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TITLE                            ARTIST                         ISSUE    CUT   MARK HERE
Times Like These                 Foo Fighters                   Jan-03    1
Like A Stone                     Audioslave                     Jan-03    2
Remember                         Disturbed                      Jan-03    3
Anthem, The                      Good Charlotte                 Jan-03    4
Won't Back Down                  Fuel                           Jan-03    5
Volvo Driving Soccer Mom         Everclear                      Jan-03    6
Sleepwalking                     Blindside                      Jan-03    7
Art Of Losing, The               American Hi-Fi                 Jan-03    8
Harder To Breathe                Maroon 5                       Jan-03    9
Get Loose                        D4, The                        Jan-03    10
Hollow Again                     Project 86                     Jan-03    11
What It Is To Burn               Finch                          Jan-03    12
Take The Long Road And Walk It   Music, The                     Jan-03    13
Farther                          Outspoken                      Jan-03    14
Cinema Spine, A                  Before Braille                 Jan-03    15
I Will Be Something              Stage                          Jan-03    16
Rock 'N' Roll & The Teenage      Loudermilk                     Jan-03    17
Hundred Million                  Treble Charger                 Jan-03    18
Edge Of The Earth                (Thirty) 30 Seconds To Mars    Jan-03    19
I'm Dead                         Leisure World                  Jan-03    20
Straight Out Of Line             Godsmack                       Feb-03    1
Send The Pain Below              Chevelle                       Feb-03    2
Ms. Jackson                      Vines, The                     Feb-03    3
Inhale                           Stonesour                      Feb-03    4
Driven Under                     Seether                        Feb-03    5
Blackout                         (hed) Planet Earth             Feb-03    6
Buried Myself Alive              The Used                       Feb-03    7
Skin                             Breaking Benjamin              Feb-03    8
Crash                            (Twelve) 12 Stones             Feb-03    9
Fever For The Flava              Hot Action Cop                 Feb-03    10
Forever Again                    Sunday Driver                  Feb-03    11
In Love                          Datsuns, The                   Feb-03    12
In This Diary                    Ataris, The                    Feb-03    13
Rain                             Erase The Grey                 Feb-03    14
Sister Surround                  Soundtrack Of Our Lives, The   Feb-03    15
Somewhere I Belong               Linkin Park                    Mar-03    1
Mine                             Taproot                        Mar-03    2
(Seven) 7 Nation Army            White Stripes, The             Mar-03    3
Horizon Has Been Defeated, The   Johnson, Jack                  Mar-03    4
United States Of Whatever        Lynch, Liam                    Mar-03    5
Hell Song, The                   Sum 41                         Mar-03    6
Road I'm On, The                 (Three) 3 Doors Down           Mar-03    7
I-E-A-I-A-I-O                    System Of A Down               Mar-03    8
Sympathy                         Goo Goo Dolls, The             Mar-03    9
Hurt                             Cash, Johnny                   Mar-03    10
Stupid Girl                      Cold                           Mar-03    11
Lost Cause                       Beck                           Mar-03    12
Ape Dos Mil                      Glassjaw                       Mar-03    13
Rest In Pieces                   Saliva                         Mar-03    14
Take Me Away                     Lifehouse                      Mar-03    15
Addicted                         Simple Plan                    Mar-03    16
Attack Of The Ghost Riders       Raveonettes, The               Mar-03    17
Caught In The Rain               Revis                                Mar-03   18
Charlie Brown                    Favorite                             Mar-03   19
Release The Dogs                 BoySetsFire                          Mar-03   20
Failure                          Unloco                               Mar-03   21
Crazy Beat                       Blur                                 Apr-03   1
Free                             Powerman 5000                        Apr-03   2
Scientist, The                   Coldplay                             Apr-03   3
Who Invited You                  Donnas, The                          Apr-03   4
Brick House 2003                 Zombie, Rob Feat. Lionel Richie &    Apr-03   5
Good Times                       Trina Eleven
                                 Finger                               Apr-03   6
Come Back Home                   Yorn, Pete                           Apr-03   7
Fly From The Inside              Shinedown                            Apr-03   8
Bandages                         Hot Hot Heat                         Apr-03   9
Give Up The Grudge               Gob                                  Apr-03   10
Anchor                           Cave In                              Apr-03   11
Oxygen's Gone                    Die Trying                           Apr-03   12
