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									       North Ogden City                                                                            Volume 05-05
       May 2005                                                                                          Page 1

               505 East 2600 North                                COMMUNITY SERVICES DEPARTMENT
                    782-7211                                             2685 North 550 East
Letters, Calls, and E-mails                                                 North Ogden City
The Council Members and Mayor continue to welcome                           presents:
your input and attendance at council meetings. Meetings
are the 1st, 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month at 5:30                     MOVIES IN THE PARK!
                                                             Mon.    June 6    Balto
Mayor Lynn Muirbrook                    782-5322 home                June 13   Stuart Little           940-1882                     June 20   Shrek
                                                                     June 27   Shrek 2
Council Member Ronald Flamm             782-3411                                            July 11 Road to El Dorado
                                                                     July 18 Andre
Council Member Martha Harris            782-3068                     July 25 Shakiest Gun in the West
                                                                     Aug 1     Sponge Bob
Council Member Richard Harris           782-5640                     Aug 8     Babe                                           Aug 15    Shark Tales
                                                                     Aug 22    Racing Stripes
Council Member Steven Huntsman          782-8108                                              Time: Dusk (about 8:45 p.m.)
                                                                       Location: Barker Park Amphitheater
Council Member Jed Musgrave             782-7712                           (950 East Barker Parkway)
                                                                         ** All family friendly movies
                                                                                  ** Snack bar
              CITY ADMINISTRATOR                                       ** Bring a blanket or folding chair
                    Rich Nelson                                   ** Rainouts will be re-scheduled for Fridays
                    737-2200                                                   Questions??? Call
                                                                North Ogden Community Services Dept. 737-0587
                       This month I am spotlighting
                       Shelly Robison, Administrative                  NORTH VIEW SENIOR CENTER
                       Assistant to the City’s Public                       495 East 2600 North
                       Works Director. Shelly has been                            782-6211
                       with North Ogden City since the
                       fall of 1997. She was hired as the    Activities:
Utility Billing Clerk but was soon crossed-trained to        Magic Workout – Mon, Tues., Wed. &
cover Accounts Payable, Building Inspection, Business        Fridays – 8:45 a.m.
Licensing, City Recorder, and Court Clerk. Three years       Foot Clinic – 2nd & 3rd Wed - 10:00 a.m.
ago Shelly transferred to the City’s Public Works
Department as the Department Secretary/Administrative        Thursday Night Entertainment:
Assistant.                                                   Julie Moffet’s Ballet School       May 5
                                                             LaVerd & Flora’s Dance Music       May 12
Before joining North Ogden City’s staff, Shelly had 12       Vern Penrod & Company              May 19
years of office management experience in the medical         Bingo                              May 26
field. She is an Oregon native but now calls North Ogden     Emily Rogers – Vocalist            June 2
home. Shelly has been married for 18 years and she and
her husband, Len have five children and one grandson.                         Westernaires Band
                                                                          Saturday, May 21 – 7 p.m.
In her spare time Shelly travels with her two youngest       Bingham’s Dance Instruction 5:45 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.
children as they participate in clogging competitions. She
and her husband also ride their motorcycles. Shelly          Lunch 11:50 a.m. Mon. Tues. Wed. & Fridays
provides exceptional service to our community.               Dinner 5:00 p.m. Thursday
                                                                Seniors over age of 60 - $2.00
                                                                Seniors under age of 60 - $4.50
        North Ogden City                                                                                Volume 05-05
        May 2005                                                                                              Page 2

