A meeting of the LEISURE AND AMENITIES ADVISORY COMMITTEE was held by lonyoo


									                           WARE TOWN COUNCIL

was held on Monday, 11th June 2007 at 7.30 p.m. in the Council Chamber,
The Priory, Ware when the following business was transacted.

Present:         Cllrs. G. Powell (Chair), Mrs. P. Ballam, D. Day, Miss K.
                 Little, J. Wing

                 Mr. D. Roberts (Ancient Order of Foresters), Mrs. B. Norris
                 (Ware and District Photographic Society), Mr. P. Jarvis
                 (Royal British Legion), Mrs. J. Watson (Ware Museum and
                 Scotts Grotto),Mr. G. Stapleton (Ware Society of Cogers),
                 Mr. P. Smith (Ware Operatic Society), Mrs. C. Young (Ware
                 Drill Hall)

Attending:       Mrs. J. Buttery (Town Clerk), Mrs. D. Richardson (Minutes

Cllr. G. Powell welcomed new members to the first meeting of TLA of this
civic year. Everybody introduced themselves.


      Apologies for absence were received from Mr. A. Mynott (Ware Football
      Club), Mr. S. Lawrence (Ware Bowls Club), Mrs. M. Glendinning (Inner
      Wheel), Mrs. K. Sanders (Friends of Ware Priory) and Mrs. M. Bealby
      (Ware Society).


      None. (Mrs. C. Young joined the meeting at 7.35 p.m.)


      The Minutes of the Tourism, Leisure and Amenities Committee Meeting
      held on 26th March 2007 having been circulated were taken as read and
      signed by the Chairman as a correct record.


      Minute No. 485 Tour Guides Meeting It was noted that blue and red
      rosettes are now available for tour guides, and an example was shown.

                                      - 15 -
      Minute No. 486 Drama Season 2007 Cllr. G. Powell reported that
      approx. 26-30 people had attended the performance of Dickens
      Children on 10th June. The performance was entertaining and well


      The Minutes of the Tourism, Leisure and Amenities Committee Meeting
      held on 14th May 2007 having been circulated were taken as read and
      signed by the Chairman as a correct record.


      Mr. P. Smith reported that the Ware Operatic Society would be
      holding their summer concert on the 6th and 7th July at the Drill Hall.
      „My Fair Lady‟ will be their production in early 2008. Bookings at the
      Ware Arts Centre are up on last year. There is availability in the

      Mrs. B. Norris reported that Ware Photographic Society has won
      through to the National Slide Championships.

      Mrs. J. Watson reported that the season has started well for Scott’s
      Grotto. As well as Saturday and Bank Holiday Monday visitors, there
      have been group visits from Rainbows, Brownies and Beavers, Hitchin
      U3A, the Reading Civic Society, Town Twinners and students from
      Wulfrath, Ware Photographic Society and Middleton School.

      The building work has now finished at Ware Museum and been
      handed over, apart from snagging. Everyone is delighted with the new
      space and the high standard of the work. Some of the original rooms
      will now have to be redecorated and the whole Museum needs to be
      put together again. The well will be a striking new feature within the
      Museum. All trustees and stewards are to be CRB checked. Summer
      holiday activities will be offered for children on Tuesdays, starting on
      24th July. There will also be a Dino Day on Saturday, 14th August,
      which will include a chance to chat with experts and also to bring rocks
      and fossils for identification. For further details check posters and the
      Museum website: www.waremuseum.org.uk. The AGM will be held on
      the following Wednesday at 7.30 p.m. in the Garden Room and all are
                                          - 16 -
      Mr. P. Jarvis reported that The Royal British Legion have just come
      to the end of their financial year. Once again there was an excellent
      response from the people of Ware to the Poppy Appeal in November
      last year. The Legion are looking forward to a forthcoming event,
      which is usually of great interest to everybody, and known as „Beating
      the Retreat‟ to be held at Hailey bury College on Sunday 24th June
      starting at 7 p.m. Both the Ware standards will be in attendance along
      with some very good marching bands. The Royal British Legion‟s
      Women‟s Sections will have their usual stall at the Ware Festival, which
      will be shared by the branch, offering a card game and fun for the
      children in attempting to splat a rat. The Legion Club will be holding
      their normal monthly quiz evening a little earlier this month, on
      Saturday 23rd June at Gladstone Hall starting at 8.30 p.m. On the
      farewell weekend of the Ware Festival the Club will be holding a special
      quiz night on Saturday 28th July at 8 p.m. at Gladstone Hall. The Club
      would like as many people to attend as possible as this event is good
      fun and not too serious. The Branch committee of the Royal British
      Legion welcomes men of all ages to become members, whether or not
      they have served in Her Majesty‟s forces. Branch meetings are usually
      held on the first Tuesday of each month.

