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					                                           Spring 04
                                   MTH 090-Basic Mathematics

                    Office:                       Phone:                        Email:
                    To contact adjunct instructors, leave a message in his/her mailbox on the second
                    floor at the Martin Campus.
Course & Section    MTH 090-
Class Days/Time
Class Location
                    This course is the first course in a two-course sequence (MTH 090-098). These
                    developmental courses are a review of arithmetic and algebra and are designed to
                    help students develop mathematical proficiencies necessary for selected curriculum
                    entrance. MTH 090 is designed for students who lack sufficient arithmetic skills to
                    take MTH 098. Topics include order of operations, fractions, decimals, ratio, and
                    proportion, percent, measurement, geometry topics, and signed numbers.
                    Calculators are encouraged.
                    Interactive Mathematics (IM), Prealgebra

                    The purchase price for this instructional material gives you
                         1) a license to access the software used in MTH 090
                         2) a multimedia software CD to be used anytime, anywhere
                         3) a supporting textbook which includes your homework assignments
                         4) access to technical support on the internet at or by
                              calling toll-free 1-800-681-4357.
                    In selecting this instructional material, the Math Department at Shelton State has
                    tried to keep the cost to the student at a minimum and to provide the best state of the
                    art instruction for you in MTH 090. If you should repeat the course, your access
                    license may be used again; however, it is not transferable to anyone else.
                    Three-ring, loose-leaf notebook, a MTH 090 packet (only at Shelton State bookstore),
Required Supplies
                    and earphones
                    We recommend the TI-30X IIS calculator. Graphing calculators are not needed.
MTH 090 Web Site
MTH 090
                    MTH 090 Coordinator: Channing Howington
                    Office: Martin 2737 Phone: 205-391-2256 Email:
Division Chair      Department chairperson: Nancy Freeman
Information         Office: Martin 2740 Phone: 205-391-2921 Email:
                    The Standard College Policies apply to all classes at the college and are a part of
                    every official course syllabus; a copy is given to each student at registration.
Standard College    Additional copies are available at the college libraries or at It
Policies            is the responsibility of the student to have a copy of these policies and to abide by
                    them. This class Syllabus is intended to give further detail about the policies and
                    expectations in this class.
                    Students are expected to attend all classes and to remain in class for the entire time.
Attendance Policy   The instructor will keep a record of attendance. Students should refer to the
                    Standard College Policies sheet for additional information.
                    See the Standard College Policies sheet for the college requirements regarding
                    academic misconduct.
Policy /Penalties
                    All tests and quizzes are comprehensive.
                    MTH 090 is a pass/fail course.
Grading             Grades: S(satisfactory) if average is 80 or above and U(unsatisfactory) otherwise
                    To receive your final grade, call (205) 391-2900 or go to five
                    days after the end of the semester.
Extra Credit          This assignment is optional. If you are interested, the assignment can be found on
Assignment            the MTH 090 web site.
Dates Classes Do
                      Jan. 19, Feb. 19-20, Mar. 29-31, Apr. 1-2
Not Meet
Last Day To
                      April 30, 2004
                      LEARNING CENTER (Room 2456): For questions concerning homework
                      assignments, test preparation, or review, the Learning Center provides lab
                      assistants. All help is free. A schedule of math tutoring hours will be available in the
                      Learning Center.
                                                      of Grade

                                       Test 1             12%
                                       Test 2             12%
                                       Test 3             12%
                                       Test 4             12%
                                       Quiz Average       12%
                                       Final Exam         40%