                    PUBLIC WORKS                                 The North Ogden Water Department has done its part to
                 322 Pleasant View Drive                         prevent backflow by installing backflow prevention
                        782-8111                                 devices at community facilities, such as parks, schools
                                                                 and city buildings. However, we can’t do it alone. We
CROSS CONNECTIONS Can Be Deadly!                                 need your help. Hoses are the most common type of cross
                                                                 connection and they can produce serious results. Here are
The North Ogden Water Department is very proud of the            some things you can do in your home to protect your
drinking water it provides. Spring and well water is piped       drinking water.
to reservoirs where it is carefully treated with chlorine by
                           trained and certified experts to be   1.   If you don’t want to drink it, don’t connect your
                           sure that it is safe for you to            water system to it.
                           drink. After treatment the water      2.   Install hose bib vacuum breakers on outside faucets
                           is then delivered to you through           and laundry hookups. These small devices will
                           the City’s distribution system.            prevent a back-siphon. They are available at local
                                                                      plumbing supply stores.
                           What is a CROSS                       3.   Create your own air gap. The faucets in your home
                           CONNECTION?                                are built with an air gap to prevent water in your sink
                                                                      or tub from being siphoned into the drinking water
 A cross connection is a link between the drinking water              system. An air gap is a vertical space (at least two
supply and any pipes or fixtures that may contain polluted            inches) filled with air between the end of the faucet
water. You wouldn’t want to turn on your faucet and find              or hose and the top of the sink or container. Never
antifreeze or soapy water coming out, would you? A                    submerge a hose, water line or faucet. Always let the
cross connection can be an open pathway for pollution to              water run through an air space before it enters a
enter the City’s drinking water system. Backflow is the               container.
term used by the North Ogden Water Department to                 4.   Use extreme care with your garden hose. Do not use
describe how dirty water, chemicals and other                         your hose to flush your automobile radiator
contaminants can enter the drinking water supply.                     (antifreeze is poisonous) or to clean out sewer traps
Backflow means the liquid is going the wrong direction in             and clogged drains. Do not use hose-connected
the pipe and that means dirty water can get into the water            sprayers or scrubbers.
lines.                                                           5.   If you have a solar system, swimming pool, hot tub,
                                                                      darkroom, lawn
What happens if polluted water gets into the drinking                 sprinkling system,
water supply through a cross connection? Polluted                     evaporative cooler,
water can spread diseases such as typhoid, polio,                     irrigation well (or use
dysentery and hepatitis. Chemicals in the water system                secondary water for
can be poisonous. Some types of contaminants can cause                irrigation), call the
damage to the water distribution system, your plumbing                North Ogden Water
fixtures, and water piping.                                           Department at 782-8111
                                                                      to arrange for a trained
How can backflow be prevented? The North Ogden                        operator to check your
Water Department is doing a lot to make sure backflow                 system for cross-connections.
doesn’t happen. Water pressure is kept as high as
possible and, if at all possible, customers are notified         Good, clean drinking water doesn’t just happen; it takes a
when the water will be shut off, so they won’t be caught         lot of work. The North Ogden Water Department is doing
in the middle of a shower without any water. Backflow            everything possible to keep your water safe while keeping
can also be prevented by installing special kinds of valves      costs down. Do not let all that work go to waste by
in the water system that will not allow the water to flow        allowing contaminants to enter your drinking water
backwards. These special valves are called backflow              system.
prevention devices.
                                                                 Curb and Gutter Cleaning
Can backflow really happen here? Yes. Toxic                      With the arrival of spring the Maintenance Department is
antifreeze in a solar heating panel leaked into the water        working hard to keep the curb and gutters free of debris;
system at Platte Canyon High School near Bailey,                 however, it is a never-ending task. We ask for your
Colorado in 1982. Six students were treated for possible         patience and cooperation in this continuing effort. We
illness. A similar incident occurred at the Denver Federal       would also like to encourage each resident to sweep and
Center in March 1985. Other cases of backflow have had           bag the garbage from the section of curb and gutter in
more serious results. Pesticides, propane, sewage, and           front of their homes. Any help you can give us will be
recycled car wash are among the contaminants that have           greatly appreciated. If you bag the materials we will
appeared in the drinking water supplies of other cities.         gladly pick it up for disposal, just call 782-811.1
        North Ogden City                                                                                   Volume 05-05
        May 2005                                                                                                 Page 3

Hazardous Waste Disposal                                        calls through. However, this polling exposes the phone to
You may deposit any of the hazardous materials listed           interception and cloning.
below, at the Weber County Transfer Station located at          • Review all bills: Report every erroneous call to your
867 W. Wilson Lane on the 3rd Saturday of each month            service provider. There are two types of cloning:
from April through September. There is no cost for this              □ Outright theft of the phone’s ESN/MIN is most
service.                                                                common. A bill will reflect hundreds, even
                                                                        thousands of bogus calls.
Toxic chemicals             Pesticides                               □ The other type of cloning is called tumbling, where
Herbicides                  Cleaners, solvents                          a cloned phone uses a different ESN/MIN for each
Poisons                     Antifreeze                                  call. A bill might have only one bogus call this
Pool chemicals              Drain cleaners                              month, none next month, but three calls the month
Hobby chemicals             Auto degreasers, gasoline                   after that. The phone has still been cloned and
Transmission fluid          Any unknown chemicals                       fraud is occurring. 1

                                                                Parents, please be aware and warn your children that
     NORTH OGDEN POLICE DEPARTMENT                              conversations being transmitted through walkie-talkies,
              515 E. 2600 N.                                    radios or cell phones are not protected and can give away
                629-8221                                        crucial and private information that could cause physical
                                                                and/or financial harm to your family. Identity theft
It’s hard to imagine that an inexpensive walkie-talkie          continues to be a growing problem. Please be safe.
radio (two-way radio) you buy at the store for about
$20.00 could also be used to transmit your current                         NORTH VIEW FIRE DEPARTMENT
location, home address, email address, personal                                  315 East 2550 North
information and phone numbers to anyone out there who                                 782-8159
                              is listening. The phrase “one
                              of the best methods of            Preventing Scald Injuries
                              advertisement is by word of
                              mouth” is so true in this         Did you know children under the age of five and older
                              circumstance. With the            adults have a higher risk for scald injuries than the rest of
                              sophisticated satellite systems   the population? In 2003 U.S. hospital emergency rooms
                              and electronic devices out on     treated an estimate 16,400 children under the age of five
                              the market today, chances are     for scalds, according to data compiled by the U.S.
                              your conversation, as             Consumer Product Safety Commission. Twenty-two
                              innocently as you may intend      percent of total emergency room scald patients were
                              it to be, will not be private.    younger than five years old. Their risk of scald injuries
                              Your calls could very well        was three to four times that of older children and adults.
bleed or leak over to other listening devices and into the      Senior citizens have a greater risk of death due to hot
wrong ears. Be careful about what you say on a two-way.         water scalding than do other adults and older children.

