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					          Grand Nest
                                                             Volume 100
                                        100th Grand Nest Convention Issue

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                                           Future Conventions
             Williamsburg, Virginia            Williamsburg Lodge                      July 19-23, 2007

             Toronto, Ontario                  Fallsview Sheraton Hotel                 July 19-22, 2008

             Seattle Pond                      Reno, NV – Grand Sierra Resort           July, 16-25, 2009

             Penn Pond                                                                  July, 2010

             Michigan Pond                                                              July, 2011

                                Mid Year Grand Nest Officers Meeting
Niagra Falls, Ontario                         Fallsview Sheraton Hotel                          March 23-24, 2007

                                      2006 - 2007 GRAND NEST OFFICERS

Most Loyal Grand Gander                                        Grand Keeper
                 Keith Strohecker                                               Joseph C. Coccia
                 15731 Moss Fire Court                                          c/o G-M Adjusting Company, Inc.
                 Moseley, VA 23120                                              24901 Northwestern Highway, Ste. 609
                 Res: 804-639-6645
                 Off: 804-608-8080                                              Southfield, MI 48075
                 Fax: 804-608-8081                                              Res. 734.261.7219
                                                  Off: 248.353.5560
                                                                                Fax: 248.353.1386
Grand Supervisor                                                      
                 Jack Fitch
                 c/o Hughs Amys LLP                            Grand Wielder:
                 48 Yonge Street, Suite 200                                     Terrence M. Maloney
                 Toronto, ON M5E 1G6 Canada                                     12940 Walnut Rd.
                 Res: 416-260-2583                                              Elm Grove, WI 53122
                 Off: 416-367-1608 ext. 268                                     Res: 262-782-7658
                 Fax: 416-367-8821                                              Off: 414-221-0341
                                                 Fax: 262-782-7608

Grand Custodian                                                Judge Advocate:
                 JoAnn M. Clark                                                 Robert Tayloe Ross
                 10738 9TH Ave N.W.                                             Midkiff, Muncie & Ross, P.C.
                 Seattle, WA 98177                                              9030 Stony Point Parkway, Suite 160
                 Res: 206-365-8275                                              Richmond, Virginia 23235
                                                 Res: 804-740-3564
                                                                                Off: 804-560-9600
                                                                                Fax: 804-560-5997
Grand Guardian
                 William Wasekanes                             Grand Nest Historian:
                 2203 Menlow Ave.                                               Barry Snyder
                 Glenside, PA 19038                                             107 Chartsey Street
                 Res: 215-887-2962                                              Upper Marlboro, MD. 20774-1805
                 Off: 610-825-1800                                              Res/Off: 301-249-6680
                 Fax: 610-825-1820                                              Fax: 301-249-9301
     ADDRESS OF ACCEPTANCE 100th Grand Nest Convention
                MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN
                     JULY 29, 2006

Past Most Loyal Gander Tim Seider, Current and Past Grand Nest Officers,
Ganders, Spouses and Guests:

It is with great pride that I accept the office of the Most Loyal Grand
Gander of the Honorable Order of the Blue Goose, International. It seems
like only yesterday I accepted the office of Grand Keeper.

I would not be here except for the support and dedication of my fellow ganders and the spouses
of the Virginia Pond. They are working hard to prepare a fantastic Grand Nest convention for
you next year in Colonial Williamsburg.

I also want to thank my family: My wife, Fiona, who has given me her love and support. And
my daughters, Jasmine and Michelle, who enjoy the conventions so much they ask where the
next one is being held before we’ve left the one we are attending! Jasmine even told me in
2000, she was going to Baltimore whether or not her mother and I were.

My friends, we are now embarking on our second century of the Blue Goose International. It is
amazing to think how this organization was founded. In 1956, Paul Rudd, Grand Nest Historian
and a Past Wielder, said the Blue Goose was founded on a cold, rainy day in 1906 as a joke to
help pass the time in fellowship with and in the company of good friends. Well fellow ganders,
the joke is on them, because here we are one hundred years later.

What they created that day to address a need is still valid today and we are reminded of it every
time we initiate a new gosling: Character, Charity, and Fellowship. Over the past one hundred
years, we have spread the word and initiated many great ganders. We want to continue to
promote this great organization and its outstanding members. The fate of the continued
existence of the Blue Goose lies within each of us. Next year the grand nest will have an
exhibit booth at the PLRB convention in Orlando. If you’re going to be there, please let me or
the Grand Wielder know. Not only will we be happy to catch up with you, but we could use
your wit and charm to help man the exhibit booth.

We are also joining the twenty-first century this year as the grand nest goes “live” on the
Internet for all pond wielders. Who said we’d be going the way of the dinosaur!! This is a
great step in the right direction as your pond wielders will have instant access to the information
about your ganders and will be able to send announcements, meeting notices, and other
important information to keep you up to date. And if you think your wielder is waddling a bit
slowly, tell him or her it’d be easier to fly than waddle and help them join the “V” formation by
assisting them in getting the pond converted.

It is said if you want to know what the Blue Goose is all about, attend a convention. I am sure
there are many of you who know what they mean by that. I found out when I attended my first
convention in San Diego in 1994. I was hooked. Then in 1996, I brought my “girlfriend” and
her daughter and by the next Grand Convention, we were attending as a family. Now there are
four of us, and we know what they mean when they say “you’ve got to go to a convention.” I
trust you will encourage your fellow ganders to find out for themselves as well.

The continuation of our conventions is an important piece of the traditions of the Honorable
Order of the Blue Goose. This year, we’ll be thinking out of the box to ensure that they do
continue. We will be looking into ways to allow ponds that want to host a convention to be able
to step forward sooner.

Finally, I would like to invite each of you to our Grand Nest Convention in Colonial
Williamsburg next year. The area is rich in history from the founding of Jamestown in 1607 to
Colonial Williamsburg and the battlefields of Yorktown. Next year is the Virginia Ponds’ one
hundredth year and we are looking forward to the convention.

Again, thank you for your faith in me. I will do my best for this honorable order and look
forward to seeing you in Virginia next year.

Keith H. Strohecker, MLGG
Virginia Pond
July 29, 2006
                                           100TH ANNIVERSARY
                                        GRAND NEST CONVENTION
                                      JULY 26-29, 2006 MILWAUKEE, WI

