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					  ACCESSORIES / ELECTRONICS                                                                                                             2600
            Nozzle & Emitter Box                              Stainless Steel Clamps                                 Backflow Tester

Store sprinkler nozzles, drip emitters and fittings                     Corrosion resistant clamps                             Test kit designed
in this convenient container.                                           with plated screw safety                               for all brands of
                                                                        collar. Easy installation                              Reduced Pressure
  ITEM             DESCRIPTION                                          with hex head nut driver or                            Principle, Double
 26000001     EWING NOZZLE/TOOL STORAGE BOX                             flat head screwdriver. Extra                           Check, and Pressure
 26000002     EWING NOZZLE/TOOL EXPANSION BX                            wide band for maximum                                  Vacuum Breaker
                                                                        compression area.                                      backflow prevention
                                                                                                                               assemblies. Includes
 26000005     EWING DBL NOZZLE & EMITTER BOX           ITEM            DESCRIPTION
                                                                                                                               five control valves.
                                                      26000050    82854 3/4 CTS PIPE CLAMP             • Temperature range: 35ºF-150ºF
                                                      26000052    82856 1 CTS PIPE CLAMP               • Max working pressure: 200 psi
                                                      26000054    210R 1/2 OETIKER SS CLAMP
                                                      26000060    256R 3/4-S OETIKER SS CLAMP             ITEM              DESCRIPTION
  Benjamin Tote Tray and Dividers                     26000062    271R 3/4 OETIKER SS CLAMP             26000202      BFTG-5 BACKFLOW TESTER ALL/TYP
                   A terrific organizer that saves    26000064    331R 1 OETIKER STAINLESS CLAMP
                   on time, missing parts and
                                                      26000065    346R 1 OETIKER STAINLESS CLAMP
                   tools. Made of heavy gauge,
                                                      26000066    425R 1-1/4 OETIKER SS CLAMPS
                   high density polyethylene.
Removable and adjustable dividers for up to 8         26000068    485R 1-1/2 OETIKER SS CLAMPS                     Oakfield Soil Probe
separate storage compartments.                        26000070    1098 OETIKER STD JAW PINCHERS        Oakfield Soil Samplers are made of multi-plated
                                                      26000072    1099 OETIKER SIDE JAW PINCHERS       steel to resist the abrasiveness of soils. They
T-1050 15"x9"x5" deep                                 26000074    SIZE 12 300 SERIES SS CLAMPS         are built for hard use under all kinds of soil types.
T-1075 12"x24"x6" deep                                26000076    SIZE 16 300 SERIES SS CLAMPS
                                                      26000078    SIZE 20 300 SERIES SS CLAMPS
                                                                                                                             Model B: 3 foot Tube Kit
                                                      26000080    SIZE 24 300 SERIES SS CLAMPS
  ITEM             DESCRIPTION                                                                                               includes:
                                                      26000082    SIZE 32 300 SERIES SS CLAMPS                               • 1 -12" handle
 26000006     T-1050 SM TOTE TRAY W/4 DVDR
                                                                                                                             • 2 - 12" extension rods
 26000008     T-1050 DIVIDER FOR SMALL TOTE                                                                                  • 1 -12" tube w/
 26000010     T-1075 LG TOTE TRAY W/4 DVDR                                                                                      replacement screw-on tip
 26000012     T-1075 DIVIDER FOR LARGE TOTE               Rebar Stakes and "J" Hooks                                         • 1 - 13" fiberboard case
 26000018     SHIPPING/STORAGE CONTAINER GRN                  • 24" and 36" Rebar stakes
                                                                                                         ITEM              DESCRIPTION
                                                                                                        26000210     OAKFIELD MODEL B SOIL PROBE

     Grass Cel™ Paving Structures
                  ITEM # 26000020
                                                                                                                       Scale Master
                                                                        • 24" J Hooks
      See page 113 for detailed information.

             Deep Root Products                        ITEM            DESCRIPTION
                ITEMS# 26000028-40                    26000088    REBAR-STAKES 4X24-IN
      See page 114 for detailed information.          26000092    REBAR-STAKES 4X36-IN                 Hand held digital takeoff tool for quick and
                                                      26000094    REBAR J-HOOKS 4 X 18 IN              accurate material take-offs. 50 built-in
                                                                                                       scales. Calculates linear, area and volume

                                                                 Concrete Redi-Mix,                      ITEM              DESCRIPTION
                                                                                                        26000290     SCALE MASTER PLUS TAKE-OFF TOOL
                                                                  Gravel and Rock                       26000291     SCALE MASTER PC INTERFACE KIT
                                                       ITEM            DESCRIPTION
                                                      26000100    CONCRETE MIX 60LB
                                                      26000110    3/8 X 75LB VLV BX PEA GRAVEL
                                                      26000120    50 LB TEXAS PEA GRAVEL
                                                      26000130    DRAINAGE ROCK 1/2 CU-FT BAG

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             2600                                                 ACCESSORIES / ELECTRONICS
                   Rolatape Measure Master 30                                                                                  Add a Zone Valve Adapter

                                                                                              Switch Hitter
                                  This three foot circumference                                                                              Add an extra valve or work
                                                                                        An auxiliary direct burial
                                  wheel records accurate                                                                                     around broken wiring without
                                                                                        timer that can convert one
                                  measurements over a wide                                                                                   the need to trench additional
                                                                                        good valve circuit into
                                  variety of jobs. Featuring                                                                                 wires. The Add-A-Zone
                                                                                        four independent valve
                                  sturdy steel construction                                                                                  allows for 2 independently
                                                                                        circuits. Can be used to
                                  and new support ribs                                                                                       timed zones to be operated
                                                                                        upgrade a system for add-
                                  on the handle socket for                                                                                   with only 1 pair of field wires.
                                                                                        on capabilities or to bypass
                                  added strength.
                                                                                        complicated broken wires.
                                  • Veeder-Root counter
                                                                                                                          ITEM             DESCRIPTION
                                     completely sealed;           • Rugged, waterproof PVC housing
                                                                                                                         26000312    ADD A ZONE VALVE ADAPTER
                                     measures up to 1,000         • LED function lights. Solid state logic
                                     feet without resetting.      • Independent station timing from 0 to 30
                                                                  • 2 and 4 station models
                  ITEM           DESCRIPTION
                                                                      ITEM             DESCRIPTION
                 26000302   MM-30 ROLATAPE MEASURING WHEEL
                                                                   26000307      SH-230 2 STA SWITCH-HITTER NIS
                                                                   26000308      SH-430 4 STA SWITCH-HITTER NIS


                                                                                                                         2003 Pulser
                                                                                                                        Identifies the
                                                                                                                        exact location
                                                                                                                        of even the
             Prevent feedback between controllers and             The Doubler runs two valves separately from one       smallest breaks
             damage from polarity and phasing differences.        wire. Add a valve without having to run another       in insulation by
                                                                  wire from the main controller, split sprinkler        “pulsing” a high-voltage signal that radiates
             Specifications                                        lines or bypass broken wires. Used for either         into the earth at the location of the faults. With
             • 24VAC, 8Amp output                                 temporary or permanent installation.                  the A-frame mounted receiver, a visual analog
             • Input: 24VAC, 35ma.
                                                                  •    Waterproof; UL Listed                            meter points the way to the source of the
             • Operation time: 7ms.
                                                                  •    24 volt, 50/60 cycle                             voltage.Multiple faults on a single wire can be
             • Life expectancy: 100,000,000 operations
                                                                  •    1/4" PVC case w/double wire seal                 identified indicating the need to replace instead
                                                                  •    Withstands short circuits and overloads          of repair. Includes a rechargeable transmitter
                  ITEM           DESCRIPTION                      •    Controller must be rated for two valves per      System Includes:
                                                                       station operation                                • Power Requirements Transmitter: (1) 12V
                 26000305   ISOLATER TSM
                                                                       ITEM            DESCRIPTION                        rechargeable battery;
                                                                      26000309   DOUBLER TSM                            • Receiver: (1) 9V battery
                                      Checkmate III                                                                     • Voltage Protection: 240VAC/400VDC
                                                                                                                        • Dimensions Transmitter: 17” x 8.5” x 6.5”
                                    A versatile diagnostic
                                                                                                                        • Receiver: 33.5 x 21.75” x 3.25”
                                     tool for irrigation
                                                                                                                        • Weight: 12.5 lbs. complete
                                      troubleshooting. The
                                       Checkmate helps
                                        locate problem                                                                    ITEM             DESCRIPTION
                                          solenoids, wire runs                                                           26000313    PE2003 PULSER LOC W/A FRAME
                                           and controllers.