Tonz Of Fun                      Presence                             Apr-03   13
Dear Claudia                     SouthFM                              Apr-03   14
DJ DJ                            Transplants                          Apr-03   15
Bottom Of A Bottle               Smile Empty Soul                     Apr-03   16
Let's Push Things Forward        Streets, The                         Apr-03   17
Fireproof                        Pillar                               Apr-03   18
Sun Rises Down                   Acroma                               Apr-03   19
Set It Off                       Skindred                             Apr-03   20
Danger! High Voltage             Electric Six                         Apr-03   21
Rock Your Body                   Timberlake, Justin                   May-03   1
If That's Love                   Pausini, Laura                       May-03   2
Somnambulist                     BT                                   May-03   3
Excuse Me Miss                   Jay-Z                                May-03   4
Overload                         Voodoo & Serrano                     May-03   5
Beware Of The Boys (Mundian To   Panjabi MC Feat. Jay-Z               May-03   6
Bach Ke) Angel
I'll Be Your                     Kira                                 May-03   7
Get By                           Kweli, Talib                         May-03   8
Never (Past Tense)               Roc Project Feat. Tina Arena         May-03   9
Miss Independent                 Clarkson, Kelly                      May-03   10
Clocks                           Coldplay                             May-03   11
Love Bites                       Q.E.D.                               May-03   12
Don't Wanna Try                  Frankie J                            May-03   13
Let Me Be Your Angel             Krista                               May-03   14
Y'all Ain't Ready!               Big Ross Feat. T-Rock                May-03   15
Love Like Mine                   Dee, Wanda                           May-03   16
Girlfriend                       B2K                                  May-03   17
You Make Me Weak                 Kohl, Ernest                         May-03   18
No Letting Go                    Wonder, Wayne                        May-03   19
Stick Up                         TW                                   Jun-03   1
Intuition                        Jewel                                Jun-03   2
Signs Of Love Makin'             Tyrese                               Jun-03   3
I'm Glad                         Lopez, Jennifer                      Jun-03   4
Put That Woman First             Jaheim                               Jun-03   5
I'm In Heaven                    Nevins, Jason Feat. Holly            Jun-03   6
Snake                            R. Kelly Feat. Big Tigger            Jun-03   7
Pump It Up                       Budden, Joe                          Jun-03   8
Let It Rain                      (Four) 4 Strings                     Jun-03   9
So Gone                          Monica                               Jun-03   10
Never Leave You - Uh Ooh, Uh     Lumidee                              Jun-03   11
Hot Damn                         Clipse Feat. Ab-Liva & Rosco P.      Jun-03   12
Power, The                       Coldchain Collective Feat. Turbo B
                                 Prophecy                             Jun-03   13
I Do                             (of Snap) & Sara Lee Lucas (of
                                 Ann, Tina                            Jun-03   14
Now That You're Gone             Smilez Manson)
                                 Marilyn & Southstar                  Jun-03   15
Chasing Papi                        Dunbar, Huey & Fat Joe              Jun-03   16
Right Thurr                         Chingy                              Jun-03   17
Love Is A Crime                     Anastacia                           Jun-03   18
Magic Stick                         Lil' Kim Feat. 50 Cent              Jun-03   19
Seduce Me Now                       India                               Jun-03   20
I'm In Heaven                       Nevins, Jason Pres. Holly James     Jul-03   1
She's Hot                           Gil, A.J. Feat. Max-A-Million       Jul-03   2
So Gone Pt. 2                       Monica                              Jul-03   3
Act A Fool                          Ludacris                            Jul-03   4
Hollywood                           Madonna                             Jul-03   5
Damn!                               YoungBloodZ Feat. Lil' Jon          Jul-03   6
Fighter                             Aguilera, Christina                 Jul-03   7
Naggin'                             Ying Yang Twins                     Jul-03   8
Frontin'                            Pharrell Feat. Jay-Z                Jul-03   9
(Four) 4 O'Clock (In The Morning)   Lazard                              Jul-03   10
Get Low                             Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz        Jul-03   11
Rock Wit U (Awww Baby)              Ashanti                             Jul-03   12
Keep It Up                          J&R Project                         Jul-03   13
(Twenty Four) 24's                  T.I.                                Jul-03   14
Clocks                              Coldplay                            Jul-03   15
Shake Ya Tailfeather                Nelly, P. Diddy & Murphy Lee        Jul-03   16