      Mr. G. Stapleton reported that the Ware Society of Cogers is a
      debating society in Ware where everybody gets a chance to speak. It
      came to Ware approximately four years ago and meetings take place
      on the third Tuesday of the month. The next meeting is on 19th June.
      Everybody is welcome. The most prominent member at present is the
      Ware Mayor. Meetings are held at the Drill Hall at 8 p.m.

      Mrs. C. Young reported that Ware Operatic Society will be using the
      Drill Hall and there is a craft fair booked for Saturday 16th June. A
      variation to the premises licence has been applied for in order that the
      hall can be used for more events during the year, including wrestling.
      Interest has been expressed for holding a regular comedy club. The
      hall is popular for children‟s birthday parties as there is plenty of space
      for bouncy castles, go karts etc. Mrs. C. Young said she would be
      designing a poster to advertise this facility in particular.


      Mrs. J. Watson reported that this would reopen as soon as the Museum
      reopens. Cllr. G. Powell asked when this would be. Mrs. J. Watson
      said there is still work to be done which will take some time as
      volunteers are doing this.

                                         - 17 -

      i)     Victim Support A request for £250 had been received to support
             victims of crime in Ware and the Ware area. Cllr. G. Powell
             explained this was dealt with at a previous meeting of TLA and an
             amount of money was granted in the last financial year. Cllr. G.
             Powell said it seemed the Town Council receives a request from
             this group annually. Cllr. J. Wing asked what budget there is for
             requests. The Town Clerk reported the budget is £4,000 and
             £140 has been spent. Cllr. J. Wing said it is always very difficult
             to pluck numbers out of the air and felt £250 a reasonable
             amount to grant considering the amount of work they are doing
             for the people in Ware. He proposed £250. Cllr. D. Day
             seconded. All were in favour.

      ii)    Ware Bowls Club A request for £150 had been received to
             promote the sport of lawn bowls to youngsters in the town. Cllr.
             G. Powell reported that the balance sheet provided shows a
             balance in excess of £84,000. Cllr. Mrs. P. Ballam queried
             whether this amount has been acquired for the new building.
             Cllr. G. Powell said there is nothing to show what the money is
             earmarked for, if anything. Mrs. C. Young said this should be
             indicated – it is just noted as general funds. The Town Clerk
             thought the building had been finished. Mrs. C. Young suggested
             asking the Bowls Club to clarify whether the funds are required
             for any particular use. It was agreed to write to the Bowls Club
             to ask whether the £84,000 is earmarked for any particular
             project and to defer the application to a future meeting.