   1. All tests/quizzes must be taken at SSCC. All tests/quizzes must be taken when an instructor or
       lab assistant is present. NO exceptions.
   2. Tests/Quizzes may be taken prior to the scheduled date published on the class outline or on the
       published date. Permission of instructor is required.
   3. Tests may only be taken ONE TIME. Tests must be taken within one week of the scheduled test
       date on the syllabus.
   4. If a test/quiz is missed and extenuating circumstances such as illness, death in the immediate
       family, or certain legal obligations CAN BE DOCUMENTED, a make-up test/quiz should be
       scheduled with the instructor. If any absence from a test/quiz is NOT caused by documented
       extenuating circumstances, then a grade of a zero (0) will be recorded for that test/quiz.
   5. Students must have the instructor’s or lab assistance’s signature on every test/quiz paper. No
       signature could result in a grade of zero being recorded.
   6. Students are not allowed to have notes, textbooks, or any other aids at the computer when
       taking tests. Papers must be blank at the beginning of the test. NO assistance is allowed during
       a test. No talking is allowed during a test. Failure to follow any of the testing procedures could
       result in a loss of points on that test.
   7. All computer quizzes must be taken on or before the scheduled test date including make-up
       quizzes that are missed due to extenuating circumstances. Instructor's or lab assistant's
       signature is required on all computer quiz papers.
   8. Computer quizzes may be retaken a maximum of three (3) times within the guidelines stated
       above. The three (3) attempts include each time a student enters a quiz for practice or to take as
       a test. Practice counts. If a student takes a computer quiz more than 3 times, the grade on the
       third attempt will be recorded as the grade on that quiz.
   9. Computer quizzes may be retaken on the same day but only AFTER the assigned lesson in IM is
   10. Students may use notes, textbook or ask the instructor questions when taking computer quizzes.
   11. If a student leaves an answer blank or puts the wrong letter on a test/quiz, the problem is graded
       as wrong. Students must check their work carefully before exiting. If there is a discrepancy
       between the student’s grade on the computer and the grade on the test/quiz paper, the computer
       grade is recorded.
   12. Students may NOT work together on quizzes or tests unless directed to do so by the instructor.
   13. Students are expected to use the computer to correct each test or quiz question. These
       corrections should be clearly shown on the test paper. Failure to do so could result in a loss of
       points on that test/quiz score.
   14. Each test/quiz paper must have student's name, date, test name, quiz name, attempt number,
       number correct, number incorrect, and percent score. Failure to do so could result in a loss
       of points on that test/quiz.
   15. Students who do not correctly EXIT the software program receive a grade of zero (0) on that
    16. Board quizzes may be given during the class with or without prior notification. These quizzes
        may NOT be retaken. At least one board quiz will be dropped. If a board quiz is missed due to
        extenuating circumstances and the extenuating circumstances can be documented, the student
        will have the option of dropping that quiz or taking a make-up. Board quizzes will be averaged
        and count as one quiz grade.
    17. Calculators are allowed on every computer test/quiz; calculators are NOT allowed on board
        quizzes. Students may not share calculators during tests/quizzes.
    18. The final exam is comprehensive and can only be taken ONE TIME. No exceptions.
    19. Each student is required to maintain a notebook. Notebooks should be divided into the following 4
        sections: Syllabus/Standard Course Policies/Calendar/Grade Sheet, Vocabulary/IM Notes,
        Homework/Worksheets, and Quizzes/Tests.
    20. Notebooks will be graded using a variety of methods. Notebook grades will be averaged and
        count as one quiz grade.
    21. Students are expected to complete the work assigned in IM. IM participation will be averaged
        and count as one quiz grade.
    22. Students who are having difficulty with the material or the class design are encouraged to talk
        with their instructor.

Tips for Survival in MTH 090
    1. Even though the computer is used for primary instruction, the instructor is there to instruct. If you
        have questions, please ask the instructor. If you need help working a problem, ask the instructor.
        If you feel lost, talk with the instructor.

    2. Taking notes is very important. When taking notes and defining vocabulary words, write down
       example problems. When you go to study, the only notes you will have are the notes that you
       have taken while working in IM.

    3. Yes, MTH 090 uses multimedia computer learnware. Yes, it is a nontraditional way of teaching.
       However, as a math student, you are expected to use pencil/paper. We expect you to work
       problems with pencil/paper not in your head. Work problems step by step and SHOW YOUR

    4. Use earphones. Use earphones. Use earphones.

    5. Take the review test before each test.

    6. Successful students attend class, keep an organized notebook, take notes, do homework, and
       ask LOTS of questions.

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