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					Welcome Parents!!!

     Class of 2010
   Senior Parent Night
          Counselor Connection
 A-Cam Mr. Sam Hernandez
 Can-Fe Ms. Katrina Johangiry
 Ff-Ho   Mr. Anthony Cummings
 Hp-Mc Mrs. LaShonn Finney
 Md-Pl Ms. Cathi Creeden
 Pm-Sh Mrs. Amber Thompson
 Si-Z    Mr. John Richardson
          Mr. Ryan Sanchez-Interim Counselor
Counseling Direct Number: (951) 739-5680
4 Systems of Higher Education
  University of California (UC)

  California State University (CSU)

 Community College (CCC)

  Private Colleges & Universities
Community College Route

      “High School”
High School to 4-Year

      High School
How Do I Become Eligible
  for UC Admissions ?
Paths to the University of California
 1. Eligibility in the Local Context (ELC)
 2. Statewide Context
 3. Examination
Eligibility in the Local Context

 ELC Office selects top 4%
  -Complete 11 units that include
   1 unit of history/social science
   3 units of English
   3 units of mathematics
   1 unit of laboratory science
   1 unit of language other than English
   2 units chosen from among the remaining “a-g”

Students who do not complete at least 11 of the 15 “a-g”
   requirements will not be considered for ELC
       Statewide Context
   UC Eligibility Requirements
                      PATH TO UC
 A-G Subject

 Scholarship (GPA)

 Examinations
          A-G SUBJECTS:
Years Required for College Admissions

    Social       2      Language other     2
    Science             Than English

   English       4      Visual/Performing 1

   Mathematics 3
                           College Prep.
    Laboratory   2
           GPA/COURSES that prepare
               You for COLLEGE!

 GPA is determined by grades earned in the “a-g”
  subjects taken in the last three years of high

 Honors (H)/Advanced Placement (AP) Courses:
  UC assigns extra points to UC certified (H) and
  AP courses taken in the last three years of high
  school that are passed with a grade of C or better
    Courses that prepare YOU for
Advanced Placement (AP) Exam: a score of 3 or
higher grants credit towards subject credit, graduation
credit,or college credit.
Concurrent Enrollment refers to college courses
that are transferable to the University that students
can take while in high school. Grades of “C” or better
earned at the community college earn an extra grade
point like H/AP courses. (www.rcc.edu)
  Exams 2009/10
 PSAT                                         SAT Reasoning Test
(Preliminary Exam- Shorter Version of SAT)

     - Critical Reasoning                        - Critical Reasoning
     - Math                                      - Math
     - Writing                                   - Writing

     - Reading                                 SAT Subject Tests
     Comprehension                               2 Subjects of students choice
     - Math
                                                 (Math II, Literature, History,
     - Social Science
                                                 Science, Language Other than
     - Science Reasoning
                                                 English, etc.)
     - Writing
                     Exams must be completed by December, 2009!!!
                        Registration Deadline: October 31, 2009
Minimum vs. Competitive
 Exams
 Total # of Semesters (UC approved courses)
  – www.ucop.edu/doorways
 Total # of H/AP
 Strength of Senior Year
Personal Elements

 Personal Statement
 Extracurricular Activities
            Personal Statement
•An opportunity for applicants to provide information
that supports and enhances the application review process
•Adds clarity, richness and meaning to their application
•Enables applicant to make the best possible case for
•An admission decision is never based on the content of
the personal statement alone.
    Personal Statement Prompts
 Describe the world you come from—for
  example, your family, Community or school—
  and tell us how your world has shaped your
  dreams and aspirations.
 Tell us about a personal quality, talent,
  accomplishment, contribution or experience that
  is important to you. What about this quality or
  accomplishment makes you proud and how does
  it relate to the person you are?
Page #3 from the UC Application
Cost of Colleges/Universities
          Tuition & Books   Total Cost

UC          $10,000        $26,000
CSU         $7,000         $20,000
CC          $1,200         $ 4,000
Indep.      $17,000-       $30,000-
             $49,000        $60,000
 November 1st-30th :        Students apply
 January 1st- March 2nd :   Financial Aid
 March:                     Acceptance Letter
 March-April                Offer Letter
 May 1st:                   Student Intent to
                             Register (SIR)
NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic
Division I- 16 Core Courses             Division II- 14 Core Courses
4 years of English                      3 years of English
3 years of mathematics (Algebra I or    2 years of mathematics (Algebra I or
    higher)                                 higher)
2 years of natural/physical science     2 years of natural/physical science (one
    (one must be a lab
    science)                                must be a lab
1 year of additional English, math or   2 year of additional English, math or
    science                             science
2 years of social studies               2 years of social studies
4 years of additional core courses      3 years of additional core courses
    (from any area listed above, or     (from any area listed above, or from
    from foreign language,              foreign language, nondoctrinal religion
    nondoctrinal religion or
    philosophy)                         or philosophy)