      iii)   Ware Choral Society It was noted that assistance has been
             requested towards concert expenditure. Cllr. G. Powell reported
             that an application is received every year from the Choral Society.
             It was noted the Society has some £22,000 in the bank. Cllr. G.
             Powell said that having attended a recent concert he was amazed
             at the large orchestra and that it had been quite an amazing
             production that was sold out. He understood the Society allow
             some other organisations to use their equipment for a small
             donation. Cllr. Mrs. P. Ballam felt they should have a grant.
             Mrs. C. Young said they have money in the account but had made
             a deficit on the concert. Mrs. C. Young wondered why the
             Society makes their concerts so major when they make a deficit.
             Cllr. G. Powell understood to do this properly they would need a
             large orchestra and a good society would want to extend its
             range. Cllr. Mrs. P. Ballam said that Ware is fortunate to have a
                                         - 18 -
      choral society and there is so much talent in and around Ware,
      especially considering ticket costs and rail fares to London are so
      expensive. Mrs. C. Young said they may be able to look at
      running a better stocked bar if the Drill Hall can obtain a licence
      and make more money from that. Cllr. J. Wing felt any funding
      to any organisation is a gesture to say the Town Council
      recognises they are important to the town. He had attended a
      number of high quality concerts over the years. They attract
      members from a wide range around Ware who want to take part
      in high quality performances. Cllr. J. Wing felt a grant should be
      made. Cllr. D. Day agreed that the Council should support them
      but asked if £250 would mean more to some other causes. Cllr.
      G. Powell said the concerts could only be a benefit to the town as
      they attract professional entertainers to work with them. People
      would hate to lose the Choral Society.

       Mrs. C. Young suggested granting £350 which is the cost of
      hiring the Drill Hall. Mrs. J. Watson was aware the Society brings
      in people from a wide area to the audience. She said it seems
      that Ware Town Council sponsor these concerts and wondered
      whether that is mentioned in the programme. Cllr. G. Powell said
      there is a mention. Cllr. J. Wing said the suggestion of a grant
      being the hire fee for the Drill Hall is a good one. Mrs. C. Young
      said there are some grant giving bodies that will only give for
      certain things and may only be looking towards contributing
      towards the cost of the orchestra and equipment etc. Mr. P.
      Smith pointed out in the Choral Society‟s annual report they have
      indicated they would have to spend a lot of money on the two
      concerts mentioned. Cllr. D. Day wondered if it would be possible
      for the Society to put on two nights performances instead of just
      one as that was sold out and did not cover the costs. Some
      members felt if this were to happen costs would double. Cllr. G.
      Powell said the professionals would want the same fee for each
      night plus hotel costs. Cllr. D. Day proposed to support the
      Choral Society as they are a long-standing, well-respected
      organisation. He proposed £350. Cllr. J. Wing seconded. All
      were in favour.

iv)   Ware Rotary Re expenses towards their Summer Fete which had
      taken place the weekend previously it was noted that Ware
      Rotary have not stated how much grant they are requesting.
      Cllr. G. Powell spoke to a member of Rotary this evening and was
      informed that all of the stallholders were satisfied with what was
                                  - 19 -
      taken on the day and have indicated they would like to return
      were this event to be held again next year. Cllr. G. Powell said
      this is another event in the calendar of events that take place in
      the town and these can only be of benefit to the town and people
      in the town. Cllr. Mrs. P. Ballam said although Rotary ran the
      fete, she felt the amount people were charged for stalls was quite
      expensive at £25 per stall. It was noted Rotary were not charged
      for using the Priory site. Mr. P. Jarvis said the Royal British
      Legion was not a stallholder at the event because of the high stall
      hire charge. Mr. P. Smith said that Ware Variety did not charge
      for their appearance.

       Cllr. J. Wing felt the expenditure costs should be made known
      and if Rotary applies again next year the costs should again be
      known. He felt the application should be clearer as to what the
      money is requested for. Mr. D. Roberts asked if this would
      conflict with Ware Week. Cllr. G. Powell did not feel this would
      make any difference. Mr. D. Roberts wondered whether
      stallholders would be able to obtain enough goods for the Ware
      Festival in a month‟s time. Mrs. C. Young said it seems there
      could be a chance of „event fatigue‟ in Ware. She felt the
      application form should not be so vague. Cllr. D. Day asked
      where the money would be distributed to when received by
      stallholders as it does not say on the application form. Cllr. G.
      Powell reminded members of the committee this is Section 137
      money and is to be distributed to people and organisations for the
      benefit of the town. He felt it might be wrong to send this money
      to people overseas. Cllr. J. Wing said Rotary wished to provide
      opportunity for local people to raise funds. Mr. G. Stapleton
      suggested writing to Mr. Thomas to request details of what the
      money would go towards. Cllr. D. Day suggested that the Town
      Council guidelines are pointed out to Rotary. Mr. G. Stapleton
      proposed to defer the application. This was seconded by Mr. P.
      Smith. A vote was taken – 10 were in favour, none against and
      there were two abstentions.