Ride Wit Me                         MC Lyte is Lytro                    Jul-03   17
Crazy In Love                       Beyonce Feat. Jay-Z                 Jul-03   18
Krazy                               Dream Feat. Loon                    Jul-03   19
Just The Way You Are                Milky                               Aug-03   1
Like Glue                           Sean Paul                           Aug-03   2
Officially Missing You              Tamia                               Aug-03   3
Fire (Yes, Yes Y'all)               Budden, Joe Feat. Redman And        Aug-03   4
Secret Love                         Busta Rhymes
                                    Van Dahl, Ian                       Aug-03   5
Senorita                            Timberlake, Justin                  Aug-03   6
Music                               Darude                              Aug-03   7
Ooh Wee                             Ronson, Mark Feat. Nate Dogg &      Aug-03   8
After All                           GhostfaceFeat. Jael (of Lunik)
                                    Delerium                            Aug-03   9
Thoia Thoing                        R. Kelly                            Aug-03   10
Never Be Alone                      Prata, Lucas                        Aug-03   11
Dip Set (Santana's Town)            Santana, Juelz Feat. Cam'ron        Aug-03   12
Satisfaction                        Benassi, Benny                      Aug-03   13
Can't Hold Us Down                  Aguilera, Christina/Lil' Kim        Aug-03   14
I Don't Wanna Stop                  ATB                                 Aug-03   15
So I Begin                          Galleon                             Aug-03   16
Feelin' Freaky                      Cannon, Nick Feat. B2K              Aug-03   17
Move Your Feet                      Junior Senior                       Aug-03   18
Dance With My Father                Vandross, Luther                    Aug-03   19
Emerge                              Fischerspooner                      Aug-03   20
You Mean The World To Me            Jung Feat. Hope                     Sep-03   1
Roc Ya Body (Mic Check 1, 2)        Most Valuable Playas Feat. Stagga   Sep-03   2
(I've Set My) Sights On You         Lee
                                    Special Unit                        Sep-03   3
Grippin' The Grain                  Bone Crusher Feat. Lady Ice &       Sep-03   4
Miss Independent                    Marcus
                                    Clarkson, Kelly                     Sep-03   5
She's Livin' In My Lap              Outkast                             Sep-03   6
Rubberneckin'                       Presley, Elvis                      Sep-03   7
Where Home Is                       MC Lyte Feat. Jamie Fox             Sep-03   8
I Want My Island Girl               Labrado, Darrell                    Sep-03   9
Suga Suga                           Baby Bash                           Sep-03   10
Something Happened On The Way       Cox, Deborah                        Sep-03   11
To Heaven
Milk Shake                          Kelis                               Sep-03   12
Crazy In Love                       Beyonce                             Sep-03   13
Light Yo Ass On Fire                Rhymes, Busta                       Sep-03   14
Scream (Every 1's A Winner)         Nalin Inc.                          Sep-03   15
Can't Stop Won't Stop              Young Gunz                           Sep-03   16
Catch Me I'm Falling 2003          Starling, Jade                       Sep-03   17
Heaven Is A Place On Earth         Baeling, Becky                       Sep-03   18
Pon De River, Pon De Bank          Elephant Man                         Sep-03   19
Baby Boy                           Beyonce Feat. Sean Paul              Sep-03   20
Rain On Me                         Ashanti                              Oct-03   1
Deepest Blue                       Deepest Blue                         Oct-03   2
Headbussa                          Lil Scrappy                          Oct-03   3
Appreciate Me                      Amuka Feat. Sheila Brody             Oct-03   4
Mighty D-Block (2 Guns Up)         Sheek Louch Feat. Jadakiss, Styles   Oct-03   5
I Begin To Wonder                  P. & J-Hood
                                   Minogue, Dannii                      Oct-03   6
(Nineth) 9th Ward                  Magic                                Oct-03   7
Smooth                             iiO                                  Oct-03   8
Right Thurr                        Chingy Feat. Jermaine Dupri &        Oct-03   9
Sunlight                           Trina
                                   DJ Sammy                             Oct-03   10
Ooh!                               Blige, Mary J.                       Oct-03   11
(There's Gotta Be) More To Life    Orrico, Stacie                       Oct-03   12
Where The Hood At                  DMX                                  Oct-03   13
Next To You                        Darude                               Oct-03   14
Outa Here                          Jay, Oris                            Oct-03   15
I Love I Love                      Georgie Porgie                       Oct-03   16
Knock Knock                        Monica                               Oct-03   17
Rie Y Llora                        Cruz, Celia                          Oct-03   18
Holidae In                         Chingy Feat. Ludacris & Snoop        Oct-03   19
Away From Me                       Dogg Of Mudd
