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									                                                                  Michigan Fitness Foundation Child Pedestrian Safety Program Table

    Program Name
                     Age    Objective(s)            Activities                                                Benefits                    Considerations           T2      P3          Needed Resources                  Website
    & Type1
    Chicago Safe     2      Indoor classroom        • Pedestrian lessons for 2 graders                         Parent information         Additional             2       2            Visual Aid                      http://saferout
    Routes to               trainings and an        • On-foot and on-bike skills training                       letter included in          volunteers may         hrs     hrs.         Photocopies of handout
    School                  on-foot street          • Workshops for parents and community members               materials                   be needed                                    materials
    Ambassadors             crossing lessons        • Walk and Bike to School Day toolkit                      Some bilingual             Works with a
    Program                                         • Online teacher resources                                  materials included          specific age
                                                                                                                in toolkit                  group
    Knowledge                                                                                                  Additional
    and Skill-                                                                                                  materials,
    Based                                                                                                       including signs are
                                                                                                                a part of the toolkit
    Florida Safe     K-2    Build skills and        • Stopping at the Edge                                     Assessment                 Potential cost         2.5     ?            Copy of Traffic Safety          http://safety.h
    Routes to               knowledge               • Stop and Search                                           materials included                                hrs                    Education Guide
    School                  necessary for safe      • Visual Barriers
                            and responsible         • Identifying Danger Zones
    Traffic Safety          walking and biking

    and Skill-

    Wayne State      K-6    Teach safe street        Powerpoint presentation performed in a                   Can be used to             Use with skill-        45      15           Adequate presentation room      TBD
    University              crossing behavior          classroom or auditorium focusing on the “do’s’           train up to 200             based instruction                            (classroom or auditorium)
                            using photos,              and “don’ts” of crossing the street safely.              students at a time                                                       Laptop
    Knowledge-              videos, and                                                                        Computer-based                                                          Projector
    Based                   interactive              Student volunteers participate in an animated            Indoor activity                                                         Screen
                            animations                 game to reinforce proper crossing behavior.                                                                                      Microphone
                                                                                                                                                                                        Loudspeaker
    National Safe    K-2    Pedestrian              Part 1: Presenter-lead Powerpoint presentation             Parent information         School resources       2       10           Retro reflective tape or
    Kids Campaign           visibility and street   performed in a classroom or auditorium focusing             letter included in          are needed             hrs     hrs.          clothing
                            crossing                on the “do’s’ and “don’ts” of crossing the street           materials                                                               Flashlight
    Cyrus the                                       safely. Photos and videos of subjects performing                                       Use with skill-                             Photocopies of handout
    Centipede                                       proper and improper behavior are utilized to               Indoor classroom            based instruction                            materials
    Pedestrian                                      emphasize the subject matter.                               activity                                                                Masking tape
    Safety Lessons                                                                                                                         No written                                  White, orange and black
                                                    Part 2: Student volunteers are invited up to               Challenge, take             evaluation                                   paper for each student
    Knowledge-                                      participate in an interactive animated game to              home and optional                                                       Tape or glue for each student
    Based                                           reinforce proper crossing behavior.                         activities included                                                     Scissors for each student
                                                                                                                in curriculum                                                           Strips of wax paper for each
                                                                                                                                                                                        Evaluation assessments

    AAA              K-2    Pedestrian safety       Lesson 1: Pedestrian and bike safety story                 Computer-based             Use with               1       30           Available computers and
                            using games,                                                                                                    knowledge and          hr.     min.          scheduled time for students

  “Program Type” indicates whether the program is knowledge based, skill-based or motivational. For maximum learning, a combination of knowledge, skill and motivation is desirable.
  T = The approximate number of hours or minutes of training/education students will receive from the activity.
  P = The approximate number of hours/or minutes needed to plan and execute the activity, assuming the program is to be implemented for one classroom or group.

