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    Acne conglobata is a severe form of acne itself and also a sub-form of nodulocystic acne whereby absceccess
   are all closely connected (widespread). Acne Vulgaris includes several different types of pimples. Acne Vulgaris
                                             is a mild to moderate form.
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                      Acne Treatment Therapies and a Natural Healthy Alternative Like GLA
                                                                By Darrell Miller

  Acne treatment therapies focus upon two aspects of acne: its prevention and management, and the
removal of its more lasting effects.

 Looking at the latter first, acne scars can be unsightly, and there are several methods currently used
either to remove them or to hide them. Some of the more radical are surgical, while others involve
modifications the surface of the skin by means of techniques akin to sandpapering, and also cosmetic

 However, such therapies are needed only if the condition is permitted to have a significant effect on
your skin. There are therapies that can be used to mitigate the condition if not remove it altogether.
Before discussing these it will be necessary to consider what causes acne, because without that
knowledge there can be no effective treatment.

 Acne is cause by blockage of the sebaceous pores in the skin. That blockage is generally caused by a
mixture of dead skin cells and skin oil, otherwise known as sebum. Why should this occur with acne
sufferers and nobody else, when all of us have the ingredients of acne as normal components of our
skin? The answer lies in our hormones.

 The reason that acne is most prevalent in teenagers is that the generation of sebum is promoted by
our hormones: specifically the male hormones known as androgens that both males and females begin
to create in quantity during puberty. These cause the sebaceous pores to enlarge, and sebum to be
produced in larger than normal quantities.

 The hormones also tend to disrupt the usual desquamation rate, or shedding of dead skin cells. What
happens is that the skin cells within the pores begin to shed in clumps, rather than singly, and when
mixed with the excess skin oil form a plug that clogs up the pores. This plug of oils and skin cells then
gets contaminated with bacteria that in time initiate the immune reaction, resulting in pus being formed
through the action of macrophages on the bacteria.

 The therapy needed to reduce the incidence of acne, then, can be either proactive or retroactive.
Proactively, they can reduce the production of the sebum/skin cell plug. Gamma linolenic acid (GLA)
as found in Omega-6 oil can block androgen receptors and so decrease the amount of

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dihydrotestosterone (DHT) produced. The less the amount of DHT, then the less will be the severity of
your acne.

 Evening primrose oil contains large quantities of GLA, and even applying this topically on your skin will
dilute the sebum and reduce the likelihood of sebum and skin cells blocking your pores. This is an
extreme simplification of what GLA does, but it does accurately represent the end result of its use.
There are also medications you can take to reduce the rate of shedding of your skin cells, so that your
pores have less chance of being blocked.

 Retroactively, you can apply antibiotics to kill off the bacterial that act on the plug and that initiate the
immune response responsible for the lesions. You can also give your skin a good wash with an
effective skin cleanser, including a mild antibiotic to enhance the cleansing of the bacterial plug.
However, there are alternative treatments, such as the proactive diet control, and the use of vitamins
and appropriate herbs to control or even prevent the condition.

 When you think of diet, don't think chocolate. Acne is not caused by eating too much chocolate, or
even by fatty foods. We have already discussed the causes of acne, and if we can find any
components in our diet that can create these conditions, then by eliminating them we should be able to
avoid the condition. As a corollary, if we can identify any substances that could prevent androgens
from creating excess sebum, or even control the androgens themselves, or that could help the skin
cells to shed more evenly, then we could include these in our diet.

 In fact such substances do exist. By going deep into the science, we will find that the secretion of
testosterone is promoted by a hormone known as IGF-1 and also by insulin. IGF-1 stands for
Insulin-like Growth Factor 1, and is important in the growth of children. It also promotes acne! Insulin
does the same, and what that infers that anything in the diet that promotes the production of insulin will
also promote acne.

 What promotes insulin? Sugars and carbohydrates! Therefore, if you eat a diet low in sugars and
carbs then you should have less production of sebum, and hence less acne. What this is leading to is
that if you have a tendency to get acne; then switch your diet from carbohydrates and sugary foods to
vegetables, grains and seafood. The Japanese get very little acne, which supports this theory.

 You should also take foods rich in zinc, since a zinc deficiency has been found to lead to acne.
Nobody knows why yet, but use the information and either take a zinc supplement or eat zinc rich
foods such as shellfish. Strangely, it is a deficiency of zinc that causes an increase in testosterone, not
the surplus of zinc provided by eating oysters! These have another effect.

 There are also herbal treatments that can be effectively used for acne. Most are topical, and tea tree
oil is one the more recent such treatments used to treat acne. Among the chemical constituents of tea
tree oil is terpinen-4-ol, with powerful antimicrobial properties. Little wonder then that it is effective in
preventing the bacterial infection of the sebaceous gland pores. The oil helps to dry out the skin, again
creating conditions alien to bacteria.

 You could use tea tree oil by itself, though many people simply mix it with the acne creams they are
currently using. That makes them much more effective. Another option goes back to the zinc again, but
rather than take it as a supplement, use it topically. Chamomile and lavender are useful in calming skin
that has been inflamed both by over-zealous use of skin scrubs and also the immune system's
inflammatory response to the infection of the pores.

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 There are many healthy options to the severe pharmaceutical treatments offered by your physician.
These can be used in place of, but preferably as supplements to, the treatment recommended by your
doctor. Each of the natural treatments has a sound scientific basis, and if you suffer from acne can be
well worth trying.

More information on Acne remedies such as GLA and evening primrose oil is available at VitaNet ®,
LLC Health Food Store.

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                                                     Acne Alternative Treatments
                                                              By Oliver Turner

 There is no clear account of the number of people suffering from acne. But the sale of medicines for
acne is on the increase and this suggests that there is an increase in the number of people having
acne. Acne is caused mainly due to the clogging of the oil generated by the skin. This clogging is
initiated by a particular type of bacteria. Most treatments and ointments available for acne concentrate
more on removing the scars. This means that the bacteria responsible for acne still remain there. This
has led to people looking for alternative acne treatment. Most of the alternative acne treatment mainly
tries to eliminate the bacteria responsible for acne.

One of the greatest advantages with the alternative acne treatments is that they are devoid of side
effects. There are several herbal combinations that have proven track record of curing acne. Once
such herbal combination is the paste made of basil leafs and sandalwood. Another popular alternative
acne treatment is the application of the paste made of strawberry leaves. There are several other
herbal combinations available in the market that can effectively cure acne.

The main reason for the cause of acne is the deficiency of essential vitamins needed for the skin.
Deficiency in Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Pantothenic Acid can lead to acne. Taking large amount of
vegetables, fruits and vitamin supplements can cure acne. There are several cures of acne in
naturopathy. Herbs, skin cleansers and vitamin supplements are the main treatments for acne in
naturopathy. Another advantage of alternative acne treatment is that they are less costly.

Acne light treatment is another new alternative acne treatment. In this method ultraviolet rays are used
to clear the acne. Alternative acne treatment requires cent percent dedication from the patient. Unlike
other form of treatments, some of the alternative acne treatment requires strict following of the
regiment. It is wise to take professional opinion before opting for any of the alternative acne treatment.

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