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A Few Words from the Editor

VIEWS: 633 PAGES: 12

									     Chris McNaboe - Executive Director
     Kathleen McNaboe - Organizational Manager
                                                                                                     WINTER 2005
                                                                                       Horizon Line Volume 26 No. 1

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                         M cN ab o e

                                                                                                            One person making a difference: Christian Robinson assists
                                                                                                            Ariel Levy while she creates her own Kenyan Necklace
                                                                                                            during International Weekend!
A Conversation with Mike & Lucy Wong
Just recently I spoke with Mike Wong and his mother Lucy Wong. Mike works as part of Camp Horizons Supported Employment Services,
SES. One of the Assistant Managers with SES, Jon Auner had arranged for the interview, since he thought Mike’s story was pretty impressive.

What they reported about Mike’s experience perfectly illustrates the set of three activities utilized by teams at Camp Horizons to implement
our philosophy of person-centered positive programming: (1) recognizing the person’s accomplishments, (2) brainstorming what works and
what doesn’t work for the person, and (3) planning and implementing next steps. By using person-centered positive programming, the
staff of SES carves out jobs that truly suit each individual’s preferences and capacities while meeting a variety of employer’s needs.

Mrs. Wong told us that Mike started with SES in November of 2003 after a series of failed vocational trainings and employment opportunities.
She reported that “Mike was never able to stick with any job for very long,” mostly because he would get upset and act in ways that would
cause him to lose his job, but at Camp Horizons it was different.

While getting to know Mike, the Camp Horizons SES team brainstormed ways to help him do his job safely. Then Job Coaches taught him
how to operate a walkie-talkie, so he could keep in touch with staff, yet get some distance when he needed to get his thoughts in order
and cool down. Mrs. Wong feels that this strategy was “a stroke of genius. It was the first time an outlet for him was built right into the
job.” Walkie-talkies are what the rest of the SES staff use to keep in touch when working outside across large areas, so it seemed natural
that a walkie-talkie might work for Mike too!

Another thing that is different about Camp Horizons,
according to Mrs. Wong, is that “Mike knows he is with
people who are not going to give up on him.” Jon
recalled times when even after a negative incident “Mike
knew we would still be here tomorrow, and we would
continue to be his co-workers and friends.” Having
positive relationships is a big part of what works for
Mike, and he speaks enthusiastically about them. “That’s
right I sure do have friends on the crew. My crew is
George and Will and I have been working with Kathy
all week!”

During fall clean up, Jon was impressed with Mike’s
ability to rake at his own pace and stay focused on
getting his assigned area cleaned up. Mike is proud
of the fact that right now he “delivers and stacks up
the wood” and he understands the importance of his
paycheck. Mrs. Wong thinks that having a more realistic
understanding of his paycheck is a plus. Mike reports
“I have to work everyday, so I can have money to go
out to eat.”
                                                                    Mike Wong working on a Fall Clean-up Crew.

Mike and another member of his current crew are
looking forward to beginning a new job in March at Prides Corner Farm Nursery. At Prides, Mike’s crew will clean out the greenhouses prior
to the summer growing season. And all of the workers will be on the Prides Corner Farm payroll.

This new opportunity for Mike was developed in response to a real need presented by a manager at the nursery. Each spring she struggled
to find employees with driver’s licenses who could drive a dump truck around the nursery to remove the dead plants from the greenhouses.

The fact that Mike is very skilled at clearing and hauling brush was apparent at his recent Career Planning meeting. At the start of the meeting,
Mike’s team viewed a five minute video “on the huge TV” and saw Mike working at a variety of sites using tools and cooperating with his
co-workers. Jon noted that the video “helped the team focus on Mike and his accomplishments. It also led to discussions about the new
things he might like to learn next”.

While Mike will need a Job Coach to drive the dump truck between the greenhouses at Pride’s Farm, he now has the skills to do the bulk
of the job. He also has a successful support strategy with the walkie-talkie to help him maintain his job over time. So with support provided
just when and where they need it, SES Workers hold real jobs, meet their employer’s needs and earn regular paychecks. And Mike Wong
at the age of 44 is taking another major leap towards realizing a satisfying a career.
Michelle’s Story
During summer camp 2004 Michelle Heimall, our Director of Health & Camper Services, was at her post
focusing non-stop on her very important work with campers and their families. Everyone counts on
Michelle to make sure that every camper’s medications and treatments are delivered exactly right.
Because of Michelle’s confidence and years of experience; parents, staff and campers rely on her to
follow up on a myriad of person-centered details every day. Yet very few folks knew that in May
2004, right before the start of summer camp, Michelle was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Michelle had her first surgery two days prior to staff orientation in June and a second surgery at
the end of the first two week session, near the day of the 25th Anniversary Celebration. Then
Michelle started several rounds of chemotherapy in August in the midst of the second summer
camp session. And during all of this Michelle was strong and courageous. Michelle mapped out
her treatment schedule to make sure that she didn’t miss anything important. Having breast
cancer was never an excuse for Michelle. She balanced her treatments with the job she loves and
does so well with incredible determination.