iv)   Community Safety Partnership It was noted that EHDC had
      requested funding support to match £1,500 contribution from
      EHDC to the Town Watch and Pub Watch schemes. Cllr. G.
      Powell said this amount of money has never been granted to any
      organisation and he advised that this sum is not proposed. (Cllr.
      Mrs. P. Ballam declared an interest and left the meeting at 8.20
      p.m.) Cllr. J. Wing requested more information and asked how
                                 - 20 -
these schemes are funded elsewhere and enquired if this is
included in money paid by taxpayers. (Miss K. Little declared an
interest and left the meeting at 8.21 p.m.)

 Cllr. J. Wing said when members had to leave because they have
declared an interest it can leave members who know nothing of
the schemes in the meeting. Mr. P. Smith asked if this could be
waived. The Town Clerk said it could not because the Town
Council would be subject to challenge. Cllr. J. Wing suggested
the only way forward may be to invite an EHDC officer to inform
members of what this is about. Cllr. D. Day said this seemed to
be money going round in circles and he asked who is responsible
for this and whether they should be financing it. The Town Clerk
reported it is not unusual for one authority to ask another
authority for grant money. With regard to this scheme, Mr. P.
Pullin and Mr. N. Wood visited the Town Clerk and explained this
is a fairly new scheme in Ware to encourage pubs to join the
scheme whereby pubs have walkie talkies to report on any anti-
social behaviour. They wish to employ someone who will spend a
few hours per week liasing and co-ordinating with members in
Ware. They will fund £3,000 and are requesting £1,500 from
Ware Town Council.

 The Town Clerk said TLA could grant a small amount and then
the matter could be referred to the Council via the Finance and
Resources Committee. Cllr. G. Powell asked if this position of a
part time co-ordinator had been advertised in any way. He felt it
should be advertised. Mrs. B. Norris asked if the pub landlords
had to belong to this scheme. The Town Clerk felt there was a
membership fee. Mrs. B. Norris asked whether this fee should be
funding the co-ordinator. The Town Clerk said the fee is to pay
for the apparatus. Cllr. G. Powell said there are 16 pubs and
venues that he is aware of that would benefit from this scheme,
plus Tesco. The amount required could be shared among them.
Mrs. C. Young said this is not a very tangible thing to be funding
and would seem to be something rather negative than positive.
Cllr. J. Wing felt it was outside the general remit of what this
committee is about. It ought to be seen as Town Council budget
rather in the way of funding the Town Centre Manager which did
not come through this committee. He felt the matter should be
passed to F & R. Cllr. J. Wing said the licence fees are being
collected by East Herts and asked if the administration of licensed
premises in the area is something they are responsible for and
not the Town Council. Cllr. G. Powell said this is for the
                                 - 21 -
            businesses in the town and this Council receives no precept from
           businesses, only from domestic ratepayers. Mr. G. Stapleton felt
           Ware Town Council should not grant towards this at all. Cllr. J.
           Wing felt this should be passed to F & R for a view as to whether
           Ware Town Council should be funding this at all. He did not think
           it is something the Town Council should get involved with. Cllr. J.
           Wing proposed to take no action but to defer to F & R. Mrs. J.
           Watson agreed with Cllr. J. Wing. She felt the Town Council
           taking a view on this would carry more weight. Mr. G. Stapleton
           seconded the proposal. It was unanimously agreed to defer the
           application. (Cllrs. Mrs. P. Ballam and Miss K. Little returned to
           the meeting at 8.35 p.m.) Cllr. D. Day felt we were going round
           and round in circles with these allowances and it is not the job of
           the Town Council to finance these things. Cllr. G. Powell asked
           Cllr. Miss K. Little how much they have to pay to belong to Pub
           Watch. Cllr. Miss K. Little said there is no membership fee, but
           the walkie talkie costs £250. Cllr. J. Wing would like a more
           comprehensive understanding of the whole area.

