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					                                 User Manual
                                               User manual i

                                               Getting started
Congratulations on your purchase of the system. Your system can guide you to the destanation of your choice
                  using signals from Global positioning Satellites(GPS) orbiting the earth.
There are 24GPS satellites orbiting the earth. A GPS device can calculate your position on the earth if it can
                           receive signals from at least three of these satellites.
                           1. What’s in the BOX

                    1) Your Vannoe-E1 unit

    Position     Component               Description
                                         Screen display; you can operate with finger or
    A            4.3”TFT
                                         touch pen
                                         Orange light means the battery being
    B            Power Indicator Light   charged; green light means the battery fully
    C            Touch Pen Port          Insert the touch pen in the port after using
                                         Press for 2 seconds to enter or exit the
    D            Sleep Button
                                         standby mode.
    E            Card Port        Insert the SD/MMC card into the port
    F            Speaker          To play back the sound
                                  Used to connect earphones for private
                                  listening when the earphones are connected
    G            Earphone Jack
                                  to this jack, the speaker will be turned off
    H            Power switch     To turn on/turn off the device
                                  To connect the power or USB transmission
    I            USB Port

                  2) Holder                 3) Cradle

                   4) USB cable             5) Charger
                                 2. Before you start…


  1) Read these instructions.
  2) Keep these instructions in a safe place.
  3) Heed all warnings.
  4) Follow all instructions.
  5) Do not use this product near water.
  6) Clean unit only with a damp cloth.
  7) Do not block any of the ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacture’s instructions.
  8) Do not install near any heat sources such as radiator, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (including
      amplifiers) that produce heat.
  9) Only use the attachments/accessories specified by the manufacturer.
  10) Use only with cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or table specified by the manufacture, or sold with apparatus.
      When a cart is used, use caution when moving the cart/ apparatus combination to avoid injury from
      accidental tip-over.

  1) Failure to avoid the following potentially hazardous situations could result in an accident resulting in
      serious injury or death.
  2) The unit is designed to provide you with route suggestions. It does not reflect road closures or road
      conditions, traffic congestion, weather conditions, or other factors that may affect safety or timing while
  3) Use the unit only as a navigational aid. Do not attempt to use the unit for any purpose requiring precise
      measurement of direction, distance location, or topography. This product should not be used to determine
      ground proximity for aircraft navigation.
  1) Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Replaced only with the same or equivalent type.
  2) The batteries (or batteries installed) shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the
  3) When the battery is inadequate, the device will alarm automatically and continuously to enter suspended
      mode. Finally the GPS will turn off automatically without being charged. If the GPS cannot be turned on,
      you should check the power and make sure the GPS has adequate battery power.
  4) For the first time, you should charge it for at least 8 hours.
  5) Connect the AC power adapter to the mini USB port, and then plug the AC adapter into a wall outlet. The
      charge indicator glows orange when the battery is being charged. The charge indicator turns green, when
      the battery is fully charged.
                       3. System Main Menu

                 Current system time                                     Power Indicator

     Navigation:To navigate directly;

     Bluetooth: To be used as a hand-free earphone.

     Assistance:Including calculator, alarm clock;

     Amusement:Music, movie, photo viewer E-book, Flash, Game ect;

     Setting:To setup navigation, FM, volume, background light, time, language etc. .

     Help:Brief device guide
                         Detailed Instruction
                          Navigation Function

                          Detailed Instruction Navigation function please read user menu ii


  1. Connect the Bluetooth with mobile phone:

     1)   Open Bluetooth: On the main menu, touch          to enter the Bluetooth interface:

     2)   Bluetooth setup: on the Bluetooth interface, touch【Setting】to enter the Bluetooth setting interface.

    Bluetooth ON:Choose              or   to choose whether to remain the Bluetooth pair established last time
    in the non-Bluetooth interface
    Auto Answer:Choose           or       to choose whether to answer all the coming calls automatically
    Touch the line of Pin Code to choose         to enter the pin code and Input status as the picture shown
    PIN(Personal Identification Number):This is a safety passkey to protect the personal information. Only
    when the pair match, inputting the same password can be successfully completed. Now you can
    communicate via Bluetooth. The pin code of Bluetooth is 1-8 decimal scale in length (8-128Bits).