Michelle completed radiation therapy mid January 2005. Michelle is a very private person, so this has
not been easy. She chose this way to share her story with the entire Camp Horizons family because
of the importance of this very unique “family” in her life. Positive and focused, Michelle has “worked
through it all,” and now she and her husband Lance want you to know!
                                                                                                                Michelle Heimall during
                                                                                                                 summer camp 2004.

                                                       ARTIST KERRI QUIRK
                                                       Kerri Quirk, local artist and former camper, who also resides
                                                       at Camp Horizons’ Community Residence in Willimantic has
                                                       agreed to have one of her paintings from 1988 replicated
                                                       on the cover of a book of poetry. The poetry is the work of
                                                       Jon David Anderson who is an English teacher at E.O. Smith
                                                       High School. The book will be published by Curbstone Press
                                                       and is due out in April 2005. Congratulations Kerri!

Final Reports…
The Camp Horizons Community Partnership Pool
In the last issue of the Horizon Line we reported that the pool construction phase was complete but we had
$6,450 left to reach our fundraising target. We are very pleased to report that due to the generosity of the
Schnurmacher Foundation, Robert & Doree Levy, and Connecticut Light & Power, we hit the target. Based on a
suggestion and contact provided by Robert Levy, we approached the Schnurmacher Foundation at just the right
time this summer. Connecticut Light & Power then contributed, and Robert and Doree Levy made the final
contribution to get us to the top at $ 150,600! Thank you to everyone who made the Camp Horizons Community
Partnership Pool a reality.

The Accessible Cabin 6 & 7 Project
Also in the last issue of the Horizon Line we reported that the renovations to Cabin 6 & 7 were complete but we
had more to do to reach our fundraising goal. Just recently in February 2005, we received a contribution of
$5,000 from Paul Newman for this project! We are very grateful for this gift and for the ongoing, positive working
relationship we have with the folks at The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang Camp in Ashford, Connecticut, a camp for children
with cancer founded and supported by Paul Newman. Thank you Mr. Newman and to everyone who contributed
to the success of “The Accessible Cabin 6 & 7 Project.
    Our Mission’s Mandate…
     …The Crossroads at Camp Horizons
                                                                                     Well, Camper Ethan Guida has it just right. According to Ethan, the building you
                                                                                     see here, Cabin 11, “needs a massive face lift”. In fact Ethan was so interested, he
                                                                                     snapped this photo himself and told Chris McNaboe that what we need is “a
                                                                                     new Elaine’s Place type of building with more space for more campers. It should
                                                                                     have a nice ramp for handicapped people so they can enjoy it too!”
                                                                                     Ethan has a big vision for the future of Camp Horizons and so do we. The Camp
                                                                                     Horizons Mission Statement directs us to “renew our buildings and camp facilities
                                                                                     to exceed licensing requirements and state regulations” and meet “the changing
                                                                                     needs of program participants”. Despite all of the improvements we have made
                                                                                     at camp since we bought the property in 1985, some of the oldest buildings
                                                                                     at camp are still in desperate need of attention. To be true to our mission, we
                                                                                     need to do just what Ethan suggests; knock down Cabin 10 and Cabin 11 and
                                                                                     create a winterized triple cabin in the center of camp.
    This is Ethan’s photo of Cabin 11. Currently Cabin 11 is only used for storing
    supplies for the summer Pioneering Program.                                      We’ve named this project “The Crossroads at Camp Horizons” to reflect its
                                                                                     significance to the future of Camp Horizons as well as the fact that it will be
                                                                                     located at the heart, the literal crossroads, of the camp property.

The two-story fully accessible “Crossroads at Camp Horizons” will total 8,000
square feet. When completed “The Crossroads at Camp Horizons” will:
•      meet the increased demand for “Weekends in the Country” with more
       winterized living space
•      house a centralized, accessible Health Center designed to meet our
       campers unique and changing medical needs both on the weekends
       and in the summer.
•      eliminate the use of bunk beds.
•      house a second floor dormitory area so we have the room to retain
       more talented International Staff year round.
•      create a Gathering Space to enhance the
       “Weekend in the Country” experience for campers.
                                                                                                             “The Crossroads at Camp Horizons”:
                                                                                                                    A Graphic Rendering.
Remember that children’s book “The Little Engine That Could”? It told the story of a small but determined train that was able to chug up a huge
mountain because it believed it could. The amount of money needed to make “The Crossroads at Camp Horizons” a reality is estimated at
$923,844. This might seem a lot like the big mountain in the book. But we are chugging right along, climbing higher and higher, because of the
many people who support Ethan’s big vision and believe in the value of Camp Horizons. And as of February 14, 2005 we have pledges and grants
totaling $325,012.

