THE TROY TALKERS
                        NOVEMBER EDITION

                   Community Happenings
Oct. 29 – End of Quarter Grading
Nov. 9 – Parent Conferences                         Happy
Nov. 11 - No School/Veteran’s Day
Nov. 13 – Community BINGO
Nov. 19 – Community Potluck
Nov. 25 – Half Day
Nov. 26- – Thanksgiving Vacation
Nov. 30 – School Resumes
Dec. 15 – Christmas Potluck &
Dec. 17 – Last Day School Day of
Jan. 5 – School Resumes                        November Potluck

       BINGO, Anyone?                    Our monthly Potluck will be held on
                                         Thursday, November 19, 2009, at Troy
                                         Elementary School. The Potluck begins
                                         at 5:00. Bring your favorite dish and
                                         join us for food and conversation.
                                         Mark it on your calendar.

                                                  Library Hours
On Friday, November 13, 2009, the Troy
Community will be hosting BINGO. It
will be played from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00
p.m. at Troy Elementary School.
                                         Please note that the hours of the
BINGO is open to all ages and everyone
                                         Wallowa County Library, Troy Branch,
is welcome. Come and join your friends
in the Troy and Flora communities. We    have changed to:
                                                Tuesdays and Thursdays
hope to see you there! Let’s start a
tradition!!!                                    11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
                                                 Why Are You Thankful?
         Fishing News                                By Sophia Kiesecker, Grade Six
      By Hans Kiesecker, Grade Four
                                                November is the time of year to think of
I interviewed Mike Martin about his fishing     things for which you are thankful.     We
trips with his son, Paul, on the Grande         remember the Pilgrims who arrived on
Ronde River.                                    American shores in 1620, and the hardships
                                                they endured in trying to seek freedom.
On one trip, Paul caught six native steelhead   Those of us here, at Troy School, are
fish, one native bull trout, and two hatchery   thankful, too. When asked, this is what
steelhead. Mike was rowing the boat.            everyone said:

Paul caught three native and two hatchery       Teacher, Jinny Martin:       “Family, friends,
steelhead on another fishing trip. Way to go,   animals, and coming to Troy to work in a
Paul!                                           one room schoolhouse with such great kids
                                                & staff, a terrific group of parents, and the
Mike and Paul would like to thank Bob           friendly Troy community.”
Murphy for his great fishing tips. Thank
you, Bob!                                       Teacher’s Aide, Stephanie Farnsworth:
                                                “Having a great family, and living in such a
                                                wonderful part of our country.”

                                                Custodian, Marilyn Hughes: “Being in Troy,
        Young Americans                         having a good life, and all my animals.”
     By Olivia Farnsworth, Grade Three
                                                Custodian, Don Hughes: “Living in Troy, all
On the tenth of October, the Troy School        my friends, and the elk I got.”
kids performed songs and dances from all
over the world!                                 Brandi Martin, 16: “Family, friends, a roof
                                                over my head, a shirt on my back, my
Songs included music from Dr. Seuss,            education, dirt bike, and a job at Troy
Charlie Brown, and songs through the            Resort.”
                                                Sophia Kiesecker, 13: “Family, friends, going
Hans Kiesecker was featured in a number         to a one room schoolhouse, and living in
when he carried the boom box. He said it        such a beautiful place.”
was “light” and “felt a little grainy.”
                                                Trevor Farnsworth, 10:   “Family, buying
“It took a lot of hard work,” said Sophia       property in Burns, food, water, and my
Kiesecker, “but it turned out wonderfully       religion.”
                                                Hans Kiesecker, 9: “Friends, family, clothes
“I   think    they’re awesome,”     Trevor      on my body, burritos, and milk.”
Farnsworth commented about the Young
Americans. “And I would really enjoy being      Olivia Farnsworth, 8: “Family, friends, and
one when I grow up.”                            the animals that can be a part of my family.”
I, Olivia Farnsworth, was chosen for a solo     Wesley Rich, 6: “A dad, a mom, a house,
dance. I was a flapper in a 1920‘s song. It     and food, water, and kitchen.”
was fun and just like practice. I knew the
audience was there but I pretended they         Dylan Farnsworth, 6: “Family, healthy food,
weren’t.                                        and a kind sister.”
We really enjoyed the experience and want
                                                Julian Rich, 5:       “Mom and Dad, my
to do it again.
                                                grandparents’ dog, and getting to go fishing
                                                Saturday in a drift boat.”
                                                              Schoolhouse News

      Red Ribbon Week
The staff and students at the school
observed Red Ribbon Week October 26 –                  At Troy Elementary, we have a new
29. During the week, students learned                  system for rewards. When a student
about drug and alcohol awareness and                   demonstrates good or helpful behavior,
how to say “no” to drugs.                              he or she is given a “Gold Card.” The
                                                       cards are saved up until the end of the
                                                       nine week grading period. Then there is
                                                       an auction and we are able to buy items
                                                       with the cards. This is a fun way to
                                                       remember to be the best that we can be!
        Harvest Festival
     By Sophia Kiesecker, Grade Six                    Another great way to help us to do well
                                                       is a Rewards Party. The class must
On October 29, the Troy School hosted                  earn 50 class points in order to have a
a Harvest Festival. There was a potluck                class party.     We are now looking
and Halloween games for everyone who                   forward to earning a second party.
came. The highlight of the games was
the giant Black Widow spider piñata,
provided by Bonnie Pierce and her
granddaughter, Bridget.    Thank you,
Bonnie and Bridget!

