IPv6 Deployment in Japan by gabyion


									IPv6 Deployment in Japan
                         Takashi Arano
                       Intec NetCore, Inc.
                   ICANN ASO Address Council
                   Board member of the IPv6 Forum
Co-chair, International Strategy Group of the IPv6 Promotion Council of Japan
 Three Key Elements for IPv6 Deployment

• Carriers/ISPs involvement
• Government support
• Business opportunities including new
• Basic pieces are almost ready
    – Address allocations by APNIC/JPNIC
    – Commercial IPv6 Routers
        • Cisco, Juniper as foreign vendors
        • Hitachi, NEC, Fujitsu, Furukawa, Yamaha, etc. as domestic vendors
    – MS Windows SP1 works well
•   IIJ started commercial services in 2000
•   NTT started charged services in April 2001
•   Almost all nation-wide ISPs are providing trial services.
•   IPv6 over CATV/ADSL are now available by some ISPs.
•   But, customers are not many.
           Government Support
• Government role; not forcing people to use IPv6,
  but being a catalyst by helping people overcome
  transition problems.
• Activities
   –   Declaration in “e-Japan Initiatives”
   –   Budgeting for IPv6 R&D; 8B Yen in 2001
   –   Tax incentive program
   –   Government report about IPv6 transition
• Positive effects
   – Increased people’s recognition
   – Encouraged collaboration among various industries
 Business Opportunities and New
• Have not been fully developed yet. Many
  trials and experiments are going on,
• User benefits??
  – Huge amount of addresses extends the
    • From PC to non-PCs
    • From NAT network to more flat one without NAT
  – New applications over the OPEN IPv6 Internet
  New Applications being experimented
Application Type          Applications being experimented   Examples of experiments

P2P communications        VoIP,                             SoftFront, Oki
                          Video conferencing,               KDDI, Fujitsu, etc.
                          Play Station games                SONY

New functions by          Home appliances; Refrigerators,   Toshiba, Matsushita,
computerized equipments                                     Sharp, etc.
                          Microwave oven, etc.

Remote Control            Web camera, Air conditioner,      NEC, Matsushita, etc.
                          Remote maintenance, etc.

Information Exchange      Internet car                      WIDE, etc.
                          more in the future??
Enterprise Applications   Dynamic P2P VPN                   NTT, etc.
• Just for your information
  – Global IPv6 Summit in Yokohama
  – Net Liferium 2002
     • 19-20, Dec., 2002
  – Global IPv6 Summit in Asia Pacific
     • 24-26, Feb., 2003 at Taipei

• Thank you for your attention.

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