The 100th Centennial convention         Milwaukee Police Department          devastated by the hurricane
site was the Hyatt Regency Hotel        Color Guard.                         Katrina. MLG Jon Masanz and
in Milwaukee, WI. This was the                                               WGQ Fred Combs accepted on
same hotel that hosted the 75th         Reverend Douglas J. Leonhardt,       behalf of their fellow Ganders.
celebration.                            S.J. of Marquette University
                                        provided the invocation.             The Greater Chicago Pond
Wednesday, July 26                                                           presented a dignified Memorial
The attendees were welcomed to a        Special presentations were made      Service honoring those who
cocktail hour in the open atrium        to our Order. First, Governor Jim    passed away this past year.
of the hotel. A “Taste of               Doyle represented by Deputy
Milwaukee” buffet allowed               Insurance Commissioner Claire        The Michigan Pond then provided
everyone to get re-acquainted           Stapleton Concord, Australian        an outstanding reenactment of the
while listening to an award             Native, proclaimed this week Blue    original initiation ceremony using
winning jazz quartet. The               Goose International week in the      “Turn of the Century” costumes.
attendees were then lured back out      State of Wisconsin. Next, State      The precision and memorization
to the atrium for dessert.              Representative Jeff Stone            of the ritual was outstanding and
                                        presented a citation from the        certainly one of the many
Then the lights dimmed and an           Wisconsin Legislative                Centennial highlights that
audio-visual presentation took          recognizing our organization.        bombarded the attendees
place celebrating our 100 year                                               throughout their very special
journey as an organization of           Following those presentations the    benchmark in our Order’s history.
Character, Charity, and                 Mayor of the City of Milwaukee,
Fellowship. The sensory                 Tom Barrett, welcomed us to          Thursday evening’s theme was
experience of music, lights,            Milwaukee and proclaimed these       the “Streets of Old Milwaukee in
confetti streamers, and cannons         convention days, the Honorable       1906”. The Milwaukee Museum
was amazing. Commemorative              Order of the Blue Goose Days in      was the setting. Throughout the
DVD’s were produced for a               Milwaukee.                           “Streets” that were recreated to
historical memento.                                                          take your back to the turn of the
                                        Also, the Milwaukee County           century were buffet food stations
Thursday, July 27                       Executive, Scott Walker, sent us a   serving the ethnic dishes of the
The opening ceremonies were             proclamation acknowledging Blue      times.
preceded by a buffet in the atrium.     Goose Day in the County of
Our members were greeted by the         Milwaukee! Joseph Pause, the         Friday, July 28
Germanfest festival participants.       Mayor of Green Lake, WI sent us      MLGG Seider called the session
The D’Oberlander Bavarian Folk          a proclamation recognizing our       to order. He called upon GN
Dancers provided a “Taste” of our       return to the “banks” of Green       Historian Snyder, JA Ross and
Milwaukee lakefront German              Lake, WI for our special birthday    GWGQ Maloney to provide their
ethnic festival that was being          celebration.                         reports to the membership. These
celebrated this weekend.                                                     were followed by the presentation
                                        MLGG Seider in the tradition of      of awards to the Ponds that have
Jean Rex on the accordion and           Charity made a special               achieved success in membership.
Doug Scott on the Flugel horn           presentation to the Special
accompanied the dancers and then        Olympics of Wisconsin. GWGQ          The rest of the day was open for
led our members in the national         Maloney then presented on behalf     the attendees to take part in
anthems of Australia, Canada and        of the membership a check for        Germanfest, brewery boat tours,
the United States. The colors           $12,000 to our fellow Ganders of     Milwaukee Brewers baseball, and
were presented by the City of           the Louisiana Pond who were          many other venues.
                                                                              founded our Order. The Heidel is
Saturday July 29                       outstanding all week only to be        also right across the street from
After breakfast the Virginia Pond      culminated by serving our              the Tuscumbia Golf Course
presented a video on                   surprise dessert consisting of 8       (oldest in the State – 1896), which
Williamsburg, VA and celebration       inch chocolate goose, filled with      was the infamous course which
of their 400th year celebration and    chocolate mousse and fresh             was hit with a rainstorm. This
the Virginia Pond’s 100th year         berries. An elegant touch to an        turned the men’s attention to
celebration. The next order of         outstanding dinner.                    having a fun evening program
business was the election of our                                              which hatched our organization.
new slate of officers for 2006-        Once again, before anyone could
2007. Our newest MLGG is               enjoy their special dessert, all       Golf at Tuscumbia, a boat ride on
Keith Strohecker of the Virginia       stood up to sing a rousing             Green Lake, relaxing poolside
Pond and our incoming GKGGE            rendition of Happy Birthday Blue       were just some of the activities at
was Joe Coccia of the Michigan         Goose while we rolled out a            this resort. There was a family
Pond.                                  uniquely built 3 tier birthday cake.   barbeque on the banks of Green
                                       The real surprise was “Cliffie the     Lake and BG birthday party in the
As the evening drew closer the         Goose” who came back out of the        ballroom. There was even a
anticipation of the 100th Gala Ball    archives to grace us with his          bonfire where Walter Atwater our
celebration was building. The          presence just as he did for almost     1st MLGG appeared out of the
atrium was colorfully decorated        25 years when one of our most          dark woods and revisited the
with blue and white balloons. A        dedicated Blue Goose members,          events of 1906.
perfect setting for the cocktail       PMLGG Cliff Needham would
hour. The ballroom itself was          bring him to our Balls to add in       Only once before in 1926 and
kept a secret until the last minute.   the festivities. “Cliffie” had         then for just a railroad day trip
Then all were invited to enjoy the     everyone on the dance floor doing      from the Milwaukee convention
special menu.                          the famous Goose dance (chicken        site did our members return to
                                       dance).                                Green Lake for a “gathering of
But first things first, the                                                   our flock”.
PMLGG’s in attendance and the          This only fired up the group to
Grand Nest officers were               continue enjoying the rest of the      The journey of these 6 Founding
introduced as usual. However,          evening by “rocking” to the music      Fathers and the principles of
normal was the last thing on           of “Diamond” whose lead female         Character, Charity, and
everyone’s mind when the               singer was a back-up singer to         Fellowship they established came
University of Wisconsin marching       Aretha Franklin.                       full circle after 100 years
band came parading in right                                                   returning to the banks of Green
behind PMLGG Seider and                A fabulous ending to very, very        Lake witnessed and celebrated by
GWGQ Maloney and their wives.          special anniversary for Blue           50 dedicated Ganders and their
The band was playing a stand up        Goose.                                 family members.
and clap your hands rousing
rendition of “On Wisconsin”,           Respectfully Submitted                 These Ganders names will be
(excuse me) “On You Goslings”          Terry Maloney, GWGQ                    forever inscribed in our archives
just as was played 100 years ago                                              just as our six Founding Fathers
in Green Lake, WI by our               “Green Lake Birthday Party”            have been ever since the 1st
founding fathers. The “fifth                                                  “meeting” 100 years ago.
quarter”, which is the bands           About 125 individuals were able
celebration after every football       to extend their celebration by         God Bless Blue Goose and the
game was front and center. The         traveling to the Heidel House in       Principles we stand for!
attendees really had a “ball” like     Green Lake, WI. The hotel is
no other.                              located with in walking distance       Respectfully Submitted
                                       to the site of the Oakwood Hotel       Terry Maloney, GWGQ
The Hyatt hotel’s quality of           where our “Founding Fathers’
service, attention and food was
                         LAKE, WISCONSIN
                    SUNDAY JULY 31 – AUGUST 1, 2006

