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					                                                               John E. Roberts, Executive Director | Gina Mazzolini, Assistant Director

 1661 Ramblewood Drive • East Lansing, MI 48823-7329 • 517-332-5046 • Fax 517-332-4071 • Web or

                                                                                                                      SW-1 – SW MGRS

                            2008-09 Boys Swimming Final Managers

             Electronic entries are required for all entries. Schools that use Hytek on a regular basis will submit entries
with their Hytek program. Those schools without an electronic program may download Team Manager Lite from the
MHSAA Web site and send entries with that program. All entries are due by 9 am the Monday prior to the Final Meet.

1.    The host institution will accept the electronic entries from qualifying schools and create the heat sheets for the Final

2.    The host will secure the necessary staff to run the meet. This would include ticket takers/sellers,
      announcer, computer assistance, timers and lifeguards.

3.    The MHSAA will post pre-meet information on the MHSAA Web site once it is received from the institution.
      We would like to have this information at least two weeks before the Final.

4.    Arrange to have your meet results transmitted immediately to the news media listed on page three of this letter.

5.    We need the results of the individual and team winners as soon as possible following the competition of the meet.
      This information is used to put on the Web for many individuals and colleges throughout the country.

6.    The policy for videotaping/filming can be downloaded - please review it and utilize it as necessary.

7.    Remind the winning school to send a 8" x l0" glossy picture, including the names of all people listed front to back,
      left to right, to this office.

8.    We will get tickets for your Friday and Saturday sessions to you prior to the meet. You will note the price for the
      meet is $7 for Prelims and $7 for Finals.

Please be aware of the following policies:

No sale of any merchandise at MHSAA meets or tournaments, Regionals or Finals.
            Exception: MHSAA T-shirts at Finals.

No raffles, 50-50, or games of chance.

No awards to anyone except those from MHSAA to athletes.

No Banners or signs allowed which advertise organizations, associations or companies, except those provided by the

No hand-outs of any kind.

Security Checklist
Prior to each event, a systematic approach must be taken to establish proper security for the specific nature of each
event. With appropriate security the event will be conducted in a friendly environment that minimizes risk. The staff and
management will be prepared to prevent, anticipate and handle problems. Listed below is a basic checklist which will be
adjusted accordingly for each event.

1. Review changes – In the preplanning stages, review any changes to be made from the previous year’s event.

2. Meet with the head of security – Prepare to meet with the head of security for the event and host management.
   Written materials outlining needs, location, hours to work and responsibilities should be prepared.

3. Review ushers assignments – In your meeting with site representatives and security, review how many security
   officers will be in place and their location. Review ushers assignments and any supervisory responsibilities they will
   have. Provide, in writing, specific policies you have which would prohibit specific actions. Be certain to plan carefully
   for entrance and exit to playing area and by whom.
         Know who you will be making contact with for specific problems and/or emergencies. Having access to
         immediate communication such as through a walkie-talkie is invaluable.

         Discuss how problems in the crowd will be handled. For example: Crowd behavior will first be channeled
         through the school administration and if severe will go to security; standing in aisles or the throwing of objects,
         sitting in restricted areas will go through the workers; and potential problems with crowd location will work with
         association staff, the school administrators and ushers.

4. Written Emergency Plan – Prepare a written plan for emergency situations. Steps should be outlined in advance as
   to the procedures to be followed during the event of an emergency (i.e. weather, crowd, structure, catastrophic injury.)
   Public address announcements, security personnel assistance, emergency procedures, etc., need to be discussed.

5. Who needs to know – Host administration needs to work with any sponsoring organization to determine a core group
   of individuals that would need to be involved if a major decision regarding the event needs to be made.
   Representatives of the officiating crew, host administration, security, etc., depending on the situation that arises, may
   need to be involved.

6. Public Relations – Thought needs to be given to the statements that will be made to the spectators in the event of an
   emergency and/or necessary change of venue. The announcer must be kept apprised of changing circumstances so
   that attendees can be kept calm and knowledgeable of action to be taken. Further, following an occurrence the media
   should be provided with a statement regarding the situation and its handling. Coverage of the event wi ll be more
   accurate if administration works proactively with the media.