           It was

                 RECOMMENDED that the Town Council in accordance with
                 its powers under Section 137 of the Local Government and
                 Housing Act (1989) should incur the following expenditure
                 which in the opinion of the Town Council is in the interest of
                 its area and all or some of its inhabitants.

                 Victim Support                           £250
                 Ware Choral Society                      £350


      A report which had been circulated was received and noted.


      A report of the most recent Rock in the Priory Working Party Group had
      been circulated to all members. Cllr. G. Powell reported that
      sponsorship is covering much of the event‟s expenses. He hoped the
      weather would be as good as last year when 6,000 people attended. A
      programme has been produced this year, which will be paid for by
      businesses advertising in it. People attending with a programme will
      not be requested to make a donation for entry. The event has received
      a vast amount of support from local people. Mrs. J. Watson said she
                                       - 22 -
      has attended Rock in the Priory and this is a wonderful event. It was
      hoped that the Museum would be open on the day and she enquired as
      to parking arrangements. Cllr. G. Powell said permits will be issued for
      official parking, which would include the Museum, as a decision was
      made to close the gates on safety grounds.

57.   DRAMA SEASON 2007

      It was noted that Wareside Entertainers had performed “ Dickens
      Children” the previous week and “Treasure Island” by Quantum will
      take place on 22nd July on the Priory Island. Tickets are £7 or £3.50 for


      Cllr. G. Powell reported that he has contacted the sculptor and asked
      him when he would be available to attend a meeting with EHDC. An
      acceptable drawing of the landscaping is also to be produced.

59.   HERITAGE WEEKEND 8th and 9th September 2007

      It was noted the Priory will be open and there will be guided tours on
      Saturday and Sunday. Ware Museum will be open, as well as Place
      House where there will be a free art workshop and refreshments. St.
      Mary‟s Church will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Scotts Grotto
      will be open on Saturday and Sunday. Fanhams Hall will be open on
      Sunday for three hours. Scotts House will be open on Saturday and
      Sunday for three hours each day. Cllr. G. Powell said there are some
      remarkable buildings in the town that are well worth seeing.

      Cllr. D. Day asked how the event is being advertised. The Town Clerk
      said this is a national event organised by the Civic Trust who have a
      website and publish information on line. Cllr. D. Day said he did not
      have a computer and said lots of people are not aware of events that
      are happening in the town. Cllr. G. Powell said this is advertised in the
      Mercury and on the town noticeboards. Cllr. D. Day said you can never
      advertise anything too much. Noted that Radio Hertbeat also cover it.

      In the first 2-3 years of Heritage Weekend there was advertising in
      major national newspapers and on TV and radio programmes. Ware
      benefited in the early years as there were more places open in Ware
      than any other place in Hertfordshire. Cllr. J. Wing said the press are
      not what they were in the early days and there are fewer people
      visiting Ware now from outside of Ware. He felt there was room for
                                        - 23 -
      more publicity. He would be happy to hand out fliers outside schools.
      Cllr. G. Powell said it may be worth writing to schools as it is local
      history. Cllr. D. Day said it is wonderful that people come from miles
      around but it is a pity if there are people in the town that are missing it.
      Mrs. J. Watson said the Town Council has always produced a flier of
      buildings that are open on Heritage Weekend and these go to the
      Museum TIP and posters are displayed in the town. Fliers are things
      that people can take away with them, whereas posters are not. The
      Civic Trust is looking at producing banners and it may be worth Ros
      looking into this. She said the national press used to feature this very
      heavily but they are always looking for new things to cover. Cllr. D.
      Day said people can walk right past the biggest notice. Mr. P. Smith
      said last year he was on the town walks and the only advertising he
      was aware of was a board outside the Priory, but there was quite good
      attendances - approximately 20 people on both days. It was about 50-
      50 as to where they had come from i.e. Ware residents and locally.
      Mrs. B. Norris asked why Christchurch and Hanbury Manor are not on
      the list. Mrs. J. Watson said the Church may be open anyway because
      the Historic Churches sponsored Bike Ride takes place at that time.