             •    Waterproof system connector
             •    Test indicator LEDs
             •    Tests all system components
             •    Tests itself

                  ITEM           DESCRIPTION
                 26000306   IT-102 CHECKMATE III TESTER

   102                                        Irrigation               Golf        Industrial                          3441 E. HARBOUR DRIVE • PHOENIX, AZ 85034
  ACCESSORIES / ELECTRONICS                                                                                                            2600
                                                        521 Wire, Pipe and Solenoid                                     77A Tracer

                                                               Valve Locator                           A continuous or alternating
                                                                                                       tone generator that tests for
                                                                                                       continuity, line voltage and
                501 Tracker II                                                                         The Model 77A:
A portable, transistorized system for tracking
                                                                                                       • Identifies polarity
underground pipe, wire and cable. Performs at a
                                                                                                       • Determines AC
distance of 1000 feet or depths over 4 feet.
                                                                                                       • Checks
                                                                                                       • Determines DC voltage
                                                    A handy troubleshooting tool for the landscape     • Identifies Cables and wires
                                                    maintenance contractor, the Model 521 is ideal     (Leather carrying case no longer available)
                                                    for locating control and common wire paths,
                                                                                                         ITEM             DESCRIPTION
                                                    buried solenoid valves and faults on buried
                                                    control or common wires.                            26000320    77A PE TRACER TONE TEST UNI

                                                    Model 521 includes:
                                                    • Transmitter w/ 2- six volt Neda 915.
                                                    • Receiver with 1- nine volt Neda 1604.                  200EP Inductive Amplifier
Model 501 kit includes:
                                                    • Carrying case.                                                        An inductive amplifier
• Transformer                                                                                                               designed to work with
                                                      ITEM            DESCRIPTION
• Receiver/antenna assembly                                                                                                 any tone generator, set to
• Cord set. Two-eight foot black leads with clips    26000318    521 WIRE,PIPE, & VALVE LOCATOR
                                                                                                                            identify and trace wires
  and plug-is                                                                                                               within a group without
• Convenient carrying case                                                                                                  damaging wire insulation.

  ITEM             DESCRIPTION
 26000314    501 TRACKER II W/ COUP & ANTEN
 26000317    HS-1 RPLCMNT HEADSET 501/521                 528 Compact Valve Locator                      ITEM             DESCRIPTION
                                                                             Professional function      26000324    200EP P E LINE AID W/ VOL CNTRL
                                                                             at an affordable price.
                                                                             Connected to a buried
                                                                             wire, the unit supplies
                                                                             audible indications to        CMT-80 Digital Clamp Meter
             508 Mini Tracker                                                identify the path and
                                                                             approx. depth of wire.
                                                                             Quickly locate buried
                                                                             solenoids and wire
                                                                             breaks. Comes with
                                                                             transmitter, receiver,
                                                                             ground stake and
                                                                             instruction manual.

                                                       ITEM            DESCRIPTION
                                                      26000319    528 COMPACT VALVE LOCATOR

                                                                                                       Hassle free, automatic measurement of
For tracking cable, wire and pipe located in the
                                                                                                       amperage, voltage, and resistance. 400A
ground or in walls.
                                                                                                       AC, 600V AC/DC measurement. Accessories
508 system includes:                                                                                   included: (1) 9 V battery, test leads, carrying
• Transmitter
• Receiver
                                                                                                         ITEM             DESCRIPTION
• Compact carrying case
                                                                                                        26000326    CMT-80 DIGITAL CLAMP METER
  ITEM             DESCRIPTION
 26000316    508 P E MINI TRACKER LOCATOR

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              2600                                                                                                      ACCESSORIES
                                                                                                     THREAD SEALANTS

                                                                               Rectorseal No. 5                                  Clear Silicone Sealant
                                                                               A dependable pipe thread sealant         Clear Silicone is a general-purpose, one part
                                                                               used on galvanized, steel, PVC,          sealant that cures at room temperature.
                Model 701K Tone & Probe Kit                                    copper, brass, iron and fiberglass
                                This popular tone & probe                      reinforced pipe. Slow dry, soft set.       ITEM             DESCRIPTION
                                kit is used by technicians                                                               26000570    CLEAR INDUSTRIAL SILICONE 10OZ
                                                                              Non-seizing; 154° F. Tag CC;
                                everywhere to identify single                 pressure range up to 12,000 PSI;
                                conductors or cables within     temperature range -50° F to +400° F.
                                a bundle, at a cross-connect
                                point, or at remote ends.         ITEM             DESCRIPTION
                                The kit consists of the 77HP                                                                        Whitlam Blue Magic
                                                                 26000332      1/4 PT #5 RECTORSEAL PIPE DOPE
                                High Power Tone Generator,
                                                                 26000333      1/2 PT #5 RECTORSEAL PIPE DOPE                        Thread Sealant
                                the 200EP Inductive
                                Amplifier and the rugged         26000334      PT #5 RECTORSEAL PIPE DOPE                            Blue Magic is a grit-free slow set,
                                woven polyester 700C Dual        26000336      QT #5 RECTORSEAL PIPE DOPE                            non-toxic and odor free industrial
                                Carrying Case.                                                                                       grade pipe thread compound.
                                                                                                                                     Will not transfer taste or odor to the
               ITEM            DESCRIPTION                                                                                           system being sealed. Use for food
              26000327    700C TONER/PROBE CANVAS CASE
                                                                              Rectorseal T Plus 2                                    and water systems.
              26000329    701K P E TONE & PROBE KIT                           T Plus 2 is a non-hardening               Use on ABS, PVC, CPVC, nylon, polypropylene,
                                                                              sealant containing Teflon plus            polybutylene, polyethylene and all metals.
                                                                              synthetic fibers for maximum              Temperature range: -50° to +400° F. Pressure
                                                                              lubrication and performance.              range up to 6,000 psi.

                    Model 24 Station Master                     T Plus 2 can be used on iron, galvanized steel,
                                                                                                                          ITEM             DESCRIPTION
                                                                stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum,
             A hand held, battery operated irrigation system    polyethylene, reinforced fiberglass, PVC, CPVC and       26000350    1/2 PT BLU MAGIC WHITLAM SEAL
                                 diagnostics tester and         ABS. Suitable for service from -15° to +450° F.          26000352    PT BLUE MAGIC WHITLAM SEALANT
                                 solenoid activator used to                                                              26000354    QT BLUE MAGIC WHITLAM SEALANT
                                 determine if:                    ITEM             DESCRIPTION
                                 • Clock is putting              26000340      1/4 PT T+2 RECTORSEAL TEFLON
                                          out enough             26000342      1/2 PT T+2 RECTORSEAL TEFLON
                                          current to operate
                                          valve solenoid
                                                                 26000344      PT T+2 RECTORSEAL TEFLON                  Whitlam Select-Unyte Plus Teflon
                                                                 26000346      QT T+2 RECTORSEAL TEFLON
                                        • Zone wires need                                                                            A white paste-type thread
                                          repair                                                                                     compound for sealing metal and
                                        • Solenoid not                                                                               plastic threaded connections.
                                                                            Whitlam Epoxy Putty                                       Formulated to be used on all types
                                                                                                                                      of systems carrying most any liquid
                                                                                Works like putty—hardens like steel.                  or gas except oxygen, fluorine
               ITEM            DESCRIPTION                                      For use on metal, plastic, wood,        and liquid sodium. Excellent for food and water
              26000328    24A STATION MASTER PRO TESTER                         glass, cement, and ceramic.             applications.
                                                                                4 oz package in tape form. Use
                                                                for under water, plumbing and electrical repairs.         ITEM             DESCRIPTION
                                                                                                                         26000358    1/4 PT SELECT-UNYTE TEFLON
                    Digital Volt/OHM Meter                         ITEM             DESCRIPTION                          26000360    1/2 PT SELECT-UNYTE TEFLON

                                      Measures AC/DC             26000368     4 OZ EPOXY REPAIR PUTTY WHITE              26000362    PT SELECT-UNYTE TEFLON WHIT
                                      voltage, DC current,                                                               26000364    QT SELECT-UNYTE TFLN WHITLAM
                                      and resistance.
                                      Diode, transistor
                                      hfe, and continuity
                                      tests. Polarity, low
                                                                                  Permatex Pipe Joint                               Permatex Tool Coat
                                      battery, and overload                           Compound                            ITEM             DESCRIPTION
                                                                              An economical, general purpose             26000576    BLUE PERMATEX TOOL COAT 14OZ
                                      Accessories included:                   pipe thread sealant for metal pipes.       26000578    RED PERMATEX TOOL COAT 14OZ
                                      9V battery, test leads.
                                                                   ITEM             DESCRIPTION
                                                                 26000560     51-D PERMATEX P/J COMPOUND PT
               ITEM            DESCRIPTION                       26000562     NO MORE LEAKS PERNATEX P/J 7OZ
              26000330    DIGITAL VOLT/OHM METER
              26000331    3-WIRE RECEPTACLE TESTER