       OUR STAFF IS ON BOARD 100%!
The entire Staff at Camp Horizons is demonstrating their support for “The
Crossroads at Camp Horizons” in all sorts of different ways. Many of the year-
round staff are making contributions in the form of regular payroll deductions.
Some International Staff have clicked onto our web site and used the Pay Pal
feature to donate. And our Junior Counselors who are currently assisting
during “Weekends in the Country” have decorated a big glass jar to collect
all of their pocket change! The support and commitment from all our staff is
a sure sign that we are on the right track with this project.

                                                                                                                   Staff at the 2004 New Years Eve celebration.
 Capital Campaign II
 Board of Directors                Gail & Bruce Heald              Jaime Knowles                      R. Curtis & Marina Brand
The entire Board has pledged       Edward & Louise Jalowiec        Svetlana Kondratova                Helena Cavanagh
$100,000; with a $75,000           James & Judith Kotanchik        Melissa Kramer                     John & Louise Cawley
leadership gift from               Robert & Lee Lapuk              Scott Lambeck                      Elizabeth & Joseph Charron
Adam & Jennifer Milne              Raoul & Claire Ledoux           Cecile M. Larsen                   Erik Hahr
                                   The Leahy Family                Iggy (Dong Ic) Lee                 Diana & Donald Hodgins
Joyce Burdick
                                   V. Jeanne & Robert Maurer       Shannon Longo                      Ann Kahn
Willard Colburn
                                   Karen & David Miller            Kellie Lussier                     Nicole Kerensky
Mark Goldberg
                                   William & Roxanne Navratil      Tom Menard                         Carrie Langner
Bill Kerensky
                                   Winne & Bren O’Connell          Becky Monroe                       Josh Levy
Chris McNaboe
                                   Penney & David Parkes           Beth Morris                        Edward & Ida Lussier
Kathleen McNaboe
                                   Robert & Beth Russo             Lee E. Moss                        Lawrence Marion & Rene Cosma
Arthur Quirk
                                   Patricia Sherman and Matching   Beth Mucci                         Peter Owens
Kathleen Quirk
                                    Gift                           Patrick Murphy                     George E. Payne & Son, Inc.
Dr. Coralie Shaw
                                   Katherine & Robert Taylor       Iouri Obedkine                     Steven and Cynthia Powell
Dr. Charles M. Wynn, Sr.
                                   Louise Varanelli                James N Oliver IV                  Edith J. Price
                                   Nurit Weiss                     Eddie Onyango                      Christopher Quirk
                                   Robert & Ruth Witt              Kathy Orloski                      Peter & Dianne Rimkus
$100,000 and up
                                   Chuck & Tina Yenkner            Amy Owens                          Henry & Katherine Tiedemann
Joseph & Joan Dionne
                                                                   Joseph & Cindy Parla               Donna & Bob Urciuoli
                                   STAFF                           Lauren Perrotti-Verboven           David & Judy Winer
                                   $2,000-$4,000                   Danielle M. Piader
Anonymous                          Roberta & Michael Helfgott      Michael & Misti Popp               FOUNDATIONS
                                                                   Bethany Purvis                     CORPORATIONS
$2,000-$4,000                      $1,000-$1,999                   Roy Ricks, Jr.                     The John H. & Ethel E. Noble
Linda, Peter & Sara Austin-Small   Toni Wielock                    Paul Rimmer                         Charitable Trust, managed by
Dr. Denis & Elke Moonan                                            Marcos Rivera                       Deutsche Bank Company of
                                   $500-$999                       Christian & Ruth Robison            New York - $35,000
$1,000-$1,999                      Julia M. Chapel                 Christine E. Royce                 McDonald Family Trust - $5,000
Bo & Colleen Colabella             Loreta B. Ciantar               Steven Schneidermeyer              Probus National - $25,000
Alan & Karen Eugley and            Ruth A. Lussier                 Travis Therrien
 Matching Gift                     George & Anne Turcotte          Ellen Trudeau                      IN HONOR OF…
Ann & John Mallin                                                  Edwin J. Valentin                  …Joanne Varanelli - Louise
Kathy, Stan & Sarah Peters         $1-$499                         Robert Wasel                         Varanelli
Ed, Colleen and Edward Smith       Michele Abbazia                 Joan Watson                        …Scott Langner - Carrie Langner
Paul & Theresa Wirth               Becky Alden                     Simon A. Wells
                                                                                                      …Jaclyn Parkos - Alga Plastics
                                   Jose M. Alvelo                  Jay Wetherbee
$500-$999                                                                                               Employees
                                   Gideon Ampeire                  Jay Wetherell
The Carlo Family                   Jonathan L. Auner               Jackie Wilcox                      …Michelle Heimall - George &
Hilary & Carol Donegan and         Penny Barton-Zuckerman          Jason R. Williams                    Anne Turcotte
 Matching Gift                     Betty Berthiaume                Dallas Williams II                 …Ali Koehler - Jayne & Peter Hamel
Nettie Ducas & Ted Ducas           Jacqueline Boucher                                                 …“Merry Christmas Joan & Tim
Joan & Larry Gray                  Deb Breault                     FRIENDS                              Parkos” - Donna & Robert
Jayne & Peter Hamel                Emily Brodka                    $10,000-$49,999                      Urciuoli
Julie & Roby Harrington            Janice Chamberlain              Brewster & Judith Perkins
Steven & Yvette Kohn               Eddie Crespo                                                       IN MEMORY OF…
Kathleen, Neil & Lois Longobardi   Diane Dupuis                    $5,000-$9,999                      William McLaughlin - The Cawley
Mary McGrath                       Trevor D. Field                 McDonald Family Trust               Family
Ed & Kate McNierney                T. Joseph Flaherty                                                 Matthew J. Dillon - Finneral LLC
Betty O’Leary                      Jabbar A. Floyd                 $1,000-$1,999
Marjorie, Lester and Emily         Melvin Floyd                    Mary Connelly
 Zimmerman                         Terry R. Ford                   Hilb, Rogal & Hobbs
                                   Sharon N. Fors
$1-$499                            Cynthia Fournier                $500-$999
Roger & Nancy Adams                Amon Kungo Gitau                Keren Gilbert
Jorge & Lee Adrian                 Daniel M. Grabski               Ed Peavy & Becky Reno
Leslie & Stephen Barton            Elizabeth Gray                  The Perrotti Family
Barbara & Joseph Connolly          Lisa Marie Griffiths            Scott Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Conti            Leah E. Hardy
Ted , Sheila & Mike Connolly       Lance & Michelle Heimall        $1-$499
Richard & Cynthia DiLauro          Pamela Handfield                Alga Plastics
Joseph Everard                     Dora Kalashnikova               Anonymous
Maura Finneral                     Olessya Karabelnikova           Apollo Pizza Restaurant     Campers share fun and conversation with a game
Greg & Shelley Gullette            Elena Kirk                      Ellen Boyne                 of air hockey during quality time at Weekends in
Hartigan Consulting LLC                                                                        the Country!
  Capital Campaign                                                      continued