      Noted this will be on Saturday 20th October. A speaker is needed.
      The Town Clerk reported that she had contacted McMullens but they
      are not able to attend. Miss K. Little said there are lots of micro
      breweries in the area and will provide the Town Clerk with a list of
      contacts. Cllr. J. Wing said that Hugo Page-Croft was very good at
      giving a coherent speech. Cllr. J. Wing reported that he intended in the
      next couple of months to meet with any maltmakers in the town with
      the aim of producing a dvd. He said the maltmakers supper was
      originally a celebration of the town and to be different to the civic
      dinner. Good numbers have always attended. Cllr. J. Wing would be
      happy to see people talking about any aspect of the town‟s heritage.


      The Town Clerk reported that the temporary ramp at Easter was
      successful and it had been booked for the whole of August. Mrs. J.
      Watson had read that skateboarding is being considered as an Olympic
      sport. Cllr. J. Wing said he knows the skateboard committee is very
      healthy and said members attending increase all the time. There are a
      number of 14-18 year olds contributing towards the summer park
      funding. They continue to work on the plans for the permanent park.
                                       - 24 -

      Cllr. G. Powell explained that Network Rail have been requested to
      remove this. It is of no architectural merit. The Town Clerk has not
      received a reply from them as yet. Cllr. G. Powell said the line is being
      closed for a week and asked the Town Clerk to write again to point this
      out and that the box could be removed during this time.


      It was noted that the public toilets in Broadmeads have been fitted with
      solar panels. Cllr. G. Powell felt a public toilet should be provided in
      Kibes Lane. Mrs. J. Watson said this is one of the things that the town
      is judged on. Cllr. G. Powell felt it a pity there are not sufficient
      facilities for people to use when the pubs close. Mrs. J .Watson felt the
      committee should be aware that people visiting the town would wish to
      use public w.c.s and the Museum staff are often asked where the public
      toilets are. Cllr. D. Day asked if part of the refurbishment of the Priory
      would include toilets. The Town Clerk said there are toilets in the
      grounds and the scheme that is hoped for for the lido site would
      include public toilets. Cllr. J. Wing said the toilets in the Priory grounds
      are really only for users of the Priory grounds.

       Mrs. J. Watson said the problem of having toilets in Broadmeads and
      the Priory are that they are too far from where people actually are.
      Cllr. J. Wing said the bottom of New Road and next to the Brewery Tap
      would seem good locations. Mrs. J. Watson asked where public toilets
      are usually found in towns and these are usually in the public car parks.
      Cllr. G. Powell said the public toilets in the Priory are closed at 8 p.m.
      and at 6 p.m. at Broadmeads, the only others open to 10 p.m. are in

      After discussions it was

            RECOMMENDED that EHDC be asked what proposals they have
            for improving public toilets in the town especially in view of losing
            those they were operating previously.

            Two possible locations are at the entrance to the library car park
            and Kibes Lane car park. Mr. G. Stapleton understood the public
            toilets at the station are open 24 hours. Cllr. G. Powell hoped
            these would be used but there is the problem of vandalism.

                                     - 25 -

      Mrs. B. Norris suggested that Herts County Council be asked what their
      intentions are for the library building. She felt the library is short of
      facilities, there is no exhibition space and it is cramped. Cllr. Mrs. P.
      Ballam said that having served on the County library committee, the
      County Council would like all its libraries in new suitable
      accommodation. Having them in listed buildings is a problem. The one
      in Ware has been extended over the years. As far as she knew the
      County do not own any more land in Ware where a library could be
      sited. They would like to have another more suitable site for the
      library. It also does not have complete disabled access to the upstairs.
      Town Clerk to write to the County Council to ascertain their proposals.