   3)    Pair with the cell phone
        For the first time the user is required to enter the same PIN code on both devices. Once user has entered
   the PIN code, both devices will generate a link key. After that the link key can be stored either in the devices
   themselves or in a personal storage. The next time both devices will use previously generated link key. The
   procedure described above is called “pairing”. *Note that if the link key is lost by any device then pairing
   must be repeated. For safety purposes, the Bluetooth will not communicate until it is successfully paired.
         Touch【Pairing】on the Bluetooth interface to pair. Because the device is in “being found mode”, the
   system will go back to the Bluetooth interface if the device is not connected with another mobile phone in 60

        The search of Bluetooth for the cell phone is according to the Bluetooth instruction of your own phone.
   When the cell phone searches a GPS Bluetooth device, it demands input from the device’s password. The
   default password is 1234 and device name is GPS. Once the pair match is successfully completed, the
   Bluetooth function on both GPS and cell-phone will be turned-on shown as below:

    After successfully paring, the【Dial Pad】icon will become colored, and【pairing】icon will become grey (as
  shown below):

               Pairing Automatically:
                After entering the GPS Bluetooth system, the system will send the connecting signal. If it
            connects to the cell phone automatically, then it can keep communicating.   Otherwise, you should
            connect manually.
               Pairing Manually:
                  Keep the pairing interface, then you can use the mobile phone to search the GPS Bluetooth
              and type into the pin code to bind the GPS and cell phone, then they can communicate. After
              that the pairing can be stored either in the devices themselves or in a personal storage. Next
              time the device will connect automatically if the Bluetooth is on.

     4)   Check the pairing records: touch the【Paring Devices】icon on the Bluetooth menu to check the
          paring records and check the cell phones to ensure the GPS has connected.
  When the cell phone is connecting with the device, the        icon is red and     icon is grey. Otherwise,
  there is no       behind the specification behind the cell. Phone such as the                  in the picture
  shown above is colored, choose the cell phone specification and Touch           to connect the cell phone.

  2                   :
      Phone connection:
        1)      Dialing through the Bluetooth :
             a.    After successful pairing, touch the【Dial Pad】icon to dial the phone numbers
                   Input the phone numbers:
         b.   After that, touch   to dial the phone number:

         c.   On the line:

              Small keyboard:
           d.   Check the call log:Touch the [Dial Pad] ,then touch       icon to check the call log:

            The call log is from the Bluetooth mobile phone, so some data will not be   displayed due to
            incompatibility with some mobile phones.
      2)    Answering the call through the Bluetooth:
            After successful Bluetooth pairing, when there is incoming call, the system will display the phone
            number automatically and play the ring of the mobile phone.

      3)    On the line:

      4)    Switch the call to the mobile phone:
          No matter you are calling or be called, you can touch the   icon on the interface shown above to
          switch the call from GPS to the mobile phone.

            Then the GPS will lose the function of communication on the phone, but the End Call up button
         and dialing button are also available. (Some few mobile phones will disconnect the GPS after
         touching the      .

        Touch           to switch the phone from mobile phones to GPS:
                           Entertainment Function

   On the primary menu,Touch the      icon into to the entertainment menu, as follows :

  1 Music
      1)    On the entertainment menu,Touch     icon ,this enters the music player interface
   Icon         Button Name   Description              Icon           Button Name       Description
                Play          Play the music                          Stop              Stop playing

                                                                                        Play the songs at
                Last song     Choose last song                        Random

                                                                                        Play the songs
                Next song     Choose next song                        Play circularly

                  Silent      Silence the speaker                     Play list         Music play list

                Volume        Adjust the volume                       Return            Return to the last menu

                              Touch and enter into
                              amusement help

      2)   Adding music: when there is no audio file in the play list, the system will go to the content of the
           NAND Flash or SD card, then you can add music.

           Find the music file to add music;

           Touch the file names of the music files, then you can add the music successfully, and then enter
           the play list;
                                                                                                   Move the music file list
                                                                                                   up and down

              Icon              Button Name                Description
                                Add songs                  Add songs to the play list

                                Decrease the songs         Decrease songs to the play list

                                Delete all                 Delete all the songs in the play list

                                Choose all                 Add all the music in the content

                                Delete                     Delete choosing all

           (Note: when using the earphone jack to listen to the music, the system will turn off the external


            The device can display the lyric, the operations are:

                 Download the lyrics and songs to the same catalog in the SD card or FLASH;

                 Check to make sure the name of the lyrics and the songs are the same;

                 Other operations are the same as the operations of adding songs.