                                                            Michigan Fitness Foundation Child Pedestrian Safety Program Table

Program Name
                   Age   Objective(s)          Activities                                           Benefits                 Considerations        T2    P3     Needed Resources              Website
& Type1
Otto the Auto            stories, songs,       Lessons 2 & 3: Bike safety audio story poem           Indoor activity          skill-based                       Evaluation assessments
in the Otto              mazes puzzles                                                                                         instruction
Club: A Safe             and word              Lesson 5: Safety hopscotch game demonstrating         Take home
Place to Play            searches              right and wrong pedestrian behaviors                   worksheets are          Some computer
Online Safety                                                                                         included                 assistance
Activities                                     Lesson 6: Dress-up game stressing visibility                                    needed
                                                                                                     Few resources are
Motivation-                                    Lesson 7: Left, right, left safety game                needed                  Some lessons
Based                                                                                                                          focused on bike
                                               Lesson 8: Students identify bike helmets worn                                   and auto safety,
                                               through history                                                                 not pedestrian
                                               Lesson 9: Printable activity sheets include safety
                                               messages, safety mazes, puzzles and word                                       3-5 minutes
                                               searches                                                                        lessons

                                                                                                                              No written
I’m Safe           K-2   Paying attention,      10-minute pedestrian safety DVD                                              Use with skill-     __    ____    Coloring activity books,
Products                 traffic signs, safe    Coloring/activity book (bilingual) with reusable    Indoor activity          based and                          stickers, games and DVD’s
                         walking &               stickers & parents page                                                       possibly                           available for purchase on
I’m Safe Walk            crossing, safe         Walk and Roll Bingo game stressing safe             Bilingual activities     knowledge-                         website
with Me                  choices around a        pedestrian behaviors                                 (Spanish &               based instruction
Pedestrian               school bus             “Safety Rules” bookmarks                             English)
Safety                                          Walking school bus and pedestrian safety                                     Materials range
Materials                                        stickers                                            Parents page             in cost from $.25
                                                                                                      included in              to $25.00
Knowledge-                                                                                            coloring book
Based                                                                                                 activity
Motivation-                                                                                          Teacher’s Guide
Based                                                                                                 includes evaluation

                                                                                                     Some free
                                                                                                      materials available
                                                                                                      for download on
City of Portland   2-5   Safe street           Lesson 1: Pedestrian-related terms and identify                                School resources    3     3         Crayons                   http://ww
                         crossings,            safe and unsafe street crossings                      Teacher’s                are needed          hrs   hrs.      Scissors        
“Kids on the             pedestrian                                                                   questions are                                                Retro-reflective tape     portland.o
Move”                    visibility,           Lesson 2: Coloring activity emphasizing how to         included in lessons     Use with skill-                     Crayons         
Curriculum               crossing streets      dress in bright and visible colors.                                             based instruction                   Tape or tacks             outes/lear
                         without traffic                                                             Sample letters to                                            Photocopies               ning/teach
Type:                    control devices       Lesson 3: Use tape to set up a “street” crossing,      parents are                                                                             ers/Smart
Knowledge-               and identifying       practice a street crossing rhyme, discuss proper       included in each                                                                        Moves/les
Based                    pedestrian signs      signage and play “The Walk Game”                       lesson                                                                                  sons.htm

                                                                                                     Assessment
                                                                                                      activities included