   104                                      Irrigation             Golf         Industrial                             3441 E. HARBOUR DRIVE • PHOENIX, AZ 85034
   ACCESSORIES                                                                                                                           2600
 Parr Glue Removal Hand Cleaner                                       Marking Stick                                    Ewing Duct Tape

A safer alternative to harsh, drying and               Used with the Inverted Tip Marking Paint, this                         A handy all-purpose, tape
potentially toxic solvents and thinners. Fortified     applicator gives pin-point accuracy without                            used to secure insulation,
with four premium skin conditioners, this fine         bending. Comfortable and easy to use, the                              seal sheet metal and a
pumice formula quickly removes the toughest            Marking Stick is sturdy and corrosion resistant                        variety of other applications.
soils.                                                 making it a long lasting tool.
                                                                                                             • 2 inches x 60 yards.
  ITEM             DESCRIPTION
                                                                                                             ITEM            DESCRIPTION
 26000589     PARR GLUE REMOVAL H/CLNR 15OZ              ITEM             DESCRIPTION
                                                                                                            26000405     EWING DUCT TAPE 2 IN X 60 YDS
                                                        26000378    MARKING STICK FOR MARK PAINT

                              Cleaner                                                                                    Caution Tape
                                                                      Marking Flags                                           • Non-detect blue potable
                                                                             Ewing Marking Flags are                            water tape. 3" x 1000 ft.
                             safe cleaner and
                                                                             highly visible and brightly                      • Non-detect Reclaimed
                             degreaser. Available
                                                                             colored. The 21" flags are                         water tape. 3" x 1000 ft.
                             in Simple Green
                                                                             waterproof and can be used                       • Highly visible 4 mil yellow
                             Regular all-purpose
                                                                             for marking plant material                         caution tape. 3" x 1000 ft.
                             strength and Crystal
                                                       and sprinkler location as well as many other                           • Detect reclaimed water
                             Industrial strength.
                                                       uses. Flag colors include gray/with colors, red,                         tape. 3" x 1000 ft.
                                                       blue, yellow, lime, orange and white.
• Bio-degradable & non-toxic                             ITEM             DESCRIPTION                        ITEM            DESCRIPTION
• Non-abrasive & non-flammable                                                                              26000401     DETECT BLU POTABLE WTR 3X1000
                                                        26000381    GRAY/BLUE 21 IN STAKING FLAGS
• Exempt from OSHA & EPA special handling                                                                   26000403     NON-DET RED ELEC 4 MIL 3 X 1000
   and personal protection requirements for             26000383    GRAY/YLW 21 IN STAKING FLAGS
                                                                                                            26000406     CAUTION TAPE 4 MIL 3IN X1000FT
   hazardous materials                                  26000384    GRAY/ORNG 21 IN STAKING FLAGS
                                                                                                            26000407     NON-DETECT RECLMD WATER1000FT
                                                        26000385    GRAY/WHITE 21 IN STAKING FLAGS
                                                                                                            26000408     DETECT RECLMD WATER 3IN X1000F
  ITEM             DESCRIPTION                          26000386    RED 21 IN STAKING FLAGS
 26000590     SIMPLE GREEN CRYSTAL 24OZ SPRA            26000388    BLUE 21 IN STAKING FLAGS
 26000591     SIMPLE GREEN CRYSTAL GALLON               26000390    YELLOW 21 IN STAKING FLAGS
                                                                                                                          Teflon Tape
                                                        26000391    GREEN GLO 21 IN STAKING FLAGS
                                                        26000392    ORANGE 21 IN STAKING FLAGS
                                                                                                                              100% virgin teflon pipe
                                                                                                                              thread tape provides
                                                        26000393    WHITE 21 IN STAKING FLAGS
                                                                                                                              positive leakproof joints
                                                                                                                              and permits quick and
                Inverted Tip                                                                               easy disassembly and rejoining.

               Marking Paint                                                                               Temperature range -400° to +500° F. Pressure
                                                                     Hose Washers                          range to 10,000 psi.
                     Water based marking paint
                     safe for turf application.          ITEM            DESCRIPTION                         ITEM            DESCRIPTION
                     Easy to use. Get quick             26000382    3/4 HOSE WASHERS 10/PACK                26000410    TEFLON TAPE 1/2 X 520
                     and accurate lines on any
                     surface. Use paint to mark                                                             26000412    TEFLON TAPE 3/4 X 520
                     the location of underground                                                            26000415    TEFLON TAPE 1 X 520
                     utilities, lay out construction
                     jobs, line athletic fields, and          Rubber Tie Down Straps
  ITEM             DESCRIPTION
 26000369     RED HAZARD WATER BASED PAINT             Used on trucks and trailers to hold down
 26000370     ORANGE WATER BASED MARK PAINT            tarps, equipment, PVC pipe, lumber and other
 26000371     YELLOW HAZARD WATER BSD PAINT            materials. Quick on and off hooks eliminate
 26000372     FLO RED WATER BSD MARK PAINT             ropes and knots.
                                                         ITEM            DESCRIPTION
                                                        26000402     31 RUBBER TIE-DOWN STRAP

 Call us at 800.343.9464                         a i q t                                     Order on-line at 105
              2600                                                                                                      ACCESSORIES
                           Wall Anchor Kit                                                 Slick-Wrap Pipe                     PVC Compression Fittings

                                  Kit includes 100 each:                                      Repair Kit
                                  • 1/4" collared anchors
                                                                                        Industrial strength, water
                                  • 1" x 10 hex head screws
                                                                                        activated fiberglass tape
                                                                                        repair kit for plastic,
                                 Also included:
                                                                                        metal, concrete and poly
                                 • 1/4" masonry drill bit
                                                                                        pipe.                           Threaded Tee        Couplings        Male Adapter
             Use hex nut driver or screwdriver to secure                                                                   (FIPT)                              (MIPT)
             anchor screws.
                                                                                                                        Easy-to-install repair fittings that require no cement.
               ITEM             DESCRIPTION
              26000416     B-10 WALL ANCHOR KIT 1/4 IN                                                                    ITEM               DESCRIPTION
                                                                   ITEM             DESCRIPTION                          26000610       1/2 PVC COMPRESSION COUPLING
                                                                  26000490      SLICK-WRAP 2 X 60 PIPE RPR KIT
                  Zip-It Hollow Wall Anchors                                                                             26000620       3/4 PVC COMPRESSION COUPLING
                                                                                                                         26000630       1 PVC COMPRESSION COUPLING
                                  Zip-It drills its own hole                                                             26000640       1-1/4 PVC COMPRESSION COUPLING
                                  and drives into wallboard in
                                  one motion.                                  Marker Mate                               26000650       1-1/2 PVC COMPRESSION COUPLING
                                                                                                                         26000660       2 PVC COMPRESSION COUPLING
               ITEM             DESCRIPTION                             Electronic Locator System                        26000670       2-1/2 PVC COMPRESSION COUPLING
              26000417     ZIP-IT ANCORS FOR GYPSUM WALL                                                                 26000680       3 PVC COMPRESSION COUPLING
              26000419     NYLON 50PC ZIP IT ANCHOR KIT                            This product is used for finding
                                                                                                                         26000690       4 PVC COMPRESSION COUPLING
              26000420     ZAMAC 50PC ZIP IT ANCHOR KIT                             underground objects quickly
                                                                                                                         26000700       6 PVC COMPRESSION COUPLING
                                                                                      and with a high degree of
                                                                                   accuracy. The Marker Locator          26000710       1/2 PVC COMPRESSN TEE CXCXT