A message from Curt R. Christensen, Certified Financial Planner, Smith Barney
Camp Horizons Capital Campaign II Committee Member

Gifts to Camp Horizons not only offer you a way to show your commitment to and belief in our organization, but also a way for you to receive
substantial tax benefits. Because of its 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, Camp Horizons qualifies as a non-profit organization which means that a
charitable contribution can yield several tax benefits to donors.

First, a charitable gift offers an income tax deduction. For cash donations, the amount deductible in any given year is an amount up to 50%
of the donor’s adjusted gross income (AGI). Any unused deduction may be carried forward for up to five years. If the gift donated happens
to be capital gain property (stocks, tangibles, etc.), the income tax deduction is equal to the fair market value of the property, but limited to
30% of AGI with a 5 year carry forward provision.

Second, the gift of appreciated assets can allow one to avoid capital gain taxes on the sale of those assets if they are gifted directly to Camp
Horizons. Again, due to its tax-exempt status, subsequent sale by Camp Horizons does not result in a capital gains tax to Camp Horizons. The
donor may still take an income tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the stocks.

Finally, another way to give, which is often overlooked, is to name Camp Horizons as the beneficiary of old life insurance policies that have
survived their original purpose. Although not considered a gift of current use and therefore not eligible for a current income tax deduction,
it is probably one of the simplest means for you to provide a bequest to support our future. And because the benefit is often larger than most
bequests, you have the ability to create a family legacy which can benefit generations of campers for years to come.

 Because of You and Your Donations…

  Meghan Smith offers Russell Title a hands on            Massimo Sparagna eyes the limbo bar as he prepares to    Lauren Gray displays the winning Black Jack hand during
  demonstration while birthday boy, David Knopf, slices   meet one of the many International Weekend challenges.   the Caribbean Cruise’s casino event.
  the mushrooms that will be used to make the
  Thanksgiving Weekend stuffing.

                                               All This is POSSIBLE!

                                                          TRUE BLUE
                                                          With your gift or pledge of $25 or more to the Capital Campaign II you will receive our
                                                          Camp Horizon’s TRUE BLUE BRACELET embossed with Camp Horizon’s Logo!!
The Campaign for Campers 2004
Thanks to so many supporters “The Campaign for Campers 2004” was a success. The following is a list of contributors to the
2004 Campaign for Campers which ran from October 1, 2003 to September 30, 2004.

