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									      High Voltage Laboratory, King Saud University


       The College of Engineering, King Saud University offers several academic
programs leading to B.S.; M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering;
Electrical Engineering Department is one of the largest in the college with a
teaching faculty of over 40 Ph.Ds out of which 30 are full professors. There are
several well equipped laboratories that address a broad spectrum of electro
technologies. These laboratories are being used for teaching as well as advanced
research work and investigative studies. Three of the laboratories that relate to
electrical power engineering are: (i) Electrical Simulator Laboratory; (ii) Electrical
Machine and Power Electronics Laboratory; and (iii) High Voltage Laboratory
which is the best equipped among similar laboratories that exist in the entire
Arabian gulf region.

       The High Voltage Laboratory at King Saud University, was designed
basically for teaching up to graduate level and some research work. However, future
growth and needs of local industry and electrical utilities were also kept in the
design criteria. At the time of commissioning of this lab (in mid 70,s) the highest
system voltage in the area was 66 kV with 132 kV transmission system under
construction. Therefore, keeping the future expansion in mind, selection of 1000 kV
impulse generator was made with option of expanding this to 1600 kV in the future.
Internal clearances selected for the main test hall were 18 m wide and 18 m long x
15 m high covered area. A further 9 m x 18 m uncovered area adjacent to the lab
was added for future extension. One 4 m x 6 m gate with easy access to service-gear
was provided for the entry of equipment and test objects.

       The test hall is adequately screened against electromagnetic interference by
using a galvanized steel wire mesh 5 cm x 5 cm supported on 400 V insulators and
layed on all walls and the ceiling. Further more, this mesh is connected to copper

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plates embedded in the floor and the earth electrodes, with overall ground resistance
of ~0.2 ohm thereby forming a Faraday cage. Measurement and control cables are
laid inside trenches below the floor level. The sides and covers of these trenches are
metallic and are connected to the ground mesh at a distance of every 2 m. Thus, the
attenuation of EMI signals (in the frequency range of 0.1-1.0 MHz) in the test hall
is  40 dBm. Table (1) gives a brief list of major equipment in the high voltage

Table (1): List of main equipment in HV laboratory.

S. No.                       Name of Equipment                               Make
   1     Impulse generator 1000 kV, 40 kJ.                                  Haefely
   2     Digital impulse measuring system.                                Hipotronics
   3     AC High voltage testing transformer single phase, 200 kV           Haefely
         20 kVA.
   4     AC High voltage testing transformer 100 kV, 100 kVA.             Hipotronics
   5     Digital partial discharge detection system 100 kV.               Hipotronics
   6     Schering bridge 200 kV, for Tan delta and capacitance               Tettex
   7     High current sources 3000 Amps. 45 kVA/2000 A.                Hipotronics/Phenix
   8     DC power supply 0 ~ 100 kV.                                        Haefely
   9     DC power supply 0 ~ 50 kV.                                       Brandenberg
  10     3 Phase AC test transformer 50 kV; 30 kVA                          Haefely
  11     MWB high voltage test kit consisting of 140 kV rated                MWB
         various types of resistors, capacitors, diodes etc.
  12     Artificial rain equipment.                                         Haefely
  13     Earthing network testing and cable fault-locating apparatus       Seba-Gygi
  14     Precision measuring bridge for Tan delta and capacitance            Tettex
         measurements 2 kV for oil and thin insulation film testing.
  15     Precision cable cutting machine for slicing.                        Lorey
  16     Microscope with CCD camera, color monitor & video               Leica & Sony
  17     Vacuum test chamber, 0.13 m3 capacity                         United American
  18     Environmental chamber 0.45 m3 capacity, 0~150 C.             United American
  19     90 kV auto insulating oil tester.                                   Foster
  20     AC high voltage testing transformer 350 kV, 350 kVA.               Phenix
  21     Cable water terminations, rated 250 kV                             Phenix

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      This laboratory is supervised by a professor who is specialized in the field of
high voltage engineering. In addition two graduate engineers and several
technicians work full time and are involved in the operation and maintenance of this
laboratory. Type testing on high voltage equipment and investigation inspection /
tests etc. are carried out by a committee of experts. Such testing and inspections
related to cables and accessories are performed by a separate committee comprising
of three staff members. Their brief resumes are presented next.

      Dr. Abdulrahman Ali Al-Arainy is Professor in the Electrical Engineering
Department, College of Engineering, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
He obtained his Ph.D degree (power) in 1982 from University of Toronto, Canada.
He got his M.Sc from the same university in 1977 and B.Sc. in Electrical
Engineering from University of Riyadh (presently King Saud University) in 1974.
At King Saud University Dr. Al-Arainy was Assistant Professor (1982 -1988),
Associate Professor (1988 -1996) and Professor (since 1996). Dr. Al-Arainy was
Chairman of Electrical Engineering Department, King Saud University, during the
period of 1991 to 1995. He has also served on several academic committees during
his career at King Saud University. He taught many undergraduate and graduate
courses and supervised several M. Sc. students. He is a Senior Member of IEEE,
U.S.A., and has published more than 70 papers as an author or co-author and
several technical reports. He co-authored several books High Voltage and Power
Systems. Main activities related to technical consultancy and electrical field
experience. Consultant to Pension fund project (1982-1988). Consultant to
Technical Colleges (1996 – 2001). Chairman of Cable and accessories specification
committee in SASO, Participate in several committees for Government, and
industry, such as Member of the acceptance committee for substation and electrical
installation at King Faisal Hospital, Riyadh (1993 -1994) and Chairman of the
acceptance committee for the College of Agriculture in the Qaseem area 1995-1996.