                                   Puddle                               Nov-03   1
All In The Suit That You Wear      Stone Temple Pilots                  Nov-03   2
Fortune Faded                      Red Hot Chili Peppers                Nov-03   3
Figured You Out                    Nickelback                           Nov-03   4
Red Hot Moon                       Rancid                               Nov-03   5
Drain The Blood                    Distillers                           Nov-03   6
Silver And Cold                    AFI                                  Nov-03   7
Re-Align                           Godsmack                             Nov-03   8
Stare At The Sun                   Thrice                               Nov-03   9
(Taking My) Life Away              Default                              Nov-03   10
I Believe In A Thing Called Love   Darkness, The                        Nov-03   11
Right Now                          Korn                                 Nov-03   12
How About You                      Staind                               Nov-03   13
Annihilation Of The Generations    S.T.U.N.                             Nov-03   14
Two-Lane Blacktop                  Zombie, Rob                          Nov-03   15
Last Defense                       Year Of The Rabbit                   Nov-03   16
Taylor                             Johnson, Jack                        Nov-03   17
First Single (You Know Me), The    Format, The                          Nov-03   18
Turncoat                           Anti-Flag                            Dec-03   1
Big Brat                           Phantom Planet                       Dec-03   2
Born Too Slow                      Crystal Method, The                  Dec-03   3
Far Too Long                       Godhead                              Dec-03   4
Get It To Go                       To My Surprise                       Dec-03   5
Hit That                           Offspring, The                       Dec-03   6
Last Train Home                    Lostprophets                         Dec-03   7
Moses                              Coldplay                             Dec-03   8
My Christmas List                  Simple Plan                          Dec-03   9
My Paper Heart                     All-American Rejects, The            Dec-03   10
Numb                               Linkin Park                          Dec-03   11
Ocean Avenue                       Yellowcard                           Dec-03   12
Rapid Hope Loss                    Dashboard Confessional               Dec-03   13
Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades     Brand New                            Dec-03   14
Outsider, The                      Perfect Circle, A                    Dec-03   15
Trying To Find A Balance           Atmosphere                           Dec-03   16
I Won't Be Home For Christmas      Blink 182                            Dec-03   17
I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus     Standstill             Dec-03   18
Happy Xmas (War Is Over)            Acceptance             Dec-03   19
Yule Shoot Your Eye Out             Fall Out Boy           Dec-03   20
Megalomaniac                        Incubus                Jan-04   1
Unnamed Feeling, The                Metallica              Jan-04   2
Mexican Wine                        Fountains Of Wayne     Jan-04   3
Hey Now                             Tantric                Jan-04   4
Darling Nikki                       Foo Fighters           Jan-04   5
Back In The Mudd                    Sparkxxx, Bubba        Jan-04   6
Broken Down                         Sevendust              Jan-04   7
Punchup At A Wedding, A             Radiohead              Jan-04   8
Million Miles                       Fuel                   Jan-04   9
Ex, The                             Talent, Billy          Jan-04   10
Into The Darkness                   No Motiv               Jan-04   11
Give Me More                        Apartment 26           Jan-04   12
Obvious, The                        Orgy                   Jan-04   13
Lipgloss And Letdown                Static Lullaby, A      Jan-04   14
Who's Gonna Save Us?                Living End, The        Jan-04   15
All Of Us                           Blindside              Jan-04   16
Shine                               Todd, Josh             Jan-04   17
Rawkfist                            ThousandfootKrutch     Jan-04   18
Save Me                             Damageplan             Jan-04   19
Get Um Up                           Army Of Freshmen       Jan-04   20
Mono                                Love, Courtney         Feb-04   1
Change The World                    P.O.D.                 Feb-04   2
I Just Don't Know What To Do With   White Stripes, The     Feb-04   3
Heel Over Head                      Puddle Of Mudd         Feb-04   4
Reptila                             Strokes, The           Feb-04   5
I Miss You                          Blink-182              Feb-04   6
Away From The Sun                   (Three) 3 Doors Down   Feb-04   7
Reason, The                         Hoobastank             Feb-04   8
So Alive                            Adams, Ryan            Feb-04   9
White Trash Beautiful               Everlast               Feb-04   10
What I Want                         Autopilot Off          Feb-04   11
Join Me                             Him                    Feb-04   12
