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					                          Half Yearly Status Report
              The Resolutions of the 8 Annual RNR Conference
                     (5 – 8 February 2006, NIE, Samtse)

Resolution 1: Recognizing that all the Annual RNR Conference resolutions should have
better impact and focus, the Conference resolved that the resolutions be limited to cross-
sectoral issues and the issues having policy implications. On the same note, the
Conference endorsed the proposal to institutionalize the follow up actions as part of
regular monitoring activities of the Planning and Policy Division. (Action by PPD)

Action taken:
 As a regular monitoring and follow up on the Conference Resolutions, the PPD has
prepared a Hal-Yearly Status Report on the follow-up actions of resolutions which is
being submitted to Hon’ble Minister.

Resolution 2: Valuing the importance of land management, the Conference resolved to
institutionalize the program by incorporating it into the annual work plans and budgets.
Further, the Conference directed the Department of Agriculture (DoA) that the land
management program should be included in the 10th FYP as an important poverty
alleviation program. (Action by DoA)

Action Taken:
The DoA has asked Dzongkhags and geogs to include Land Management as an activity in
the 2006-2007 fiscal year as well as in the 10th FYP. The land management program will
be included as one of the important programs in the 10th FYP in all the 20 Dzongkhags.
The National Soil Service Center has already initiated drafting short-term and long-term
National Action Plans on Land Management.

Resolution 3: Noting that the quality of timber in the market is poor, the Conference
directed the Forestry Development Corporation Limited (FDCL) to look into the
improvement of timber quality. The FDCL was also directed to raise commercial
plantations, in collaboration with the Department of Forest (DoF), with special focus to
the southern belt. Further, the FDCL was directed to discuss the dealership of timber
import with the Ministries of Trade & Industry and Finance. (Action by FDCL)

Action Taken:
    The Social Forestry Division of the Department of Forest in collaboration with
       the FDCL and the Samtse Forest Division has identified a total of 866 acres of
       degraded area for commercial plantation.

Half-yearly Status Report on 8th RNR Conference Resolution prepared by PPD.    August 2006

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       A proper bucking and trimming of the logs had already been introduced by the
        FDCL at the felling sites to improve the quality and presentation of the logs. The
        timber grading system has been introduced at the Gedu depot in order to provide
        better quality of timber to consumers.
       The FDCL has already initiated creation of large-scale nurseries for commercial
        purpose, including raising of bamboo seedlings. Also bamboo plantations have
        been raised under Phuntsholing, Zhemgang & Mongar Division in 2006.
       The FDCL is exploring the possibilities of importing timber from few neighboring
        countries. Some contacts have been made with some states in India & Malaysia.
        The outcome will be reported to the Ministry of Agriculture for further action.

Resolution 4: Recognizing that the proposal for pasture development on the leased
government land was developed based on the principles of economic viability, technical
feasibility, and environmental sensitivity, the Conference endorsed the proposal for
implementation by the Department of Livestock (DoL). (Action by DoL)

Action Taken:
The pasture development in government land has been implemented on a pilot scale in
Gogona, Wangdue Dzongkhag, by the Gorgen Chithuen Yargay Tshogdhey,a community-
based farmers’ organization for milk processing & marketing. The scheme is now ready
for replication in Sengor, Mongar Dzongkhag and Pelela, Wangdue Dzongkhag. The
department has already obtained approval from the Ministry for replication. All the
ground works have been initiated.

Resolution 5: Noting the importance and potentials of organic farming as the future of
agriculture development in Bhutan, the Conference endorsed the proposed frame-work
for organic agriculture and recommended that the cost associated with the certification of
organic products of the communities be borne by the government. (Action by DoA)

Action Taken:
     The Department of Agriculture has set up organic unit within the Horticulture
       Division with a coordinator and an assistant to plan and implement the activities.
       Organic activities on medicinal plants and rice have been initiated in Gasa as
       well as organic activities on rice and potato in Bumthang. Programmes, Action
       Plans and a framework have been drawn up for implementation.
     Also the National Biodiversity Centre has developed a project proposal with a
       component for enhancing organic farming and organic production, which has
       been submitted to UNDP-GEF for funding.

