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									General News Release E-mail Pitch
Ames Parks and Recreation Summer Programs

Casey Bachman

I am pitching this story to Todd Burras, Local News Editor for the Ames Tribune. While my end
Todd Burras: Local News Editor, The Ames Tribune

audience prefers televised media, it also reads local newspapers. The Ames Tribune is widely
circulated throughout the community and will reach a majority of the target audience. Additionally,
the content of the news release is best formatted for print media.

I’m attaching a news release that I think would be great for The Tribune. Ames residents are going
to love Ames Parks and Recreation online registration. It will save them time and money. And it’s
green. What’s not to love?
Please call me with any questions.
Thanks, Casey

CONTACT: Casey Bachman
Cell: 563-880-6042
For Immediate Release: April 28, 2009

                          Ames Parks and Recreation Offers Online Registration

Ames, Iowa-Ames Parks and Recreation is offering online registration to those registering for
fitness, wellness and summer programs.
“We know our program participants are busy, and we wanted to give them a better way to register
for their programs, something that is quick and easy. It’s just one less thing they have to worry
about,” said Nancy Carroll, Director of Ames Parks and Recreation (quote subject to approval).
While online registration is faster and easier than other methods of registration, it is also
customizable. By allowing for the creation of an online profile, users can receive e-mail updates
about the programs they register for and related programs they might be interested in.
“Online registration is more reliable and more convenient than calling in, or even mailing in, your
registration. Users can register at any time. They can register in their PJs at midnight if they want.
And their registration information is sent directly into a database that prevents errors and loss of
information,” explained Carroll (quote subject to approval).
Since online registration is more efficient for Ames Parks and Recreation, users can receive a
discount on their program registration fees for registering online.
Furthermore, online registration is eco-friendly. It reduces waste by saving the paper used by old
methods of registration.
General News Release E-mail Pitch
Ames Parks and Recreation Summer Programs

Casey Bachman

Users can register online by visiting the Ames Parks and Recreation Web site at and using their household ID to create an online

Ames Parks and Recreation is a department of the Ames city government that manages and
About Ames Parks and Recreation:

maintains Ames parks and facilities. Ames Parks and Recreation also organizes recreational
programming. Parks and facilities include community and neighborhood parks, woodlands,
specialty parks, community center and weight room, pools, auditorium, ice arena, skate park, golf
course, and softball complex.

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