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									                           Hewlett Packard South Pacific
                           New Hire Checklist & Useful Links

Congratulations and welcome to HP.

To help get you started, please utilise the below checklist.

Please note that you will be unable to access any of the links on the internal HP
website until you commence at HP and receive IT logon details.


 Complete and return all the required forms for benefits and employment.
  Please return the forms to Human Resources.

 Review HP Company information available on the new employee
  onboarding website.

 Complete recruitment „candidate satisfaction survey‟ sent to you by your HP

1st WEEK

Your role

 Discuss your role and objectives with your manager.

Meet your team and key business contacts

 Your manager or nominated delegate will introduce you to your team
  members and key business contacts.

Review the @hp portal

 Take a guided tour of the @hp portal. The employee portal @hp is the unique
  entry point for any HP information which includes HP communication, and
  professional and personal data. Go to

Updated July 2005                        1

Review the @hp portal continued
 Australia only - Review the myHP site. This site contains Australian specific
  news, business information and links to tools and applications. Go to

 New Zealand only – Review the myHP site. This site contains New Zealand
  specific news, business information and links to tools and applications. Go to


Your manager or nominated delegate will;
 provide you with a tour of building, including an overview of the
   emergency        procedures and exits
 identify work areas relevant to your position (e.g. mailroom, security,
   meeting rooms, supply cabinet, photocopier and fax machines)
 identify other important areas eg. Kitchen/local shops/gym/nearest
   post office etc.

Create your HP identity

Once you receive your Employee ID number and NT logon details please ensure
that you do the following:

   Update business details in the worldwide HP employee database
    Peoplefinder (Request- For-Update tool (RFU)).

   Organise photo ID badge and building access card by contacting local
    reception. You are required to wear this badge at HP.

   Confirm that your personal information is correct. Go to @hp – Employee
    Resource/ Personal information/Change information.


   Complete the You +HP programme. This is an interactive course that focuses
    on the strategy, structure, metrics and culture of HP. This program is a
    prerequisite for New Employee Orientation (NEO) sessions. NEO sessions are
    held once a quarter as instructor lead and by virtual classroom. Click on
    “You +HP”.


Understand HP strategy

Updated July 2005                        2
 Details of HP‟s strategy can be found at

Review HP business

   Review HP business information. Go to

Your Career at HP

   Review information on the @hp portal which relates to your career at HP,
    including HP‟s performance management process (High Performance
    Workplace), and HP‟s training programmes (Learn@hp). Go to @hp –
    Employee Resource/Careers

   Work with your manager to create your Performance and Development

HP required training

 Complete the HP standards of Business Excellence training courses.

The courses are found through the Learn @hp site - http://learn.hp.com/
    Standards of Business Conduct
    Environment, Health, Safety and Security Standards
    Standards of Personal Conduct
    Data Privacy Standards
    Information Security Standards
    Customer Experience Standards

 Complete SAFETRAC training on Trade Practices. Go to

   Ergonomic training. All employees are required to complete the WORKWELL
    training and assessment. You can access this at

 Complete any business specific training

Review HP employee benefit information

   Review HP‟s compensation and benefit programmes.            Go to @hp –
    Employee Resource/Compensation & Benefits.

Updated July 2005                      3
New Manager information

 The @hp portal contains a lot of information for people managers. Review
  information located under „Manager Tasks‟. Go to @hp – Job tools /Manager
  Tasks. Popular sites include:
   Hiring Processes
   Managing Your Workforce
   Reports


myHP Australia
This site has information specific to Australia.

myHP New Zealand
This site has information specific to New Zealand.

‘Contact HR’
„Contact HR‟ is an online support service that can assist you with general HR
questions. „Contact HR‟ can be accessed via @hp Home > Quick Links >
"Contact HR"

IT Support
Australia Helpdesk (select option1 – sub option 1 or 3         +61 2 9022 9555
New Zealand Helpdesk (selection option 2)                     +64 9 9189 199

For online support go to http://itsupport.hp.com/itsupport/Main.aspx

For additional IT Support information go to GET IT which is accessed via @hp
Home > Quick Links > „GET IT‟

Employee Reimbursements
Employee reimbursement forms and process information can be found at

Facilities Help Desk - Australia

Facilities Help Desk – New Zealand

Ordering IT equipment
IT equipment orders are activated via E-Victor at the Intranet address
http://evictor.hp.com. Authorization from your manager is mandatory.

Payroll and leave forms

Updated July 2005                          4
Contact numbers for the payroll department and leave forms can be found on
the following url:

Social Club - Australia

Social Club – New Zealand

To find contact details for HP staff

To find a contact/phone number by Department

For information on HP‟s travel policy go to

Updated July 2005                        5

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