7. Contingency Plan – A Contingency Plan should be in place to deal with a facility, structural or equipment problem
   that would prevent the contest from taking place. Back-up sites and/or equipment should be arranged. Further, the
   event contract should address the settlement that would take place if the contest is canceled or moved.

8. Entry/Exit Plan – All administrators involved in oversight of the event need to be familiar with the entries and exits at
   the site. This information needs to be readily at hand for the announcer as well.

9. Parking and Traffic Flow – Host administration and security officials need to address parking arrangements and the
   flow of traffic. Assistance from local police/sheriff can assist in this process. High traffic times should be identified;
   preparations and schedules should be set accordingly.

10. Crowd Expectation – Expectations of spectators, teams and schools need to be outlined in advance. Such groups
    need to be made aware of these expectations through documentation and/or announcements.

11. Wrap-Up – Every event must be followed by a thorough evaluation. Such evaluations would include discussions with
    entities involved in the various aspects of the event, and a written document outlining procedures that worked well,
    problems that occurred and suggestions for the future.

           We appreciate all your time and effort to host the Swim Finals. Without people such as you, these
competitions would not be possible. Thank you in advance for everything.

                                VIA FAX TO THE FOLLOWING

DETROIT NEWS-Detroit: FAX 313-222-6019, VOICE 1-800-804-1773 or 313-222-2260.
FAX the same information as requested for AP. Call the voice number after your FAX transmission to verify.

DETROIT FREE PRESS-Detroit: FAX 313-222-5983, VOICE 1-800-678-6728 or 313-222-6661. FAX same
information. The office is not staffed on Saturday, so you will not be able to verify the transmission that day.

                          Additional 2008-09 Tournament Information

       Tuesday, March 10, 2009:       Diving Qualification Meets – no earlier than 3 p.m. or later than 5 p.m.
                                      Competition to determine the top 12 divers
       Friday, March 13, 2009:        Swimming Preliminaries - Noon
                                      Diving Preliminaries and Semifinals will begin approximately one hour
                                      after the last heat if there isn’t a separate diving well and or 30 minutes
                                      after the last heat with a diving well.
       Saturday, March 14, 2009:      Finals (All Events) – Noon

2.     ENTRIES

       A.   Qualifying Times for Final Meet Entries – To be a legal entry, the swimmer must have equaled
            or bettered the qualifying time in a bona fide high school swim meet during the current season.
               * Coach must have documents to verify all submitted times.
               * Times achieved in exhibition events may be used to qualify. Time trials cannot be used to
                 qualify for the Final Meet.
       B.   Relay Entry and Qualification – In each relay, qualification to the Final Meet must be based on
            actual team performance in a regularly scheduled swimming meet. A coach must list the four
            swimmers in each relay; however, an alternate may be used in a relay. Any combination of
            swimmers listed must be capable of equaling the qualification time. No more than one relay
            team per school per relay event may compete.

       C.   Swim Entry Materials – Due Monday, March 9, 2009 by 9 a.m.

            1. Electronic entry must be submitted to the respective Meet Manager by the deadline.
            2. Coaches must bring results of this season’s competition to the Final Meet in case of questions.
            3. Submit the best individual or relay team qualifying time on the electronic entry form.
               NOTE: Names of all those qualifying to the Diving Qualification competition do not need to be
               included on the FINAL MEET ENTRY. The Final Meet Manager will receive the qualifiers from
               the Regional Diving Managers. Be sure to include the grade (number, i.e. 10, 11 or 12) for
               each swimmer following their name on the entry program. An entry received after Monday
               9 a.m. deadline must be accompanied with a $50 late fee – payable to the host manager. Late
               entries may be added only if the heat and lane assignments have not been determined. Late
               entries will not be accepted after lane assignments are made.

       D.   Deck Passes

            1. A deck pass will be issued for each athlete who has qualified.
            2. A manager pass will not be included unless a team has five or more qualified swimmers.
            3. A school may receive a deck pass for two coaches. If a school has more coaches on staff,
               they may purchase an additional pass(es) through the Final Manager.
            4. A deck pass may only be used by the individual for whom it was issued.
            5. Once capacity has been reached, no additional passes will be available. Note: Deck passes
               may not be used for entry into the spectator area.


