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					                                             N EWSY LETTER

                                                                                      ntario U                                       CW
                                                                anitoba Northwestern O
                           Conference of

                                                                    Summer 2008

  U . C . W. “ R ally                      for          P eace ”          in      P inawa
Well, the Conference UCW          even putting together a choir
Rally 2008 has come and           for Sunday’s Worship. And             Found:     a copy of More
gone, and the overwhelm-          what a perfect ‘peaceful’             Voices with no name inside;
ing response was positive!        setting on the Winnipeg               please let me know if you left            Inside this issue:
                                  River with the natural beauty         your copy at the Wilderness
Anne Martin was the Theme                                               Edge. Our Sunday offering
                                  of flora and fauna (the wild
Presenter, and her message                                              of $446.25 went to the UCC
                                  deer roam freely through                                                  Rally for Peace              Cover
was timely. Before we can                                               “United for Peace Campaign”
                                  town). The theme scripture
expect peace in the world,                                              and the $771.00 taken in            23rd Psalm for Women         Cover
                                  was Matthew 5:9 “ lessed
our communities, and our                                                from our Silent Auction was
                                  are the peacemakers: for                                                  Rally for Peace (cont.)       2
families, we must find peace                                            sent to the Dr. Jessie
                                  they shall be called the
within ourselves.                                                       Saulteaux      Centre      in
                                  children of God.”                                                         United for Peace Camp.        2
Our Worship Leaders were                                                Beausejour, MB.
                                  We were also honoured to                                                  President’s Message           3
the Rev. Dr. Eleanor Geib                                               We had a very busy week-
                                  have our National UCW
and the Rev. Teresa Moysey,                                             end, with all the Theme             News from Assiniboine S.      3
                                  President, Sandra Dunning
and they conducted four                                                 presentations, Worship
                                  from Maple Ridge, BC, with                                                Assiniboine S. (cont.)        4
Worship Services based on                                               Services, Workshops, Music
                                  us for the weekend, to bring
“Peace is …” including the                                              and Singing. Also Books, etc.
                                  us Greetings from National,                                               UCW Cuba Trip                 4
Sacrament of Holy Commun-                                               to buy from UCRD, Audio
                                  and to lead a workshop.
ion on Sunday morning. We                                               and Visuals to borrow from          Wpg. Women Connect            5
                                  There were 61 women in
learned several new hymns                                               AVEL, pins for purchase in
                                  attendance:      22    from                                               Editor’s Epistle              5
from More Voices, as well as                                            support of Alpha House,
                                  Winnipeg, 7 from Dryden,
singing our favourites from                                             Embracing the Winds of              Readers’ Comments             5
                                  4 - Hamiota, 4 - Pinawa,
Voices United and the                                                   Change book by Jean Janick,
                                  2 - Boissevain, 2 – Roland,
theme hymn “I’ve Got Peace                                              and the Scott Woods Concert
                                  2 - Oak Lake, and 2 from
like a River.” Roberta Stone,                                           on Saturday evening.
                                  MacGregor. The rest of the
from MacGregor, led us in
                                  women were from various               (continued on page 2)
glorious music and song,
                                  towns in our Conference.                                                    Deadline for submissions
                                                                                                              to the next Issue:
                  Twenty-third Psalm for Women                                                                October 15th Send info.
                                                                                                              to Newsletter Editor:
                                                                                                              Shirley May,
                                  Yes, though I walk through a          hand. You smooth my wrinkled          659 Borebank St.,
The Lord is my Peace. I shall
                                  time of grave uncertainties and       brow. Surely serenity and trust       Winnipeg, MB R3N 1G1
not live in anxiety. He puts me
under His wings of comfort and    fierce anxieties, I will not fret –   in You shall fill me all the days     or e-mail to:
                                  for You are my Peace.                 of my life. And I shall keep my
calms my spirit within me.                                                                          
                                  Your Word and Your presence           mind stayed on You forever.
He takes all my anxieties on
                                  calm me now. You hold my un-          Judy Booth,
Himself and helps me to focus
                                  certainties in the palm of Your       Calm My Anxious Heart
on Him.
Summer 2008                                                                                                                     PAGE 2

 U.C.W. “ R ally f o r P e a c e ”                                           in       P inawa          (continued from page 1)