Founder’s Club - $1,000-Up                  Hilb, Rogal & Hobbs Company                Katherine Labazzo
B.O.G.I.E. International                    Dr. & Mrs. Raymond B. Johnson              Scott Langner & Family
Connecticut State Council of Columbiettes   Maureen S. Kannon Trust                    Thomas & Dorothy Linehan
Couto Donuts, DBA Dunkin Donuts             Lauter-Greer-Flanzer Foundation            Kathy Madden
Wendy & Samuel Frieder                      Barbara Levine & Lori Griffiths            The Maddens
Hartford Foundation for Public Giving       Nicole & Zachary Levy                      Mr. & Mrs. R. J. Maisonpierre
Toni Herrick                                Lois Luddy & Sue Crawfort                  Bob & Jeanne Maurer
The HOPE for Youth Foundation, Inc.         Lindy Maddex                               John & Barbara McGrath
The Joan Parkos Moran Foundation            John & Ann Mallin                          Mary McGrath
The Gregory, Nadine & January Parkos        Mary Alice McNaboe                         Kathleen McNaboe & Joseph Patterson
 Family Foundation                          Marie Metz                                 Lori & Mike McNaboe
Richard & Christine Paulson                 Serge Mihaly                               New England Silica, Inc.
Probus Club of Greater Bridgeport           Dr. & Mrs. George M. Milne                 Mr. & Mrs. Brendan O’Connell
Probus Club of Greater New Haven            Denis & Elke Moonan                        Joseph Oprendek
Art & Kitty Quirk                           John Morawski                              George E. Payne & Son
Steve Rush & Nancy O’Connor                 Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program   Paul & Christine Pelletier
Coralie Shaw MD & William G. Quirk PhD      Stephen Reichenbach                        John Phillips & Amy Dunbar
Wendell & Margaret Smith Foundation         The Rockefeller Group                      Steve & Cynthia Powell
United Way of the Capital Area Employee                                                Stacey Reichenbach
 donations                                  Benefactor - $100-$249                     Ed & Robin Rockoff
United Way of Eastern Fairfield County      Bob & Lee Adrian                           Binte & Madelon Roda
 Employee donations                         Alga Plastics                              Maria Ronca
Wall Street Charity Fund, One to One        Daisy & Wilfredo Alverio                   Debbie St. Germain
 Foundation                                 Elizabeth & Jeffrey Amaral                 Lynn Hotchkiss Sakuma
                                            Bea Anderson                               Stan & Pat Sargent
President’s Circle - $500-999               Mary Anderson                              Richard & Maureen Saunders
American Foundation for Disabled            Leslie & Steve Barton                      Richard & Kathryn Spero
 Children, Inc.                             David A. & Maryann Beaver                  Storrs Aztec Sun Tanning, LLC
Linda, Peter & Sara Austin-Small            Mary Becker                                Joseph & Laura Sullivan
Becky & Penny Barton-Zuckerman              Woody & Tena Benson                        Kathy & Henry Tiedemann
Willard & Ellen Colburn                     Bob Benzinger                              Jack & Carol Ullman
Julie & Roby Harrington                     BP Foundation, Inc.                        Bob & Donna Paolino Urciuoli
Laura Kaehler                               Sister Judith Carey, RSM                   Louise Varanelli
Maura Melley                                John & Kathleen Chamberlain                Roger & Margaret Vogt
Adam & Jennifer Milne                       Liz & Joe Charron                          Ellen Wahl & Mercer Sullivan
Timothy Moran                               Charter Oak Federal Credit Union           Peggy Weber
Stan & Kathy Peters                         Connecticut Medical Insurance Company      Mary Wetzel
The Jerry & Marlene Scharr Family           Mary Connolly                              Fred Wirth
 Endowment at the Jewish Federation of      Jane H. Conroy                             Paul & Theresa Wirth
 Greater Hartford                           The Cool Kidz Club at UConn                Paula & Ben Wollman
                                            Michael & Mary Susan Daigle
Angels - $250-$499                          Joe, Nancy & David Dennin
Alpha Epsilon Phi                           Jennifer & Charles Enders
Mary C. & Paul V. Becker                    Errico Brothers Landscaping
Jane & Keith Bolles                         Finneral LLC
Joyce Burdick                               Sara & Alexandra Gitter
Connecticut Light & Power                   Jack & Margot Haeflich
Mark Connelly                               Jayne & Peter Hamel
Barbara Connolly                            Carolina Herfkens
The Ducas Family                            Joseph Hodakowski
Alan Eugley & Karen Treadwell               Diana Hodgins
Rosa Fini & Joseph Sullivan                 Jeanne & Brian Horton
Clare Gemrich                               Un Hui & Byung Min Kim
Greg & Shelley Gullette                     Norm & Susan Hyer                          Ryan Keenan and counselor Iggy Lee from South Korea utilize
                                                                                       their artistic talents during Friday night’s preparations for A
Roberta & Michael Helfgott                  Ann Kahn                                   Goblin’s Weekend. The jack-o-lanterns produced during this
                                                                                       group activity will be used to light a festive path to the Fun
The Campaign for Campers 2004                                                                       continued