David       Beger                     Ryan            Maloney
Jeff        Berty                     Sean            Maloney
John C.     Bishop, PMLGG             Terrence M.     Maloney, Grand Wielder
Barbara     Blumenfield               Chris           Mancuso, DMLGG, PMLG
Richard     Chenard                   Richard         Mancuso, PMLG
JoAnn M.    Clark, Grand Custodian    Linda           Meik, DMLGG
Rex M.      Clark, PMLGG              Kenneth         Meyer
Joseph      Coccia, Grand Keeper      Edwin           Meyers
Frederick   Combs                     Neil            Miller
Alan        Dahle                     Jim             Myers
Bruce       Delvoye                   Michael         Nardulli
Harold      Faith, DMLGG              Fred            Nintzel
Fred        Fernandez                 William         Olson, DMLGG, PMLG
Jack        Fitch, Grand Supervisor   John            Paris
Richard     Grant                     Ralph           Reese
Donald      Greeno                    Chris           Reith, PMLGG
Terry       Hackett                   Gary            Rogers
Donna       Hardwood, PMLG            Robert Tayloe   Ross, Judge Advocate
Donald      Hart                      Tim T.          Seider, PMLGG
George      Harwood, PMLGG            Jason           Smith
Bill        Herman                    Barry L.        Snyder, PMLGG,GNH
Jane        Herman Schultz            Patricia A.     Snyder, PMLG
Lisa        Kane                      Kenneth         Strobel
Tim         Keary                     Keith           Strohecker, MLGG
George      Kindler                   Jane            Sullenger
David       Kosdrosky                 Marc            Thurber, PMLGG
Noel        Kott                      William J.      Wasekanes, Grand Guardian
Art         LeMaistre                 John            Zeldam, PMLGG
                               NEW GN OFFICER JOSEPH C. COCCIA
                    Joe is 58 years old and has been married to Courtney 26 years. They have two children;
                    Alyssa age 23 and Cristina age 21. The two daughters grew up in Blue Goose having
                    gone to their first convention in 1987 in Florida. Joe is the oldest of 7 children and
                    recently lost his father Joe in April of 2006. His Mother past away in 1999.

                    Joe’s hobbies include playing as much golf as humanly possible and playing the drums
                    in two bands. He has been taking piano lessons for two years. He is a business partner
                    in a Northern Michigan resort. During the winter months, Joe likes to play racquetball.

                    Joe received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1970 from the Detroit Institute of
Technology in Psychology with a minor in English. He has taken several Insurance industry related courses
within the IIA and AIC programs.

He began his insurance career with the USF&G Insurance Company in 1970 starting out in the mail room
and eventually got into their adjuster training program. After 3 years in 1973, Joe went to work for The
Hartford as a multi line field adjuster eventually specializing in Workers Compensation. He climbed the
management ladder eventually achieving the level of Workers Compensation Supervisor.

In 1978, Joe left for greener pastures as an Independent Claims Adjuster for Michigan Claim Service. As
the company grew to become The ASU Group, Joe held the position of Senior Adjuster, Workers
Compensation Supervisor, Unit Manager, Branch Manager, Regional Manager, Sales Consultant and
eventually Assistant Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Joe left The ASU Group in 2004 after 26 years to become the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for G-
M Adjusting Company, an Independent Claims Adjusting Company.

Joe joined the Blue Goose in 1980 and recently received his 25 years pin at a Detroit Puddle monthly
meeting. Since joining the Blue Goose, Joe has held the positions of Loyal Gander of the Detroit Puddle,
Most Loyal Gander of the Michigan Pond, Grand Nest Convention Chairman for Detroit in 1991, Deputy
Most Loyal Grand Gander of the Central Region of Ponds and Past President of the Central Region of
Ponds. He continues to volunteer his time on the several committees within the Puddle and the Pond. He is
a trustee of the 1991 Convention Trust Fund allocating scholarship money to deserving college students in
Insurance Studies. Joe is currently a dual member of the Greater Chicago Pond.

Joe is a Registered Professional Adjuster and an active member serving on several committees of the
National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters, The Michigan Adjusters Association, and The
National Society of Professional Insurance Investigators. During a recent NAIIA Convention, Joe
volunteered a day to work on a Habitat for Humanity home build.
                  Most Loyal Grand Gander's Report 100th Grand Nest Convention
                                           MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN
                                               JULY 26, 2006

My Fellow Officers, PMLGGs, Ganders and guests.

It is with great honor and commitment that I have served you as the Most Loyal Grand
Gander of the Honorable Order of the Blue Goose, International during its Centennial
It has been a privilege and pleasure to serve this organization.

My journey as MLGG began in Connecticut in August of last year. I knew we had a lot of work to do, not only
to put together a convention, but also to solidify this organization and our membership.

Over the course of the year, I had the privilege and opportunity to visit a number of the Ponds and experience
first hand the fellowship and charity work of our members.

On September 22, 2005 I traveled to the Chicago area for the Greater Chicago Pond’s Fall Golf Outing. It was
a beautiful fall day for golf. Unfortunately, the attendance was low as a significant number of members were
called to Louisiana and the Southern coast to handle losses.

In late November, Terry Maloney and I headed to Detroit for the annual Detroit Christmas Party.
WOW, what a charity event. My thanks to the Michigan Pond for their hospitality.

The next week took me to the National Capital Pond’s John Brenner Annual Charity Luncheon. I want to thank
Barry Snyder and Bill Olson for arranging to have former Green Bay Packer Coach Mike Holmgren attend the
festivities. All the way from Seattle to Washington DC. Impressive! What a gentleman he was. Bill Olson, is
it true that he may be stopping in at Green Lake?
I was very impressed by the Michigan and National Capital’s commitment to one of our cardinal principles,
Charity. It was great to experience first hand the impressive charity work our members do.

December brought winter to the Midwest. On December 8th, I traveled back to Chicago for their annual
Industry Holiday Gala, held at the Historic Hotel Baker in St. Charles, IL.

What is normally a 2 hour drive turned into a 4 and one-half hour adventure. Bumper to bumper traffic in the
middle of a snow storm. Chicago in the winter – what is there not to like?

In March, the Grand Nest officers met in Williamsburg Virginia for the Mid-Year meeting
It was a day filled with discussion on the future of this organization. My thanks to Keith Strohecker and the
Virginia Pond for their generous hospitality and a little warmer weather.

March also took me back to Chicago to attend their Spring Dinner and Induction Ceremony. I was great to see
so many new members initiated into our Order. As we all know, new members are vitally important for our

As a result of our discussions in Williamsburg, I called a Special Meeting of the Grand Nest Officers. On April
4th, the officers met at the Chicago O’hare Airport to continue building on those discussions and chart a path
for this organizations future. Our meeting was very productive.

A few short weeks after the meeting in Chicago, my father passed away from cancer. At the same time my
wife was hospitalized with a blood clot in her lung.
Thank you to those of you who sent messages of condolence and support. The fellowship of our Order was
deeply appreciated at a difficult time in my life.

I apologize to those Ponds where I had to cancel plans to visit you. I appreciate the invitations to attend the
various functions throughout our organization. Unfortunately, it was impossible to visit all of you.

I am sure, as our Founding Fathers relaxed at the Oakwood Hotel on the banks of Green Lake, they never
thought that this organization would survive 100 years. For those of you traveling on to Green Lake after the
convention, you will have an opportunity to step back in time and experience the Birthplace of our order. And,
to toast our founding fathers.

It has been a labor of love to present this convention to you and we have some surprises for you this evening.
We hope you have enjoyed Milwaukee. The opening party, the “Streets of Old Milwaukee”

Anyone that has been involved in planning a convention, knows the time and effort it takes. My special thanks
to Terry Maloney for all of his hard work over the past five years. But Terry, I think we have spent way too
much time together. My wife wants me back.