One of the suggestions from the                peace in Israel and Palestine. This trip,        taught, healed, lived and died and lived
Evaluation Sheets was that we plan             “to the land where Jesus walked,                 again” took place between March 24
more “Free Time” for future                                                                              and April 3, 2007.       These
events. Thank you for filling                                                                            timely readings about Peace in
out the Evaluation Sheets; this                                                                          the Holy Land were inter-
is a great help for us in plan-                                                                          spersed between the theme
ning our June 2010 Rally. Our                                                                            and worship times.
meals and snacks were simply
                                                                                                          If any of you are interested in
scrumptious!       And many                                                                               reading David’s blogs, just go
thanks to the women of
                                                                                                          onto the UCC website
Dryden for providing the                                                                         and
cookies, etc. for our daytime                                                                             go to “Moderator’s Blog” or
nutrition breaks; thanks also to
                                                                                                          put in David Giuliano’s name
McCains for supplying all the                                                                             in the “Search” box.
juice boxes.
                                                                                                          Copies of this group photo
Many of you remarked how                                                                                  should soon be posted on the
much you enjoyed hearing
                                                                                                          Wilderness Edge Conference
excerpts from our Moderator,                                                                              Centre website.       Go to:
Rt. Rev. David Giuliano’s blog                                                                  ,
“Looking for Jesus in Israel-
                                                                                                          then to ‘Picture Gallery’ and
Palestine,” of 10 days travel-                                                                            ‘Group Photos’ You should be
ling and visiting our global
                                                                                                          able to copy the photo from
partners who are working for                                                                              there. Good luck!
                                                     Conference UCW Rally June 2008

                                         United for Peace Campaign
                     You are invited….          the Annunciation, reported to have              oppressed, frustrated, longing for
                    As a community of           been built on Mary’s family home.               justice, and confused — a donkey!?! - at
                    faith, we are called        Down below the sanctuary, in a grotto,          festival time. They came to confront the
                    to participate to-          is an altar, and beneath it, a marble           religious and political authorities of their
                    gether with others          plaque that translated from Latin reads:        day. The heavily armed soldiers and
in the struggle for the right to a just         ‘Here, the Word of God became Flesh.’           police along our route to the ancient
peace with dignity for all God’s people.        Paul, our guide, knelt, kissed the stone,       ‘Lions Gate’ only added to the historical
The United Church of Canada is com-             and crossed himself. What else can one          authenticity of the commemoration. I
mitted to pursuing peace. One expres-           do when the Word becomes flesh — in             am inspired by the courage those first
sion of this commitment is the United           a simple conversation in a dark street or       disciples must have had, to follow this
for Peace Campaign.                             when fear is healed, or when your life is       man on a donkey, not knowing where
                                                saved by someone you hate, or when              it would lead or how it might end. I am
For more information including                  scripture touches something unspeak-            encouraged by Palestinians who today
worship, educational, and fundraising           able within, or sleep comes, or the sun         were able to wave a palm branch, to
resources check the United Church               rises and sets — what else could one            sing, dance, drum, strum, and cry,
website at;                do? What else is there, than to kneel           ‘Hallelujah, blessed is the one who or call 1-800-           and kiss the earth?” Day 8: “...Holy            comes in the name of the Lord!’” Day
268-3781.                                       Week is the only time when Palestinians         10: “...flying home I am vowing to pray
Here are some excerpts from David’s             can get permits to be in Jerusalem. It          for Israel. I will pray for Palestinians
blog. Day 1: “...tired and worn out by          was an honour to walk with them.                who live daily with the grinding realities
the absurdity, cruelty, and defiance of         Jesus’ disciples, it seems to me, entered       of the occupation. I will pray for Israelis
this contrast between ‘the Holy Land’           the city under similar conditions to            and for the fear that has become so
and the unholy realities of it. What is         those faced by Palestinians in Israel-          deeply entrenched in them by the
stunning to me is just how hope-                                                                       events of history. I will especially
ful our hosts seem.” Day 2: “It is                                                                     be praying for the young people
remarkable, to me, that after such                                                                     for they are the most vulnerable
                                      I encountered Jesus crucified and risen, among wounded and       in this culture that teaches them
a difficult day, I am feeling not
only tired and sad and angry, but     hopeful people ~ both Israeli and Palestinian ~ in laughter      that the stranger is to be feared
also hopeful.” Day 5: “In Naz-                                                                         and that the world is a violent
areth, we visited the Church of
                                         and tears, dreams and hard truths. Thanks be to God!          and dangerous place.”
Summer 2008                                                                                                               PAGE 3

