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Come join us for our


									                     Come join us for our
                     11th Anniversary!!!

       Tiny Miss of America
        National Pageant
        36 Years of Pageantry - “The Place To Be”
 Preparing Young Ladies for Miss America and Miss USA!

     Registration: Friday, February 20, 2009 – 3-6pm
     Orientation: Friday, February 20, 2009 – 5:30pm
  Optional Events: Friday, February 20, 2009 – 6:30pm
Wee Baby Competition: Saturday, February 21, 2009 – 9am
    Competition: Saturday, February 21, 2009 – 10am
       Awards: Sunday, February 22, 2009 – 10am
        Doubletree Hotel - Charlottesville, Virginia

                         7 AGE DIVISIONS
Wee 6-23 months * Baby 2-4 years * Tiny 5-7 years * Petite 8-9 years
   Preteen 10-12 years * Junior 13-15 years * Senior 16-19 years

      Tiny Miss Pageants P.O. Box 124 Charlottesville, VA. 22902
   PHONE (434) 283-5789 FAX (434) 283-1594 e-mail:
                                   OVER $40,000 in Cash and Prizes!!!!
                                         Diamond Necklaces!
                     Paid trips to Miss Virginia!!! Awesome Queens’ weekend!!
                     Overall High Point Winner – Outstanding Miss of America 2009
The contestant with the highest overall score in mandatory events, highest optional, AND talent will receive
$2,500 cash!!! She will also receive our one-of-a-kind round crown, 6 foot trophy, scepter, official banner,
luggage, gifts, and a trip to Miss Virginia 2009!!!!

              2 Overall High Point Winners – Young Miss and Teen Miss of America 2009
The contestants with the highest overall score in Baby-Petite and Preteen-Senior will receive $1,500
cash!!! She will also receive a beautiful round crown, 6 foot trophy, scepter, official banner, luggage, gifts,
and a trip to Miss Virginia 2009!!!

                                       2 High Point Talent Winners
The contestants with the highest talent score in Baby-Petite and Preteen-Senior will receive a 5 foot trophy,
official banner, luggage, and a cash award!!!!

       2 High Point Winners in Photogenic, Runway Modeling, & Valentine Wear/Spokesmodel
The contestants with the highest score in the optional competitions in Baby-Petite and Preteen-Senior will
receive a 4 foot trophy and a cash award!!!!

              WEE BABY – Gown and Photogenic (Optional)                     BABY - SENIOR
              Winner         $250 cash, round crown, 5 foot                 Winner         $500 cash, round crown, 5 foot trophy,
                             trophy, scepter, official banner,                             scepter, official banner, luggage, and
                             luggage, and gifts Trip to Miss                               gifts Trip to Miss Virginia 2009
AGE                          Virginia 2009                                  1 Runner Up $100 cash, trophy, and gift
               st                                                            nd
GROUP         1 Runner Up $100 cash, trophy, and gift                       2 Runner Up $50 cash, trophy, and gift
               nd                                                            rd
AWARDS!       2 Runner Up $50 cash, trophy, and gift                        3 Runner Up $50 cash, trophy, and gift
               rd                                                            th
              3 Runner Up $50 cash, trophy, and gift                        4 Runner Up $50 cash, trophy, and gift
              4 Runner Up $50 cash, trophy, and gift                        Princesses – Trophy and gift
              Photogenic Winner – Trophy
              Princesses – Trophy and gift
Special awards will be given in each age group for the highest score in gown, swimsuit, photogenic, sportswear, interview, runway modeling,
Valentine wear/spokesmodel, and talent (winner and 4 runners up)! Contestants will also vote for a sportsmanship winner in each age group.

                                  AREAS OF COMPETITION - MANDATORY EVENTS

SWIMSUIT: Baby-Preteen will model a ONE-PIECE swimsuit. Junior and Senior divisions may choose an age-appropriate
TWO-PIECE swimsuit. There will be a parade of contestants in which each contestant will introduce themselves (Greeting, my
name is ___________). This introduction is NOT judged. Contestants in the Baby – Preteen division will model without shoes
and without ribbons around feet or toes. Junior and Senior divisions may wear shoes of choice. No pro-am swimsuits, props, or
cover ups, please. Rhinestones, sequins, and stoning are acceptable if tastefully done. Please select a style that is most
flattering to your body type. No string bikinis are allowed.

SCHOOLWEAR (BABY-PETITE): School wear should be something you would wear to school (no jeans or sweats). It can be
store bought or made, but there should be no glitz, rhinestones, or a “vogue” look. Choose an outfit that reflects your
personality. On the last X, a question will be asked from the contestant application. No props, please.

INTERVIEW (PRETEEN-SENIOR): Each contestant will have a 5-minute interview with the panel of judges. Attire may be a
dress, business suit, or pantsuit. Interview will be based on a one-page fact sheet submitted by each contestant. Please return
4 clean, neat copies with our entry form. NO FACT SHEETS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT REGISTRATION!

GOWN: All age groups will model a gown. Contestants in Baby-Petite may wear a long or short gown. All other age groups
must wear a long gown. Gown should be age appropriate and flattering to you. The gown should not take away from the beauty
of the contestant. No questions will be asked in gown competition.
                                                           OPTIONAL EVENTS

Contestants may enter one, two, or all three optional events in order to qualify to win the overall high point titles!!! Your highest
score in the optional categories you enter will be added to your scores from the mandatory events to determine your high point
score. Age group winners are determined solely on your scores from the mandatory events.

