SAN RAMON SOCCER CLUB
                      BOARD OF DIRECTORS
              THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2006 – 7:30 PM
                  2206 CAMINO RAMON, SUITE B
2.    ROLL CALL : (√ = present) (A=absent)
      2.1. Mark Allen (1) _√_,
      2.2. Brian Bower (1) _ A __,
      2.3. Mike Di Geronimo (2)_ √_,
      2.4. Tad Duffy (1)__ A _,
      2.5. Tom Giansante (2)__ √__,
      2.6. Chris Hayes (1) √___,
      2.7. Scott Dilling (1)_ √____,
      2.8. Judith Dilling (2) A
      2.9. Tracey Hughes (1)_ A __,
      2.10. Gayle Israel (1)__resigned___,
      2.11. Donna Kerger (1)___ √__,
      2.12. Roy Nelson (2)__ √____,
      2.13. Gary Nishida (2)__ √____,
      2.14. Bob Rigel (2)_____ √____,
      2.15. Tim Waterson (2) _√_____,
      2.16. Trevor Weeks (2) __√_____,
      2.17. Terry Weekes - Director of Coaching and Player Development - __√_____,
      2.18. Associate Members present:
          2.18.1. Tom McConnell_______________
          2.18.2. _____________________



4.    Roy Nelson moved for the approval of minutes for August 2006 meeting – Gary Nishida
      seconded – Board approved 8/0/1

      5.1. It was moved by Mark Allen and seconded by Scott dilling that we hire John Braden as a
           new coach for GU14 Storm. Passed 10/0/1; and Roy Nelson and Tom Giansante moved
           and seconded that Eric Swalwell be paid $1,500/mo as a new goalie trainer. Passed 10/0/1
      5.2. Chris is still hoping to find a Volunteer Coordinator since Gayle resigned earlier in the
      5.3. It was moved by Roy and seconded by Scott that the board ratify the president’s
           appointment of Paul Larking to fill Gayle Israel’s term on the board. He has volunteered to
           replace Bob Rigel as Referee Coordinator. Motion passed 10/0/1

6.0       DIRECTOR OF COACHING REPORT – Terry Weekes –

8.0       PRESIDENT’S REPORT – Chris Hayes reported the results of the email votes:
                   8.1.1    Revised Rules of Play passed 10/2/0 with 4 no responses;
                   8.1.2    Approval of Coach Shelton passed 12/0/0 with 4 no responses.
                   there will be a disciplinary issue for a GU12 mom next Wednesday night
          District 3 report: Jeff Jaye has submitted a bylaw change to allow absentee voting which is
          to be presented to CYSA rules and revision committee for consideration. Heard once more
          that during Sept/Oct there will be a lack of referees due to too many tournaments and teams
          in the district…clubs need to start focusing on correcting problem.
9.   COMMITTEE REPORTS (See written reports previously submitted, if provided)
     9.1. VICE PRESIDENT FINANCE – Brian Bower
          9.1.1. Treasurer’s Report –
          9.1.2. Marketing/Booster/sponsorship - open
          9.1.3. Snack Bar - Carrie Lyijynen
          9.1.4. Volunteer Coordinator –
          9.1.6. Registrar’s Report – Judith Dilling – full report attached to original of minutes.
                Breakdown of registration as of 9/14: 2960 players; 26 coaches/asst. coaches/tam
                manager: Registration fees were $601,040.
          9.1.7. Scholar Athlete Program - Isabel Lau
          9.1.8. Website Administrator – Tom McConnell
          9.1.9. Communication Director – Scott Dilling no report
          9.1.10.     Tournaments
          9.1.11. Valley Cup – awaiting final expense report
    Halloween – Acceptance and rejection notices sent out. Working on game
                     schedule and have confirmation of the Halloween referee coordinators – Tim
                     Swan and Larry DeLowe.