                     President’s Message                                              by Shirley May

Summer is almost over and I hope that         Something about me: I was born and            fellowship, study, and leadership
all of you had a pleasant season of           raised in Winnipeg, am married with four      development; and to maintain close
visiting with family and friends. Some of     children, have 10 grandchildren, and one      ties with all Conference and General
us who summer in cottage country are          great grandchild. I have attended Harrow      Council working units. Let us know
enjoying a reprieve from the cityscape.       U. C. in Winnipeg all my life, and been       your joys and celebrations, your trials
But, wherever we live in our vastly           involved in UCW since the late 1960’s         and tribulations, and maybe we can
diverse Conference landscape, we are          when my children were small. I have a         put our heads together for some
truly blessed.                                cottage at Redditt, ON (25 km NE of           resolution.
                                              Kenora) where I have spent most of my
Many of you know me as the News-                                                            Connie and I will be attending our first
                                              Summers since childhood. My paternal
letter Editor; well, for the next two years                                                 National UCW Presidents and Vice-
                                              grandmother was born in Rat Portage, so I
I have the honour of representing the                                                       Presidents of Conferences meeting
                                              have a natural kinship with Northwestern
Conference of Manitoba Northwestern                                                         together in South River, ON which is
                                              Ontario. Some of you may not know that
Ontario UCW as your President. I will                                                       North of Toronto and will run from
be relying heavily on the knowledge           Kenora is an amalgamation of Ke ewatin,       September 17–21, 2008. We will have
and experience of our Past President,         No rman, and Ra t Portage.                    a report of that meeting in the next
Jean Hutchings, to guide me through           Enough about me; how about you and            Newsletter.
the various steps of responsibility. Jean     your UCW’s?!? Please let us know how          Jean has always done such a fabulous
is truly a gem, and I love her.               and what your groups are doing, and in        job of writing reports on all the
I am so happy that Connie Waito, of           what way we can serve you. As stated in       meetings she has attended or chaired
Minitonas, MB has accepted the                the UCW Guidelines book, the Purpose of       that I will have a real challenge to keep
position of Vice President; it is wonder-     the Conference UCW is: to strengthen and      up with passing on UCW information
ful to have a young woman with fresh          support the Presbyterial UCW and other        in the same timely manner, but I will
new ideas assuming a leadership role.         groups where desired; to provide an           do my best. Shalom.
Thank you Connie!                             opportunity for spiritual growth, Christian

                      NEWS FROM ASSINIBOINE SOUTH                                              by Pat Agar

                                               where we got the only empty table in         peaceful one. She tried to feed only
Assiniboine South has 18 active UCW’s          the place. We arrived at Pinawa, about       the peaceful one. We can make this
with a current membership of 384.
                                               4 pm, got settled in our rooms and had       choice.
An error was made in the last total;           time for a sleep before a delicious cold
my apologies for the mistake. The                                                           Shirley May, Conference president, had
                                               supper at five. After supper we enjoyed
memberships are: Alexander 13,                                                              taken David Gulianio’s journaling while
                                               a singsong led by Roberta Stone.
Boissevain 30, Central United - Brandon                                                     in the Holy Land, off the internet and
                                               Margaret Elder and I were in charge of
77, Chapel Fellowship - Brandon 15,                                                         she gave us short descriptions of many
                                               the silent auction and we were
Cromer-Hargrave 5, Deloraine 25, Elgin                                                      moving incidents. Conference past-
                                               delighted to find a long table covered
10, Elkhorn 12, Hargrave 8, Hartney-                                                        president Jean Hutchings and National
                                               with many lovely items (about 36 in all)
Lauder 12, Killarney 33, Knox United -                                                      president Sandra Dunning, both spoke
                                               donated. The proceeds of $771.00,
Brandon 13, Lyleton 7, Pierson 5, Souris                                                    of their time in office and of the many
                                               went to the Dr. Jessie Salteaux Center.
48, Trinity - Brandon 42, Wawanesa 17,                                                      varied experiences both had to meet
Wawanesa-Brandon Hills 12.                     Anne Martin, from National Women’s           with during their terms.
                                               Ministries, was theme speaker and the
Closed: Goodlands, Melita, Virden.                                                          (continued on page 4)
                                               theme was “Peace is…” She had divided
The UCW highlight since last reporting is      her presentations into four parts. To find   Jean & Shirley in Newfoundland last July
the rally at Pinawa, June 13 – 15. Lois        inner peace, she told us, we must learn
Thomas from Hartney and myself set out         not to react to the turmoil around us.
about 9:45 Friday morning. We picked           One Grandmother had expressed it this
up Roberta Stone at MacGregor, then            way. She often felt that she had two
continued on to Nick’s Inn for lunch,          wolves within her; a violent one and a

                            The Road to Success is not straight:
  There is a curve called failure, a loop called confusion, speed bumps called friends,
             caution lights called family, and you will have flats called jobs.
      But, if you have a spare called determination, an engine called perseverance,
insurance called faith, and a driver called God, you will make it to a place called success!
Summer 2008                                                                                                                        PAGE 4