                            50 Scotchrap                                           is unaffected by metal conduit        26000720       3/4 PVC COMPRESSN TEE CXCXT
                                                                                    or pipe, metallic conductors,        26000730       1 PVC COMPRESSION TEE CXCXT
                                 An all-weather corrosion                               fences, or AC power.             26000740       1-1/4 PVC COMPRESSN TEE CXCXT
                                 protection tape for pipe,
                                 conduit, fittings, joints and                     The locator transmits a signal to     26000750       1-1/2 PVC COMPRSSN TEE CXCXT
                                 valves. Protects against                          the buried marker and its exact       26000760       2 PVC COMPRESSION TEE CXCXT
                                 moisture, acids, alkalis,       location is indicated with both a visual meter          26000810       1/2 PVC COMPRESS MALE ADPT
                                 salts and sewage.               reading and an audible tone. There is no danger         26000820       3/4 PVC COMPRESS MALE ADPT
             This tape can be used in direct burial              of finding another utility’s marker because
                                                                                                                         26000830       1 PVC COMPRESSION MALE ADPT
             applications. 10 mil. 2” x 100 ft.                  each ScotchMark Marker is tuned to a specific
                                                                                                                         26000840       1-1/4 PVC COMP MALE ADPT
                                                                 frequency for your application only.
                                                                                                                         26000850       1-1/2 PVC COMP MALE ADPT
               ITEM             DESCRIPTION
              26000428     50 SCOTCHRAP TAPE 2X100 BLACK           ITEM             DESCRIPTION                          26000860       2 PVC COMPRESSION MALE ADPT
                                                                  26000500    MARKER MATE MARKER LOCATOR
                                                                  26000520    1257 MID-RANGE MARKER 6FT RANGE
                           Valve ID Tags                          26000530    1403 BALL MARKER 4 FT RANGE                      PVC Compression Fittings
                         Reclaimed Tag/Sign                       26000550    1434 NEAR-SURFACE MARKER 2 FT                        for Polybutylene
                                                                                                                          ITEM              DESCRIPTION
                                                                                                                         26000920      3/4 SPIG W/FLO LOK FOR POLYBTL
                                                                                                                         26000930      1 SPGT W/FLO LOK FOR POLYBTYLN
                                                                                      WD-40                              26000970      3/4 MT X 1 TS POLYBUTYLENE
             Identify Remote Control Valves with these
             handy, easy-to-spot ID tags. Sets come                                   Loosens rusty parts, bolts,
             marked A1- A12, A13 - A24, B1 - B12, B13                                 valves and locks. Cleans
                                                                                      most surfaces of grease, tar
             - B24.
                                                                                      and adhesives. Protects
                                                                                                                                               Adjustable Plastic
             • Reclaimed water tags                                                   against rust and corrosion.                               Strap Wrench
             • Potable water tags                                                     Stops squeaks.
               ITEM             DESCRIPTION                        ITEM             DESCRIPTION
              26000440     RECLAIMED WATER VLV TAG ENG/SP         26000600     11 OZ WD-40 CLEANER
              26000444     POTABLE WATER VLV TAG ENG/SPN
              26000450     A1-A12 STD YEL VALVE ID TAGS
                                                                                                                        A universal, heavy-duty strap wrench for gripping
              26000452     A13-A24 STD YEL VALVE ID TAGS
                                                                                                                        all shapes. Ideal for irrigation plumbing and pool
              26000456     B1-B12 STD YEL VALVE ID TAGS                                                                 and spa installers. Rustproof and non-corrosive.
              26000458     B13-B24 STD YEL VALVE ID TAGS                                                                For objects 1/2 up to 4" in diameter.

              26000480     RECLAIMED RISER MARKER                                                                         ITEM              DESCRIPTION
              26000485     METAL RECLAIMED SIGN ENG/SPAN                                                                 26001000      ADJUST PLASTIC STRAP WRENCH

  106                                         Irrigation            Golf        Industrial                             3441 E. HARBOUR DRIVE • PHOENIX, AZ 85034
  ACCESSORIES                                                                                                                    2600
                                                                                                             SAFETY EQUIPMENT
      PVC Compression Fittings                     IPS/SDR Rubber Repair Couplings

             (for Copper Sized Tube)
                                                    ITEM           DESCRIPTION
                                                                                                                  Safety Glasses
                                                   26001610   3 IPS/SDR RUBBR REPAIR COUP                                   Protect your eyes with
  ITEM             DESCRIPTION
                                                   26001615   4 IPS/SDR RUBBR REPAIR COUP                                   our impact resistant
 26001110     1/2 PVC CTS COMPRESSION M-ADPT                                                                                glasses.
 26001120     3/4 PVC CTS COMPRESSION M-ADPT       26001620   6 IPS/SDR RUBBR REPAIR COUP

 26001130     1 PVC CTS COMPRESSION M-ADPT         26001625   6 X 4 SDR RED/RUBR REPAIR COUP           ITEM            DESCRIPTION
 26001310     1/2 PVC CTS COMPRESSION COUP         26001640   4 X 3 SDR RED/RUBR REPAIR COUP         26002000    CLEAR SAFETY GOGGLES
 26001320     3/4 PVC CTS COMPRESSION COUP         26001650   8 IPS/SDR RUBBER REPAIR COUP           26002002    AMBER SAFETY GOGGLES
 26001330     1 PVC CTS COMPRESSION COUPLING                                                         26002004    MIRROR SAFETY GOGGLES
 26001420     3/4 PVC CTS COMPRESSION TEE                  Poly Stretch Couplings                    26002006    LT BLUE SAFETY GOGGLES
 26001430     1 PVC CTS COMPRESSION TEE                                                              26002008    DK BLUE SAFETY GOGGLES
                                                    ITEM           DESCRIPTION                       26002010    CLEAR SAFETY GLASSES
                                                   26001720   PSC-07 3/4 POLY STRETCH COUP           26002020    GRAY SAFETY GLASSES
 Telescoping                                       26001730   PSC-10 1 POLY STRETCH COUP

 PVC Repair                                        26001740   PSC-12 1-1/4 POLY STRETCH COUP
                                                   26001750   PSC-15 1-1/2 POLY STRETCH COUP
  Couplings                                        26001760   PSC-20 2 POLY STRETCH COUP                           Face Shield
                           To repair a line
                                                                                                                       Protect your face with our
                                                                                                                       impact resistant face shield.
                                                                                                      ITEM            DESCRIPTION
                                                       Kneepads with Plastic Cap                     26002030    CLEAR FACE SHIELD ASSEMBLY
                                                    ITEM           DESCRIPTION
                            To add a tee           26001790   V230 KNEEPADS W/PLASTIC CAP
                                                                                                                Ear Muffs & Plugs
                                                                                                                  Protect your ears from excessive
                                                              5 Gallon Gas Can                                    noise pollution with our ear
                                                                                                                  muffs and ear plugs.
                                                                    5 gallon capacity plastic
                                                                    gas can with flexible nozzle.
                        To replace a valve
                                                                    Easy-to-carry handle. Made        ITEM            DESCRIPTION
In-line PVC repair couplings that make fixing                       by Rubbermaid.                   26002100    DELUXE EAR MUFF PROTECTION 22D
broken main or lateral lines fast and simple.                                                        26002110    DISPOSABLE EAR PLUG W/O CORD
Slip-Fix eliminates the need to dig up long
                                                    ITEM           DESCRIPTION                       26002120    DISPOSABLE EAR PLUG W/CORD
sections of pipe. Requires no bracing, no nuts
to tighten and ensures a permanent tight seal      26001900    5 GAL BLITZ GASOLINE CAN
with no leaks.                                     26001905    GAS CAN REPLACEMENT SPOUT KIT
                                                                                                              Masks & Respirators
• Available in 10 sizes ranging from 1/2" to 6".                                                    Protect your lungs from harmful dust and
  1500 psi-rated Buna-N O-ring.                                                                     debris with our masks and respirators.
• Molded of rugged Type 1 PVC to Sch. 40
                                                                                                      ITEM            DESCRIPTION
  tolerances.                                         Igloo Coolers & Accessories                    26002200    7 IN 1 HALF MASK RESPIRATOR
  ITEM             DESCRIPTION
                                                    ITEM           DESCRIPTION                       26002210    7 IN 1 CARTRIDGE/FILTER KIT
 26001510     1/2 SLIP FIX REPAIR NIPPLE
                                                   26001915   10GAL IGLOO INDUSRL GRN COOLER         26002230    DISPOSABLE DUST MASK
 26001520     3/4 SLIP FIX REPAIR NIPPLE
                                                   26001920   5 GAL IGLOO INDUSRL GRN COOLER         26002240    UTILITY NUISANCE DUST MASK
 26001530     1 SLIP FIX REPAIR NIPPLE
                                                   26001925   3 GAL IGLOO INDUSRL YLW COOLER
 26001540     1-1/4 SLIP FIX REPAIR NIPPLE
 26001550     1-1/2 SLIP FIX REPAIR NIPPLE
                                                   26001930   IGLOO REPLACEMENT SPOUT
                                                                                                                    Rain Gear
                                                   26001935   IGLOO 3/5 GAL REPLACEMENT LID
 26001560     2 SLIP FIX REPAIR NIPPLE
                                                   26001940   IGLOO CUP DISPENSER
 26001570     2-1/2 SLIP FIX REPAIR NIPPLE                                                                             Keep your body dry during
                                                   26001941   IGLOO LID F/CUP DISPENSER
 26001580     3 SLIP FIX REPAIR NIPPLE                                                                                 inclement weather with our
                                                   26001945   IGLOO 4OZ PAPER CUP 200/BOX                              durable one and two-ply
 26001590     4 SLIP FIX REPAIR NIPPLE
                                                   26001950   2/5 GAL COOLER MOUNT                                     rain gear.
 26001595     6 SLIP FIX REPAIR NIPPLE
                                                   26001955   IGLOO 6/15 GAL COOLER