          9.2.1.   VP Op report - Roy Nelson
          9.2.2.   Equipment Mgr & Field Maintenance – Tom Giansante – things going well for the
                opening season. Field conditions are making lining more difficult this year – bare
                spots/unevenness of the surface – these are passed on to city staff/management;
                equipment being left on fields is a problem. School district locked our goals at
                Golden View. Iron Horse goals are difficult to store and secure. Discussion with
                park employees about alternate storage locations. Locks/chains missing; Valley View
                park is getting a new set of full size goals. Tom reported that approximately 9
                Spiritwear t-shirts were sold at the Rec Plus tournament.
          9.2.3. League Match
          9.2.4. Team Parent Coordinator – no report.
    Picture Days are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday of next weekend at Lucky
                     A’s field.
          9.2.5. Referee Coordinator – mentoring course will be held on Friday, Sept. 29th. Full
                report attached to original of minutes. 2006 training completed – 26 new grade 8s
                bridged 5 from Grade 9 to Grade 8 and trained 105 new Grade 9 referees.
          9.2.6. District III Referee Meeting - GSSL referee assignments are back to the clubs –
                assignments made on D3 website will come back to SRS website.
          9.2.7. Practice Fields Coordinator - moving teams off AD1 due to deteriorating
                condition; selling of items at SR parks must go through parks department; full report
                received via e-mail to all board members. Original of e-mail is attached to the
                original of these minutes.
          9.3.1. VP Rec Report – Mike Di Geronimo had no report – but asked that he be able to
                give AGCs gifts for their hard work. Donna offered the blue cooler chairs as a gift.
                Mike also reported that he still hasn’t gotten $$ from Healthnet.
          9.3.2. Rec Plus Program – Chris Hayes reported that Copper had no incidents; poor
                refereeing in Dublin.

    VP Comp Report - Gary Nishida expressed concern that D1 games were being
                     abandoned due to lack of referees.
          9.4.2. AC Report – no report.
          9.4.3. GSSL Report – Ivy reported that this is her last year on this committee.


     9.6. NEW BUSINESS:
          9.6.1. AGM/Nominating Committee Assignments – Chris Hayes appointed Tom, Trevor
                and Tim.
    Directors’ terms up: Mark Allen, Brian Bower, Scott Dilling, Tad Duffy, Chris
                     Hayes, Tracey Hughes, Gayle Israel, and Donna Kerger.
         9.6.2. Timeline for Registration/Team fees for next year
         9.6.3. Tournaments for 2007 – applications due 12/1 for next season
   Ted Faganson has volunteered to be the Valley Cup director.
         9.6.4. Grass-to-Turf Initiative – Mark Allen reported that the city would like to partner
               with us to approach the corporate community about our fields. Mark to keep us up
               to date on developments
         9.6.5. Chris reminded the board that we have a need for a Culture Keeper for
               competitive teams and we should start working on a program.
         9.6.6. Chris reported that Diane Scott has notified each club that she would like to be
               reimbursed for her duties as District Registrar. It was moved and seconded t hat SRS
               pay no more than $2,500 for district registrar’s services. Passed 10/0/1
         9.6.7. Chris reported that nomination for District III Commissioner was being solicited
               and that only one person has submitted a resume for the position – Donna Kerger.
               After discussion it was moved and seconded that SRSC’s representative vote for
               Donna Kerger at the next District 3 meeting.
         9.6.8. Chris reminded everyone that it was time to submit nominations for SRSC coaches
               for District 3 Coach of the Year.
         9.6.9. It was moved by Donna Kerger and seconded by Roy Nelson that SRSC nominate
               Tiffany Roberts for CYSA’s Hall of Fame (Player). Motion passed 10/0/1; it was also
               moved and seconded that Lothar Oslandar be nominated for CYSA’s Hall of
               Fame/Coach. Motion passed 10/0/1.
         9.6.10. Chris appointed Mike DiGeronimo to organize a uniform committee to interview
               vendors for next year’s SRS uniform.
         9.6.11. Tim Waterson moved and Roy Nelson seconded the motion: For the REC
               program, in the event that there are an insufficient number of coaches to support the
               number of players registered, player eligibility shall be determined first by families
               that volunteer as an Age Group Coordinator, Coach or Assistant Coach. Players
               whose families serve in one or more of these roles shall be given priority for
               placement on a recreational team. Motion passed 10/0/1…..


11. Meeting was adjourned at 10:55 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Kerger
SRSC Secretary and VP Administration

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