Today, the Blue Goose is different than it was in 1906. But, the basic principles of our Order - character,
charity and fellowship - have stood the test of time and will continue to guide us into the future as we embark
upon the next 100 years.

Our Order is one steeped in tradition. It is based upon the core values that bind us together.

They have provided a foundation upon which our organization is built. And, will continue to provide that
foundation for many years to come.

We, as any organization, must continue to grow, we must change and adapt to the world around us.
But, always remembering the basic principles upon which The Honorable Order of the Blue Goose was
founded. This is especially true as we celebrate our 100th Anniversary.

Let us always “tote fare” in our daily lives and strive to inculcate character, charity and fellowship.

In closing and as we move into a new Century and chapter in our organizations history, may your zeal for our
cause never waiver;

may your sympathy with our interests ever grow deeper;

may the bonds forged by this “special centennial celebration” bind us ever more closely together - for the next
100 years.

Thank you for granting me this opportunity to serve you and lead this wonderful organization.

Timothy T. Seider
MLGG 2006
                                                AWARD PRESENTATION

The criteria is based on all types of varied works of charity. The winner of this year’s award is the MICHIGAN POND.

This coveted award for the greatest percentage increase in membership went to the SASKATCHEWAN POND.

Outstanding internet Pond web site winner is BAY STATE POND

1st Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ST LOUIS POND
2nd Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MICHIGAN POND
Honorable Mention . . . . . . . . . .         SEATTLE POND

1st Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TEXAS POND
2nd Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NOVA SCOTIA POND
Honorable Mention . . . . . . . . . .         KENTUCKY POND

This year the pond with the least percentage drop in membership by reason of drop-outs and resignations was the REGINA POND.

This is an extremely difficult award to achieve. This year’s winners are the DAKOTA POND, KENTUCKY POND, and

This plaque is presented to the Pond having the most First Time attending conventioneers. The winner this year is the INDIANA

The best Region determined by using 5 membership award criteria is the CANADIAN REGION.


East              BAY STATE*                                     …..   35 - Most New & Reinstated
                  BAY STATE*                                     …..   40.69% - Best % Increase

West              OREGON                                         …..   12 - Most New & Reinstated
                  OREGON                                         …..   16.66% - Best % Increase

South             KENTUCKY*                                      …..   17 - Most New & Reinstated
                  KENTUCKY*                                      …..   29.82% - Best % Increase

Central           MICHIGAN ***                                   …..   34 - Most New & Reinstated
                  WISCONSIN HOME NEST                            …..   7.63% - Best % Increase

Canada            EDMONTON/SASKATCHEWAN                          …..   22 – Most New & Reinstated
                  SASKATCHEWAN                                   …..   66.66% - Best % Increase

*2nd Year in a row     **3rd Year in a row    ***4th Year in a row
                                  COMMITTEES 2006-2007
JURISPRUDENCE                     GRAND NEST LIAISON                    Rita Sturm
                                                                        20040 3rd Ave. NW
GN Advisor: Robert Tayloe Ross    GN Advisor: Bill Wasekanes            Shoreline, WA 98177
Pat Brennan, Chair                Fred Fernandez, Chair
Crivello, Carlson, Mentkowski     Evans Garment Restoration             Shari Cox
710 North Plankinton Ave.         45125 Polaris Court                   7920 NE 143rd St.
Milwaukee, WI 53203               Plymouth Township, MI 48170           Bothell, WA 98011
Home: 414-964-5125                Home: 248-478-7386          
Work: 414-271-7722                Work: 877-207-7775
Fax: 414-271-4438                 Cell: 313-215-3371                    Marylyn Graham
                                  Fax: 734-207-7681                     2718 Nob Hill N.
Lorena Dunlop                     ffernandez@evansgarmentrestoration.   Seattle, WA 98109
1050,10201 South Port Road. SW    com                         
Calgary, AB T2W 4X9             Joseph C. Bishop                      CHARITY
                                  7444 Tangle Ridge Drive
Jim Klemanski                     Mechanicsville, VA 23111              Grand Nest Advisor: Joe Coccia
Klemanski and Associates, P.C.    Phone: 804-746-4346
2240 Livernois Road                      Freddie Karam, Chair
Troy, MI 48-83-1664                                                     Housing Headquarters
Phone: 248-524-0000               Max Brugger                           2809 Long Meadow Lane
Fax: 248-524-1400                 Miller & Associates                   Rochester Hills, MI 48307                    112-7181 Woodbine Avenue              Phone: 734-341-9048
                                  Markham, ON L3R 1A3         
CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS          Phone: 905-470-0899 ext. 225
                                         Linda Hug
GN Advisor: Jack Fitch                                                  Auto Owners
                                  Nora Saldana, PMLG                    P.O. Box 65
George Harwood, Chair             Physicians Insurance Agency           Farmington, MI 48332-0065
190 River Landing Drive           1730 Minor, Suite 1800                Phone: 248-380-0320
Roswell, GA 30075-5044            Seattle, WA 98101-1499
Phone: 770-993-0289               Home: 253-838-5780                    Laura A. Van De Steene   Work: 206-343-6545                    P.O. Box 156
                                               Fraser, MI 48025-0156
Tim Seider                                                              Phone: 586-506-4705
12253 W. Morgan Oak Drive         Sandy Bensinger             
Greenfield, WI 53228              151 Shackamaxon Rd
Home: 414-321-6101                Leesport, PA 19533                    Kristin Leinhos               Phone: 610-926-3543                   GAB Robins North America, Inc.
                                  Fax: 610-286-2115                     30800 Telegraph Rd.
Tom Toal                                                                Suite 1880
1535 E. Montebello Ave.           POND PUBLICATIONS                     Bingham Farms, MI 48025
Phoenix, AZ 85017                                                       Phone: 248-642-2200 Ext. 203
Phone: 602-274-0051               Grand Nest Advisor: JoAnn Clark
                                  Nora Saldana, PMLG, Chair             Linda Smith
                                  Physicians Insurance Agency           Donan Engineering
                                  1730 Minor, Suite 1800                219 North Waverly
                                  Seattle, WA 98101-1499                Dearborn, MI 48128
                                  Home: 253-838-5780                    Phone: 313-806-3920
                                  Work: 206-343-6545          
                              HONORABLE ORDER OF THE BLUE GOOSE
                                     OPERATING STATEMENT

                                                         05-06           05-06               06-07

INCOME                                                   ACTUAL          BUDGET           BUDGET
501 DUES - CURRENT YEAR                                  65,037          75,383          72,240
502 CANADIAN RELIEF                                      (2,319)         (2,670)         (2,319)
503 DUES - PRIOR YEAR                                      (575)          1,733            5,759
511 SALES - EMBLEMS                                       2,093           3,200            3,000
513 SALES – OTHER                                           164             100              150
531 INTEREST - MONEY MARKET                               1,136             600             1200
532 CONVENTION MEMBERS DONATION                           3,000              -0-            -0-
541 POND GN DONATIONS                                         0              -0-             -0-
650 ARCHIVE CONTRIBUTIONS                                 2,863           2,500         ____-0-
TOTAL INCOME                                             71,399          80,864          80,030