California Waiting                  Kings Of Leon          Feb-04   13
Holy Ghost                          Laguardia              Feb-04   14
Ruthless                            Something Corporate    Feb-04   15
Sunday                              Lo Pro                 Feb-04   16
Chemical                            Start Trouble          Feb-04   17
Silence Is Easy                     Starsailor             Feb-04   18
War All The Time                    Thursday               Feb-04   19
Free                                U.P.O.                 Feb-04   20
Silhouettes                         Smile Empty Soul       Mar-04   1
(Ninety Nine) 99 Problems           Jay-Z                  Mar-04   2
(Fourty Five) 45                    Shinedown              Mar-04   3
Step Up                             Drowning Pool          Mar-04   4
Echo                                Trapt                  Mar-04   5
Jackson, Mississippi                Kid Rock               Mar-04   6
Lying From You                      Linkin Park            Mar-04   7
She Wants To Move                   Nerd                   Mar-04   8
Everybody's Fool                    Evanescence            Mar-04   9
Ride                                Vines, The             Mar-04   10
Love Song                           (Three Eleven) 311     Mar-04   11
Cold Hard Bitch                     Jet                    Mar-04   12
National Disgrace                   Atmosphere             Mar-04   13
Maps                                Yeah Yeah Yeahs        Mar-04   14
Don't Mean A Thing                  Borialis               Mar-04   15
My Coco                             Stellastarr            Mar-04   16
Mary Ann                          Arthur, Ben                         Mar-04   17
Time Is Running Out               Muse                                Mar-04   18
Whisper To A Scream (Birds Fly)   Social Code                         Mar-04   19
Walkie Talkie Man                 Steriogram                          Mar-04   20
Mad World                         Andrews, Michael Feat. Gary Jules   Mar-04   21
Where Are We Runnin'?             Kravitz, Lenny                      Apr-04   1
Growing On Me                     Darkness, The                       Apr-04   2
Zoe Jane                          Staind                              Apr-04   3
What You Are                      Audio Slave                         Apr-04   4
Throw It All Away                 Default                             Apr-04   5
My Band                           D-12                                Apr-04   6
Running Blind                     Godsmack                            Apr-04   7
Talk Show On Mute                 Incubus                             Apr-04   8
Just Like You                     Three Days Grace                    Apr-04   9
Feelin' Way Too Damn Good         Nickelback                          Apr-04   10
Followed The Waves                Auf Der Maur                        Apr-04   11
C'mon C'mon                       Von Bondies, The                    Apr-04   12
Cold                              Crossfade                           Apr-04   13
Beat Your Heart Out               Distillers, The                     Apr-04   14
Float On                          Modest Mouse                        Apr-04   15
Little Bit More                   Tony C. And The Truth               Apr-04   16
Memory                            Sugarcult                           Apr-04   17
Recognize                         Flaw                                Apr-04   18
So Far So Good                    Thornley                            Apr-04   19
Spitting Games                    Snow Patrol                         Apr-04   20
Slither                           Velvet Revolver                     May-04   1
All Downhill From Here            New Found Glory                     May-04   2
Wait                              Earshot                             May-04   3
Somebody Told Me                  Killers, The                        May-04   4
Anthem Of Our Dying Day           Story Of The Year                   May-04   5
Duality                           Slipknot                            May-04   6
Everything I've Known             Korn                                May-04   7
Down                              Blink-182                           May-04   8
Hold On To Me                     Love, Courtney                      May-04   9
Without You Feels                 Seven Mary Three                    May-04   10
Take Me Out                       Ferdinand, Frank                    May-04   11
Chain, The                        Tantric                             May-04   12
Tropical London                   Rancid                              May-04   13
Automatic Girl                    Ray, Lola                           May-04   14
Big Sur                           Thrills, The                        May-04   15
Don't Give Up On Me               Graham Colton Band                  May-04   16
Favorite Color                    One Less Reason                     May-04   17
Los Angeles Is Burning            Bad Religion                        May-04   18
Sister Saviour                    Rapture, The                        May-04   19
So Cold                           Breaking Benjamin                   May-04   20
Panic, The                        Strata                              May-04   21
Ch-Check It Out                   Beastie Boys                        Jun-04   1