                                                             Michigan Fitness Foundation Child Pedestrian Safety Program Table

Program Name
                   Age   Objective(s)          Activities                                             Benefits                Considerations        T2    P3      Needed Resources                   Website
& Type1
                                                                                                         in each lesson
Pima County        2-5    “Stop, Look and         Review pedestrian vocabulary terms                                          Cost of             45    1 hr.    VCR/DVD player & monitor,        (520) 243-
Tucson Safe              Listen” for traffic      Introduce Safe Routes to Schools                    Integrates Safe         pedestrian safety   min             with hookups and power           BIKE
Routes to                before crossing          Benefits of biking and walking to school             Routes to School        video                               source
School                   the street               Pedestrian safety video/DVD                          into curriculum                                            Step to Safety with ASIMO or     bikeped.pi
                                                   Skill-based activity                                                       No written                          other basic pedestrian 
Stop, Look &                                                                                                                    evaluation                          educational video/DVD            afeRoutes
Listen Program                                                                                                                                                     Props, including a “walk” and    .htm
                                                                                                                                                                    “don’t walk” sign
Type:                                                                                                                                                              Evaluation assessments
Walk Boston        2-3   Adult volunteers      Parent or community volunteers attend a 1-hour          Use of the built       Parent/volunteer    20-   3        Notices and letters to recruit   walkbosto
                         lead students in      training then use the physical environment to lead       environment             participation       30    hrs.      volunteer parents      
Pedestrian               mastering skill-      2-3 students on 20-30 minute walks on a set route        encourages              required            min            Refreshments for volunteer       uments/sa
Safety Lessons           based pedestrian      in the neighborhood on the following topics:             students and                                                training                         fetylesson
                         safety techniques                                                              adults to identify     Parent and                         At least 1 adult volunteer per   s.pdf
Type:                                             Choosing safe places to cross;                       dangerous               teacher                             2 students
Skill-Based                                       Stopping, looking, and listening                     locations along         permission                         Mapping materials to create a    walkbosto
                                                  Crossing safely                                      walking routes          needed                              “safety walk”          
                                                  Road visibility                                                                                                 Student and adult safety vests   uments/T
                                                  Barriers and obstructions to safe crossing          Intergenerational      Better for warmer                                                    oolKitMan
                                                  Determining speed                                    training integrates     months                                                               ual.pdf
                                                                                                        parent and student
                                                                                                        safety awareness       Use with
                                                                                                       Encourages local        based instruction
                                                                                                        Safe Routes to
                                                                                                        School ownership
City of Portland   K-8   Students practice     Mark off safety course on schoolyard ground or on       Use if streets are                          30    2-3        Approx. 22 students            http://ww
                         safe street           school gym floor.                                        unsafe for walking     Better for warmer   min   hrs.       Preparation checklist
Kids on the              crossing                                                                                               months                               Parent permission forms        portland.o
Move/                                          Pair up younger students as pedestrians with older      School-wide                                                  Photocopies          
Sidewalk                                       students as evaluators.                                  activity gives all     Use with                             Walk/Don’t Walk Placards       outes/lear
Safety Town                                                                                             students a chance       knowledge-                           Tape                           ning/teach
                                               Assign two students responsibility for working as a      to participate          based                                Large number signs             ers/Smart
Type:                                          team to change WALK/DON’T WALK placards in                                       instruction.                                                         Moves/def
                                                                                                                                                                     Safety pins
Skill-Based                                    tandem at street crossings.                             Parent letters are                                           Whistle
                                                                                                        included in the                                              Clipboards
                                               Students walk around the course, staying within          material
                                               the sidewalk lines and following the street-crossing
                                               rules.                                                  Inclusive of some
                                               Older students turn in checklists. Draw attention to
                                               problems experienced on the route
Pima County        K-3   To emphasize the      Review left and right                                   Integrates parent      Difficult if low    1     2        2 parent volunteers for each     bikeped.pi
Tucson Safe              importance of                                                                  and student             level of            hr.   hrs.      7-10 students          
Routes to                always stopping at    Divide students into groups with 2 adults per each       pedestrian safety       parent/volunteer                   2 safe routes instructors and    afeRoutes
School                   or before every       student group of 7-10 students.                          awareness               participation                       classroom teacher                .htm
Program                  edge, looking and                                                                                     2 parent                           A cell phone, or walkie-talkie