ASSINIBOINE SOUTH                   (cont. )         Christian Institute for Gender Studies Exchange
                                                       Matanzas, Cuba                            October 24 - November 2, 2008
Several workshops were available during
the afternoon. My first one was making a          In 2004 the Cuban Council of Churches            begun reaching out to the wider
quilt block. We were each given a pattern         accepted under its umbrella a new                community. Support for the elderly, for
to trace, and then we had to heat and             organization called The Christian Institute      hospitals and schools are provided by the
bond it on to a blue quilt block. The             for Gender Studies (ICEG).                       work of these women’s groups in a situa-
squares were then collected and will be                                                            tion far different than ours in Canada.
                                                  ICEG is a biblical-theological center that
made up into a wall hanging, depicting            has the mission of creating spaces for           A visit between members of the UCW and
“Peace”.                                          reflection, training and exchanges on            women involved at every level of the
                                                  gender relation issues in Cuba, Latin            Institute could provide rich opportunities
Conflict Resolutions, led by Linda Trono,
                                                  America and the Caribbean. Its main              for learning. As women who daily face
was the theme of my second workshop.              objective is to increase the socio-              challenges in family, church and commu-
She opened by displaying a picture of an          theological level, the participation of          nity, as women who struggle to under-
iceberg, which showed both the visible            women and men in the debates on                  stand and live out their changing roles in
and invisible parts of conflict. Often much       gender typical of Latin American                 society, as women of faith whose lives and
is going on that we aren’t aware of.              communities. With this objective in mind,        work shape faith we have much to learn
Conflict does not mean failure. It can            the center promotes education from an            from each other.
provide opportunities for growth.                 ecumenical gender perspective so as to
                                                                                                   As Canadian women who also struggle to
Saturday night many of us took in the Scott       integrate all the sisters and brothers           live faithfully in a context of plenty when
Woods show. It was held in the school             committed to the work of the churches            the majority world lives in a context of
                                                  and the community.
auditorium, which was nearby. A family                                                             scarcity, the opportunity to share with our
group, they perform for churches and              ICEG encourages interdisciplinary,               Cuban sisters offers the possibility of
other charitable functions, with half of the      popular and ecumenical work in Bible             life-changing learning.
proceeds going to charity. The perform-           and theology with a gender-based
                                                  approach. It strives to strengthen the           So far we have received 5 applications
ance was excellent.
                                                  education of women and men encourag-             - one from Hamilton Conference,
Jean Janick had her book, “Winds of               ing a lively questioning of their realities,     2 from Toronto, 1 from Manitoba &
Change” for sale. I bought a copy, which          their experience and their daily pastoral        NW Ontario, and 1 from Manitou.
brought back many memories of farm life           work based on new theological ideas.             There is still time to apply so please
in the thirties and forties.                                                                       encourage anyone who has shown
                                                  ICEG joins with regional ecumenical
We enjoyed several lively musical sessions        processes to analysis current ecclesiastical     any interest to do so and let others
with Director Roberta Stone. She also led         reality. It creates spaces for listening to      know about it.
the choir for the Sunday Communion                the life stories of people affected by           If you have any questions, please do
service.                                          violence in inter-personal relationships so
                                                  as to articulate the demands for peace           not hesitate to contact me. Blessings,
All in all it was a great event, with delicious                                                    Anne Martin, Spiritual Formation &
                                                  that today constitute a call in the social
meals, a beautiful setting beside the broad                                                        Small Group Ministries Congrega-
                                                  forums of Cuba.
Winnipeg river, meetings with friends from                                                         tional, Educational and Community
previous sessions, and great accommoda-           Led by Cuban feminist theologian Ofelia
                                                  Ortega, the Institute works with former          Ministries416-231-7680 ext 4023
tions. We were sorry that Lorna Barclay                                                  
was unable to attend, due to health               students of the Evangelical Theological
concerns.                                         Seminary to further the work and role of         Congratulations to Alicia Kitt from
                                                  women in the church and in the                   Dryden, the perfect person to be our
Back at Trinity, our own UCW has been             community. Most often this involves work
busy assisting with two farewell events for                                                        representative from the Conference of
                                                  with women of local congregations as
Rev. John Nesbitt and his wife Jane.              they come together to analyze the                Manitoba Northwestern Ontario UCW
John is our beloved minister of 17 years          situations of their families, their churches     for the Cuba trip. We are so happy
and he will be sadly missed, but we wish          and their communities. Together they             she was chosen. Please read Alicia’s
them both the best in their new venture in        develop a plan to address the needs as           note in the “Readers’ Comments” on
Smithfield, Rhode Island, USA. Jane will          they see them and in the process build           page 5.
be Assistant Professor of marketing at the        their own sense of self-esteem and ability
University there. They promise to come            to positively impact those around them.
back often to their cottage at Rock Lake.         The Institute develops workshops and
                                                  follow-up for each community as it
Happy and Peaceful Holidays to all.               pursues its own course of work.