Thanks to all that were here. Hope you                       Troy Resort News
come next year!


                                                       The Troy Resort Restaurant will be
                                                       closed November 26th in observance of
                                                       Thanksgiving Day, but will be open
The Farnsworth Family has a litter of                  regular business hours the rest of that
Border Collie puppies that are ready for               week.
new homes. If you are interested in                    Don’t forget to check out their weekly
one, please call them at 828-7927.

                  Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!
                        From the staff and students of Troy Elementary School
                        Meet Our School Board
                                    By Brandi Martin

The Troy School has a great group of           Ervin Hafer is our next Board Member.
caring individuals who work behind the         Erv is a long time resident of this area,
scenes to make our school run                  having grown up here with his sister,
smoothly and to help assure that our           Shirley Hone.      He is married to
school remains open. There are five            Consuelo.
Board Members.
                                               His interest in being a Board Member
The Chairperson of the Board is Dick           lies in being a part of the community
Hone. He is a man of many talents and          and helping out “our little Troy School.”
is definitely a man on the move. He is a       He loves tree farming, gardening,
retired Chiropractic Physician, a former       spending time with his grandchildren,
member of the military, and a pilot. His       and living in the mountains. When
interests include martial arts and             asked about living here, Erv said, “I love
skydiving.                                     the freedom of living in the mountains,
                                               the nature, wildlife, and the beauty of
Dick has been coming to Troy since             the area.”
1964. He said that “Nothing much has
changed except the trees are taller.”          Our only woman Board Member is
Shirley, Dick’s wife, grew up in the area.     Georgene Henson.      She is a retired
They have been living here since 2005.         business woman and has been serving
They have a daughter who is a third            on the board since 2006.
grade teacher and a son who is a
Professional Goose and Fishing Guide,          Georgene and her husband, Ben, have
as well as a Biologist.                        been community members for the past
                                               ten years. She is a native Oregonian
Chuck      Benbrook    is    our    Vice       and   loves   fishing, golfing,  and
Chairperson. He resides here in Troy           trapshooting.
with his wife, Karen, who is also our
Board Secretary.      He is the Chief          Orvis Moore is a long time member of
Scientist of a non-profit organization.        our Board.     He has been living in
He also enjoys fly fishing, raising            Wallowa County all of his life. Serving
rabbits, and working in his garden.            on the Board helps him to be “involved.”
                                               He is a rancher and has a daughter and
The Benbrooks have been residing in            two grandchildren.
Troy since 2005. They like living in this
area because of the river, the steelhead       Orvis has some interesting hobbies. He
run, and the quiet community where a           likes to do silverwork and makes
great garden can be grown. Words of            jewelry. He loves fishing and welding.
wisdom according to Chuck: “I sure love
the Troy area and community. I am              As you can see, we have a very diverse
really pleased to see how healthy the          group of talented Board Members. On
school is these days.”                         behalf of Troy Elementary School, we
                                               would like to extend a huge “thank you”
                                               for all of the work that you do for us.
Z   A   S   B   K   F   S       T      C     T     A      E    R   W   G   H   H
C   H   Q   G   F   Q   T       H      Y     U     H      C    E   F   C   Y   I
O   O   A   T   U   U   A       A      I     R     B      G    L   E   F   J   X
L   L   R   A   S   U   R       N      B     K     X      D    I   A   K   B   Q
D   N   N   N   V   T   V       K      W     E     J      L    G   L   I   D   G
R   T   Q   P   K   T   I       S      C     Y     D      F    I   E   M   N   Z
O   Q   P   L   D   V   N       G      J     I     A      N    O   C   R   O   J
O   E   S   Y   W   M   G       I      B     R     D      A    U   P   E   R   S
R   P   O   M   S   T   R       V      M     I     W      U    S   Q   W   T   U
N   F   M   O   Q   V   H       I      A     X     F      Y    F   V   O   E   W
R   T   Q   U   Y   N   N       N      K     B     D      Z    R   X   L   Y   Z
K   L   U   T   T   G   S       G      U     M     T      L    E   H   F   R   S
V   G   P   H   Z   F   G       L      Z     S     U      U    E   F   Y   Q   F
P   I   L   G   R   I   M       M      N     A     R      R    D   G   A   O   P
I   J   Z   C   D   N   A       E      C     O     J      A    O   I   M   G   M
O   W   H   X   L   O   O       P      P     K     T      K    M   E   H   M   L
A   M   B   N   S   E   Y       E      S     C     A      P    E   D   J   K   I

                    Thanksgiving Word Find
                            By Trevor Farnsworth, Grade Five

            Ocean                                        Squanto
            Farming                                      Turkey
            Starving                                     Plymouth
            Cold                                         Pilgrim
            Mayflower                                    Corn
            Thanksgiving                                 Indians
            Escape                                       Europe
            Religious freedom

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