     A.   Qualification to Diving Competition – To qualify to the Diving qualification Meet, a diver must; 1)
          have placed ahead of all divers from opposing schools in actual varsity meet competition in at least
          five meets or, 2) in a league or conference meet or in a season-ending varsity invitational (if they
          do not belong to a league) as many people may qualify to the Qualification Meet as there are
          schools participating in the diving event. In other words, if an eight team league has six schools
          participating in the diving event of the league meet, six may qualify to the MHSAA Qualification
          Meet. and 3) In a conference meet, a qualifying spot (to Regional) equal to the number of
          returning Final Meet participants from that conference.

     B.   Each coach must fax to the Regional Diving Manager by noon on March 9, 2009, a list of
          divers who have qualified for the Regional Meet and the completed diving sheet. In
          addition, the completed diving sheet for each qualified diver must be presented to the
          Qualification Meet Manager no later than 1 ½ hours prior to the meet, Tuesday, March 10,
          2009. The diving sheet must contain the signature of the contestant and coach. The coach
          verifies the qualification and proper order of dives. The contestant’s signature indicates
          that the list of dives is correct. Please include individual score of dual meets for six dives
          or scores for 11 dives in a league, conference or invitational meet.

     C.   A diver will not be allowed to participate if the Diving Entry List is not completed properly. The
          diver must be accompanied by the school coach or designated school representative (so indicated
          by letter signed by the Principal).

     D.   Diving Warm-Up for Qualification Meet – Warm-up diving at Qualification Meets will not be
          permitted until two hours prior to the meet on Tuesday.

     E.   Method of Selection – Diving

          1. The first 12 places in each Regional will qualify to the Final Meet.
          2. Divers should be permitted to complete the prelims:
             (a)    All entries do five dives – cut to 20.
             (b)    Those remaining do three additional – cut to 16.
             (c)    The 16 divers dive the three remaining dives.
             (d)    The top 12 divers advance.

4.   DIVING – At the Final Meet

     A.   All divers do five dives – cut to 20.
     B.   Those remaining do three additional – cut to 16.
     C.   The 16 remaining divers do the final three dives.

     All entries for the Final Swimming and Diving Meets close
        when heat and lane assignments are completed.

5.   ADMISSION: Diving Qualification Meet -        $5
                Friday – Preliminaries -           $7
                Saturday – Finals      -           $7

     *Only qualifying swimmers receive passes for entry in the meet. All other team members must pay to
     enter the event and sit in the spectator seating. Participants must stay in the deck area – not in
     spectator seating.
                                                             -5 -

6.    TROPHIES AND MEDALS – Trophies will be awarded to the top four teams. Medals will be given to
      the top 16 individual place winners in each event.

7.    TAUNTING - MHSAA Handbook Regulation V, Section 3, "Sportsmanship"
      271: Taunting includes any actions or comments by coaches, players or spectators which are intended
      to bait, anger, embarrass, ridicule or demean others, whether or not the deeds or words are vulgar or
      racist. Included is conduct that berates, needles, intimidates or threatens based on race, gender,
      ethnic origin or background, and conduct that attacks origin or background, and conduct that attacks
      religious beliefs, size, economic status, speech, family, special needs or personal matters. Examples
      of taunting that would lead to ejection include, but are not limited to, "trash talk"; physical intimidation
      outside the spirit of the game; reference to sexual orientation; "in the face" confrontation by one player
      to another; standing over/straddling a tackled or fallen player.
      272: In all sports, officials are to consider taunting a flagrant unsportsmanlike foul that disqualifies the
      offending bench person or contestant from the contest/day of competition (and next contest/day of
      competition). A warning may be given, but is not required before ejection.
      273: At all MHSAA tournament venues, tournament management may give spectators one warning for
      taunting. Thereafter, spectators who taunt others are to be ejected by security.

8.    TOURNAMENT WITHDRAWAL POLICY – Tournament management is to contact the MHSAA office if
      a school withdraws or fails to show for scheduled competition after the draw is completed for team
      sports or the pairing, heat assignments or flight are determined for individual sports of the first level of
      the MHSAA tournament in a sport. The MHSAA staff person responsible for the sport will request from
      the school principal a written explanation for the no-show/withdrawal. If the reason is determined to be
      unacceptable by MHSAA staff, the MHSAA Executive Director will place the school on prob ation for the
      next two school years. A second offence within the two-year probationary period will cause the school
      to be prohibited from tournament play in that sport for the two years following the second offence.