      Dr. N.H. Malik is a Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering,
College of Engineering, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. A senior

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member of IEEE (USA) a Fellow of IEP and a registered professional engineer in
Ontario, Canada, he is the author, or co-author of over 100 professional papers, two
books and many research reports. Dr. Malik received the Ph.D. degree in (1979) in
Electrical Engineering from the University of Windsor, Canada. Previously he
worked at University of Western Ontario, London, Canada, University of
Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. Dr. Malik has extensive teaching
and research experience on a wide variety of topics and is the Chairman of SASO
Committee No. 6 (Transmission and Distribution Equipment) and has offered many
specialized courses for training of engineers.

       Dr. M.I. Qureshi is a Research Scientist with the Research Center, College
of Engineering, King Saud University. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Electrical
Engineering from University of Salford, UK in 1992. He has extensive industrial
experience and was involved in substation design, installation and maintenance of
industrial plants and field testing of electrical machines and high voltage equipment.
At King Saud University, beside academic teaching and research work, he is
involved in commercial testing of high voltage equipment. He has performed
research in the fields of dielectrics, environmental pollution related problems on
high voltage power networks as well as basic processes in insulating liquids. He has
published more than 90 technical papers and reports. He is Fellow of IEP. He has
coauthored two books entitled "Electrical Insulation in Power Systems" and
"Fundamentals of High Voltage Engineering", and has offered several specialized
courses for the training of practicing engineers.


       In the past decade, several tens of investigative tests on cables and
accessories have been performed. A few of them are summarized in Table (2).


       A complete record of all inspected/investigated equipment test reports and
calibration test certificates is kept in the laboratory. All reports are issued on a set
format. Fig. (1) displays first two pages (Title page and Contents) of one of such
test reports, while Fig. (2) gives an example of an equipment's calibration certificate.

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Table (2): Summary of typical investigative testing on the medium voltage cables
           and accessories.

S. #    Test Report #                    Title                         Client
 1.    AR-15-46       Investigations of Electrical Breakdown    King Abdulaziz City
                      in HV Polymeric Insulated Power           for Science and
                      Cables and Their Accessories              Technology
                      Commonly Used in Saudi Arabia             (KACST)
 2.    AR-3-2         Selection and Evaluation of Medium        King Abdulaziz City
                      Voltage Polymeric Cable Insulation        for Science and
                      Materials and their Emerging              Technology
                      Construction Methods Suitable for Local   (KACST)
                      Environment and Manufacture
 3.    TR-0021422C1   Investigation of 13.8 kV Cable Failure    Saudi Electricity Co.
                      in SEC-C Distribution System (PART -      (COA)
                      I (a)) Insulation Quality and Breakdown
                      Studies on New and Field Aged Cable
 4.    TR-0031422C1   Investigation of 15 kV Cables Produced    Plascom Ltd.,
                      Using Plascom XLPE.                       Riyadh
 5.    TSR-0021423C1 Investigation of 15 kV Cable Failure       Riyadh Cables
                      in SEC-W Distribution System:             Group of Companies
                      Insulation Quality and Breakdown
                      Studies on Service Aged Cable Sample
 6.    TSR-0031423C2 Investigation of 15 kV Cable Removed       Riyadh Cables
                      From SEC-C Distribution System:           Group of Companies
                      Insulation Quality and Breakdown
                      Studies on Service Aged Cable Sample
 7.    TSR-0041423C3 Study of AC Breakdown Strength and         Zachary Global
                      Water Treeing in 15 kV, XLPE              Services Inc. San
                      Insulated Field Aged Cable Samples        Antonio, Texas,
                      Treated with CableCURE® Technology        USA
 8.    TSR-0051423C4 Investigations of 33 kV Cable              MEEDCO Ltd.,
                      Terminations                              Riyadh,
 9.    TSR-0061423C5 Investigation of 15 kV Cable Failure in    Riyadh Cables
                      SEC-W Distribution System: Studies on     Group of Companies
                      Service Aged and Failed Cable Samples
10.    TSR-0031424-C3 Investigations of 15 kV, 3 Core XLPE      Gulf Cable &
                      Insulated Cable                           Electrical Industries
                                                                Co., Kuwait
11.    TSR-0061424-C5 Microscopic and Water Tree                Gulf Cable &
                      Investigation of XLPE Insulated Cables    Electrical Industries
                                                                Co., Kuwait
12.    TSR-0011421-C1 PD Test on 69 kV XLPE Insulated           Al-Masharaq
                      Cable                                     Contracting Co.
13.    TSR-0021424-C2 33 kV Termination Failure Investigation   Al-Babtain
                                                                Contracting Co.,

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Fig. (1): Format of Test Report

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Fig. (2): Sample of a Calibration Certificate.

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