                                                                                                      ITEM            DESCRIPTION
                                                                                                     26002311    MEDIUM RAINSUIT 2-PLY MATERIAL
                                                                                                     26002312    LARGE RAINSUIT 2 PLY MATERIAL
                                                                                                     26002314    X-LARGE RAINSUIT 2 PLY MATERIAL
                                                                                                     26002316    XX-LARGE RAINSUIT 2 PLY MATERIAL
                                                                                                     26002322    LARGE RAIN COAT REINFORCED 48

 Call us at 800.343.9464                      a i q t                                 Order on-line at 107
              2600                                                                                                      ACCESSORIES
                   SAFETY EQUIPMENT                                            Straw Sun Hats

                             Rain Boots                                                 Protection from the sun
                                Dry feet are happy feet.                                with our Landscaper or
                                Pull on a pair of our durable                           Safari style hats.                Mini-Clik Rain
                                rain boots whenever the                                                                      Sensor
                                elements muddy up the                                                                   Mini-Clik provides
                                jobsite.                           ITEM              DESCRIPTION                        the simplest, most
               ITEM            DESCRIPTION                        26002702     LANDSCAPER SUN HAT MEDIUM                effective way to prevent
              26002340    RAIN BOOT PVC SIZE 7                    26002704     LANDSCAPER SUN HAT LARGE                 sprinklers from coming
              26002341    RAIN BOOT PVC SIZE 8                    26002706     LANDSCAPER SUN HAT X-LARGE               on during or after precipitation. It easily installs
                                                                  26002708     LANDSCAPR SUN HAT 2X-LARGE               on any automatic irrigation system, then shuts
              26002342    RAIN BOOT PVC SIZE 9
                                                                                                                        sprinklers off in a storm and keeps them off,
              26002345    RAIN BOOT PVC SIZE 12                   26002750     SAFARI SUN HAT SMALL
                                                                                                                        automatically compensating for the amount of
                                                                  26002752     SAFARI SUN HAT MEDIUM
                                                                                                                        rainfall that occurred. Mini-Clik automatically
                              Coveralls                           26002754     SAFARI SUN HAT LARGE                     resets without ever affecting your controller.
                                                                  26002756     SAFARI SUN HAT X-LARGE
             Keep your shirt and Levi's clean by covering up                                                            Features:
             with our classy coveralls.
                                                                                                                        • Adjusts to actuate at various rainfall quantities
               ITEM            DESCRIPTION                                                                              • Set from 1/8” to 1” based upon your local
              26002504    XL TYVEK DISPOSABLE COVERALLS
                                                                                                                        • Includes 25 feet of 20 gauge two-conductor
              26002505    2XL TYVEK DISPOSABLE COVERALL                                                                    wire
              26002507    XL KLEENGARD DISPSBLE CVRALLS                                                                 • Fast and easy mounting out of sight
              26002508    2XL KLEENGARD DISPSBLE CVRALL
                                                                                             Flo-Clik Flow              • 5-year warranty
                             Safety Vest                                                    An economical way to
                                                                                            monitor and shut off the      ITEM              DESCRIPTION
             Let the world know you're at work. Wear one                                                                 26004110     MINI-CLIK HUNTER RAIN SENSOR
                                                                                            flow of any system. The
             of our bright orange safety vests and you'll
                                                                                            Flow-Clik is user-set to     26004118     SENSOR GUARD ENCLS W/MINI-CLIK
             definitely stand out in the crowd!
                                                                                            activate at a specified      26004122     WIRELESS RAIN/FREEZ HUNTR SENS
               ITEM            DESCRIPTION                      level of flow; once that level is exceeded, the          26004143     MINI-CLIK WEATHER STATION
                                                                electrical circuit is broken and the valves are          26004145     MINI CLIK WTHR STATION W/FREEZE
              26002510    ALL SIZE ORANGE SAFETY VEST
                                                                shut off.

                              Hard Hat                            ITEM             DESCRIPTION
                                                                 26004010     FLOW-CLIK HUNTER FLOW SENSOR                        Rain-Clik Rain Sensor
                                Keep your noodle
                                                                 26004020     FLOW-CLIK-IMMS HUNTER FLO SENS                                  Only the Hunter Rain-
                                protected. Wear our low
                                profile, lightweight hard                                                                                     Clik™, with its unique
                                hat which provides both          26004030     FCT-100 HUNTER 1 IN SCH40 TEE                                   Quick Response™ feature,
                                comfort and protection.          26004050     FCT-150 HUNTER 1-1/2 SCH40 TEE                                  can command a controller
                                                                                                                                              to shut off immediately
               ITEM            DESCRIPTION                       26004060     FCT-200 HUNTER 2 IN SCH40 TEE
                                                                                                                                              – not after a quarter- or a
                                                                 26004080     FCT-300 HUNTER 3 IN SCH40 TEE
              26002520    WHITE HARD HAT ANSI-Z89.I                                                                                           half-inch, but right when it
                                                                                                                                              starts to rain. And, unlike
                                                                                                                                              any of its competitors, the
                                Gloves                                                                                  Rain-Clik can be mounted in a variety of ways:
                                No more blisters. Protect                                                               on a rain gutter, on conduit, with a telescoping
                                your hands with our long                                                                extension to bring the unit away from an eave,
                                lasting leather or Jersey                                                               or in the standard method on a flat vertical
                                gloves. Latex & Nitrile                                                                 surface like a wall or fence.
                                gloves also available.                                                                  Features:
               ITEM            DESCRIPTION                                                                              • No need for water to accumulate for shutoff
              26002645    LARGE UNLINED LATEX GLOVE                                                                     • Adjust the irrigation re-start to account for
              26002650    LARGE UNLINED NITRILE GLOVE                                                                      varying amounts of rain
              26002655    LARGE LEATHER DRIVERS GLOVE                                                                   • Maintenance-free patented sensing
              26002660    MENS LEATHER PALM GLOVES                                                                         mechanism
              26002665    MENS BROWN JERSEY GLOVE                                                                       • Includes 25’ of 20 gauge two-conductor wire
                                                                                                                        • 5-year warranty
                                                                                                                          ITEM              DESCRIPTION
                                                                                                                         26004112     RAIN-CLIK QUIK STOP HUNTER SEN
                                                                                                                         26004113     RAIN-CLIK-NO NORM OPN RAIN SEN
                                                                                                                         26004115     WIRELESS RAIN-CLIK HUNTER SENS

  108                                       Irrigation             Golf         Industrial                             3441 E. HARBOUR DRIVE • PHOENIX, AZ 85034
  ACCESSORIES                                                                                                                  2600
                    Pump Start Relay                                                                            Bolt Pak 150 LB

For systems that use                                                    Wind-Clik                                     150 lb nut, bolt and gasket
a pump to provide                                                                                                     set with 1/16” asbestos
water, the relay that                                                Shuts off your irrigation
                                                                     controller during high wind                      ring gasket. ASTM-A307
delivers reliability at                                                                                               Grade 2 hex head bolts
an economical price.                                                 conditions. Dual adjustable
                                                                     speed settings:                                  with finished hex nuts.
• Suitable for
   outdoor use                                                       Actuation: 12-35 mph
                                                                                                      ITEM           DESCRIPTION
   - weatherproof,                                                   Reset: 8-24 mph                 26004190   2 RING GASKET & BOLT PACK
   secure, rust-resistant
                                                 Slips over 2" pvc pipe for mounting. Rated at 24    26004192   2 1/2 RING GASKET & BOLT PACK
   and shockproof
                                                 volts, 5 amps as wired.                             26004194   3 RING GASKET & BOLT PACK
• 24VAC flying leads for quick
   and easy connections to controller                                                                26004196   4 RING GASKET & BOLT PACK
                                                   ITEM            DESCRIPTION
• UL approved                                                                                        26004198   6 RING GASKET & BOLT PACK
                                                  26004140    WIND-CLIK HUNTER WIND SENSOR
                                                                                                     26004200   8 RING GASKET & BOLT PACK
                                                  26004145    MINI CLIK WTHR STATION W/FREEZE
  ITEM              DESCRIPTION                                                                      26004202   10 RING GASKET & BOLT PACK
 26004147     PSR-22 PUMP START RELAY 2-3 HP                                                         26004204   12 RING GASKET & BOLT PACK
 26004148     PSR-52 PUMP START RELAY 5-7 HP
                                                                                                     26004290   2IN F/F NEOP BOLT GASKET SET
 26004154     PMP/START RLY 3/4-7-1/2HP U/L        Rain Guard Rain Shut Off Device                   26004292   2-1/2 F/F NEOP BOLT GASKET SET
                                                              Fully maintenance free, Rain Guard     26004294   3 F/F NEOP BOLT GASKET SET
                                                              is unaffected by dirt, bugs, leaves,
                                                                                                     26004296   4 F/F NEOP BOLT GASKET SET
                                                              and other debris that may gather
                                                                                                     26004298   6 F/F NEOP BOLT GASKET SET
                                                              in the rain collection cup. Never
                                                              requiring adjustment, the Rain Guard   26004300   8 F/F NEOP BOLT GASKET SET
         Mini-Clik Freeze Sensor                              connects directly to any 24-30 VAC     26004302   10 F/F NEOP BOLT GASKET SET
                           Keeps sprinkler                    controller.                            26004304   12 F/F NEOP BOLT GASKET SET
                           systems off
                           during freezing                    • Static charge protection.
                                                              One amp load rating.                   26004402   BUTTERFLY BOLT SET 2IN 2-1/2
                                                                                                     26004404   BUTTERFLY BOLT SET 3IN
                           Protects turf and     Mounting bracket included. Vandal resistant
                           plant material        enclosure available.                                26004406   BUTTERFLY BOLT SET 4IN
                           from the effects of                                                       26004408   BUTTERFLY BOLT SET 5IN 6IN 8IN
                           freezing water by       ITEM            DESCRIPTION                       26004410   BUTTERFLY BOLT SET 10IN 12IN
                           shutting down when     26003780    WCS RAINGARD W/ MOUNT BRACKET
                           temperatures reach     26003790    RGVR-S VANDAL RESISTANT ENCLOSR
                           37° F.
• Electrical rating: 24 VAC 6 amps
• Includes aluminum bracket and housing
• Includes 25 feet of #20 AWG wire.

