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									iPod, GPS, RAZRs, Oh My!
By Joanna M. Pineda, CEO
Matrix Group International
October 22, 2007
•   Computers
•   Cell Phones
•   MP3 Players
•   Home Theater
•   GPS
•   Tying Them All Together
PC vs Mac
• PCs                   • Macs
  – Cheaper               – Coming down in
  – More software           price
  – Business Standard     – Easy set-up
                          – No need to install
                          – Lots of different
                          – Essential for Moms
Maya Hayuk Sony Vaio
Tablet Laptops
Cell Phones
• Cameras, text messages, customized ring
• Look at screen size, weight, battery life, what
  matters to you
• Firefly: Phone service for kids
   – Pay as you go or monthly plans
   – Parents can choose a phone that limits calls to
     those in the phonebook
• Wherifone: GPS Locator phone
MP3 Players
• Flash Players vs. Hard Drive Players
  – Flash players: lighter, have better battery usage
  – Hard Drive players: more storage space
• Apple iPod
• Microsoft Zune
Apple iPod
•   70% market share
•   Classic iPod is a hard drive player
•   iPod Nano is a flash player
•   iPod Touch
    – latest generation iPod that
      incorporates iPod with photo viewer
• iPod Video/iPod Classic:
    – 160 GB of storage
    – Up to 40,000 songs or 200 hours of
iPod Accessories
Cases, skins, speakers, FM transmitters
Nike + iPod Sports Kit


iPod Dock/ Toilet Paper Holder

iPod Nano Tie
iPod Jacket
The Burton Audex iPod
Field Jacket lets you control
your iPod wirelessly while
snowboarding or skiing.

Microsoft Zune
• Released November 2006 to compete with
• Approximately 3% market share [Jan 2007]
  – Behind Apple, Sandisk
• $169.99
Home Theater
•   Digital Video Recorder (TiVo)
•   Apple TV
•   Wireless Speakers
•   Blu-ray vs HD-DVD
•   Gaming Systems
•   Digital Video Recorder
•   Most Popular: TiV
•   Record TV while your away
•   No more fighting over the remote!
Apple TV
• iTunes on your TV
• Digital photos appear in
  hi-def, so you can put on
  a big-screen slideshow
• Up to 200 hours of video,
  36,000 songs, or 25,000
  photos at your command,
  there’s always something    40 GB for $299
  good on TV                  160 GB for $399
Wireless Speakers
• Integrate your home theater with your PC
• Sonos
  – wireless, multi-room digital music system that lets
    you play digital music all over your house
• $399
Blu-ray and HD-DVD
• Same battle as VHS and Beta?
• Replace DVDs with high-definition video and
  multiple-channel surround sound
• Both have stricter copying restrictions
• Both cost more than a DVD
• HD-DVD = Toshiba
• Blu-ray = Sony
• Every PS3 functions as a Blu-ray player
Gaming Systems
• Microsoft Xbox 360 $349
  – Sales boosted with release of Halo 3 (which sold
    over 3 million copies)
• Nintendo Wii $379
  – Stores are still having trouble keeping Wiis on the
  – Popular with all ages e.g. bowling in Senior
• Sony Playstation3 $499
  – Recent price drop helping sales
• Global Positioning System
  – Built In Systems vs. After-Market Systems
  – Built In Systems tend to cost more
  – After-Market Systems are portable for travel or for
    multiple cars
• Safety Concerns:
  – Old GPS sends you the wrong way up a one-way
    street, drive into a pond, etc.
  – Newer systems update road patterns much more
• Other uses:
  – Installed in golf carts to tell you how far to the pin
  – Locate stolen vehicles
  – Garmin delays release of GPS for bikes due to
    “bumps in the road”
Top After-Market Auto GPS
• Mio C220 $250

• TomTom One $240

• Garmin Nuvi 660 $684
Tying It All Together
• iPhone
  –   Phone
  –   iPod
  –   Calendar
  –   PDA
• Blackberry
  – E-mail
  – Phone
How to Manage Passwords
• Software on your phone or PDA
• Have 2 or 3 passwords
  – One for financial services
  – One for online sites
  – One for junk sites
• Have at least 9 characters in your passwords
• Matrix’s favorite Password Saver:
Pottery Barn Charging Station

Tying It All Together
• Brand Loyalty
  – Sony and the memory stick
  – Apple
Joanna M. Pineda
CEO/Chief Troublemaker
Matrix Group International, Inc.
1033 N. Fairfax Street, 2nd floor, Alexandria, VA 22314; (703) 838-9777 x3006

  Matrix helps organizations succeed online by providing strategic
  planning, Web design, custom programming, hosting,
  maintenance support, and a Web-based membership database.

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