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					TCCTA Executive Committee (E.C.) – Executive Session
May 24, 2006
Doubletree Hotel – Austin

Executive Session Minutes:

Executive Committee Attendees: Larry Allen, Revis Bell, Jeff Edwards, Danita McAnally,
Terry Stewart, and Andrea Zabel.

Meeting called to order by Danita McAnally, at approximately 8:30 p.m. All E.C. members were

   Item 1: Raises for TCCTA Staff

Discussion: The E.C. discussed raises for TCCTA Staff. Danita reminded all present that the
E.C. has agreed to begin any raises for this year as of the first day of the fiscal year, April 1,

E.C. members had questions regarding the whole salary and benefits package and external
benchmarks of similar associations. The E.C. requested a five-year history of all retirement
contributions and bonuses (including Christmas bonuses) be provided prior to the next meeting
to allow time for review.

Motion: After discussion, the E.C. collectively agreed that to determine requirement
inputs for identifying amounts to assign for raises, etc. to the staff personnel, the E.C.
required more data for review. The item was tabled until we received this data. (See
discussion item above for specific historical data requested from the staff.)

         Item 2: Anniversary Gifts
Discussion: Charles Burnside provided Danita with an FYI that of the this year is marks five
year milestones for all Staff members: 30th anniversary year of Carol Fricke, 15th anniversary
year of Richard Moore, and 5th anniversary year for Scott Nelson. Correspondence between the
two provided “institutional memory” of previous anniversary gifts to TCCTA Staff. After
discussion, the E.C. requested that standard anniversary gifts policies of other organizations and
institutions be reviewed and presented before recommendations would be made regarding
anniversary gifts.

       Item 3: Appraisal of Executive Director

Discussion: The E.C. discussed those areas in which Richard Moore, Executive Director,
merited affirmations and those areas where recommended directions which the E.C. considers
priorities for the upcoming year. This first part of the Appraisal of the Executive Director will be
presented to the Executive Director by Danita and the E.C. will use this as the basis of this year’s
appraisal process since this is the first year of the implementation of the appraisal.
At approximately 10:30 p.m., the E.C. agreed to adjourn but finish this discussion when all
members would be available to participate via a Conference Call connection. Since Jeff Edwards
was to be unavailable until the last week of June, it was agreed that the meeting would continue
at that time.

TCCTA Executive Committee (E.C.) – Executive Session
June 29, 2006 via phone conference

Executive Session Minutes:

Executive Committee Attendees: Larry Allen, Revis Bell, Jeff Edwards, Danita McAnally,
Terry Stewart, and Andrea Zabel.

Meeting called to order by Danita McAnally, at 2:42 p.m., via Conference Call
connection with all Executive Committee (E.C.) members.

     Item 1: Motion to commend Staff at TCCTA!

Motion: Danita motioned, and Terry seconded on the fine job the TCCTA Staff is doing
in moving TCCTA forward. The E.C. was in agreement that the Staff has continually
provided dedicated service.

     Item 2: Raises for TCCTA Staff

Discussion: A raise of 2.9% moved by Jeff and seconded by Larry. It was unanimously
agreed upon by the E.C. Because this raise is effective from April 1, 2006, the E.C.
indicated that each TCCTA Staff member may determine whether to receive a lump sum
for past months or have it distributed across upcoming months.

Motion: A motion was made by Jeff and seconded by Revis to study the salary and
benefits packages for the Staff during the upcoming year. The motion carried

Discussion: E.C. members commented on the need to find other incentives for the Staff,
in addition to pay, to continue the positive results. The E.C. is committed to an overall
“fiscal balance” for TCCTA. The E.C.’s discussion indicated that a complete review of
the Staff’s “whole salary and benefits package” should include pay, insurance, bonuses,
benefits, and retirement initiatives.