  2   Video
      1)     On the entertainment menu, Touch         icon, then you enter the movie player.
        2)    Add the video: Touch        to enter the video documentaries list > Touch               icon to continue adding
              the video documentaries, then Touch            to add all the video documentaries (the detailed operation
              can refer to that of adding songs);Touch              to return to the video player.

                                                                                                      Move the video
                                                                                                      file list up and

        3)   After adding the video documentaries, then Touch the              to play the video.
        4)   ClickTouch     ,slide volume strip                             to adjust the volume.

 Icon            Button Name    Description                  Icon            Button Name       Description
                 Play           Play the video                               Stop              Stop playing

                 Pause          Pause playing                                 Full screen      Viewing video in full screen

                                                                             Decrease the
                 Rewind         Choose the last video                                          Decrease videos in the play list

                                                                                               Delete all the videos in the play
                 Fast-forward   Choose the next video                        Delete all

                   Silent       Silence the speaker                          Random            Play the videos at random

                 Volume         Adjust the volume                            Play circularly   Play the videos circularly

                 Return         Return to the last menu                      Help              Touch to enter Amusement help

3. Photo
    1)       On the entertainment menu,Touch “          ”,    then you enter the photo viewing;
   2)     Adding pictures:Touch            to enter the picture list and Touch      to add pictures (the detailed
          operation can refer to the adding of songs);

                                                                                  Move the photo
                                                                                  file list up and

   Icon      Button Name     Description                    Icon   Button Name    Description
             Play            Enter the lantern slide mode          Next photo     View next photo

             Zoom in         View the enlarged photo               Last photo     View last photo

             Zoom out        View the enlarged photo                Full screen   View photo in full screen

                             View the photo at 90
             Rotation                                              Photo list     View entire photo list

             Return          Return to the last menu               Help           Touch to enter Amusement help
  4        E-Book
      1)     On the entertainment menu, Touch            then you enter E-book;

      2)     Adding the E-book files: Touch        to read E-book, Touch         to add e-book (the detailed operation
             can refer to the adding of songs)

                                                                                                   Move the e-book
                                                                                                   file list up and

      Icon          Button Name      Description                Icon       Button Name        Description
                                      Enter the e-book                                        Read the last
                    Store                                                  Last file
                                     storing interface                                        composition

                                                                                              Read the next
                    Turn up          Turn to the last page                 Next file

                    Turn down        Turn to the next page                 File list          See all the files

                                     See the film in the full
                    Full screen                                            Return             Return to the last menu
                                     screen view

                                     Touch to enter into
                                     Amusement help
   3)        Storing the e-books: Touch “      ”, then you enter the e-book store interface shown below;

                                                                             Icon        Button Name

                                                                                         Read the selected files

                                                                                         Save files

                                                                                         Delete the selected      files

                                                                                         Delete all the   files


5 Flash
        1) On the entertainment menu,Touch            , then you enter Flash player.

        2) Adding the Flash files: Touch           to enter the flash file list, Touch     to add Flash files(the detailed
              operation can refer to that of adding songs);

   Icon         Button Name     Description                    Icon       Button Name      Description
                Play            Play the flash                              Silent         Silence the speaker

                Stop            Stop playing                              Volume           Adjust the volume

                Last Flash      Choose the last Flash                     Full-screen      Watch in the full-screen view

                Next Flash      Choose the next Flash                     Play list        Display flash play list

                                                                                           Touch to enter into amusement
                Return          Return to the last menu                   Help
  6 Game

    On the main menu,Touch          , then you will enter the Game mode (the amount of games can be

   upgraded according to the your needs ;

    There are five games on the game interface: Snake, Tetris, Simulator, Clear Bombs and Kyodai. The
   Simulator is an external handle game; you can download the games to your GPS, then Touch       you will
   enter the simulator game interface. The help will guide you to start the games

                      Assistant setup
                 On the main menu,Touch         , then you enter the assistance interface.
  1   Calculator
      On the assistance interface Touch    , then you enter the calculator.

