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The Mothers Club of Benet Academy


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									                         The Mothers Club of Benet Academy
                        Minutes from Wednesday August 20, 2008

President Suzy Cheney called the meeting to order with a prayer at 7:23 p.m.
The following members were present: Brother Columban, Susan Arango, Joyce
Berngard, Nancy Bertschy, Sandy Billish, Pauline Blagaich, Cindy Bohac, Debbie
Borosky, Karen Callahan, Susan Conner, Linda Crombie, Cindy Diedrich, Christine
DiGiorgio, Rebecca Evans, Karen Flavin, Chris Flood, Nancy Flynn, Linda Gallicho,
Alexis Gannon, Fran Grzeda, Sue Haines, Mary Howard, Pam Howarter, Sharon Hupp,
Nancy Kieronski, Regina Kumar, Patty Lovely, Elaine Luse, Anne Lysaught, Amy
Malley, Ruth Martin, Corey Marut, Cathleen McKinzie, Kathy Menich, Clare Nelson,
Teri O‟Connor, Kim O‟Donnell, Anita Panikulam, Nancy Pavlik, Patti Peterson,
Christina Pircon, Carol Powers, Mary Beth Sanchez, Mary Sanderson, Jeanne Schimeck,
Caroline Senetar, Margaret Stokes-Chinetti, Annette Tully-Hosteny, Nancy Tyrrell, Anne
Urban, and Karen Walsh.

Secretary’s Report

The minutes from the April 16, 2008 meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Karen Callahan reported that the balance is $25,000.00. To all committee chairs: there is
a form for expense reimbursements in the red folders, send your form to Karen Callahan
for reimbursement. The budget for each committee is also in the red folders, please call
Karen for any questions.

Used Book Sale

Kathy Menich reported that today (junior/senior registration day) used books were sold
out. The reasons for the shortfall: 12 classes are using new books this year as well as
this year is a big legacy year. Sixty-eight thousand dollars was brought in today. When
possible it is a good idea for a student to purchase a spare book for a particular subject to
have one at home and one at school. Used books are collected after final exams in
May/June. If the used book you turned in sells in the fall, you will receive a check for
80% of the sale price in the fall. The Mothers Club gives the other 20% to the school for
use at the discretion of school leadership.


The committee is very busy this time of the year. The goal is to distribute the directory in
early fall.

Spirit Store

This committee is also very busy this time of the year with registration today and
tomorrow. The spirit store sells Benet products such as shirts, jackets, etc. It is open
each Thursday during the lunch hour (11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.) as well as at football
games, the homecoming bazaar and at other events. You can also order online (via
alumni link). Gym uniforms are available here (juniors do not have gym, the other three
classes have gym alternating daily with religion). Note: size small girls gym shorts are
temporarily sold out; it will be a couple of weeks before they are in—students should
check with the spirit store on Thursdays and listen to the announcements about
availability. There are yard signs available for fall sports, order soon (yard signs for
winter and spring sports will be available at the beginning of their seasons). There are
Benet spirit shirts for $10.00, a different shirt is designed each year by a student in S.G.
(student government, a.k.a. student council). The students wear these shirts at football
games. They are also sold in smaller sizes for younger siblings.

Mother/Son Frosh/Soph Social

Is going to be Sunday, October 26th from 2-4pm in St. Daniel Hall. Teri O‟Connor
reported that the theme is “Funny Business” and will consist of a game show similar to
“The Family Feud”. Look for invitations in the future, it sounds like a good time!!


The date for the Homecoming Bazaar is Saturday, Sept 20. This includes a „fun fair‟ and
a pep rally. The homecoming football game will be the following Friday night (Sept. 26)
and the Homecoming Dance Sat. Sept. 27. Freshman do not attend the Homecoming
Dance (unless invited by a soph/jr/sr) as it is very early in the school year to have the
pressure of asking someone, knowing someone to ask, etc. (freshman do attend the Turn-
About Dance in Feb.) The week in between is filled with Student Government activities
(this is a huge S.G. event each year).

Volunteers are needed for games, decorations, etc. for the Bazaar on Sat 9/20. There are
games for ages 2+. For teens there will be an obstacle course, a coffee house and a sock
hop. Please contact anyone on the committee: Caroline Senetar, Pam Howarter, Joyce
Berngard, or Jeanne Schimeck if you are able to help. Student workers may earn up to 4
NHS (National Honor Society) service hours. The homecoming king and queen will be
crowned in the football stadium the evening of the Bazaar. Students involved in fall
sports will walk in and sit together.

Other opportunities to volunteer for the Bazaar on 9/20 include:
       send in 2 bags of Halloween candy to the Dean‟s office (a penny candy store will
               operate for the little kids)
       sell food at the concession stand
       bake something for the bake sale (wrap individually or send in whole). Send your
       baked goods in Fri morning 9/19 with your student or drop them off Fri a.m. at St.