      i)   a) Amwell End Cllr. G. Powell said no work has been done to the
           former Ware Eye Centre building. (Mr. D. Roberts left the
           meeting at 9.20 p.m.) Mrs. C. Young understood the wall has
           been extended up with breeze blocks but these are ones which
           were designed to be used internally and not externally. Cllr. D.
           Day felt the owner should be responsible for any damage caused
           to the adjacent Drill Hall. Mrs. C. Young said he is supposed to
           be doing something about the front wall that is collapsing. Cllr.
           D. Day said if he is not doing his duty something needs to be
           done before his building causes damage to other buildings. Mrs.
           C. Young said that Withers Thomas did a survey of the Drill Hall
           and it was noted at that point where the damage has started to
           occur. Cllr. G. Powell said it has been suggested previously that
           the District Council take some action. Town Clerk to write to the
           Conservation Officer to put pressure on the owner to point out his
           building is damaging the Grade II building next door. District
           Council has the power to do remedial works themselves and
           charge the owner but they will not. (Mr. D. Roberts returned at
           9.24 p.m.)

            Mrs. C. Young said the scaffolding has become a hangout for
           youths in Amwell End and people could easily injure themselves
           on this at night. Mrs. C. Young wondered whether the Mercury
           could help publicise the problem. Cllr. J. Wing said EHDC have a
           history of procrastinating on these types of issues. He felt the
           Town Council should write and say we are expecting EHDC to
           take action on the owner of this building within the next three
                                          - 26 -
months. He believed this is the approach the Town Council
should be taking. Cllr. Mrs. P. Ballam said when the building was
occupied by Ware Eye Centre they left the building because they
could not make the owner do the repairs. The building has been
in this state for a very long time. EHDC has served notice on him.
Mrs. C. Young said he has been served notice on the front part
but not on the back. The committee felt something needed to be
done on this building as a matter of urgency. It is an eyesore, it
is dangerous and is damaging the building next door. The
scaffolding was put up because the building was considered

b) Cllr. Mrs. P. Ballam said this Council decided some time ago
that planting young trees in Amwell End was not a good idea and
it was hoped to have some mosaics put in the area. Herts
Highways were not too sure about mosaics and said semi mature
trees would be planted instead. These have since been damaged
and replaced.

c) Mrs. C. Young said the Drill Hall Committee had requested
additional street lighting in Amwell End in the Drill Hall area. Cllr.
D. Day understood there are problems with disorderly persons in
Amwell End at times. He wondered whether trees would block
out what may be happening with regard to the CCTV cameras.
Cllr. G. Powell said it is unfortunate the cameras have not caught
the people responsible for damaging the trees. Cllr. Miss K. Little
said this came up at a Pub Watch meeting and they were
informed the cameras were working but it was wondered whether
these are monitored late in the evening. Town Clerk to write to
Police to ask what images from CCTV cameras will be used in
Court to bring these people to justice. Cllr. J. Wing said there is a
monthly report of what the cameras have seen and what actions
have been taken as a consequence and he felt the Police should
make a comparable report available. In view of the fact that the
previous Council were asked to fund he felt the Town Council
should be seeing that those cameras are doing some good. It is
known there is anti social behaviour going on and nothing seems
to be happening. Cllr. D. Day said he was getting frustrated as
we seem to be going round and round in circles, we have the
Police force, cameras and vandalism and nobody seems to know
anything about anything. We need to ask who is responsible,
have they seen anything that has gone on, if so what have they
done about it and why not. Town Clerk to write to Police in this
                                 - 27 -
      ii)    Empty High Street Shops With regard to Woollatt & Coggin it was
             noted the owners have their own plans but are continuing to
             market the premises for the time being. Cllr. G. Powell
             understood there is now an offer on Beau Monde. The Closet is
             now up for sale. There is still the problem of the empty premises
             next to Keith Ian. Cllr. Mrs. P. Ballam said the planning
             application had been withdrawn for that shop as it was not
             satisfactory. The applicant has put in a listed building application
             and that is why work has stopped on the fitting out. Subway still
             wish to come to the town. Cllr. G. Powell felt there was no
             reason their sign could not be altered to comply with the
             conservation area status. Mrs. B. Norris had seen some activity in
             the shop next to Alan Birch.

      iii)   Other Mrs. J. Watson asked about the old malting site at the
             bottom of Hoe Lane. Cllr. G. Powell said there was an application
             to turn this into a gym at one point.