Patron - $50 – 99                      Marsha Motyl Baretta                 Laura Searles & Jeanne Hotchkiss
Anonymous                              Ralph & Ellen Bartram                Janice Strileckis
Rob Adrian                             Raymond & Deana Basley               Bob, Kay & Robert Taylor
John Baretta                           Adeline Bebrin                       Denise & Tony Walstra
Jackie Boucher                         Cathy Benedetto                      Heidi Warner & Pete Catania
Thomas & Kristine Bresch               Nancy Bilyak                         Faith Vos Winkel & Denis Geary
Cary Brown                             Frank & Agnes Bonelli
James Bunting                          Joan Bouchard                        Donor (Other)
Jennifer Campbell                      Christine Broberg & James Hilliard   Steven & Nancy Baker
Jane Chamberlin                        Estelle Bronson                      Mary Alice Bissell
Mabyn & Arthur Christianson            Cary Brown & Melissa Roming          Helen Brown
Loreta Ciantar                         Winnie Chan                          Mary Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Comstock             Patricia Cheever                     Harold & Laurel Fleger
Terrence Connelly                      Virginia Cormier                     Judith Freedman
Joseph & Marilyn Conti                 Mary Cornwall                        Jodi Goodman
Diane Crowell                          Nesta Corso                          Lisa-Marie Griffiths
Curves, Columbia                       Curves, Franklin, Judith Carilli     Lillian Hayes
Tracy Davis & Peter Ganbarg            John D’Angelo                        Franklin & Marian Hutchings
Barbara DeFlumeri & Ellen Bunnell      Louis & Anna Diachenko               Jennie Levine
Jim, Lorraine & Lisa DeFreitas         Maureen & Michael Donovan            Ganesh Padmanabhan
D. P Dough                             Ellen & Lynn Fahy                    Thomas Sawyer
Theresa Eckstein                       Judith Freedman                      Patricia & Robert Thompson
Barbara Fox & Dean Kraska              The Fulton Family
Charles & Barbara Gilbert              Yvette & Chris Gauthier
Ellen & Eugene Haist                   Florence & Jack Guite
Dawn Hoskin                            Gail Harrington
Charles Kearns                         Helen Harrington
Nicole Kerensky                        Gail & Bruce Heald
Sonya Kunkel                           Jean & John Heinzmann
Robert & Lee Lapuk                     Don Hernberg
Dora Licari                            Ann Hicock
G. Edward & Ida B. Lussier             Donna and Jay Hill
Main Street Café/Willimantic Brewing   Diane Horton
  Company                              Barbara Kelly
Diane & Bill Martin                    Margot Kuett
Jennifer Mazur                         Gerard & M. Patricia Kupchunos
Robert & Patricia McCorkle             Louann Landsberg                     Weekend Camper Michael Bebrin enjoys a trip to the orchard
David & Cheryl McNaboe                 Carrie Langner                       and reaches for the best apples with Olessya Karabelnikova
Middlesex United Way                   James & Norma LoMonaco               from Kazakhstan.
David & Karen Miller                   Christopher Lule & Family
Northeast Oil & Propane, Inc.          Joan & Gary Lyon
Janette & Bill Peracchio               Lawrence Marion & Rene Cosma
Louise LaChance Price & Steven Price   Wayne & Rebecca Marzotto
Kent & Kim Quirk                       Frank & Shirley Mauro
Cheryl & Terry Rose                    Brian and Tania McNaboe
George Scorpio                         Beth Morris
Edwina & Richard Spillane              Maria Hutley Musick
Storrs Drug, Inc., S. Ferreri          Joseph & Joanne Narotsky
Towne Engineering, Inc.                Betsy Nestor
Windham Center School                  Mary Lou & Terry O’Connor
Blair & Anne Wormer                    Alvin & Eleanor Opolinsky
Charles & Jean Wynn                    Carl Owusu-Barnes
Chuck & Tina Yenkner                   David & Natalie Palmer                 Caitlyn Lark and Dora Kalashnikova ham it up with
Herb & Arleen Zuckerman                David & Penney Parkes                        camper Tom Becker at the Talent Show.
                                       Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Parla
Friend - $25 - $49                     Barbara Poldino                      Correction: In our last issue we omitted a citation
Roger & Nancy Adams                    William & Deborah Robison            under President’s Circle donation. It should have
Alpha Cleaning Services, Guy Auner     Ken Ruggiero                         read “The Jerry and Marlene Scharr Family
Sean Anderson                          Lisa Marie, Kenny Ruggiero & Mary    Endowment at the Jewish Federation of Greater
Normand & Sheila Asselin                Hasbrouck                           Hartford”
The Campaign for Campers 2005
We are just getting started on “The 2005 Campaign for Campers”, our annual fundraising appeal. The following is a list
of contributors to the 2005 Campaign for Campers which began October 1, 2004 to February 4, 2005.
Founder’s Club - $1,000-Up                         Don, Leslie & the Headliner’s Staff                Dustin Bell
Eva Cohen                                          Brian & Sally Innis Klitz                          John & Rina Bigotto
Monheit Foundation                                 Angela Lambert                                     Daniel & Nancy Boisvert
Art & Kitty Quirk                                  Michael Lavallee                                   “G’ma Ann” Boisvert
Wendell & Margaret Smith Foundation                Robert Leach                                       Elbert & Dawn Carlson
United Way of the Capital Area Employee            Winne & Bren O’Connell                             Jeanne Daniels
 donations                                         John Phillips                                      Kevin Field
                                                   David Preston                                      Janice Gowdy
President’s Circle - $500-$999                                                                        Randall & Cindy Hall
Walter Beach                                       Patron - $50-$99                                   Mohamed Hussein
Willard & Ellen Colburn                            Agri-Mark                                          George & Grace Jacobson
Adam & Jennifer Milne                              Estelle & Thomas Antonio                           Carol Leete
Savings Institute Employees                        Danielle Bessette                                  Ted Nelson
Soroptimist International of Willimantic           James Buscaglia                                    Karen Olson
United Way of Eastern Fairfield County             Ann Marie Dodd                                     William & Deborah Robison
 Employee donations                                Ann Druge                                          Tirza Roda & Chris McNaboe
                                                   Fran Funk                                          Jonathon Rondeau
Angels - $250-$499                                 Gaden - Jacobs Family                              Second Congregational Church
John D. Morawski                                   Tiffany Itsou                                       of Coventry
                                                   Charles Luchini                                    Janice Strileckis
Benefactor - $100-$249                             Cathy Maynard                                      Barbara Williams
Elizabeth Aschenbrenner                            Chris McNaboe
Central Connecticut Cooperative Farmers            Katherine & John Morgan                            Donor (Other)
 Association                                       National Federation of the                         Edward Clark
Mark Charron                                          Blind of CT                                     The Courthouts Family
Robin, Kathryn & Lincoln Chesmer                   Patricia Reyes                                     Ronald & Shirley Edmondson
Community Club of South Glastonbury                Very Alive                                         Susan Gagliardi & Family
Connecticut Medical Insurance Company              Arleen & Herbert Zuckerman                         Donna Gwozdz
Mary Dugan                                                                                            Roy & Bonnie Lukacs
Martha, Bill & Kelley Eustis                       Friend - $25-$49                                   John & Patricia Martello
William & Donna Ferguson                           John Adams                                         SDR
The Hartford Courant                               Raymond & Deana Basley                             Evelyn Shapiro