601 GRAND NEST OFFICE                                    22,332          22,332              22,332
605 TELEPHONE                                             1,120           1,200               1,200
607 POSTAGE                                                 427             500                 500
609 INSURANCE & BONDING                                   5,532           4,832               4,832
611 OFFICE SUPPLIES                                         655             500                 500
613 COMPUTER                                              3,706           3,300               4,000
615 DATA SUPPORT                                          2,088           1,800               1,800
616 SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT                                  2,000           2,060               4,000
617 DUES & SUBSCRIPTIONS                                    250             250                 250
619 ACCOUNTING                                            2,850           2,640               2,640
629 GNO - PRINTING, ETC.                                     _0             800              ___800
     TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES                            44,960          40,214              42,854

621 GNO - POND VISITATION                                 2,330           1,800           1,750
623 GNO - CONVENTION                                      2,988           6,750           5,000
625 GNO - EXECUTIVE COMM TRAVEL                           4,161           2,000           1,500
627 GNO - EMBLEMS                                           276             500             500
631 CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS                              2,704           2,500           2,500
633 SPECIAL OLYMPICS                                        500             500             500
635 HONORARIUMS                                               0             100             100
637 MEMORIALS                                                44             100             100
641 DELEGATE EXPENSE                                     11,706          15,500          14,500
643 BULLETIN                                                802             500             800
549 BULLETIN REIMB                                            0               0               0
645 POND EMBLEMS                                          1,230           2,000           2,000
647 HOST POND FUND                                        3,439           3,800           3,400
649 ARCHIVE EXPENSE                                       1,454            (165)       __(1,602)
     TOTAL MEMBERSHIP EXPENSES                           31,634          35,885          31,048

     TOTAL EXPENSES                                      75,324          76,099              74,902

     SURPLUS OR (DEFICIT)                                (5,195)            4747             6,128

Code 616 Software development $4000.00 and code 613 Computer $1700.00 are one time charges
                                                                    CENTRAL REGION
D.M.L.G.G. AT LARGE: Dave Loughlin, 2017 Riverside Drive, South Bend, IN 46616
         Phone: 574-234-6927,

D.M.L.G.G. for St. Louis, Nebraska and Heart of America Ponds: Harold Faith, 108 Rightfield Drive, O’Fallon, MO 63366
         Phone: 636-379-9201,

D.M.L.G.G. for Dakota, Peace Garden, Iowa and Minnesota Ponds: Dale Cowman, 3601 S. Florence Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57103
         Phone: 605-371-8951,

D.M.L.G.G. for Indiana, St. Joe Valley, and Michigan: Jeff Berty, 6805 Fox Lake North Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46278
         Phone: 317-471-0707,

D.M.L.G.G. for Greater Chicago and Wisconsin Ponds: Terry Hackett, 1850 W. Winchester Road, Libertyville, IL 60048
         Phone: 866-918-7356,

Pond and
Year Chartered                             Most Loyal Gander                          Wielder of the Goose Quill

Dakota                                     Chad Moore                                 Dale Cowman
February, 1910                             PO Box 488                                 3601 S. Florence Ave
                                           Sioux Falls, SD 57101                      Sioux Falls, SD 57103
                                           605-333-9810 – Work                        605-371-8951 – Home
                                           605-334-6855 – Home              

Greater Chicago                            Amy O’Rorke                                Walter P. Swiantek
August, 1985                               GAB Robins North America                   c/o Crum & Forster Insurance
                                           120 S. riverside Plaza                     P.O. Box 3713
                                           Chicago, IL 60606                          Oak Brook, IL 60522-3713
                                           312-454-9200 – Work                        312-596-6670 – Work

Heart of America                                                                      Neil Farquhar
November, 1906                                                                        S - 65
                                                                                      Lake Latawana, MO 64086
                                                                                      816-836-1420 - Work
                                                                                      816-578-4243 - Home

Indiana                                    Howard Myers                               Louise Sparks
December, 1906                             PO Box 36158                               7799 Golden Pond Court
                                           Indianapolis, IN 46236-9998                Indianapolis, IN 46278
                                           317-748-3995– Phone                        765-252-3007 – Work
                                                         317-852-0703 – Home

Michigan                                   David Kosdrosky                            Richard P. Chenard
November, 1906                             3380 W 11 Mile Road                        1135 Paradise Lake SE
                                           Berkley, MI 48072                          Grand Rapids, MI 49546-3862
                                           248-545-1130 – Work                        616-676-1960 - Home

Minnesota                                  Robert Raymo                               James Ordner
July, 1906                                 c/o Robert A Schneider Agency              P.O. Box 29035
                                           5620 Smetana Dr. Suite 350                 Brooklyn Center, MN 55429
                                           Minnetonka, MN 55343-9611                  763-535-3797 – Phone
                                           952-938-0655 – Phone                       763-504-0150 – Fax
                                           952-938-0701 –Fax                

Nebraska                                                                              Monty Hoyle
June, 1907                                                                            June, 190716 Hillsdale Drive
                                                                                      Council Bluffs, IA 51503

Peace Garden                                                                          Steven Lamb
June 16, 1955                                                                         American Family Insurance
                                                                                      PO Box 966
                                                                                      Fargo, ND 58107
                                                                                      701-280-1100 – Work

St. Joe Valley                             Stacy Thoma                                Norma Garner
November 25, 1957                          1706 W 6th                                 2273 W 1650 S
                                           Mishawaka, IN 46544                        Hanna, IN 46340
                                           574-256-1886 – Work                        219-797-2063 – Work
                                           574-250-2158 – Home                        219-575-1739 – Home

St. Louis                                Jane herman Schultz                   Harold Faith
October 4, 1916                          Herman Engineering                    108 Rightfield Dr.
                                         PO Box Hwy K 3023                     O’Fallon, MO 63366
                                         O’Fallon, MO 63366                    636-379-9201 – Home
                                         877-966-5798 – Work                   636-379-9201 – Fax
                                         636-281-3666 – Home         

Wisconsin Home Nest                      Richard Grant                         Timothy T. Seider
June 19, 1906                            10700 West Howard Ave.                12253 W. Morgan Oak Drive
                                         Greenfield, WI 53228                  Greenfield, WI 53228
                                         414-321-1715 – Work                   414-329-5200 – Work
                                         414-422-0433 – Home                   414-321-6101 – Home

                                                                   SOUTHERN REGION
D.M.L.G.G. at Large: Linda Meik, P,O. Box 3470 Grapevine, TX 76099
         Phone: 214-765-8475,

D.M.L.G.G. Don Greeno, 310 Brentford Ct., Louisville, KY 40243
         Phone: 502-245-7831,

D.M.L.G.G. Fred D. Combs, P.O. Box 633, Marrero, LA 70073
         Phone: 504-347-2025,

Pond and
Year Chartered                           Most Loyal Gander                     Wielder of the Goose Quill

Alabama                                  Estelle Smith                         Estelle Smith
December, 1908                           PO Box 647                            PO Box 647
                                         Calera, AL 35040                      Calera, AL 35040
                                         205-324-0406 – Work                   205-324-0406 – Work

Florida                                  Kara Benson                           Gary M. Benson
April, 1908                              12023 Tuscany Bay Dr. Apt. 202        1856 Cameo Way
                                         Tampa, FL 33626                       Clearwater, FL 33756
                                         813-299-5025 – Phone                  727-934-5751 – Work
                                                                               727-417-7915 – Home