              Mr. D. Roberts asked about the Quaker Burial Ground. Cllr. G.
             Powell said it had been requested that the wall is rebuilt. Cllr. J.
             Wing said there was some intention to put in an information
             board on the site by the Ware Society.

              Mrs. B. Norris said there is another planning application in on
             Charvills. Cllr. G. Powell said the Town Council Planning
             Committee had rejected this again because the access is
             suggested from Century Road.


      Cllr. D. Day said we are a small country town and the market is doing
      better than it has in the past. He wondered whether local people could
      sell their wares in addition to the Tuesday market, for example people
      could sell plants, homemade jams etc. This would be another country
      theme that would add character to the town. Cllr. G. Powell felt this
      could be done on a Sunday. Cllr. J. Wing said this is happening in the
      Ware Arts Centre by the W.I. on a Friday. One thing that he has seen
      in historic towns is that they seem to use the shop windows of empty
      shops for poster display and collages of historic scenes relevant to the
      town‟s history. There is a course at the College on shop window
      display and there is an opportunity for people on those courses to do
      something in the town. That was rebuffed some years ago by EHDC
      who felt if that were to happen the property would then become liable
                                         - 28 -
      to rates as it is in use and not empty. This seems unimaginative and
      fairly typical of EHDC. He wondered if people would be minded to do
      this and said he would be prepared to research this. The Town Clerk
      said that Ann Goater a member of this committee is head of tourism
      and catering at the College and she could be contacted. Cllr. G. Powell
      felt EHDC should be pressured about this. Town Clerk to write to EHDC
      in this respect. Cllr. Miss K. Little felt this should be researched before
      contacting people that may be interested in using the windows for
      display purposes. Cllr. G. Powell suggested Cllr. J. Wing speak to the
      Town Centre Partnership. Mrs. C. Young said Chauncy School‟s
      specialism is art. She felt a shop window with some sort of display
      would look better than an empty window.


      13th June            Museum AGM in Priory Garden Room
      16th June            Craft Fair in Drill Hall
      17th June            FOPS Social in Fletcher‟s Lea
      23rd June            St. Mary‟s Church Summer Fete
      7th July             Carnival Day
      6-7th July           Ware Operatic in Drill Hall
      13th July            Ware Festival Ball
      July                 Ware Festival month
      July                 Ware Photographic exhibition in the library
      5th August           Reptile Show in Drill Hall
      8th September        Historic churches sponsored cycle ride
      8-9th September      Heritage Weekend
      14-16th September    Visitors from Wulfrath to renew pledge of
      7 October            Civic Service
      20 October           Maltmakers Supper
         th      th       st
      19 June, 17 July, 21 August, 18th September        Ware Society of
                           Cogers met at 8p.m in the Drill Hall


      1.    State of roads in Ware – Pete Smith


      At a previous meeting it was discussed that the NHS were planning a
      number of changes and moving people to the Lister Hospital for
      treatment. The Town Clerk has written to the County Council with
                                       - 29 -
      regard to bus transport being provided. They have replied to say they
      do not have the money to do this. Cllr. J. Wing felt it should be
      affordable and felt it unsatisfactory. He requested that Full Council
      comment on this. Cllr. D. Day said the County Council is responsible for
      some of these things and are directed by government to do them, but
      receive no extra money from government to do them. Cllr. G. Powell
      said a little bit of planning on behalf of the NHS and County Council
      would make it easier for people to take a bus to the Lister. Cllr. J.
      Wing said it is not always the elderly that do not have access to cars.
      He felt an hourly bus service should be provided where there is a
      significant shift to another hospital. Cllr. Mrs. P. Ballam understood
      more and more people in Ware are having outpatient appointments at
      Lister and this is at least a two hour journey in each direction. This is
      not acceptable. Cllr. D. Day felt the need for bus services was getting
      more and more, especially for the elderly. To be referred to Full


      Monday 1st October and 19th November 2007.

The meeting finished at 10 p.m.

                                    - 30 -

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