Resolution 6: Acknowledging the importance of Information & Communication
Technology (ICT), the Conference resolved that ICT should be adopted, strengthened and
made accessible at the grass-roots level in alleviating poverty. (Action by All)

Half yearly Status Report on 8th RNR Conference Resolution prepared by PPD     August 2006

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  Agency                                     Action Taken
DoF               The DoF has initiated a process of disseminating information through
                  media including kuensel and other forms, such as booklets, brochure,
                  pamphlets etc.
NBC               The NBC has started collaborating with the ICS in dissemination of
                  information on gene-bank, including availability of local seeds, animal
                  germplasm, National herbarium etc.
ICS               The ICS has identified 33 RNR Centers in collaboration with the
                  Department of Information Technology the Ministry of Information &
                  Communication, for supplying 2 computers, 1 printer, Internet for 1 year
                  and training to the Extension Agents (EAs) in the selected sites. At
                  present 37 EAs are participating in the basic IT in-country training in
                  RIM conducted by the Department of Information & Technology. The
                  ICS has also developed websites for the four Research Centers and are
                  ready to be launched.
DoA               Trained Dzongkhag agriculture data managers on ICT and information
                  management database for all 20 Dzongkhags in July 2006. The IMS will
                  also give training on basic computer application and internet operation
                  to 3 extension agents from Chhukha, Wangdue, Tsirang, Dagana,
                  Zhemgang and Trongsa Dzongkhags. Work plan and budget have been
                  approved and will be implemented in September 2006.
CoRRB             Information and Communication Technology is being adopted and
                  further pursued at all levels of the research system in the CoRRB.
                  Compendium of RNR Technologies - a repository of extension materials
                  related to agriculture, livestock, forestry and others- is launched. The
                  CoRRB is making hard copies of RNR technologies for distribution to
                  those extension agents who have no access to internet facility. The
                  CoRRB also prepared pamphlets for Land Management Campaign in the
                  East in 2006.
BAFRA             Computers are made available to all BAFRA offices in 20 Dzongkhags, 5
                  entry points and the City Service Office in Thimphu. Working closely
                  with the ICS, the BAFRA has developed database which is under
                  refinement and once it is ready it will help to issue certificate and permits
                  without taking much time. The BAFRA has also planned to conduct
                  training programs for field staff on basic computing skills during the
                  2006-07 fiscal year.
PPD               The PPD is in process of preparing a web-based information portal
                  covering policies, legislations, programs and projects within the
DSLR              The DSLR has launched DSLR web-based information portal on 16 Aug
                  2006 and linked to the MoA website.

Half yearly Status Report on 8th RNR Conference Resolution prepared by PPD          August 2006

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Resolution 7: Recognizing the potentials of geo-information technologies in enhancing
agriculture development, the Conference urged the RNR sector to adopt and use such
technologies in the planning and implementation of development programs of the Sector.
(Action by All)

Action Taken:
     The NBC has made a start on application of GIS Arcview program so as to be
       able to map the distribution of landraces/traditional/local crops and breeds of
       livestock for better planning and implementation of conservation and utilization
     The CoRRB has been using geo-information technologies with the GIS unit
       established in 4 Research Centers. The CoRRB is exploring further possibilities
       and needs to use the technologies.
     The BAFRA would be using geo-information during pest surveillance for Pest
       Risk Analysis.

Resolution 8: Recognizing the importance of non-wood forest produce in alleviating
rural poverty, the Conference directed the DoF and the Council of RNR Research of
Bhutan (CoRRB) to carry out collaborative research in resource assessment, inventorying
and preparation of management guidelines. (Action by DoF & CoRRB)

Action Taken:
  A consultant for Non-Wood Forest Product to develop a bio-metric equation has
     been recruited through WWF.
  In its 2006-07 work plan, the CoRRB has included Bamboo research; Cordyceps
     research ( in collaboration with Darwin Institute), Effect of fire on lemon grass;
     and Matsutake research (in collaboration with National Mushroom Center).
  Additional studies on bamboo resources have been initiated in the Central-Eastern
     region - emphasizing socio-economic on bamboo utilization and bamboo
     management practices in Bumthang and Trongsa.
  Promotion of Borinda bamboo and Ruta cultivation on farmers’ fields has been
     initiated in Genekha, a focus village.