Submitted by Pat Agar                             Not unlike the work of our own UCW
                                                  some of these women’s groups turn to
                                                  the production of traditional handcrafts
                                                  and through the production and sale
                                                  have not only responded to the needs of
                                                  their families but immediately have
Summer 2008                                                                                                              PAGE 5

                              Wi n n i p e g W o m e n C onnect
Winnipeg U nited C hurch W omen need         There are four Winnipeg women on the         We could have our first Get-together
to connect again. Many of the other          Conference UCW Executive, and we             this fall or winter at Harrow U.C.
Presbyteries have Presbyterials for the      feel it’s time we got together once          (corner of Mulvey Ave. and Harrow St.).
UCW’s in their area, but we are missing      again, maybe not as a Presbyterial, but      Please e-mail me at and
that connection.                             to meet occasionally, perhaps in a Rally     give me your thoughts on what you
                                             format.                                      and your group would like to do.
Unless we attend the Conference Rally
every two years, share the fellowship of                                                  Music, laughter, worship, guest speaker,
ThankOffering Services, or visit over                                                     program, special event, food and fun —
Bazaars or other special events, we                                                       whatever your groups want
don’t get to know each other, or what                                                     Let’s spend a day together and get to
other UCW groups are doing.                                                               know each other. If you don’t have
Perhaps the Newsletter helps, but it                                                      e-mail, you can phone me at 489-5182
doesn’t replace that face-to-face contact                                                 or send a note to Shirley May at
of meeting together occasionally to                                                       659 Borebank St., Winnipeg R3N 1G1.
share our celebrations and concerns.                                                      Hope to hear from some of you soon!!!!

                    Editor’s Epistle                                                  by Shirley May

Some of you that are receiving this          what you want to see and read about.         rewarding.     It is being constructed
Newsy Letter electronically, and are         We welcome all suggestions as to what        where part of our 105 year old log
able to open a PDF file, will notice the     you would like to see published in           cabin had been, and I am calling it the
new format. Lee at the Conference            future editions. We welcome and value        “Rock Walk Labyrinth” and it will be
office suggested that I try working with     your opinions!                               open for anyone to use. There are lots
the Publisher program which is part of                                                    of perennials, cedar, pine, spruce, birch,
                                             As you can see, I am a little late sending
Microsoft Office. But, if you have an                                                     poplar, etc. So, if any of you are out my
                                             this publication out; I have had a very
older version of Microsoft, you will only                                                 way at Redditt, ON, come by for a visit,
                                             busy summer.       For a while I was
be able to open the Word document.                                                        a cup of tea, and a meditative walk. My
                                             recuperating from surgery, then help-
(I am e-mailing both versions so you can                                                  number      there     is
                                             ing my daughter get her house ready to
choose which one to open). If you are                                                     (807) 225-2156.
                                             sell, as well as lots of time with my
receiving a hard copy, then you will also    grandchildren, and I am now building a       I hope you all have a
be receiving the new format.
                                                                 labyrinth at the lake.   peaceful    summer
Let me know                                                      This has been truly a    and autumn. The
how you like it,        “Proofread carefully to see if you       labour-of-love, and      next Newsletter will
and how we                                                       very      therapeutic;   be out following our
can    improve        any words out.” ~ Author unknown           hard physical work,      Conference      UCW
our Newsletters,                                                 but      immensely       meeting in October.

                                                                                          Dear all,
                                             Thanks Shirley,                                 I am so pleased to share with you
                                                                                          that I have been "accepted" to go with
                                                 I am back from the BC Conference
                                                                                          the UCW delegation to Cuba represent-
                                             gathering of last week. Printing out
                                                                                          ing the MB/NWO Conference. I am
                                             your news letter is a joy and a labour       pleased and apprehensive!
                                             of love.
                                                                                             Thank you for your confidence in me.
                                                 I wish for more connection with
                                                                                          I pray I may not let you down! I have
                                             our group - but oh to get anything           searched God's plan for me, for us, in
                                             done....... have a blessed day.
                                                                                          this venture and I trust He will guide us
                                             Judy Foster (BC)                             through.        Blessings, Alicia Kitt