Georgia                                  Tom Santamorena                       Teresa McCraw
1907                                     1750 Old Spring House Ln. #205        9610 River Lake Dr.
                                         Atlanta, GA 30338                     Roswell, GA 30075
                                         770-949-7619 – Work                   678-277-9600 – Home

Kentucky                                 Robert Davis                          Bruce Bolton, PMLGG
May, 1907                                PO Box 222414                         200 Cherry Hill Rd.
                                         Louisville, KY 40252                  Pewee Valley, KY 40056
                                                                               502-241-4296 – Home

Louisiana                                Joyanne Masanz                        Frederick D. Combs
December, 1907                           1116 Hudson Street                    c/o Westbank Insurance Adjusters
                                         Kenner, LA 70122                      P.O. Box 633
                                         504-836-9600 – Phone                  Marrero, LA 70073
                                                 504-347-2025 – Work
                                                                               504-347-4735 – Home
                                                                               504-347-0437 - Fax

North Carolina                           Richard B Telfair, Jr.                William D. Lanier
May, 1907                                3406 Cherry Lane                      1204 Collington Drive
                                         Raleigh, NC 27607                     Cary, NC 27511
                                         919-787-6202 - Home                   919-467-3732 – Phone

Oklahoma                                 Bill Hawk                             Jim Ware
November, 1907                           11908 Maple Ridge Road                6124 Covington Ln.
                                         Oklahoma City, OK 73120               Oklahoma City, OK 73132
                                         405-943-4300 – Work                   405-528-3565 – Work
                                         405-755-1007 – Home                   405-721-9345 – Home

Tennessee                                John Eubank                           Stanton W. Gunnells Jr.
August, 1915                             408 Page Rd.                          109 Forrest Dr.
                                         Nashville, TN 37025                   Franklin, TN 37064
                                         615-383-5443 – Home                   615-794-2177 – Home

Texas                                      Kevin R. Lutzke                            Linda Meik
January 31, 1907                           Marsh USA, Inc.                            P.O. Box 3470
                                           4400 Bank One Center,                      Grapevine, TX 76099-3470
                                           1717 Main Street                           214-765-8475 – Work
                                           Dallas, TX 75201-7257                      817-329-8484 – Home
                                           214-303-8515 – Work              

Virginia                                   Mattie Worrix                              Mary Kay Marchetti
May, 1907                                  2540 Grassy Knoll Lane                     8919 Browner Dr.
                                           Richmond, VA 23236                         Richmond, VA23229
                                           804-675-2161 – Work                        804-237-7334 – Work
                                           804-745-5247 – Home                        804-741-7811 – Home

                                                                      CANADIAN REGION

DMLGG for Western Region: Peter Sloman, 1235 Haywood Ave., West Vancouver, BC, V7T 1V2,
        Phone: 1-604-922-6709

DMLGG for Central Region: Jacques Cuierrier, c/o Cuierrier & Associates Inc., 955, Boul. Des Seigneurs,
        Bureau 27, Terrebonne, Que., J6W 3W5, Work: 450-964-9394, Cell: 514-231-0404,
        Fax: 450-964-4882

DMLGG for Eastern Region: Henry Murphy, P.O. Box 869, Suite 300, 777 Rue Main St., Moncton, NB, E1C 8N6
       Phone: 506-856-8560

DMLGG for Region: Art Lemaistre, C/O Crawford Adjusters Canada 300 3115 12th St. NE Calgary AB T2E 7J2
        Phone: 403-253-2909

DMLGG for Region: Max Brugger, c/o Miller and Associates. 112-7181 Woodbine Ave. Markham Ontario L3R 1A3
        Phone: 905-640-6351

Pond and
Year Chartered                             Most loyal Gander                          Wielder of the Goose Quill

Alberta                                    Tim Hauck                                  Art LeMaistre
November 19, 1916                          B31 - 6020 2nd Street SE                   c/o Crawford Adjusters Canada Inc.
                                           Calgary, AB T2H 2L8                        300, 3115 – 12 St NE
                                           777-0010 – Work                            Calgary, AB T2E 7J2
                                           256-0044 – Home                            403-717-5207 – Work

British Columbia                           William Cook                               Steve Holotuk
March 3, 1917                              4603 – 64th Street                         #13 - 8921 - 117A Street
                                           Delta, B.C. V4K 3M2                        Delta, BC V4C 8C1
                                           604-432-1123 – Work                        604-596-4458 – Home
                                           604-940-2084 – Home              

Edmonton                                   Mark Robertson                             R. E. Thompson
July 1, 1953                               McIntyre Agencies Ltd                      4719 Malmo Rd.
                                           10630-178 St .                             Edmonton, AB T6H 4L7
                                           Edmonton, AB T5S 1H4                       780-434-4329 – Phone
                                           780-451-5662 – Work              
                                           780-435-4274 – Home

Manitoba                                   Duane Galston                              Denis Brown
May 12, 1915                               c/o Wawanesa Mutual Insurance              c/o AON Reed Stenhouse Inc.
                                           191 Broadway                               1800 - One Lombard Place
                                           Winnipeg, MB R3C 3P1                       Winnipeg, MB R3B 2A3
                                              – e-mail

New Brunswick                                                                         John Connors
February, 1973                                                                        c/o Citadel Assurance, Place 400
                                                                                      400 Main St., Suite 2094
                                                                                      St. John, NB E2K 4N5
                                                                                      506-636-9523 – Work
                                                                                      506-639-3480 – Fax

Nova Scotia                                Keith Barrie                               John C. Bishop, PMLGG
March 15, 1955                             PO Box 2742, DEPS                          2809 George Dauphinee Avenue
                                           Dartmouth, NS B2W 4R4                      Halifax, NS B3L 3S7
                                           902-435-4499 – Home                        902-455-6332 – Phone

Ontario                                  Jennifer Maloney                         Max Brugger
June, 1908                               24 Mississauga Rd Unit C                 7181 Woodbine Ave. Ste 107
                                         Mississauga, ON L5H 2H6                  Markham, ON L3R 1A3
                                         416-318- 4259 – Phone                    905-470-0899 ext. 225 – Phone

Quebec                                   Sylvie St-Amour                          Carol Bélanger
May, 1914                                991 Bourl. Du Seminaire Nord             Remise ‘A Neuf Claude Boileau Lt’ee
                                         Nesbitt Burns                            8570 Boul Pascal -Gagnon
                                         St-Jean-Sur-Richeueu, QB J3A 1K1         St. Leonard, QB H1P 1Y9
                                         450-349-5593 - Work                      514-321-4933 – Work
                                         450-348-8806 – Home                      450-654-1598 – Home

Regina                                   Colin Prost                              Cas Pielak
September 1, 1958                        1809 McDonald St                         1312 Lorne Street
                                         Regina, SK S4N 7A2                       Regina, SK S4R 2K1
                                         306-535-1730 – Work                      306-525-5886 - Work
                                         306-729-2622 – Home                      306-761-0276 – Home

Saskatchewan                             David Bishop                             Philip Gonie
July 1, 1954                             1604 Hilliard St E                       3329 Caen St
                                         Saskatoon, Sask S7J 0G4                  Saskatoon, Sask S7M 3P3
                                         306-280-9858 – Work                      306-934-3788 – Work
                                             306-384-4575 – Home