Resolution 9: Noting the constraints faced by the Agro-meteorological Unit under the
current state of affairs, the Conference called for further development in terms of
facilities and resources. (Action by CoRRB)

Action Taken:
Since the 10th April 2006 a senior Japanese Volunteer is attached with the Agro-met Unit.
The CoRRB is looking into further possibilities to improve both manpower and facilities.
In order to make its service more relevant, the Agro-met office is being shifted to RC
Yusipang. The Unit is already developing strategies for its development and
strengthening. It is also in the process of developing a weather forecasting system and

Half yearly Status Report on 8th RNR Conference Resolution prepared by PPD    August 2006

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climate data. However, the Unit is constrained with shortage of manpower and

Resolution 10: Considering the smallness of the total area under Community Forestry
(CF) and recognizing its potential for improving the protective, conservation and
productive functions of forest and forest ecosystems, the Conference resolved that:

 #                Resolutions                               Action Taken
1    The forest areas around villages and Six Community Forest Management Plans have
     human settlements as well as been finalized which are due for approval.
     interposing the agricultural fields be
     allotted for Community Forestry        Plan preparation is underway for another 20
                                            Community Forest Management Groups.

2    Capacity of the forestry staff to A total of 8 in-service staff, at the level of
     implement     community     forest Dzongkhag Forestry Officer,are under-going a
     programs be strengthened           10-month Post Graduate studies at the Kasetsart
                                        University Bangkok, Thailand.

3    The  NWFP        development            in A staff to work on the NWFP in Community forest
     community forests be stepped up            has been designated and attached in the Social
                                                Forestry Division for developing management

4    The community forests development The DoF has conducted 8 case studies on
     activities be documented          Community Forestry on the following topics:

                                                      1. Community Forestry contributes to the
                                                         National     &     the    MDG        without
                                                         compromising the Forestry Policy.
                                                      2. Entire Rural Wood Supply from
                                                         Community Forest: A challenging
                                                      3. Is Community Forestry Making a
                                                         Difference to Rural Communities: a
                                                         comparative study of three CFs in
                                                         Mongar Dzongkhag.
                                                      4. Crashing the Bone: Minimizing Grazing
                                                         conflict in Community Tsamdro: A case
                                                         study from Dhur Village Choekhor Geog,
                                                      5. Gender and Equity: A challenge in CF.
                                                      6. Will the sale of Illicium griffithii Reduce
                                                         Poverty in Aja Nye and Yabrang

Half yearly Status Report on 8th RNR Conference Resolution prepared by PPD           August 2006

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                                                      7. Bridging Knowledge: A journey into
                                                         Local Experience for Community Based
                                                         Management of Cane and Yula.
                                                      8. Equity and Traditional Irrigation Water
                                                         Sharing System in Limgmutey Chu

                                                 Studies on 10 more topics on Community
                                                 Forestry are underway. The work will be
                                                 completed by the end of July 2006.

(Action by DoF)

Resolution 11: Realizing the need to prevent forest fire, the Conference endorsed the
following recommendations: (Action by DoF)

 #              Recommendations                            Action Taken
1    Propose review of rules and regulation Statusquo is being maintained, as advised
     with regard to forest fire             by the Ministry.

2    Develop a National Forest                  Fire A master thesis titled “Forest Fire
     Management Strategy immediately                 Management Strategy for Bhutan”,
                                                     currently being written, will be completed
                                                     by end of September. It will be reviewed and
                                                     endorsed by the DoF for implementation

3    Intensify awareness campaign on forest An awareness campaign activity is ongoing
     fire through print and visual media    and a video program is being developed.

4    Establish   effective    communication A total of 210 handsets will be procured and
     services by setting up Walkie Talkie distributed to the field officials within this
     handsets communication repeater base   fiscal year.

5    Provide adequate funds            to   procure A sum of Nu.0.100m is maintained at the
     additional          fire               fighting AFD of the Ministry of Agriculture and will
     equipments/handsets                             be disbursed based on the need.