Motion: Jeff made a motion and Terry seconded it, that TCCTA should expend $150
for the latest salary and benefits study from the Texas Professional Executives
Association. There was a consensus among the E.C. that this will assist in determining an
accurate baseline pay criteria for current and future year decisions, by including a
review of this external benchmarking data. The E.C. definitely desires that all discussions
of the salary and benefits package include open discussions with the Staff but also
include research to assure that continuing motivational incentives of the Staff are
balanced against the fiscal sustainability and viability of the association. The E.C.
requests this salary study be received promptly.

     Item 4: Anniversary Gifts

Discussion: After reviewing standard anniversary gift practices of other associations,
Danita presented an example of an Anniversary Gift recommendation policy for TCCTA.
       5 years – TCCTA sterling silver logo pin
       10 years – TCCTA gold logo pin with ruby
       15 years – TCCTA gold logo pin with safire
       20 years – TCCTA gold logo pin with emerald
       25 years – TCCTA gold logo pin with diamond and a large clock with TCCTA
                  plaque of recognition; Distinguished Service Award to any Staff
                  member that the E.C. feels merit such recognition
       30 years – Round-trip airline ticket to anywhere Southwest Airlines flies
       35 years – Round-trip airline tickets for two trips (or one trip for two people) to
                  anywhere Southwest Airlines flies

Motion: After reviewing the sample time frames and types of gifts, Jeff’s moved and
Terry seconded that this example be the Anniversary Gift recommendation policy for the
Association. The E.C. unanimously adopted this policy.

     Item 5: Risk Management Procedure

Discussion: Revis identified archival information needs to be passed down from one
President to another President to ensure complete “institutional memory”, which in turn
would be shared with the E.C.

Motion: Revis motioned that TCCTA should always have two geographically-separated
copies of the “institutional memory” to safeguard the data. It would be kept by the
current TCCTA President and the President-Elect on two Flash Memory Storage devices
and transferred to tape back-up in future years. Andrea seconded this motion, and it was
followed with the E.C. unanimously agreeing. Danita indicated that she would purchase
the flash drives and seek reimbursement from the Association.

The E.C. indicated that all matters relevant to understanding of fiscal matters including
historical information of salaries and benefits, external benchmarking data for other
associations, and copies of all minutes and fiscal information provided to the auditor be
included in this “institutional memory.” Therefore, the E.C. requests that the past five-
years of minutes and fiscal documentation provided to auditor(s) be submitted to Danita
for inclusion in this “institutional memory” and that in the future materials submitted to
an auditor also be submitted to the State President at the same time. Any other matters
that the E.C. deems to be important for transferring and storing archival material may
also be requested by an E.C. for such purpose.
     Item 6: Controls of Fiscal Expenses

Discussion: Revis determined that as a policy the E.C. could “Sign-Off” Electronically
on “large ticket items” of business transactions for TCCTA. It was agreed that the
TCCTA Staff has been accomplishing this by sharing information with the President but
a policy should be implemented.

Motion: Larry proposed a motion to the E.C. to have this be established as a policy,
with the amount of $500 and up being the coordination amount and full E.C. approval.
Andrea seconded, and the E.C. unanimously adopted the policy.

     Item 7: compensation increase for the TCCTA Lobbyist

Motion: Jeff moved to increase TCCTA Lobbyist’s, Beaman Floyd, salary by $1500 a
year as a sign of TCCTA’s appreciation for his service and the recognition of his
commitment and year-round service to TCCTA. Larry seconded, and the E.C. was in
agreement collectively. The proposed budget will need to be adjusted to include this

     Item 8: Staff and Association calendar

Discussion: The E.C. requested an annual calendar from the Staff, including the deadline
dates for all publications. The E.C. continued to stress the need for a mutual calendar
with all Staff and officers indicating days in-the-office and out-of-office to expedite
potential meetings and other correspondence. The E.C. unanimously agreed. Revis
indicated he will work with the Staff to create this online calendar as quickly as possible.

E.C. member’s discussions were finished, and Danita acknowledged this Executive
Session complete at 3:58 p.m. June 29, 2006.

Revis L. Bell, Secretary, TCCTA