  ITEM              DESCRIPTION
 26004120     401 MINI-CLIK FREEZE SENSO

 Call us at 800.343.9464                      a i q t                                  Order on-line at 109
              2600                                                                                                     ACCESSORIES
                             Acid Brush                                     STK-9 TurboTorch Kit                                     Pipe Insulation

                                                                                    The swirl combustion of            Used for protecting PVC and other piping
                                                                                    TurboTorch can create              systems from freezing weather conditions.
                                                                                    temperatures up to 1750°
                                                                                                                       Some items regional distribution only.
             Natural bristles with aluminum handle for easy                         F. with propane gas and up
             application of flux and other pastes.                                  to 2400° with MAPP gas.
                                                                                                                         ITEM             DESCRIPTION
                                                                                    Features 360° swivel tip,
               ITEM            DESCRIPTION                                          rugged brass regulator and          26006125    3/4 X 6FT 3/8 TX PIPE INSULATE

              26005350    #2 ACID BRUSH NATURAL BRISTLES                            large tip with heat shield.         26006135    1 X 6FT 3/8 TX PIPE INSULATE
                                                                                                                        26006145    1 1/4 X 6FT 3/8 TX PIPE INSULATE
                                                                  ITEM             DESCRIPTION
                                                                                                                        26006150    1 1/2 X 6FT 3/8 TX PIPE INSULATE
                           Abrasive Cloth                        26005520     STK-9 TURBOTORCH DUAL GAS KIT
                                                                                                                        26006160    2 X 6FT 3/8 TX PIPE INSULATE
                                 Abrasive cleaning cloth                                                                26006325    3/4 X 6FT 3/4 PIPE INSULATION
                                 for metal and PVC pipe.
                                                                                                                        26006335    1 X 6FT 3/4 PIPE INSULATION
                                 Waterproof. Closed coat.
                                 1-1/2" x 10 yards.                                    TL-4 TurboLite                   26006345    1 1/4 X 6FT 3/4 PIPE INSULATE
                                                                                                                        26006350    1 1/2 X 6FT 3/4 PIPE INSULATE
               ITEM            DESCRIPTION                                                                              26006360    2 X 6FT 3/4 PIPE INSULATION
              26005370    1-1/2 X 10YD ABRASIVE CLOTH                           Self lighting torch nozzle for soft     26006435    1 X 3FT BLK 4PAC PIPE INSULATE
              26005375    1-1/2 X 10YD 0/MESH ABRA CLOTH                        soldering and brazing of copper,
                                                                                brass, bronze, and aluminum.
                                                                                Tip swivels 180° and operates
                           Cleaning Brush                                       on either propane or MAPP gas.                     Backflow Blankets

               ITEM            DESCRIPTION                        ITEM             DESCRIPTION
              26005380    1/2IN CU/FTG CLEANING BRUSH            26005530     TX500 TURBO TORCH SELF-LITE
              26005385    3/4IN CU/FTG CLEANING BRUSH
              26005390    1 IN CU/FTG CLEANING BRUSH

                                                                             Striker and Flints
                      Silvabrite 100 Solder                     For quick ignition of TurboTorch or other
                                 A lead-free, antimony-free,    soldering devices.
                                 non-toxic solder for potable
                                 water systems. Low                                                                    Insulated protection for backflow devices.
                                 temperature melting point        ITEM             DESCRIPTION
                                                                                                                       Safeguards against freezing down to 0° F. Easy
                                 composed of tin, copper and     26005570     L-1 TURBOTOURCH STRIKER
                                                                                                                       to install.
                                 silver. Active temperature      26005575     F-1 FLINT FOR STRIKER
                                 range: 440-500° F.                                                                      ITEM             DESCRIPTION
                                                                                                                        26008410    20 X 15 SMALL BACKFLOW BLANKET
               ITEM            DESCRIPTION                                                                              26008420    34 X 19 MEDIUM BACKFLOW BLANKET
              26005410    1 LB SOLDER SILVABRITE 100                          MAPP Gas 16oz.                            26008430    45 X 22 LARGE BACKFLOW BLANKET

                                                                                    TurboTorch MAPP gas
                             Solder Flux                                            comes in a 16oz. cylinder
                                                                                    for bronze brazing, silver
                                                                                    brazing and soldering.                     Heat Cable & Pipe Wrap
                                 Paste solder flux used with
                                 for joining copper.                                                                     ITEM             DESCRIPTION
                                                                                                                        26008602    31003 3'HEAT CABLE W/THERMOSTA
               ITEM            DESCRIPTION                                                                              26008604    31006 6'HEAT CABLE W/THERMOSTA
                                                                  ITEM             DESCRIPTION
              26000348    12OZ C-FLUX 95/5 SOLDR PRE-TIN                                                                26008606    31009 9'HEAT CABLE W/THERMOSA
                                                                 26005590     MAPP GAS 16 OZ TURBOTORCH

                          Solder Flux 4 oz.                                                                             26008630    16503 3"X35' F/G PIPE WRAP
                                                                                                                        26008650    16715 2"X15' INSUL-FOIL P/WRAP
                                 Englehard paste solder flux
                                                                                                                        26008660    HEAT CABLE SELF REG 9FT 63WATT
                                 used with solders whose
                                 liquid temperature is less
                   FLUX          than 700° F. Easy to apply
                                 paste meets Fed. Spec.
                                 OF506B, Type 1, Form A.
               ITEM            DESCRIPTION
              26005440    4 OZ FLUX PASTE W/BRUSH

    110                                     Irrigation             Golf        Industrial                             3441 E. HARBOUR DRIVE • PHOENIX, AZ 85034
  ACCESSORIES                                                                                                                          2600
     Beckson Water Meter Pump                                        Hydro Drill                                  Lodge Pole Tree Stakes

For removing water from water meter boxes plus                                                                           Pressure treated for durability,
a general purpose pump for an infinite number of                                                                         Ewing’s round lodge pole
other uses in water transfer.                                                                                            tree stakes are doweled and
                                                                                                                         uniform from end-to-end.
                   • Made of high impact PVC
                                                                                                                         Chamfered top eliminates
                   • Non-sparking
                                                                                                                         splitting during installation.
                   • Lightweight
                                                                                                                         6" conical point will not turn
                   • Needs no priming
                                                   Model 1502 5/8" shaft, 1/2" chuck, 2" auger                           under. 8 and 10 foot lengths.
                   • 1-1/4" outlet hose
                                                   hydraulic drilling tool by Perfecto Products.                         Regional Distribution
                   Diameter 3/4"                   Use to bore holes under driveways and
                   Length 36"                      walkways.
                   Hose length 36"                                                                         ITEM            DESCRIPTION
                                                     ITEM             DESCRIPTION                         26009320    8 FT LODGE POLE TREE STAKE 2IN
                                                    26009120    COMPLETE BORING TOOL W/2" BIT             26009340    10FT LODGE POLE TREE STAKE 2IN
  ITEM            DESCRIPTION                       26009140    2IN HARD SURFACE REPLCMENT BIT            26009360    3 X 10FT LODGE POLE TREE STAKE 2IN
 26009015   BECKSON FV-1-3/4 FOOT VALVE             26009146    4-3/4" BACKREAMER BIT