                      Must also take SAT or ACT
 Official Transcripts are embossed with the
  school seal and signed by the Registrar.
 Official Transcripts can be obtained by
  submitting a request to the registrars office.
 Unofficial Transcripts will not be accepted
  in place of official transcripts.
College Systems - UC specifics
 UC – SAT Reasoning/ACT and SAT Subject tests must be
    taken by Dec 2009
   Apply on-line from Nov. 1- 30, 2009
   UC website: www.ucop.edu/pathways
   Write your Personal Statement – write and rewrite!
     – Write for an admissions reader’s attention
     – Have someone read it who doesn’t know you well
     – Begin with Prompt #2 first; might be easier to get
   Begin working on your UC application October 1, but DO
    NOT send until November 1-30th
      California State University
LOS ANGELES                EAST BAY
NORTHRIDGE                 CHICO
LONG BEACH                 MARITIME
   CSU Entrance Requirements
                   CSU Bound
 A-G Subject

 Minimum 2.0gpa

 Examinations
College Systems- CSU Specifics
 23 Campuses
 Must complete A-G Course Requirements
 2.0 minimum GPA
 DO NOT have to take the writing portion of
  the SAT Reasoning or the ACT
 Exams must be completed by December
 Apply online at www.csumentor.com
  October 1-November 30
EOP-Equal Opportunity Program
 Designed to improve access and retention of
  historically low-income and educationally
  disadvantaged students.
 The program provides admission and
  academic assistance to EOP-eligible
  undergraduate students.
 In many cases, the program offers financial
  assistance to eligible students.
     Private/Out of State Schools
 Private: www.aiccu.edu
 Out of State: www.petersons.com
 Check out the school’s particular website to
 They will have their own deadlines for
  admission, so you must check
 Research cost (some have their own financial
  aid process)
College Systems – Private Schools
 Check out the school’s particular website to apply.
 They will have their own deadlines for admission,
  so you must check.
 Research cost (some have their own financial aid
 Most will require a letter of recommendation from
  your student’s counselor so have your
  son/daughter see their counselor ASAP if they
  have not already done so.
   College Systems-
Community College Specifics
 Over 100 in the State of California
 Must be 18 years of age or a High School
 Transfer to a 4-Year University upon
  completion of General Education Reqs.
 Community College IS your first 2 years of
      Sources of Financial Aid
 Federal government

 State government

 Colleges and universities

 Private agencies, companies, foundations,
  and your parents’ employers
             Types of Aid
 Gift Aid - Grants or scholarships
     that do not need to be
 Work - Money earned by the
     student as payment for a
     job on or off campus
 Loans - Borrowed money to be
     paid back, usually with
               FAFSA Filing Tips
 Gather necessary documents ahead of time
 Complete a FAFSA on the Web Worksheet available
                   www.fafsa.ed.gov
 Allow ample time to complete form for submission by
 Check the FAFSA for accuracy prior to submission
 Save all work periodically
 Sign the application using student and at least one
    parent’s PIN
 Print out a copy of the FAFSA before submitting data
 Keep a copy of the Submission Confirmation Page
   FAFSA Information and Tips

 File early, but no later than March 2, 2010

 Use estimated 2009 income information if taxes
  are not complete at time of FAFSA submission
 Student and at least one parent whose
  information is reported must complete and sign
  the FAFSA
Estimated Financial Aid Eligibility
 You can use
  FAFSA4caster to learn
  about the financial aid
  process and get an
  early estimate of your
  eligibility for federal
  student aid.
 www.fafsa.ed.gov and
  link to fafsa4caster.
   Scholarship/Financial Aid
 www.fafsa.ed.gov
 www.fastweb.com
 www.finaid.org
 www.scholarshipexperts.com

BEWARE of SCAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
           Useful Websites
 www.statfinder.ucop.edu
 www.universityofcalifornia.edu
 www.ucop.edu/doorways
 www.collegeboard.com
 www.cnusd.k12.ca.us/centennial-hs