  2   Alarm Clock

        1)   On the assistance interface, Touch      ,then you enter the alarm clock to set the alarm clock

        2)   Touch      to turn on the alarm clock, then it displays    ,the alarm clock will start immediately
        3)    After that you can set the specific alarm clock day. For example, you can Touch “Sunday”, or
             “Monday”, when it became orange, then you set      the day.
        4)   Touch       to set the alarm clock time. Touch            to turn on or turn off the alarm clock,
         A. Setting title: Touch       in the title line to enter the title setting interface

          B. Setting time: Touch in the time line to enter the setting time interface

          C. Setting ring : Touch         in the ring line to enter the ring setting interface. Touch   to set.
              Meanwhile, you can choose songs from the “Storage Card “or “NAND FLASH” to set as ring.
              You can Touch         if you wish to return to the main menu.

   Meanwhile, you can choose songs from the “Storage Card “or “NAND FLASH” to set as ring. Touch             if
   you wish to return to the main menu.
                      Device Settings

                      Touch “        ”on the main menu, then you enter the setting interface,

                       And Touch “     ” to turn down the page.

1   FM Setup

    1)   On the setting interface, Touch    which enters you to the FM interface;
    2)     at the time   you can Touch         to   turn on the FM or   to turn off the FM. After turning on the FM,
           you can continue to choose whether to open the loudspeaker of the device, or you can not.
    3)     Touch    ,     or slide the block                            to adjust the emission frequency. Turn on
           the FM radio and turn to the same frequency, so you can receive the FM emission signal. You must
           connect the earphone when you use the FM emission for the clear reception of signals.

         Note:when the screen displays the picture as picture23, it means that the FM emission is not connected
   or connected well,(FM antenna is also the power line of the charger). You only need to plug the charger in
   then the FM should work well.
  2 Time Setup

        1)   Touch      to enter on the setting menu , then you enter the time setting

        2)   Date form:Year-Month-Day,Touch              or    to adjust the correct date

        3)   Default time form is 24 hours,Touch         or    of the H(hour) or M(minute)to adjust the correct

             time, Touch               to change the time form between 12 hours1 or 24 hours. After setting

             Touch         to return to the last page.

  3 Language Setup
   1)   Touch         on the setting interface to enter the language setup menu;

   2)           to turn down the pages of language menu, and          to turn up the pages of the    language
        menu,         to exit language setup.

        The GPS support multiple languages(English , Indonesia, Thai.)
4 Volume Adjustment

          1)   Touch       on the setting submenu, then you enter the volume page. You can set the system

               volume and choose to enable key tone or not.

          2)   Slide the volume strip                            to set the system volume.

          3) Choose          or,        to turn on or turn off the key tone. Then, Touch        to save the setting

               and go back to the last page.

 5    Brightness Setup

  Touch        on the setting interface to the brightness interface, then you can set the brightness of display and

  idle time for screen saver. Then Touch         to exit.

  6   System Information
  Touch        on the setting menu to display the content of the next page ,then Touch
  to enter the system menu
  System information:
             ID:    ID: GPS body number
             VER: Software version number
              RAM: It refers to internal caches. And the available capacity/ total capacity =28.52MB/64.00MB
             FLASH :        It   refers   to   internal   FLASH   memory,     available   capacity/   total   capacity
             Initial setup ::Restore the system into the initial status

  Revise the Touch Screen:

        1)     Touch      to enter the calibrate the touch screen

        2)     Hold down the center of the cross in the picture above for1 second until the calibrating cursor
               moves to the upper left corner. Then Touch the cursor center in turn to revise the cursor position
               in the upper right corner, lower left corner and lower right corner;
        3)     If you do not calibrate successfully, you will return to the calibrating interface. But if you calibrate
               successfully, the screen will display “OK” ,and Touch “OK" and exit the calibrate interface. After
               calibrating the touch screen, the system will memorize the calibration result which, you will not
               lose even when the power is turned off. Therefore, you do not need recalibrate each time you turn
                  on the device.

  7       Video Input setting
          Touch       on the setting interface to the Video Input interface, then you can set the Video Input.

  There are four choices on the video input display: Normal, Hori mirror, Vert mirror, Rotate 180,in the default
  situation the display is normal; You can Touch          behind the four choices according to your needs. Touch
      /     to choose the video display model: Standard, Medium or Bright. Then Touch            to return the last

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