End Of The World, The             Cure, The                           Jun-04   2
(Wake Up) Make A Move             Lostprophets                        Jun-04   3
Almost Over                       Limp Bizkit                         Jun-04   4
Vindicated                        Dashboard Confessional              Jun-04   5
(Even) More Human Than Human      X-Ecutioners Feat. Rob Zombie,      Jun-04   6
Looks Like They Were Right        Slug from Atmosphere and Josey
                                  Lit                                 Jun-04   7
Spin You Around                   Scott Of Mudd
                                  Puddle                              Jun-04   8
Stay In Shadow                    Finger Eleven                       Jun-04   9
Free                              Donovan Frankenreiter               Jun-04   10
Give It Up                        Midtown                             Jun-04   11
Heart Full Of Black               Burning Brides                      Jun-04   12
Let Me Out                        Future Leaders Of The World         Jun-04   13
Revolution                         Authority Zero           Jun-04   14
Speak No Evil                      Mr North                 Jun-04   15
Favor House Atlantic, A            Coheed And Cambria       Jun-04   16
Savior                             Skillet                  Jun-04   17
Surfing On A Rocket                Air                      Jun-04   18
Take Your Mama                     Scissor Sisters          Jun-04   19
Pony Ride                          Bumblebeez81             Jun-04   20
Simple Man                         Shinedown                Jul-04   1
First Straw                        (Three Eleven) 311       Jul-04   2
Survival Of The Sickest            Saliva                   Jul-04   3
Breaking The Habit                 Linkin Park              Jul-04   4
Rollover D.J.                      Jet                      Jul-04   5
Same Direction                     Hoobastank               Jul-04   6
Only One                           Yellowcard               Jul-04   7
Unbroken (Hotel Baby)              Monster Magnet           Jul-04   8
Open Your Eyes                     Alter Bridge             Jul-04   9
Broken                             Everlast                 Jul-04   10
Truth, The                         Nonpoint                 Jul-04   11
Walk Idiot Walk                    Hives, The               Jul-04   12
In Your Eyes                       Allan, Mitch             Jul-04   13
Decade Under The Influence, A      Taking Back Sunday       Jul-04   14
Don't Believe                      Letter Kills             Jul-04   15
Stratus                            Moments In Grace         Jul-04   16
Nowhere Again                      Secret Machines          Jul-04   17
Promise                            Matchbook Romance        Jul-04   18
Rat, The                           Walkmen, The             Jul-04   19
Hot Night Crash                    Sahara Hotnights         Jul-04   20
Vitamin R                          Chevelle                 Aug-04   1
Failure's Not Flattering (What's   New Found Glory          Aug-04   2
Your Problem)With Murder
Getting Away                       Papa Roach               Aug-04   3
Triple Trouble                     Beastie Boys             Aug-04   4
Fall To Pieces                     Velvet Revolver          Aug-04   5
Touche                             Godsmack Feat. Dropbox   Aug-04   6
Blue                               Perfect Circle, A        Aug-04   7
Love And War                       Drowning Pool            Aug-04   8
Nobody                             Skindred                 Aug-04   9
Breakdown                          Instruction              Aug-04   10
See You Dead                       Helmet                   Aug-04   11
Gather The Horses                  Mars, Charlie            Aug-04   12
Way It's Meant To Be, The          Features, The            Aug-04   13
Lola Stars And Stripes             Stills, The              Aug-04   14
Y-Control                          Yeah Yeah Yeahs          Aug-04   15
(Nineteen Eighty Five) 1985        Bowling For Soup         Aug-04   16
Run                                Snow Patrol              Aug-04   17
Far Away                           (Twelve) 12 Stones       Aug-04   18
Ain't Coming Home                  Silvertide               Aug-04   19
American Idiot                     Green Day                Sep-04   1
Take It Away                       Used, The                Sep-04   2
Personal Jesus                     Manson, Marilyn          Sep-04   3
Predictable                        Good Charlotte           Sep-04   4
Fall Behind Me                     Donnas, The              Sep-04   5
Alt. End                           Cure, The                Sep-04   6
No Phone                           Cake                     Sep-04   7
We're All To Blame                 Sum 41                   Sep-04   8
Word Up                            Korn                     Sep-04   9
Ocean Breathes Salty               Modest Mouse             Sep-04   10
Do You Know (Knife In Your Back)   KillRadio                Sep-04   11
Hollow                             Submersed                Sep-04   12
Picture Perfect Wannabe            Denver Harbor            Sep-04   13
Primitive (The Way I Treat You)   Ambulance LTD                     Sep-04   14
Freedom Fighters                  Music, The                        Sep-04   15