                                                                                                                               Post Pounder
            Hand Held Pump                                  Hydrostatic Test Pump

                                                                                                           ITEM            DESCRIPTION
                                                                                                          28004410    2-1/2 TREE STAKE/POST POUNDER
                                                                                                          28004415    3 IN TREE STAKE/POST POUNDER

 26009040   10 SUPERPUMP HAND HELD PUMP                                                                           VIT Cinch Tie Tree Ties
                                                   For testing irrigation main lines, use the Perfecto                       Cinch Ties are manufactured
                                                   Products model P-1000D Hydrostatic Test                                   from virgin flexible vinyl
                                                   Pump.                                                                     and meet ASTM-D-412
                                                                                                                             standards fro tensile and
                                                   Designed for use in tests up to 600 PSI.                                  elongation strength.
                                                   Includes 600 lb. pressure gauge.                      • Patented locking feature
                                                                                                         • UV inhibitors prevent deterioration
                                                     ITEM             DESCRIPTION                        • Available in 24" and 32" ties
                                                    26009160    HYDROSTATIC TEST PUMP W/GAUGE
                                                                                                           ITEM            DESCRIPTION
                                                                                                          26009430     24 IN CINCH TREE TIE
                                                                                                          26009440     32 IN CINCH TREE TIE

                                                                                                                      VIT Twist-Brace
                                                                                                         Twist-Brace provides support that resists the
                                                                                                         rigors of climate and environmental stress.
                                                                                                                             • Steel construction
                                                                                                                               provides stability
                                                                                                                             • Loop configuration
                                                                                                                               allows for tree movement
                                                                                                                             • Provides good support in
                                                                                                                               heavy winds
                                                                                                                             • 18" and 24" models

                                                                                                           ITEM            DESCRIPTION
                                                                                                          26009470     TB-18 VIT TWIST BRACE 18 IN
                                                                                                          26009480     TB-24 VIT TWIST BRACE 24 IN

 Call us at 800.343.9464                    a i q t                                       Order on-line at 111
              2600                                                                                                  ACCESSORIES
                          Wonder Tree-Tie                                         Tree Strap                         Duckbill Model 40 DTS Anchor Kit

                                                                Plastic coated stranded steel wire in 50 foot
                                                                coils. Safe working load up to 300 lbs.

             Patented spring action allows the tree to
                                                                  ITEM             DESCRIPTION
             sway with a breeze then retract to its original
                                                                 26009595    12 IN COLORADO TREE STRAP
             position with normal pressure on the tree stake.
             Expands with the growth of the tree.

               ITEM            DESCRIPTION
              26009490 WONDER TREE-TIE 14 IN HSE X 48                             Arbor Tie
                                                                                    3/4” wide. 900 lb. break
                                                                                    strength. Used to fasten
                    Corded Rubber Tree Tie                                          stakes in a manner which
                        with Wire Ties                                              permits tree movement and
                                                                                    supports the tree.              Anchor trees up to 3" caliper with the model 40
                                 • 12" and 24" tree ties with                                                       Duckbill DTS kit. Holding capacity-300 lbs per
                                   17 gauge wire ties             ITEM             DESCRIPTION                      anchor in normal soil. Includes 12 feet of 1/16"
                                 • Figure 8 wrap is              26009600    ARBOR TIE 250FT GREEN                  7 X 7 galvanized steel cable attached to each
                                   recommended                                                                      anchor. White vinyl coating for added visibility.
                                                                                                                    3 tree collars 12" long and three 1/16" cable
               ITEM            DESCRIPTION
                                                                            Plastic Tying Tapes                     clamps. Use DR-1 steel drive rod to install (not
              26009510    12 IN TREE TIE WITH WIRES                                 Tough, long-lasting             included).
              26009520    24 IN TREE TIE WITH WIRES
                                                                                    and stretchable. 100%
                                                                                    virgin vinyl tree ties stay       ITEM              DESCRIPTION
                                                                                    completely impervious to         26009710     40-DTS 3 IN DUCKBILL ANCHOR KT
                    Corded Rubber Tree Tie                                          sun and water.
                                 Figure 8 wrap is                                   8 mil x 1" x 150' roll.
                                 recommended using 1"                                                                      Duckbill Model 68 DTS Kit
                                 roofing nails for hard wood      ITEM             DESCRIPTION
                                 stakes and 2" roofing                                                              Anchor kit for larger caliper trees (3"- 6").
                                                                 26009610    1/2 X 150 TIE-IT NSRY TAPE HVY
                                 nails for soft wood stakes.                                                        Holding capacity of 1,100 lbs per anchor
                                                                 26009640    1 X 100 TIE-IT NRSY TAPE EXHVY         in normal soils. Includes 13 ft. of 1/8" 7x7
                                 Nailing to the back of stake
                                 is recommended for added        26009660    1 X 150 TIE-IT SUPER W/NYLON           galvanized steel cable attached to each anchor
                                 strength.                                                                          with white vinyl coating for protection and high
                                                                                                                    visibility. 3 turnbuckles, eye and eye type, zinc
                                                                                                                    plated with 3/8" threaded diameter, 3" take-up.
               ITEM            DESCRIPTION                                               Plant Anchor Kit           Six 1/8" cable clamps, zinc plated. Use DR-2
              26009560    24 IN CORD RUBBER TREE STRAP                              Everything you need to train    steel drive rod to install (not included).
              26009570    30 IN CORD RUBBER TREE STRAP                              vines or shrubs. Excellent
              26009574    36 IN CORD RUBBER TREE STRAP                              for hanging outdoor mist          ITEM              DESCRIPTION
                                                                                    systems, Christmas lights or     26009720     68-DTS 6 IN DUCKBILL ANCHOR KT
                                                                                    patio decorations. Adheres
                         Swan Tree Tie Hose                                         to almost any surface,
                                                                                    including glass.
             Excellent protection from guy wire damage plus                                                                     DR-1 Steel Drive Rod
             the heavy duty durability needed to straighten
                                                                                    Kit includes:                   (not included in kit)
             existing trees and support new plants until well
                                                                                    • 70 anchors
             rooted. 18" durable reinforced rubber.                                                                 • 3 ft. rod with 1/2" round driving tip.
                                                                                    • 1 tube G.E. Silicon II™
                                                                                    • Vinyl tape
               ITEM            DESCRIPTION
              26009580    18 IN SWAN TREE TIE HOSE
                                                                                    Pack of 50 extra anchors
                                                                                                                                DR-2 Steel Drive Rod
                                                                                    available separately            (Not included in kit)
                             Guy-A-Wire                                                                             • 2 ft. rod with 1/4" driving tip.

                                 Plastic coated stranded                                                              ITEM              DESCRIPTION
                                                                  ITEM             DESCRIPTION
                                 steel wire in 50 foot coils.                                                        26009770     DS-40 HAND DRV ROD FOR 40-DTS
                                                                 26009670    PAK 10001-5 PLANT ANCHOR KIT
                                 Safe working load up to                                                             26009780     DS-68 HAND DRV ROD FOR 68-DTS
                                                                 26009680    PAB 10004-6 PLANT ANCHORS (50)
                                 300 lbs.
               ITEM            DESCRIPTION
              26009590    GUY-A-WIRE PLAST CTD 50 FT GAL

     112                                      Irrigation           Golf        Industrial                          3441 E. HARBOUR DRIVE • PHOENIX, AZ 85034
 LANDSCAPE PRODUCTS GRASS-CEL™                                                                                                                                 2600
                                                                               Grass-Cel™ Structures

   Prevent wear and compaction on
   intensive use turfgrass areas.
                                                                                                            Dimensions Overall: 13 X 12 X 1-1/2"
   Grass-Cell™ Structures transform                                                                                             Note: When pieces are interlocked,
   your heavy traffic areas into beautiful                                                                                      the area covered approximates one
   lawns.                                                                                                                       square foot.
   Grass-Cel™ Paving is an exciting                                                                                         Weight: 17 ounces per block
   product that lends itself to many new                                                                                     Color: Black
   techniques in landscape design. Now it
   becomes possible and practical to think in                                                                             Structure: 30 hexagon cells, 1" opening at base;

   terms of wear areas, rather than paths or                                                                                         Locking tabs and slots
   roads. Grass-Cel™ Paving can be installed                                                                               Material Reinforced high density polyethelene
   in those areas that need it. We can now                                                                                          with UV inhibitors
   eliminate the need for “Keep Off The Grass”
                                                                                                                         Packaging: 360 pieces per pallet
   signs, barriers, chains, posts, etc. The
   aesthetic beauty of many turfgrass areas is
   enhanced with Grass-Cel™ Paving. Grass-
                                                              through these holes to the soil below. Grass                    paving is down, the stronger the surface
   Cel™ Paving Blocks are tough and resilient.
                                                              roots extend through these holes, binding                       becomes. The traffic is supported by the
   The honeycomb structure makes each
                                                              the Grass-Cel™ Paving Blocks to the surface.                    vertical walls of the honeycomb cells. Soil
   piece strong and durable.
                                                              The slot provided in the walls of each cell                     within the cell cannot be compacted by
   Each honeycomb cell has a round opening                    allow roots, stolons, rhizomes to move freely                   normal traffic.
   at the base. Air, water and nutrients move                 from cell to cell. The longer time that this