PHOTOGENIC: Submitted photos should be age appropriate and may be natural or retouched. Pictures may be black & white
or color and should be 8x10 in size. You may enter as many pictures as you like, with the highest score considered for the age
group photogenic award.

RUNWAY MODELING: Work that runway!! Let your personality shine. No pro-am modeling techniques. Contestants should
         nd    rd
use the 2 and 3 X’s only. Modeling music is still being determined. Please limit your routine to 1 ½ minutes. Props are

VALENTINE WEAR/SPOKESMODEL: Baby- Petite contestants may model an outfit of choice that incorporates a Valentine’s
Day theme – use your imagination! Introductions will be read by the emcee. Props are allowed but must be carried. Preteen-
Senior will have 1 minute to present a speech on their career goals or community service efforts.

TALENT: Talent scores are not counted when determining age group or high point winners, other than Outstanding Miss of
America. The time limit is 2:30. Talents will be timed and points will be deducted if the contestant exceeds the time limit.

Deductions will be taken for arriving late for any area of competition and re-competing for reasons other than technical difficulty.

                                                      ADDITIONAL AWARDS!!!!
COVER MISS: In order to have a successful program book, we are giving each contestant an opportunity to sell
advertisements. The contestant selling the most ad pages (5-page minimum) will receive two free nights of hotel
accommodations during Tiny Miss Virginia, a savings bond, crown, trophy, banner, and she will have her picture on the inside
front cover of the program book. Ad prices are as follows: $100/full page, $50/half page, and $25/business card. All pictures
and ad pages are due no later than February 9, 2009.

                                                            PAGEANT RULES
1. Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. The director reserves the right to disqualify a contestant if behavior by the
    contestant, parent, or guest is deemed inappropriate.
2. Parents may remain with contestants in the lineup area in the Wee Baby, Baby, and Tiny divisions only.
3. Parents may assist contestants on stage in the Wee Baby and Baby divisions only.
4. Swimsuit, School wear, and Gown competitions will have a post line up.
5. Contestants who are not present when number is called to compete will take a 20 point deduction, except for verifiable
6. Contestants who stop in the middle of an event and begin again will receive a 20 point deduction.
7. No pro-am routines. A deduction of 10 points may be taken at the discretion of the Director.
8. No video cameras or still photography is allowed during the pageant. Failure to comply with this rule may result in
9. First fully paid entry fee may request placement in line up. Please do not ask who is in your age division.
10. All winners will receive ½ of their winnings on stage and ½ when they return to crown their successor.
11. Hi-point winners will receive ½ of the cash award if a minimum of 85 contestants is not reached.
12. Contestants will enter at #1 (no turns). Walk to #2 (full turn of choice with pose). Walk to #3 (face judges, full turn of choice
    with pose). Walk back to #2 (half turn back around to judges). Walk to #4 (turn to judges). Exit stage.
                                                     4                  2                   1

                                                    OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM
                                                  TINY MISS of AMERICA 2009
                                                    CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA
                                                    FEBRUARY 20-22, 2009
                                                  DEADLINE: February 9, 2009

                                                   AGE DIVISION (Circle One)
                                                        Age as of day of pageant

Wee Baby __        Baby__         Tiny __      Petite __       Preteen __          Junior __   Senior__

Name_________________________________________________________________ Age_______________

Birthdate __________________ Phone __________________ Parents’ Name __________________________

Street Address __________________________Email Address_______________________________________

City ______________________________________________ State ___________ Zip Code _______________

Hair Color __________________ Eye Color ______________ Favorite TV Show ________________________

Favorite Food _______________________ Ambition _______________________________________________

School/Grade (if applicable) _______________________________ Favorite Subject _____________________

Interesting Facts about Yourself _______________________________________________________________

I do hereby release the pageant director, pageant staff, and the Doubletree Hotel from any liability in the loss of property or any
accidents that may occur during the pageant.
Parent or Guardian Signature _________________________________________________________________

Send completed form to: Gail Jones ~ Tiny Miss of America ~ 8678 Spring Mill Road ~ Concord, VA 24538

                                                 Please circle all applicable fees
MANDATORY FEES                                                OPTIONAL FEES

Wee Baby (6 -23 months) February 21, 2009                      Photogenic (Wee Baby – Senior)……………………..$25
Gown ONLY……………………………………………...$195                                     Each additional photo $20 x ______ = $ _____

Baby, Tiny, Petite, Preteen, Junior, Senior                    Valentine Wear/Spokesmodel (Baby-Senior)…..…….$25
Gown, Swimsuit, School Wear…………………………$395
                                                               Runway Modeling (Baby-Senior)……..……………….$25
**Includes program book, chaperone’s admission to all
events, special party (contestant and chaperone), tote         Talent (Baby-Senior)……………………..……………..$50
bag, and Tiny Miss T-Shirt. Additional T-Shirts and            Extra
program books can be ordered.                                  Program Books………………$7 x _________ = $_______

PLEASE SEND WALLET SIZE PHOTO WITH ENTRY                       Tiny Miss of America T-Shirt..$10 x ________ = $______
FORM.                                                          Please circle desired sizes.
                                                               CHILD XS S M L ADULT S M L XL XXL XXXL
EARLY BIRD!!! (by January 20, 2009)……………$350
                                                               Weekend Passes to all events $25 x _______ = $______
LATE FEE (after February 9, 2009)………...…....……$50              At the door, each event is $8.
Full Page: ____ pages x $100 = ______                          TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED: $ _________
Half Page _____pages x $50 = _______
Business Card: _____ x $25 = ________

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