       Martin or St. Joseph hall.

Mother/Daughter Frosh/Soph Tea

Is Sunday, September 7 and is combined with the Auction kick-off luncheon this year.
All Benet moms are invited and all Benet daughters (rather than only
freshman/sophomore daughters). The event will be held at the Abbington with a national
speaker who will talk about her experience with Mother Theresa. There is no fee to
attend, however monetary donations to the auction will be accepted.

Mother/Son Dance

Is scheduled for 2/7/09.

Mother/Daughter, Jr/Sr Mass and Fashion Show

Scheduled for 5/3/09. The seniors model. This is a beloved Benet event.

Mother/Son Jr.-Sr. Communion Breakfast

This event will be held on 4/26/09. This is also a very coveted, emotional event for
Benet moms and their junior/senior sons.


This committee organizes teacher appreciation events in September, December and May.
There is an opportunity to send in hot dishes, paper goods, fruit, fruit juice, baked goods,
etc. (breakfasts in Sept and May). The Christmas event is a luncheon catered by Clara‟s
Pasta in Woodridge. For this event, donations of gifts for the teachers and staff are
welcome (bottles of wine or restaurant gift cards are very popular). Look for emails
about this event.


Mary Sanderson will be sending these out with Benet mailings 3-4 times/year.


Patti Peterson keeps this updated. Go to Benet.org and click on parent links for the
mom‟s club link. If any committee chairs would like to have invitations to their events
on the website, send them to Patti, she can scan them and put them on the announcement
page. Also, Patti would appreciate help with the website, this is another project that can
be done from your home. Thank you for considering!

Moms in Touch Prayer Group

Nancy Flynn is chairing this group which will meet regularly at school, probably on a
Thurs or Fri a.m. in conjunction with an all-school mass.

Labels for Education

Sherri Foran is heading this new committee. Send in any Campbell‟s soup and Tyson
„Project A‟ labels to the Dean‟s office and have your student place all of them in the
Campbell‟s soup container. Campbell‟s soup labels can be traded in for merchandise and
Tyson „Project A‟ labels are worth $0.24 each. Note: Boxtops for Education are only for
grades 8 and lower. Please help spread the word!! Also, Sherri would appreciate
assistance with this project, esp. in regards to getting the word out. Thanks for

New Business

Folders were distributed to all committee chairpersons. Included in the folders are the
Mothers Club constitution, a reimbursement form, a tax exempt form, and the
complimentary ticket list.

Patti Peterson will design a page for the Auction booklet from the Mothers Club. The
Mothers Club makes a donation to the Auction each year. The theme for the Auction is
“Two by Two”. Any ideas should be sent to Patti.

The yellow volunteer forms are still being accepted for all events.

There is still a need for silent auction support for the Benet Auction. A chairperson is
needed to take items that have been donated and organize them by themes (i.e. movie
night, etc.). Please contact Lynn Mertz if interested.

Committee chairs: when your event is completed, please write up a report that would
help committee members in the future run a successful event.

Reminder of future meetings:
      Always the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:15 p.m.
      Sept. 17       Mass by Fr. Jude in the chapel (3rd floor St. Joseph hall), followed
                     by an open forum meeting.
      Oct. 22        Mr. Marth will speak. We will also celebrate Brother Columban‟s
                     birthday. Brother has been the Mothers Club moderator for a
                     number of years. We MAY have a tour of the new construction at
                     this meeting. Benet moms may eventually be trained to be tour
                     guides for all of the Benet alums and community members who
                     have donated to the St. Jude wing.
      Nov. 19        Maybe a college counselor speaker
      No meeting in December

       Jan 21         Speaker from Edward hospital on parenting teens and helping them
                      manage their stress and time.
       Feb. 18        TBD.
       March 18       TBD.
                      Note: Mr. Mike Macaluso, S. G. moderator, will speak at one of
                      the spring meetings about Benet Prom and Post-Prom. The
                      Mothers Club helps to fund the Post-Prom.
       April 15       Mom‟s Night Out (speaker TBD).
       May 20         Installation dinner for new committee chairs and board.

Old Business

Good Night Gift

The Good Night Gift was muffins and poppyseed bread baked by Mothers Club president
Suzy Cheney and was won by Debbie Borosky.

Closing Comments

There is a separate sock hop for all Benet students on Friday, Sept. 5th. The theme is
“The Dark Knight”.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

A pair of reading glasses were left at the meeting, please contact Suzy Cheney.

The next meeting of the Mothers Club is Wednesday, September 17, 2008 at 7:15
p.m. in the Chapel on the 3rd floor with mass by Father Jude.


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