9.    SPECTATORS – Tournament management may request that spectator sections not stand during play if
      standing will block the view of other spectators. If possible, polices which prohibit spectator sections
      from standing during play should be communicated to participating teams in advance of their arrival at
      the tournament site.

      A. Individuals or teams which are defeated by an ineligible opponent or teams which allowed one or
         more ineligible students to participate or teams or individuals found to be in violation of contest
         limitations or maximums do not advance in MHSAA tournaments.
      B. If placements in MHSAA tournaments are vacated as a result of an individual being ineligible or a
         team allowing one or more ineligible students to participate, other individuals or teams neither
         advance to those placements or receive awards for those places.

      A. COACH
         1. General - Unless a school or the MHSAA applies additional conditions, suspension from
            coaching requires at least that the coach not be at or near the team bench before, during or
            after the contest, not be in or near the locker room before, during or after the contest, and
            not give instructions directly or indirectly to coaches or players from any position in or near
            the gymnasium or field of play.
            If a school fails to enforce a suspension which is required by the MHSAA, tournament
            management shall require the coach to comply with the terms of suspension and shall report
            the school to the MHSAA for further action.
             If the coach fails to comply with the terms of suspension, tournament management shall
            report the school and coach to the MHSAA, which shall prohibit the school from the
            remainder of the current tournament and impose additional penalties as circumstances

            Note: Suspensions are required for violations of Regulation I, Section 10 and Regulation II,
            Section 13(A) and 15 and may be imposed under Regulation V in all other circumstances.

             2. Unsportsmanlike Conduct in Previous Contest - A coach who is ejected during a contest for
                unsportsmanlike conduct shall be prohibited by his/her school from coaching at or attending
                at least the next day of competition for that team. This is true even if the coach is a parent
                of a player.
                If a school fails to enforce the subsequent disqualification with respect to its coach or the
                coach fails to comply, the tournament manager or any registered official or representative of
                a member school who becomes aware of the violation shall report it to the MHSAA, which
                shall prohibit the school from the remainder of the current tournament.
                Note: Reference Regulation V, Section 3(D).
       B.       PLAYER
            1. General - Unless a school or the MHSAA applies additional conditions, a suspended player is
                treated as an ineligible player, which means that student shall not participate. It is
                permissible, but is not recommended, that the player may sit with the team, even in uniform.
                The minimum requirement is that the suspended student shall not enter the contest as a
                 If a school fails to enforce a suspension with respect to one of its students, which is required
                under MHSAA regulations, tournament management or any representative of a member
                school who becomes aware of the violation shall report it to the MHSAA for further action,
                which shall include (but not be limited to) forfeiture of the contest and thus elimination from
                the remainder of the tournament.
                Note: Suspensions are required for violations under Regulation I, Sections 10, 11, 12 and
                13 and Regulation II, Section 15 may be imposed under Regulation V in all other

            2. Unsportsmanlike Conduct in Previous Contest - A player who is ejected during a contest for
                 unsportsmanlike conduct shall be withheld by his/her school for at least the next day of
                 competition for that team.
                 If a school fails to enforce the subsequent disqualification with respect to one of its
                 students, the tournament managers or any registered official or representative of a member
                 school who becomes aware of the violation shall report it to the MHSAA, which shall prohibit
                 the school from the remainder of the current tournament.
                 Note: Reference Regulation V, Section 3(D).
            Any coach who is disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct two or more times during a season,
            any player who is disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct three or more times during a season,
            and any coach or player who is ejected for spitting at, hitting, slapping, kicking, pushing or
            intentionally and aggressively physically contacting an official at any time during that season,
            is not eligible to participate in the MHSAA tournament for that sport that season. If the
            tournament disqualifying ejection for that individual occurs during the MHSAA tournament, that
            player or coach is ineligible for the remainder of that tournament.
            The school of the disqualified coach or player must prohibit that person from being present on
            the property of the tournament venue for the remainder of the tournament series. If that school
            fails to enforce this, the tournament manager, any registered official or representative of a
            member school who becomes aware of the violation shall report it to the MHSAA, which shall
            prohibit the school from the remainder of the current tournament.