Grass-Cel™ Turf Paver Installation Information
In all installations, the Grass-Cel™ Paving Structures       Observe that each section has two sides parallel to            Since the walls of the structures support traffic, soil
will only be as stable as the base upon which it is          each other with uniform indentations ("A") these sides         must be below these bearing surfaces. Do not install
placed. Some soils are unstable and special steps            measure 13" in length. The other two sides ("B")               Grass-Cel™ on compacted soils. Loosen the soil so that
should be taken to stabilize the area before putting         have three projecting cells and measure 12-1/2" (See           roots can penetrate deeply.
down Grass-Cel™ Paving. It is important that the base        Illustration).
material firmly supports Grass-Cel™ Structures as well                                                                      Sodding Method:
                                                             When assembling the Structures, match and connect              After Grass-Cel™ Structures are properly installed, sod
as provides good drainage and promotes grass root            “A’s” first. DO NOT OFFSET THE STRUCTURES. They
penetration.                                                                                                                can be laid on top of the Structures and pressed in the
                                                             must be assembled in uniform straight rows.                    most popular and quickest method of establishment.
In large installations of Grass-Cel™ Structures; such as     Connect the Structures by joining them together at
fire lanes, access roads, parking areas, etc., a qualified                                                                  Use only good quality, thatch-free sod.
                                                             about a 20° angle—tabs will slide into the receiving
soil engineer should be consulted. Soil profiles vary        slots. Locking tabs and receiving slots will not match if      IMPORTANT:
throughout the world. An engineer can recommend              not line up uniformly.                                         Soil thickness of the sod should be no more or less than
the size, type and quantity of base material to be used
                                                                                                                            one inch. Cells overfilled with soil will cause the sod
on the specific job situation. Local building codes          After completing the first row, assemble the second
                                                                                                                            to protrude above the cell walls and cause excessive
should also be checked.                                      in the same manner. DO NOT CONNECT THE TWO
                                                             ROWS UNTIL THE SECOND ROW IS COMPLETELY
STEP 1: Soil Preparation                                     ASSEMBLED. Assembly of the second row should be                Lay sod evenly over the empty cells. Press it into the
Average Area: Using a flat shovel or sod cutter,             done in front of the first row.                                structures with a power or hand roller, golf cart, or hand
remove existing soil or sod to a depth of 1-1/2" Soil                                                                       tamper. Do not top-dress or add soil to the top. Roots
should be loosened to provide a firm, porous base            When the second row is completed, side B will be
                                                                                                                            will begin to develop in the spaces below the soil. Keep
for the Grass-Cel™ Structures. Apply a good starter          facing the first row. Lift the adjoining edges of both
                                                                                                                            moist until the sod is well rooted.
fertilizer, work in lightly and level the area. The base     rows and snap together.
for the Grass-Cel™ Structures, after leveling and lightly    Grass-Cel™ Structures can be assembled only in                 Seeding Method:
firming, should be 1-1/2" below the adjoining soil           STRAIGHT ROWS. When curves are encountered,                    After cells are installed, properly fill with a good sandy
surface.                                                     continue laying Structures in straight lines. Move over        loam soil. Back rake excess soil so the pattern of the
                                                             one or more complete spaces on curves.                         cell walls are clearly visible. Soil will settle allowing
Unstable Area: Soils that remain wet may need
                                                                                                                            space for the grass plants. After the turf is established,
drainage to stabilize them. The superintendent in
charge can easily determine the best way to stabilize
                                                             NOTE: DO NOT ASSEMBLE STRUCTURES                               if the soil has settled too much, light top dressing can
                                                             OFF CENTER. TABS WILL NOT MATCH.                               be applied. Again, do not overfill.
these soils.
                                                                                                                            Turf can also be established in Grass-Cel™ by filling with
Important: Sand, heavy clay, or excess organic matter        Fill in corners with cut pieces. Grass-Cel™ Structures         aerator cores, sprig and stolons mixed with the soil.
can create an unstable base for Grass-Cel paving and         can be cut with ordinary wood or steel saws. They can          When grasses with large seed are planted, mix soil and
should not be used.                                          be shaped, drilled, nailed, and filed to fit any space.        seed together and fill cells with the mix.
STEP 2: Grass-Cel Assembly                                   STEP 3: Planting Methods
Each Grass-Cel™ Structure is 13" X 12-1/2" X 1-                                                                                ITEM               DESCRIPTION
1/2" When pieces are locket together, they form a                                                                            26000020      GRASS CELL PAVING BLK 1 SQ FT
continuous grid of cells.
                                                             IMPORTANT: DO NOT OVERFILL THE CELLS.

Call us at 800.343.9464                              a i q t                                              Order on-line at 113
             2600                                      DEEP ROOT CONTROL BARRIERS
                                Deep Root Control Planter

                                Lightweight yet extremely tough, the new DeepRoot
                                Round Planter RP 22-30-18 was                                        DEEP ROOT® CONTROL BARRIERS
                                designed specifically for smaller trees with mature               Protect your expensive hardscapes. Patented DeepRoot
                                trunk calipers of no more than 12 inches, and is ideal            ®
                                                                                                     Barriers prevent tree roots from cracking and uplifting
                                for 5-15 gallon (16" Ball and Burlap) tree plantings.             sidewalks, curbs, paths and paving. Made of tough yet
                                Pre-formed and easy to handle the DeepRoot Round                  lightweight polyethylene.
             Planter requires no assembly.
             22" diameter top x 30" diameter bottom x 18" high

                           Deep Root Control Barrier Panels
              For use with larger trees, perfect match for most tree planting
             applications. Ideally suited for surround plantings, they can be easily
             used for linear plantings as well.

                          UB 24-2 Universal Barrier
                               24" high x 24" wide

                         Shown formed into round configuration

                             Linear Barriers
                             Used for linear plantings and root pruning
                             applications. They come pre-assembled (up to 80').

                              LB 12-2 Linear Barrier
                              12" high x 24" wide

                                                        Arbor Guard+
             Protect your trees and young saplings from string trimmers,
             mowers, and rodents. 9" height with 4" diameter. Will not
             lose shape in the hottest sun.

                                   Water Barriers
                                   Prevent water damage or corral water with
                                   DeepRoot water barriers. Comes in 300' rolls.
                                   DeepRoot sealant tape is included.
                                                                                         DEEP ROOT CALCULATOR FOR
                                                                                 DEEP ROOT (UB24-2) - (UB48-2) CONTROL BARRIER
                                                                                                                                              Barrier             Total
                                                                                                                                   Number     Panels           Number
               ITEM            DESCRIPTION                                                                                            of     Required          of Panels
             26000028    ROUND DEEP ROOT PLANTER                     Caliper at Balled  Boxed        Planter    Planter             Trees    Per/Tree           Needed
                                                                     Planting    Tree    Tree    Circumference Diameter             A    x      B                  =C
             26000033    UB36-2 DEEP ROOT BARRIER                    2-1/2 - 3" 28-32" 20" & 24"                                                 5
             26000034    UB18-2 DEEP ROOT BARRIER                    3-1/2"      38"      30"          12'        46"                            6
                                                                     4"          42"                   14'       53.5"                           7
             26000036    UB24-2 DEEP-RT UNIV BARRIER
                                                                     4-1/2"      48"      36"          14'       53.5"                           7
             26000037    UB48-2 DEEP RT UNIV BARRIER
                                                                     5"          54"      42"          16'        61"                            8
                                                                     5-1/2"      60"      48"          18'       68.5"                           9
             26000035    LB12-2 DEEP ROOT BARRIER                    6"          66"      54"          20'       76.5"                          10
                                                                     6-1/2"      72"                   22'        84"                           11
             26000038    AG 9-4 DEEP ROOT ARBOR-GAURD                7"          78"      60"          22'        84"                           11
                                                                     7-1/2"      84"                   24'       91.5"                          12
             26000039    WB24 DEEP ROOT WATER BAR 300FT              8"          90"      72"          26'        99"                           13
             26000040    WB36 DEEP ROOT WATER BAR 300FT              TOTAL NUMBER OF DEEP ROOT PANELS NEEDED
                                                                     NOTE: 4 panel recommended per 15 gal. container.

     114                                     Irrigation             Golf        Industrial                              3441 E. HARBOUR DRIVE • PHOENIX, AZ 85034