to iden-
tify the real question and know the proper solution instead of being sidetracked and wasting valuable time.

You’ll also be presented with scenarios that include team-building concepts. As an example, your two outside consult-
ants are constantly at odds and the situation is slowing down your project, putting its objectives in jeopardy. The test
will present you with choices from the stages of team development or group dynamics. You will have to pinpoint the
solution according to the human resources management standards. If you’re well versed in this management concept,
you’ll be able to move onto the next question quickly. If you’re not familiar enough with that category, the choices will
be confusing.

This is a very important reason why taking practice exams is so crucial to passing the PMP exam. By quickly eliminat-
ing all the unnecessary information and getting to the core of the problem in those test questions, you’ll be able to pass
the exam with a minimum of stress and a maximum score. You’re also honing your critical thinking skills, which will im-
prove your job performance and success rate.

There are several types of questions you’ll be asked during the exam. There are scenario based questions, questions
where you have to select the best course of action and fact-based questions testing your knowledge of the PMBOK
Guide. You’ll be asked to make calculations, interpret simple diagrams and select exceptions from four possible an-
swers. There will be conceptual problems presented as well as short stories. It’s important not to let the sheer volume
of information in some of the questions overwhelm you; by quickly picking out the pertinent facts, you’ll be able to get
to the core of the problem and present the correct solution.

Remember that the purpose of these types of questions is to ascertain whether you’re able to focus on the problem
instead of being distracted by the peripherals. With this in mind, you can take the practice tests and become proficient
at the thinking processes necessary for answering the questions correctly and doing your job efficiently.

                                 About the author: Cornelius Fichtner, PMP is an international project manager and noted PMP expert. His
                                 PM PrepCast at has helped over 2,000 project managers to prepare for the PMP
                                 exam. He is also the host of The PM Podcast at where you can hear his free in-
                                 terviews with project management experts from around the world. Please send your comments to
                         Region 2 Update – Spring 2009 Region 2 Leadership Meeting.

This spring Region 2 held its annual Region 2 Spring Leadership meeting in South Bend Indiana. We had a full
agenda and over 14 Chapters represented.

Unlike other Regions, Region 2 has a Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) that meets the day before the Region 2 meet-
ing. The SAG’s role and responsibility is to aid the region collaboratively by defining, monitoring and maintain Re-
gion 2 strategy progression. The SAG was busy reviewing exiting Region 2 policies as well as working on new

Here are the highlights from the Spring 2009 meeting:
   Region 2 Fund provided financial means for 2 small Chapters to attend the meeting
   Reviewed the Strategic Alignment Planning and Reporting process (SAPR) and the completion of a Chapter’s
       Strategic Alignment Scorecard
   Portfolio breakout sessions; opportunities for like portfolios to share ideas, tools and processes
   Opportunity for networking (during the meeting as well as evening activities)
   PMI Global Operations Center presented the new PMI Marketing Portal and the new marketing tools

The next Region 2 Fall Leadership meeting is currently in the planning stages and is being held in Chicago Illinois.

Heather Charles
Region 2 Mentor
Share + Collaborate + Engage + Lead = Member Value

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