Jury begins deliberations in Mangat trial

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					Jury begins deliberations in Mangat trial
Last Updated Jun 10 2003 01:04 PM MDT
CBC News

Edmonton – A jury has started its deliberations on the fate of two men accused of a revenge killing.
Usman Pervez and Michael DeBrocke are charged with first-degree murder in the death of Ranjit Mangat. The Crown
alleges Pervez paid DeBrocke $20,000 to kill Mangat because he believed Mangat played a role in the drive-by shooting of
his younger brother, Adnan Pervez, in December 2000.
Mangat, 22, was shot in front of his home in March 2001.
DeBrocke's lawyer made his closing argument Tuesday morning, before the eight women and four men on the jury were
charged and began deliberating.
Pervez's lawyers, Rod Gregory and Mike Danyluik, told the jury their client probably wanted to see Mangat dead, but that
he wasn't involved in the killing. They laid out the possibility that Pervez is being framed for the murder by one of his
The Pervez and Mangat families were involved in a bitter, violent feud the summer before Adnan Pervez was killed.
Crown Marilena Carminati argued that Pervez planned Mangat's death to mirror his brother's, as a message to his enemies.
Pervez's lawyers say other people also wanted Mangat dead, including one of the Crown's key witnesses who implicated
Carminati told the jury Pervez arranged for the getaway van and driver, which took DeBrocke back to Calgary after the
shooting. And she said Pervez directed DeBrocke over a walkie talkie from a nearby apartment building.

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