6    Provide instant transport facility in the A sum of Nu.0.450m is maintained at the
     event of fire outbreak                    AFD of the Ministry of Agriculture for the
                                               fiscal year 2006-2007 to overcome the
                                               transport shortage.

7    In extreme cases, authorize the A National Disaster Risk Management
     Department/Ministry by the Government Framework under the auspices of Ministry

Half yearly Status Report on 8th RNR Conference Resolution prepared by PPD        August 2006

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      to hire helicopter services to suppress of Home and Culture Affairs (MoHCA)
     forest fires.                            envisions to develop aerial modes of
                                              transportation and landing capacities in the
                                              event of forest fire outbreak. The service is
                                              mainly meant for evacuating people and
                                              preventing the loss of life and property at
                                              the time of forest fires. It is to be catered in
                                              coordination with the Department of Civil

                                                        The DoF is in the process of following up
                                                        with the Disaster Management Task Force
                                                        of MoHCA. The DoF is also in the process
                                                        of developing budget proposal to be
                                                        submitted to the Ministry for approval and
                                                        fund acquisition from the Ministry of

Resolution 12: Recognizing the need to harmonize the use of land resources, the
Conference noted the decision of the Senior Management of MoA on the conflict
between agriculture development and conservation and endorsed to implement the
following actions:

A.      Need for scientific and technical land capability assessments and zoning of
        agricultural land in order to facilitate: (Action: DoA)
             Land swapping by following rational guidelines
             Relocation of small and scattered settlements (community) to contiguous
                larger potential areas
             Leasing of government land (especially barren) for commercial
                agriculture/horticulture based on technical feasibility. The DoF will lease
                the land to the Department concerned upon obtaining approval of the
             Protection and conservation of prime agriculture lands as cultural heritage
             Agro-forestry on registered land to be considered as the mandate of the

Action Taken:
The Department of Agriculture is in the process of consultation with the Ministry and
other departments.

Half yearly Status Report on 8th RNR Conference Resolution prepared by PPD         August 2006

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B. On addressing the wild animal damages to crops:

#                      Resolutions                         Lead                Action Taken
1    The Forest and Nature Conservation Act                DoF         The issue has already been
     (F&NCA) and rules be revised by                                   addressed in the revised Forest
     increasing the distance up to 200m radius                         and Nature Conservation
     from the agricultural fields for reporting of                     Rules of Bhutan
     the carcass

2    The Field units of the DoF to be equipped              DoF        The issue is being discussed by
     adequately to control rampant depredation                         the Senior management of the
     of agricultural crops by wild animals                             MoA.

3    The Integrated Pest Management to include              DoA        Strategies will be developed to
     possible mitigation measures, including                           look into suitable cropping
     change of cropping patterns                                       pattern in order to address
                                                                       wild boar problem.
4    The DoF to explore financial resources                 DoF        The DoF has solicited funding
     ((e.g. The Bhutan Trust Fund for                                  from WWF.
     Environment Conservation) for providing
     subsidized fencing, where appropriate, for
     protection of crops

C. To manage and mitigate disasters:

1. Procedure for reporting and providing feedback on natural disasters to be established
   by every sub-sector in harmony with the national disaster management plan of the
   Government. (Action by All).

     Agency                                       Action Taken
    DoF           A procedure to report forest fire is put in place. In consonance with the
                  institutional set up contained in the National Disaster Risk Management
                  Framework, fire incidences are reported by the concerned Geog Forestry
                  Extension Agents to the Dzongkhag Forest Office. The Dzongkhag Forest
                  Officer synthesizes the report and forward to the Department of Forest on a
                  quarterly basis. The information is being compiled and stored at the Forest
                  HQ for planning purposes. The feedbacks are provided to the field offices to
                  restore the burnt area.
                  Further, disaster such as outbreak of forest pests and diseases are identified
                  by the Territorial Divisions/Parks offices and reported to the concerned
                  Research Centre for investigation. The report is prepared by the Center and
                  the recommendation on findings is implemented by the Divisions/Parks.

Half yearly Status Report on 8th RNR Conference Resolution prepared by PPD             August 2006

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   DoA            Report on disaster management received from Dzongkhags is forwarded to
                  the MoA for onward submission to MoHCA.