Another potential problem is:                                   Adults may not be aware of the danger hot liquid spills
                                                                pose to children and
Fraudulent Billing:                                             senior citizens.
It is also possible for thieves to intercept a cell phone       According to the
signal and clone the phone’s ID numbers (its electronic         Burn Foundation, it
Serial Number and Mobile Identification Number, or              takes only a one
ESN/MIN). The result is the equivalent of a stolen              second exposure to
calling card. Some simple countermeasures include:              water at 156
• Limit “roaming”: Review which phones are                      degrees for a
roaming enabled and limit these as much as practical.           child/senior to
Roaming usually defeats the use of Personal Identification      suffer a third-
Numbers (PINS). Cloners prefer roaming phones for this          degree burn. Five
reason and they target airport parking lots, airport access     seconds of
roads, and rural interstates. Roaming also makes it more        exposure to water at 140-degrees or 15 seconds of
difficult for some cellular carriers to use fraud-detection     exposure to 133-degree water can also cause a third-
programs to monitor an account and shut it down when            degree burn on a child/senior.
fraud is detected.
• Turn the phone off: Cell phones poll the cellular             How we can help
base station with the strongest signal every few seconds.
This is how the system knows which base station to route        1
        North Ogden City                                                                           Volume 05-05
        May 2005                                                                                         Page 4

1.   Cool a burn with cool water, the faster the better.                         NORTH SHORE
2.   Lower the temperature of hot water heaters to a                            AQUATIC CENTER
     maximum of 120 degrees.                                                 (the new community pool)
3.   Change behavior at home. Turn on the cold water                             Spaghetti Dinner
     first, and then add the hot water.                                                  &
4.   Turn pot handles toward the back of the stove.                     Raffle, Auction and Entertainment
5.   Establish a kid-free zone around the kitchen stove
     and keep infants and toddlers in safe areas of the       Weber High School Cafeteria
     kitchen.                                                 Friday May 20, 2005
6.   Put hot beverages down when holding a baby.              Dinner from 5:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.
7.   Place hot beverages toward the center of the table       Auction at 7:00 P.M.
     where young children can’t reach them.
8.   Never heat a baby bottle in the microwave.
                                                              Individual Plates @ $5.00 each
The physical and emotional pain of a burn can last a          Family (up to 6) @ $20.00
lifetime. However, a few simple changes in your home          Seniors & additional family members @ $4.00 each
can reduce the chance of a scalding injury. LET’S
HAVE A SAFE SUMMER!                                           Tickets are available until May 18 at the North Ogden
                                                              City Office.
                  ANIMAL CONTROL
                        Jerry Wade                            Let's Put a Roof on the
                         737-2212                             North Shore Aquatic Center.
In the next two newsletters, I will be spotlighting the       Help make our new aquatic
City’s two local veterinarian clinics. This month’s           center a quality year round
spotlight is Coldwater Animal Hospital. This clinic was       facility that will benefit our
opened two years ago in April and is located at 2671 N.       community and the local swim
400 E. The phone number is 782-9400 with an on-call cell      teams!!
number of 388-2922. Coldwater’s web site is The office hours are
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 5
                                                                              BICYCLE RODEO
p.m. Wednesday’s office hours are 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. to
accommodate those who work.
                                                              DATE:         Wednesday May 25, 2005
Coldwater Animal Hospital provides a variety of services      TIME:        4:30 PM to 6:30 PM
including dental services (root canals, tooth capping, and    PLACE:       McGriff Park Parking Lot
cleaning), general surgeries (spay and neutering) and                      950 E. 2900 N.
micro chipping. Their standard examination fee is                          North Ogden
$33.00. The clinic is staffed by two excellent
veterinarians, and two vet technicians. Dr. Shupe is the      Sponsored By:
managing veterinarian and co-owner. Dr. Poll is the other               The North Ogden Police Dept.
co-owner and works in the clinic on Tuesdays.
                                                                           CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES
                   Dr. Shupe lives in Ogden Valley with                    DURING BICYCLE RODEO
                   his wife of 20- years and his five girls
                   and one boy. He enjoys skiing,             •   Safety instructions
                   fishing, gardening and is active in        •   On-site bicycle mechanic, provided by
                   scouting. He also has two dogs and                       “Kent’s Shooters Supply”
                   two cats. Dr. Poll recently moved to       •   Low cost helmets provided by
                   Pleasant View from California and is               “North Ogden Community Services”
married with three daughters.                                                     (limited supply)
                                                              •   Hands on bicycle traffic course
                  COMMUNITY NEWS                              •   North Ogden City bicycle registration

Progress Report on the Pool                                   Any comments or questions should be directed to
The cement floor portion of the Leisure Pool has been         Det. Bill Aeschlimann, 782-7219.
poured. Roofs are being installed and the lap pool is
being excavated. Stop by for a look.                          Flood Plain Information
                                                              For flood plain information, please contact Gary Kerr

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