Thunder Bay                                                                       Chris Holland, PMLG
August, 1980                                                                      Eryou Barristers
                                                                                  McVicar Manor, 2nd Floor
                                                                                  131 N. Court Street
                                                                                  Thunder Bay, ON P7A 4V1
                                                                                  807-346-9226 - Phone

                                                                   WESTERN REGION
D.M.L.G.G. for NW/SW Area: MLG Dick Kobylk, 916 116th St. SW, Everett, WA 98204
         Work: 206-363-1110, Home: 425-355-4169

D.M.L.G.G. for Northern California: Mary Moore Campagna, c/o Northwest Insurance Agency, 418 B Street , Santa Rosa, CA 95401
         Work 707-360-4161,

D.M.L.G.G. for Southern California: PMLG Ben Turner, 2100 Duxbury Circle, Los Angles CA 90034
         Phone: 310-559-4242

Pond and
Year Chartered                           Most Loyal Gander                                   Wielder of the Goose Quill

Arizona                                  Roger W. Shields, PMLG                              Jack Trimble
November 28, 1931                        1110 E. Palmaire                                    P.O. Box 10236
                                         Phoenix, AZ 85020                                   Phoenix, AZ 85064
                                         602-395-9111 – Work                                 602-298-0158 – Home
                                         602-944-1734 – Home                       

Colorado                                 Rhonda May                                          Carol Kats
February, 1908                           659 S. Zenon Ct.                                    1885 S., Emerson
                                         Lakewood, CO 80228                                  Denver, CO 80210
                                         720-873-9322 – Work                                 303-388-5688 – Work

Oregon                                   Barb Casey                                          Mike Meadows
November, 1911                           315 SE 7th Ave.                                     8258 SW Lori Way
                                         Portland, OR 97214                                  Beaverton, OR 97007
                                         503-234-0509 – Work                                 503-736-7802 – Work
                                         503-246-6714 – Home                       

San Diego                                Dale Swan                                           Bruce Rosenblatt
July 1, 1954                             10210 Corte Tierra Baja                             2221 Las Palmas Dr., Suite F
                                         La Mesa, CA 91941                                   Carlsbad, CA 92009
                                         619-464-8505 – Work                                 760-505-1551 – Work
                                         619-660-6659 – Home                                 858-270-3096 – Home

Seattle                                 Richard J. Kobylk                               Marylyn Graham
July 14, 1922                           11027 Meridian Ave. N, #103                     2718 Nob Hill Ave N
                                        Seattle, WA 98133                               Seattle, WA 98109
                                        206-363-1110 – Work                             206-282-5227 – Home

Utah                                    John Paris                                      Arnold W. Bradshaw
July 26, 1914                           7015 west 2500 S.                               150 E. 600 North #4
                                        West Valley City, UT 84128                      Kaysville, UT 84037
                                        1-801-250-6743 – Phone                          801-544-1577 – Phone

                                                                   EASTERN REGION

DMLGG AT LARGE: Bill Olsen 10090 Dudley Drive, Ijamsville, MD 21754
       Home: 301-607-6255, Work: 240-994-8642

DMLGG: Dan Rich, 25 Minister Brook Drive, Simsbury, CT 06070,
       Home: 860-651-5450, Work: 203-634-8300

DMLGG: Michael Nardulli, 900 South Country Rd. Ballport, NY 11713
       Work: 516-294-7200 Ext. 12 Home: 631-286-5510

Pond and
Year Chartered                          Most Loyal Gander                               Wielder of the Goose Quill

Bay State                               Michael Crowley                                 Sue Hubbard
August, 1976                            590 Washington St.                              45 Church Street
                                        Pembroke, MA 02359                              Auburn, MA 01501-2229
                                        781-826-7212 – Work                             508-832-7171 ext. 156 – Work
                                        508-699-0201 – Home                             508-832-8746 – Home

Garden State                            Arthur Weiss                                    Albert J. Soltis
July 1, 1953                            159 Ridgewood Way                               AJS Resources, Inc.
                                        Burlington, NJ 08016-4265                       PO Box 3191
                                        609-209-6007 – Phone                            Wayne, NJ 07474-3191
                                                        973-696-7777 – Work
                                                                                        973-696-0595 – Fax
                                                                                        973-460-3216 – Cell

Hartford                                Paula Pelletier                                 Edward A. Callo III
July 1, 1954                            132 St. Augustine Street                        c/o RECON International Inc.
                                        West Hartford, CT 06110                         755 Main Street
                                        203-645-6428 – Work                             Monroe, CT 06468
                                                             203-261-0056 – Work
                                                                                        203-926-1719 – Home

National Capital                        Norris Gearhart                                 Barry Snyder PMLGG
May 17, 1948                            B & G Restoration, LLC                          107 Chartsey Street
                                        18 West 3rd Street                              Upper Marlboro, MD 20774-1805
                                        Frederick, MD 21701                             301-249-9301 – Work
                                        301-246-9956 – Work                             301-249-6680 – Home
                                        301-682-5280 – Home                   

New York City                           Patrick Kennedy                                 Michael Nardulli
November, 1907                          55 Johnston Ave.                                900 South Country Rd.
                                        Kingston, NY                                    Ballport, NY 11713
                                        212-479-4131 – Work                             516-294-7200 Ext. 12 – Work
                                                       631-286-5510 - Home

Penn                                    Larry Chiechanowski                             William J. Wasekanes
1908                                    120 Olympic Ave.                                2203 Menlo Ave.
                                        Claymont, DL 19703                              Glenside, PA 19038
                                        610-834-1410 – Phone                            610-825-1800 – Work
                                                                                        215-887-2962 – Home
                                                                                        610-825-1820 – Fax

Westchester                             Thomas Avezzano                                 Lisa Kane
August, 1983                            All Pro Cleaning & Restoration Services. Inc.   1158 Salt Point Tpke.
                                        13 Haven Street                                 Pleasant Valley, NY 12569
                                        Elsmford, NY 10523                              845-635-1812 – Home
                                        914-592-2849 – Work                   