                                                            Michigan Fitness Foundation Child Pedestrian Safety Program Table

Program Name
                   Age   Objective(s)          Activities                                             Benefits                Considerations        T2    P3      Needed Resources                   Website
& Type1
                         listening for         At each teaching section students are expected to                                volunteers for                      for teams to contact the other
Walk Around              cars                  stop at or before every edge, look left, then right                              each 7-10                           groups
the Block                                      then left, at each intersection                                                  students needed                    A first aid kit
                                                                                                                                                                   Student and adult safety vests
Type:                                                                                                                          Use with Arizona                   Horn or squeaky toy
Skill-Based                                                                                                                     Stop, Look and
                                                                                                                                based instruction

                                                                                                                               Better for warmer
City of Portland   5-8   Identification of     Discuss accidents involving pedestrian-related          Evaluation             Review              2     3        An appropriate number of 5" x    http://ww
                         safe and unsafe       transportation Discuss how accidents could have          assessment              discussion          hrs   hrs.      8" cards or blank sheets of
SMART Moves              pedestrian            been prevented                                           included                questions for       .               paper                            portland.o
Middle School            behaviors                                                                                              relevance                          Small Band-Aids (enough for
Curriculum                                     Students decide the right answer to pedestrian          Teacher’s                                                   each team to have an ample       outes/lear
                                               safety questions located in the teacher’s resource.      resources included     Focused on                          supply)                          ning/teach
Type:                                          Have teams answer questions until a winning team                                 collision                          Incentives to provide winning    ers/KidsO
Knowledge-                                     is identified. Distribute small prizes or incentives                             prevention                          teams                            nTheMov
Based                                                                                                                                                                                                e/KidsOn
                                               Distribute the handout “Safety Surveillance” and                                Use with skill-                                                      TheMove
                                               assign students to bring the completed handouts                                  based instruction                                                    PDFS/Les
                                               back to class, explaining the safety observations                                                                                                     son%201
                                               they recorded and any improvement in their own                                                                                                        0.pdf
Walk Boston        4-8   Identification of     Volunteer adults assist students in completing a        Students and           Better for warmer   1-3   6        Notices and letters to recruit   http://ww
                         features of the       safety audit walk checklist providing details about:     adults can identify     months              hrs   hrs.      volunteer parents                w.walkbos
Middle School            built environment                                                              specific dangerous                                         Refreshments for volunteer
Student Safety           that help or hinder    Signs and speed limits                                 locations              Use with                            meeting                          cuments/s
Walks                    safe walking           Street crossings                                                               knowledge-                         At least 5-6 adult volunteers    rts_safety
                                                Sidewalk, drop-off and pickup observations            Integrates parent       based instruction                  Mapping materials to create      _audit.pdf
Type:                                                                                                   and student                                                 “safety walk”
Skill-Based                                                                                             pedestrian safety                                          Safety vests
                                                                                                        awareness                                                  Permission forms

                                                                                                       Encourages local
                                                                                                        Safe Routes to
                                                                                                        School ownership

                                                                                                       Crosswalk
                                                                                                        reporting form
                                                                                                        provides a visual
                                                                                                        assessment of
                                                                                                        concerns around
Federal            6-8   Improving the level   Pedestrian awareness activities discus various          Website contains       Computer access     4     1 hr.    Computers                        http://safe
Highway                  of pedestrian         pedestrian safety scenarios                              pedestrian safety       needed              hrs            Macromedia Flash and Adobe

                                                     Michigan Fitness Foundation Child Pedestrian Safety Program Table

Program Name
                 Age   Objective(s)     Activities                                Benefits               Considerations   T2   P3   Needed Resources   Website
& Type1
Administration         knowledge for                                                 resources                            .          Reader  
                       older students                                                                     No written                                  rjourney/i
Safer Journey                                                                      Advances critical      evaluation                                  ndex.htm
Interactive                                                                         thinking for older     included
Pedestrian                                                                          children                                                           http://safe
Awareness                                                                          Online evaluation                                        
Website                                                                             included                                                           rjourney/li
Type:                                                                                                                                                  ix.htm
Knowledge-                                                                                                                                             (chart)


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