In Memory of …                                                             In Honor of…
… Anthony M. Donatelli - William & Deborah Robison                         … “Happy New Year Shea Shapiro” from Grandma -
… Fabeola Proulx -Mary Dugan                                                  Evelyn Shapiro
    Art and Kitty Quirk                                                    … In appreciation for the many days my loveable
… In loving memory of Herbert Monheit, husband, dad                           granddaughter Ariel Levy has spent at Camp
   and grandfather - the Monheit Foundation                                   Horizons - Eva Cohen
… Jaime Botwick - Roy & Bonnie Lukacs                                      … On behalf of Maura Melley of the American
    Chris McNaboe                                                             Leadership Forum - The Hartford Courant
… Jennie Elliott - Ann Marie Dodd
… Joan Delaney -Mary Dugan                                                 Happy Anniversary…
… Ruth G. Beach - Walter Beach                                             … Coralie Shaw & William Quirk - Art & Kitty Quirk
… Virginia Arlene Curtiss - Ann Marie Dodd

               “Sweet Home Alabama” is the tune Heather Gardner chooses to sing as friends listen to her karaoke performance.
 Our Thanks…

                                                                              Thank You Northeast Utilities
                                                                              On a Friday last September volunteers from Northeast Utilities once
                                                                              again showed that they cared about Camp Horizons. As part of the
                                                                              United Ways Annual Day of Caring, crews from Northeast Utilities
                                                                              worked side by side with camp staff to cut tree limbs, clear brush and
                                                                              paint benches. Thank you NU!

                                                                              Thank You Knights of Pythias from the John Hay Lodge No.61
                                                                              Serving fresh fruit during all of the eight weeks of summer camp has
                                                                              always been a high priority for us. And this summer it will be just that
                                                                              much easier due to the generosity of Knights of Pythias who have
                                                                              made a donation to cover the cost of 21 cases of fresh fruit such as
                                                                              bananas, cantaloupes and oranges, the amount required for one meal a
                                                                              day for one week. Thank you Knights of Pythias.

     Northeast Utilities Volunteers working side by side with staff from
     Camp Horizons on United Way’s Annual Day of Caring.

Thank You George A. and Grace L. Long Foundation
Thanks to the George A. and Grace L. Long Foundation, we will have a new kiln in the Arts & Crafts building at Camp Horizons in
time for use by campers for the first session of summer camp 2005. “The Pottery 2005 Project” will enable us to purchase a new energy
saving, single phase kiln with a ventilating system. The Pottery Program is well suited to the special needs of our campers. Every camper
creates their own “work of art” from lumps of clay, and when they are glazed and fired, all of them are beautiful. Campers love to make
wind chimes, small pots, and a variety of personalized items. And now in summer 2005, due to the generosity of the George A. and
Grace L. Long Foundation, Camp Horizons will have a brand new kiln! Thank you.

