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Acupuncture And Fertility - An Alternative Treatment


									                                          Presented by Daniel Toriola

     A healthy pregnancy is very important because giving birth will no doubt be one of the most magical moments
        of your life and to ensure that your child is strong and happy, it is important you do all you can to have a
                                                     healthy pregnancy.
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                                  Acupuncture And Fertility - An Alternative Treatment
                                                   By Brian Winkels

   An alternative to "so-called" modern methods for the treatment of fertility is an ancient method of
healing - acupuncture. Of course, it's not a catch-all for couples that have been having problems
having a baby. For example: Acupuncture treatment for couples with structural issues (i.e. blocked
sperm or duct damaged fallopian tubes) are less likely to have success than couples with issues like
inconsistent ovulation.

Working Principle of Acupuncture

The interrelationship of exactly how fertility and acupuncture relate is still less than completely clear.
However, most acupuncture experts currently believe that acupuncture works by improving overall
body functions by increasing blood flow to the genital organs and balancing blood hormone levels. This
ability results in enhanced ovarian function in women and in men increased sperm production.

Invisible channels of energy run throughout the body, called chi, according to the traditional concept of
Chinese medicine. Also called meridians, if obstructed at any one point, these channels of energy
begin to build up in certain regions of the body or organs while other areas no longer get adequate
energy to properly function. To alleviate obstructions needles are placed on select spots. Modern
medical science is of the opinion that the use of needles helps to stimulate the nervous system and
triggers the release of chemicals within the muscles, spinal cord and brain. This results in the body
being put into a position to heal itself which is always the best method of healing.

Fertility in Women

Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that acupuncture is a good complementary form of
therapy in women who are undergoing other forms of fertility treatments. One take on the positive
relationship acupuncture generates in women is that it relieves the worry and stress they undergo while
being treated fertility.

In addition, it's been found that the success rate for women who are undergoing in-vitro fertilization is
higher if the treatment is accompanied with acupuncture treatment. Another positive aspect of has
been the ratio of ectopic (out of place) pregnancies and miscarriages has been found to be significantly
lower for women who underwent acupuncture treatment.

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

Higher Rates of Pregnancy and Acupuncture

The causal relationship between fertility and acupuncture has also been studied. One example has
been the number of pregnancies that were reported in women who were classified as hopeless by
medical doctors but as a last desperate hope in getting pregnant turned to the use of acupuncture
needles and actually got pregnant.

These studies have been challenged by the medical establishment who have argued that even without
acupuncture such women could have gotten pregnant by using biofeedback (i.e. changing their thought
patterns to positively influence their internal systems). While the opinion of the medical community
remains divided on the issue of acupuncture and fertility, because it has been proven to be a safe
procedure most doctors have no problem in giving their patients the go-ahead to give acupuncture a

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

                          Acupuncture And Fertility - The Best Treatment For Infertility?
                                                           By Peter Wellington

 Acupuncture has a long and glorious history in the Eastern world. Its been applied for centuries in the
treatment of an endless variety of ailments, diseases and conditions. From painful periods to the
common cold; from insomnia to hypertension; furthermore its application in fertility treatment is now
widely accepted as a viable opportunity for both male and female.

Is Fertility and Infertility Treatment A Recent Use For Acupuncture?

Well, the simple answer is no, it isn't. You see, Acupuncture treatments have been around for many
thousands of years and acupuncture and have been partners since the beginning of the therapy -
thousands of years, in fact.

Thankfully there are a great many couples that can stand and testify to the difference that acupuncture
made to their lives. For these people, for one reason or the other, the traditional methods of treatment
for infertility have proved unsuccessful.

You are right to think that many western medical professionals treat acupuncture for infertility with a
degree of scepticism and using acupuncture for fertility is often the final straw for couples that have
explored every other traditional avenue.

Can Acupuncture Really Make You More Fertile?

A person who is fit and healthy and has a personal sense of well-being and is in a good state of mind is
more likely to be fertile than a person who is feeling poorly, sick and depressed. Worrying over ones
fertility can make you even less fertile.

Not as such, but it does help you achieve an optimum state of health and wellbeing. Most
conventional doctors would agree that this is advisable to give you and your partner the best chance of

Essentially, acupuncture therapy is simply the use of tiny, fine needles inserted into the skin at points
on the body know as "meridian points". The amazing fact of this treatment is that it brings about a high
level of relaxation. It is the perfect de-stressor and is able to bring about a deep sense of relaxation -
perfect for raising the level of ones fertility.

Is Acupuncture the Final Solution to Infertility?

The therapy has long been a source of help to many couple but there is no single be-all-and-end-all
solution to infertility. Yet many women decide to have acupuncture treatments as well as conventional
fertility treatments. They seek to optimise their chances of falling pregnant and to assist their natural
fertility in the best way they can.

The whole belief behind acupuncture is that the body is full of energy - called chi - which causes
problems if it does not flow correctly. The acupuncturist finds those points, which are causing stress
and disharmony, and treats them with the needles to restore the body's natural balance.

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

However, as with many alternative therapies; there is no exact, scientific data to prove its worth but
many desperate women, definitive proof isn't necessary.

Peter Wellington writes for, a website providing a comprehensive
archive of free information and guides on the ancient art of Chinese Acupuncture...

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