Mexican Radio                     Authority Zero                    Sep-04   16
Dry Your Eyes                     Streets, The                      Sep-04   17
Kiss Of Life                      Supergrass                        Sep-04   18
Hysteria (I Want You Now)         Muse                              Sep-04   19
Empire Strikes First, The         Bad Religion                      Sep-04   20
Disappear                         Recover                           Sep-04   21
I'm Not Okay (I Promise)          My Chemical Romance               Sep-04   22
Give It All                       Rise Against                      Sep-04   23
Pain                              Jimmy Eat World                   Oct-04   1
Welcome To My Life                Simple Plan                       Oct-04   2
Look What You've Done             Jet                               Oct-04   3
Counting The Days                 Collective Soul                   Oct-04   4
Burning Bright                    Shinedown                         Oct-04   5
Because Of You                    Nickelback                        Oct-04   6
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams        Green Day                         Oct-04   7
Face To Face                      Sevendust                         Oct-04   8
Mr. Brightside                    Killers, The                      Oct-04   9
Home                              Three Days Grace                  Oct-04   10
Two-Timing Touch And Broken       Hives, The                        Oct-04   11
Bones Edge
Razor's                           Saliva                            Oct-04   12
Reach For The Sky                 Social Distortion                 Oct-04   13
This Fire                         Ferdinand, Franz                  Oct-04   14
Vermilion                         Slipknot                          Oct-04   15
We Want It All                    Zach De La Rocha                  Oct-04   16
World's Gone Mad, The             Handsome Boy Modeling School      Oct-04   17
Stop The World                    Feat. Del The Funky Homosapien,
                                  Riddlin' Kids                     Oct-04   18
Existentialism On Prom Night      Straylight Levy
                                  BarringtonRun And Alex            Oct-04   19
Underwear Goes Inside The Pants   Kapranos
                                  Lazy Boy                          Oct-04   20
Imagine                           Perfect Circle, A                 Oct-04   21
Disappear                         Hoobastank                        Nov-04   1
Another Brick In The Wall         Korn                              Nov-04   2
Right Right Now Now               Beastie Boys                      Nov-04   3
Scars                             Papa Roach                        Nov-04   4
Always                            Blink-182                         Nov-04   5
I Don't Know                      Lostprophets                      Nov-04   6
I Don't Wanna Know                New Found Glory                   Nov-04   7
Somewhere Only We Know            Keane                             Nov-04   8
Photograph Is Proof (I Know You   Taking Back Sunday                Nov-04   9
Know), The
Slow Hands                        Interpol                          Nov-04   10
This Is Your Life                 Switchfoot                        Nov-04   11
Me Against The World              Brazilians, The                   Nov-04   12
Walking With A Ghost              Tegan And Sara                    Nov-04   13
Misfit                            Elefant                           Nov-04   14
So Far Away                       Crossfade                         Nov-04   15
Blood Red Summer                  Coheed And Cambria                Nov-04   16
Someone                           Earshot                           Nov-04   17
Bullet And A Target               Citizen Cope                      Nov-04   18
Little House Of Savages           Walkmen, The                      Nov-04   19
She's The Blade                   Sugarcult                         Nov-04   20
Let Me Go                         (Three) 3 Doors Down              Dec-04   1
Work                              Jimmy Eat World                   Dec-04   2
All That I've Got                 Used, The                         Dec-04   3
Find The Real                     Alter Bridge                      Dec-04   4
Pieces                            Sum 41                            Dec-04   5
Sooner Or Later                   Breaking Benjamin                 Dec-04   6
Almost                            Bowling For Soup                  Dec-04   7
Thousand Mile Wish                Finger Eleven                     Dec-04   8
Drive Away              Gratitude                     Dec-04   9
Laid To Rest            Lamb Of God                   Dec-04   10
Pressure Point          Zutons, The                   Dec-04   11
Save Me                 Unwritten Law                 Dec-04   12
Soft Machine            By Divine Right               Dec-04   13
Reinventing Your Exit   Underoath                     Dec-04   14
Golden Touch            Razorlight                    Dec-04   15
TKO                     Le Tigre                      Dec-04   16
Favorite Scar           Vanished, The                 Dec-04   17
Metal                   Afrika Bambaataa Feat. Gary   Dec-04   18

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