“In the interest of fairness to all participants, if an injunction or restraining order is served or presented at an
MHSAA tournament site and such purports to require the eligibility of or participation by a student or team
which a school and/or the MHSAA has ruled to be ineligible under MHSAA regulations, the on-site tournament

manager is to suspend the entire competition (team competition) or events in which that student is intending to
participate (individual competition). If the meet has begun, it shall be completed.”

                                     CONTACT INFORMATION:

      Eastern Michigan University
      Head Coach – Peter Linn
      Ph 734-487-0463
      Meet Manager – John Dudley
      Ph 734-485-3634
      Fax 734-485-3634

      Holland Aquatics
      Mark VanSoest
      Ph 616-218-7111
      Fax 616-393-7556

      Oakland University
      Head Coach – Pete Hovland
      Ph 248-370-4001.
      Meet Manager – Shawn Kornoelje
      Ph 248-370-4046
      Fax 248-370-3136

       They must be E-mailed to the host institution of your Division.

Division 1 Meet Manager: John Dudley, Meet Manager for EMU,

Division 2 Final Manager: Mark VanSoest, Holland Aquatics,

Division 3 Final Manager: Shawn Kornoelje, Oakland Univ., listed under D3 meet info.
                                                                                                    SW-4 Mgr Materials

              MHSAA 2008-09 BOYS SWIMMING AND DIVING
                         Opt-Out Information
                                          ENTRY MATERIALS:
Master Eligibility List
Diving Qualification Entry List (SW-2 – TO Regional Dive Manager)
Final Diving Entry List (SW-3)
Electronic Entries to Final Manager (by deadline)

Electronic entries are required for the Final Meet (see MHSAA Web site for instructions). Coaches must bring
to the Final Meet the Diving Qualification Entry List (SW -2) and documents to verify all entrants have achieved
a qualifying time.

                                         OPT-OUT DUE DATES
DIVING Opt-Out Due Date – Monday, March 9 at noon
The coach must send to the Diving Qualification Manager a list of all divers who have qualified to the Regional
Diving Meet and a complete Diving Qualification List (SW-2) for each participant. A participant will be allowed
to change the submitted dive list until 1½ hours prior to the start of the meet on Tuesday.

A $50 late fee may be assessed by the host manager for a late or incomplete entry.

For those divers who advance to the Final Meet, the Final Diving Entry List (SW -3) must be turned in to the
official table at the Final site by 11 am Friday.

The Regional Diving Manager will advance to the Final Manager the names of the divers who have qualified to
the Finals. You do not need to enter the divers with the Final Meet entries.

Fax numbers for the Diving Qualification Meet are listed on the Web site.

*Regional Meet Manager will select the start time of the meet (no earlier than 3 pm or later than 5 pm.)

*SWIMMING Opt-Out Due Date – Monday, March 9, at 9 am
Entries must be submitted electronically. Please check the following pages for the e-mail address and
directions for downloading the necessary program.

Entries are due by 9 am on Monday, March 9. If a late entry is submitted, a $50 late fee must be included
(payable to Final Manager). After the heat and lane assignments are made or Monday pm (whichever is later)
no entries will be accepted.
Additional team medals can be ordered by a winning school's administration by submitting this form along with
       a check or money order. Please provide all requested details. Extra medals will not be engraved.
                  Medals will be shipped from the MHSAA as soon as payment is received.

                                            SPORT: ___________________

                                            BOYS: ______ GIRLS: ______

                                            DIVISION/CLASS: ______

                                            YEAR: ______

               MEDALS:                                      QUANTITY                     TOTAL

           _____ DISTRICT                               ______ @ $4 =               $___________

           _____ REGIONAL                               ______ @ $4 =               $___________

           _____ FINAL _____ PLACE                      ______ @ $5 =               $___________
            (1st Gold – 2nd Silver – 3rd + Bronze)

                              CHECK OR MONEY ORDER TOTAL                        $
                              Payable to MHSAA (includes shipping)

      ATHLETIC DIRECTOR _____________________________________ SCHOOL ID __________

      SCHOOL _____________________________________________________________________

      ADDRESS ____________________________________________________________________

      CITY _________________________________________________________ ZIP ____________

              Date _________________ Signature __________________________________________
                                                                (Athletic Director)

                   SEND TO MHSAA, 1661 RAMBLEWOOD DR,
                          EAST LANSING, MI 48823