   BAFRA          The BAFRA, being responsible for plant and livestock quarantine, has been
                  involved in drawing up a proposal on the prevention and combating of
                  natural disasters, especially related to livestock and plant diseases, e.g. bird
                  flu. The BAFRA is also working on establishment of procedures for reporting
                  and providing feedback on disaster management, which is at preliminary
                  stage. Bio-safety framework and its rules are being framed in consultation
                  with relevant stakeholders in the country.
   ICS            For general public awareness, publicities are being made on national
                  disaster management like prevention of forest fire, outbreak of pest and
                  animal disease like bird flu, plant and crop disease through media ( through
                  radio, TV, newsletter, posters and other print materials).

2. Explore possibility for creating Environmental Compensation Fund (Action by PPD)

Action Taken:
ICIMOD has conducted a case study on creating Environmental Compensation Fund and
the status of the study is being followed up by PPD.

3. Carry out vulnerability assessment of agricultural areas prone to disasters (Action by

Action Taken:
The RC – Wengkhar is currently working on geo-data base for the Gamrichu watershed
in Trashigang to generate the information on land suitability. Negotiation is underway
with SNV for deployment of a GIS consultant from Sept-Dec 2006 for developing geo-
information for Pemagatshel. The RC – Wengkhar also coordinated the Land
Management Campaign in Eastern Bhutan. Also they are doing study on vulnerability
assessment in Khateri Watershed, Radhi and other vulnerable areas of the eastern
dzongkhags. The report will be ready very soon. In addition to assessment data for the
east, with the deployment of GIS TA from SNV, the RC-Wengkhar will set a
methodological procedure for vulnerability assessment of arable land.

Resolution 13: Recognizing the need and importance of subsidy for agricultural
development, the Conference recommended that proposal to increase the subsidy be
taken up with the government. (Action by DoA & PPD)

Action Taken:
The PPD has finished the first draft of a paper on subsidy. The draft was presented and
discussed during the PPD meeting in July 2006. It will be refined, in collaboration with
the Departments and other agencies, and finalized soon.

Half yearly Status Report on 8th RNR Conference Resolution prepared by PPD        August 2006

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Resolution 14: Noting with concern on the depredation of agricultural crops by wildlife
and the loss incurred to the farmers, the Conference resolved to continue the efforts
towards finding solutions. (Action by DoA, DoL & DoF)

Action Taken:
A Task Force has been formed in the DoF to address this issue. The DoA is in the process
of consultations with the DoF for implementing some of the recommended solutions.

Resolution 15: While appreciating the active role of the DoF in forest conservation and
supply of various forest products to communities, the Conference directed that the
department should, within the provision of the F&NCA, change its image from the one
perceived as policing to the one as a provider of social service by implementing a
communication and information program together with the ICS. (Action by DoF & ICS)

Action taken:
The Department of Forest, in collaborating with ICS, has identified the following topics
for creating awareness amongst public to enhance its image:

       A video program on image building (Role play)
       A video program on watershed management involving communities.

The script and program will be developed by the ICS in consultation with the Forest
Product Utilization Division and the Social Forestry Division.

Resolution 16: Providing feedbacks on the proposed strategies for poverty alleviation of
various departments, the Conference directed the departments to translate the outlined
strategies into action. (Action by All)

Action taken:
The poverty alleviation strategy prepared by the DoF is being translated into program
and activities of the 10th FYP. The CoRRB has already finished preparing a Draft
Business Plan, which will be used to guide the preparation of 10 FYP. This document will
be presented in the third Council Executive Board meeting. The DoA will outline the
strategies and programs in the 10th FYP.

Resolution 17: To ensure timely supply of veterinary drugs, the Conference endorsed the
proposal to set up a centralized system of procurement of veterinary drugs and authorized
the DoL to negotiate with the MoF. (Action by DoL)

Action Taken:
The Department of Livestock is developing a detailed proposal and the notesheet for
obtaining concurrence of the Ministry and approval of the Finance Ministry for

Half yearly Status Report on 8th RNR Conference Resolution prepared by PPD    August 2006

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