PAST MOST LOYAL GRAND GANDERS                    *1976 – Gordon Crowther, Hartford             1998 –     Marc Thurber
*1906 – Walter E. Atwater, Wisconsin Home Nest   *1977 – Stanley Spore, Texas                             6675, Place Beaubien
*1907 – Arthur F. Hegben, Wisconsin Home Nest    1978 –     G. E. Morgan                                  Montreal, QC H1M 3V9
*1908 – Geo. C. Main, Minnesota                             Sun Tower                                     Off. 450-671-3030 #210
*1909 – Geo. C. Main, Minnesota                             1550 Bedford Hwy, Ste 711                     Res. 514-672-7860
*1910 – Chas. H. Pescay, Louisiana                          Bedford, NS Canada B4A 1E6          
*1911 – Thomas H. Williams, California                      Off. 902-429-4560                  1999 –     Rex W. Clark
*1912 – Wm. T. Benallack, Michigan                          Res: 902-479-2076                             10738 9th Ave. N. W.
*1913 – Ed. E. Wells, Colorado                              Fax: 902-429-4567                             Seattle, WA 98177
*1914 – Frank G. Snyder, Kentucky                           Cell: 902-497-3721                            Res. 206-365-8275
*1915 – Fred W. Ransom, Ohio                                 
*1916 – J. Ross Stewart, Ontario                 *1979 –    Charles Palmerton, Seattle         2000 –     Barry L. Snyder
*1917 –    E.G. Carlisle, Illinois               *1980 –    Alfred Kregel, Jr., Long Island               107 Chartsey St.
*1918 – G.M. Wise, Missouri, Kansas              1981 –     Douglass G. Snyder, WHN                       Upper Marlboro, MD 20774-1805
*1919 – W.J. Sonnen, Illinois                               498 Druid Circle                              Res. 301-249-6680
*1920 – John A. Hanson, Minnesota                           Ormand Beach, FL 32176                        Fax. 301-249-9301
*1921 – E.D. Marr, Heart of America                         Res. 904-673-3390                   
*1922 – M.M. Hauxhurst, Michigan                 1982 –     King Luck                          2001 –     Charles L. Cramer
*1923 – W.P. Fess, Manitoba                                 1112 26th Street, South Apt. 614              22 Elm Ave.
*1924 – John F. Stafford, Illinois                          Birmingham, AL 35205                          Saint Louis, MO 63122
*1925 – W.E. Mallalieu, New York City                       Res. 205-956-0449                             Res. 314-822-1946
*1926 – H. Vem Myers, Iowa                       1983 –     Dennis N. Ellergodt
                                                                                               2002 –     Marvin P. Wilson, Jr.
*1927 – Wirt Leake, Texas                                   Need Current Address
                                                                                                          600 Lake Boone Trail
*1928 – T.L. Geragthy, Quebec                    1984 –     Robert J. Rice
                                                                                                          Raleigh, NC 27607
*1929 – J. Charles Harris, California                       1209 SW 29th Terr., #105
                                                                                                          Res: 919-787-4765
*1930 – D.L. McCoy, Dakota                                  Topeka, KS 66611
                                                                                                          Fax: 919-786-4312
*1931 – Henry L. Rose, Chesapeake                1985 –     David E. White                     2003 –     John C. Bishop
*1932 – Wm. F.C. Fellers, Florida                *1986 –    Lyle C. Johnson, Nebraska                     2809 George Dauphinee Ave.
*1933 – D.A. McKinley, Washington                1987 -     Phillip Jerry Simpson                         Halifax, NS Canada B3L 3S7
*1934 – L. H. Bridges, Nebraska                             P.O. Box 587                                  Res: 902-455-6332
*1935 – Samuel A. Mehorter, New York City                   Brandon, FL 33509-0587              
*1936 – T. Ray Phillips, Oklahoma                           Res. 813-626-4870                  2004 –     Dick Philippsen
*1937 – H.B. Leuty, British Columbia                                          988 Ironwood Rd.
*1938 – J. Clark Buchanan, California            1988 –     Gordon C. Crutcher                            Beaumont, CA 92223
*1939 – Ralph W. Hukill, Ohio                               15 Thornlea Road                              951-769-8690 – Home
*1940 – General J.R. Knowlan, Penn                          Thornhill, ON L3T 1X2               
*1941 – Ben S. McKeel, Carolinas                            Res. 905-731-8389                  2005 –     Gerald F. Hale
*1942 – Clifford J. Malcolm, Ontario                        Cell.416-606-2444                             85 Inverness Ct.
*1943 – H.A. Reynolds, Colorado                             Fax. 905-709-0764                             Cheshire, CT 06410
*1944 – H.A. Reynolds, Colorado                                               Off: 203-371-5700
*1945 – Thomas G. Linnell, Minnesota             *1989 – Harry M. Merrifield, California                  Res: 203-272-6479
*1946 – P.M. Winchester, New York City           1990 –     Tim Holland                                   Fax: 203-371-2058
*1947 – G.E. Edmondson, Florida                             P.O. Box 277                        
*1948 – E.J. Beauvais, Quebec                               Ayer, MA 01432                     2006-      Timothy T. Seider
*1949 – E.W. Trenbath,              Seattle      1991 –     John T. Zeldam                                12253 W. Morgan Oak Drive
*1950 – J. Ray Hull, Indiana                                45815 Meadows Circle W.                       Greenfield, WI 53228
*1951 – Paul M. Fell, Penn                                  Macomb, MI 48044-3910                         Res: 414-321-6101
*1952 – Charles L. Beale, Texas                             Res. 586-247-5677                   
*1953 – S.L. Sterling, Manitoba                             Fax 586-247-1238
*1954 – John Henry Martin, California                           PAST GRAND WIELDERS OF THE
*1955 – A.B. Young, Heart of America             1992 –     Bruce B. Bolton                              GOOSE QUILL
*1956 – R.L. Wiseman, National Capital                      200 Cherry Hill Road
*1957 – Jules Simoneaux, Louisiana                          Pewee Valley, KY 40056             *1906-08   George heller
*1958 – R.L. Fenerty, Alberta                               Res. 502-241-4296                  *1908-10   Charles N. Silkworth
*1959 – Mark A. Wells, California                                *1910-11   Walter E. Atwater
*1960 – E.C. “Gene” Saulcy, Michigan             *1993 – Trevor E. Newitt, Edmonton            *1911-12   C. C. Clark
*1961 – Robert F. Stumpf, New York City          1994 –     Clifford C. Needham                *1912-14   Rudolph H. Wieben
*1962 – W.G. Stephens, Jr., Georgia                         10880 S. W. Davies Road            *1914-16   Bernard A. Lehnberg
*1963 – Frank G. Chandler, Ontario                          Apt. 113                           *1916-31   Paul A. Rudd
*1964 – Lester L. Large, Oregon                             Beaverton, OR 97008                *1931-37   Charles P. Helliwell
*1965 – Earl S. Hannan, St. Louis                           Res: 503-521-3175                  *1937-51   Richard Kenzal
*1966 – K.S. Carmody, Chesapeake                              *1951-61   Henry L. Mauritson
*1967 – Geo. H. Brussel, Florida                 1995 –     Christopher J. Reith                1961-62   David Armitage
*1968 – Harry Cutler, British Columbia                      1107 Boneset Dr.                    1962-88   J. B. Gravenstine
*1969 – Frank Hunter, Arizona                               Crystal Lake, IL 60014                        1000 Rafael Blvd. N.E. #2
                                                            Bus. 847-605-3628                             St. Petersburg, FL 33704
*1970 – Howard Dobbs, Ohio
                                                            Res. 815-455-2522                             Res: 727-894-0751
1971 –     Joseph W. Knowlan
                                                            Fax 847-401-5049
           393 Covered Bridge Rd.
           King of Prussia, PA 19406
                                                 1996 –     Larry Lewer
           Res. 610-265-2543
                                                            11 Forest Hill Ct.
*1972 – Browne B. Bolton, Kentucky                          Fairfield Glade, TN 38558
*1973 – A.J. MacDonald, Quebec                              Tel. 931-707-8354
*1974 – Roland G. Lett, Utah                      
1975 –     Ivar H. Awes                          1997 –     George Harwood
           6405 Colony Way                                  8349 Dunham Station Drive
           Edina, MN 55435                                  Tampa, FL 33647-3387
           Res. 952-926-4567                                Res. 770-993-0289
           Fax 952-925-1034                       


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