                                                                 Thank You to The Greg, Nadine & January Parkos Family Foundation and
                                                                 The Joan Parkos Moran Foundation
                                                                 Due to the continued generosity and support of Greg Parkos and Joan Parkos
                                                                 Moran, we will be able to implement a “Focus on Fitness Project” during summer
                                                                 camp 2005. Fitness is an issue gaining considerable national attention and most of
                                                                 our campers are well aware of the concepts. With the “Focus on Fitness Project”, we
                                                                 will revamp and revitalize some of our summer programs to encompass new
                                                                 emphasis and offerings. With this generous grant, we will be able to purchase items
                                                                 such as ribbon wands, dance scarves and hula hoops, aerobic platform steps, a
                                                                 handicapped accessible swing, more portable CD players to use in program areas,
                                                                 gym mats, a Recumbent Bike, a powered megaphone, new basketballs, tennis balls
                                                                 and mini-golf balls, and a new net for volleyball.

      Chris Ferretti and unit leader Amon Gitau from Kenya,
                      enjoy a game of bowling.

Thank You Joan & Joseph Dionne
Once again Joan & Joseph Dionne, parents of camper Darren Dionne, stepped up to
support the special needs of campers. After a recent visit to camp they decided to
purchase and donate a brand new six-person gas powered golf cart. This cart is a very
practical piece of equipment which truly benefits the unique needs of our maturing
campers. It has plenty of power, which is great for the long up hill trek from the pond to
the center of camp. Our campers, nurses and summer camp staff are thrilled. Thank you                            Campers Amy Lazazzera, Nicole Lazarus, and
Joan & Joseph Dionne.                                                                                           Jennifer Fischer go for a ‘spin’ on the golf cart.
   On December 27, 2004, camper Sara Peracchio died suddenly. Sara was a special person who taught many during her
   life. She had a way to connect with people that always made you smile. Through her example many campers and staff
   would try things for the first time. She loved swimming, horseback riding, instrumental music, her swing, and delivering
   the mail! Everyone at camp looked forward to their time with Sara. All of us are the richer for having known Sara.

   Agri-Mark                                                Gaden - Jacobs Family
   John & Rina Bigotto                                      Janice Gowdy
   Daniel & Nancy Boisvert                                  Donna Gwozdz
   “G’ma Ann” Boisvert                                      Randy & Cindy Hall
   James Buscaglia                                          Don, Leslie and the Headliner’s Staff
   Elbert & Dawn Carlson                                    Tiffany Itsou
   Central CT Cooperative Farmers Assn.                     Grace & George Jacobson
   Edward Clark                                             Carol Leete
   Robin, Kathryn and Lincoln Chesmer                       John & Patricia Martello
   The Corthouts Family                                     Cathy Maynard
   Jeanne Daniels                                           Tirza Roda & Chris McNaboe
   Ann Druge                                                Katherine & John Morgan
   Ron & Shirley Edmondson                                  National Federation of the Blind of CT
   William & Donna Ferguson                                 Karen Olson
   Elziabeth Aschenbrenner                                  Second Congregational Church of Coventry
   Fran Funk                                                Very Alive
   Susan Gagliardi & Family                                 Barbara Williams

                                                                                         Student interns from ECSU teach campers how to
                                                                                         maneuver through an indoor obstacle course on a
      Counselor, Eddie Onyango from Kenya and camper                                     recent cold Weekend in the Country.
      Patrick Cronin make chili for dinner during Country
      Western Weekend.

                                                            Winners at the hoop shoot booth, campers Debra
                                                            Gozzo & Leslie Strickland, who have a twenty-five year
                                                            history with Camp Horizons, collect their ‘money’ from
                                                            unit leader Paul Rimmer of England.

At one of the many New Year’s Eve events, twenty-five
year veteran camper, Magi O’Leary, demonstrates the
perfect skeetball release for Olessya Karabelnikova,
                                                                                                                      Unit leader, Amon Gitau from Kenya joins the Line
counselor from Kazakhstan.
                                                                                                                      Dancing fun led by Shana Tedford, Massimo Sparagna,
                                                                                                                      and Ariel Levy during International Weekend.
                                                                A GOOD HOME FOR YOUR USED
                                                                The Camp Horizons Tech Committee is looking for donations of used
                                                                computers for campers and staff. The computers desired are Pentium 3 or
                                                                better. Next time you make an upgrade please consider Camp Horizons.
                                                                We have a good home for your used computer!

    Counselor Noel Zilberfarb from France looks on as camper
                 Brian Kelly uses the computer.

                                   At Camp Horizons, our motto is
“One person can make a difference”…
                                                               …This year that person may be you!
                                                        See inside for details.

  THE HORIZON LINE is a quarterly publication of Camp Horizons, Inc., a not for profit corporation.
 Camp Horizons provides programs for people who are mentally handicapped.
 Office hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
 Telephone: (860) 456-1032                                          The mailing address for Camp Horizons is:
 Fax: (860) 456-4721                                                 .O.
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