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					           1             PARKS, RECREATION & TREE
           2                 ADVISORY BOARD
 3             Minutes of the Regular Meeting, October 2, 2006
 6   Pursuant to proper notice, Vice-Chair Greg Gantt called the meeting to order at 7:00
 7   p.m.
 8   .
 9   Members Present:
10         Laura Eckert
11         Greg Gantt
12         Fred Althouse
13         Ed Davis
15   Members Absent:
16        Betty DiFranco
17        Sara Sensenig
19   Staff Present:
20          Ralph Schoenherr, Development Services Director
21          Margi Richard, Associate Planner
22          Kris Phillips, Recording Secretary
24   Determination of Quorum: A quorum was established with four (4) members present.
26   Adoption of the Agenda: Ms. Eckert made a motion that the agenda be adopted as
27   written. Mr. Althouse seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0 voice votes.
29   Approval of the Minutes: Mr. Althouse amended line 138 of the minutes of September
30   11, 2006 to read “thinking about” rather than “going by”. Mr. Althouse moved to approve
31   the minutes as corrected. Mr. Davis seconded the motion. The motion carried 4-0,
32   voice votes.
34   Report of Staff: None
36   New Business:
37   A.     Children’s Activity Committee
38          Ms. Richard explained that the committee hosted the town Halloween, Easter
39   and Christmas parties for the children. She asked how the board would feel about
40   donating $200.00 to the committee for Halloween games. They are purchasing new
41   games to replace those that are falling apart.
42          Ms. Eckert made a motion to give $200.00 to help with the games to the
43   Children’s Activities Committee. Mr. Althouse seconded the motion. Motion passed 4-0
44   voice votes.
46   Old Business:
47   A.      Ponce Preserve - Project Update
48           Ms. Richard said that the clearing has begun for the parking area and that the
49   north retention pond will be bermed. She said there is another construction meeting on
50   October 3rd to discuss the sewer plans for the Preserve, explaining that the clearing may
51   look drastic due to the need to place the sewer line in the right of way.
 52           Mr. Gantt asked if they will need to cut into the vegetation, to which Mr.
 53   Schoenherr replied that the contractor is a little apprehensive because of a phone line in
 54   the right of way. He said they would try to minimize impact on the vegetation.
 55           Ms. Richard then said that the kiosk needs refurbishing and painting and the
 56   ground around it needs cleaning up. She asked if any board members would like to help
 57   with this.
 58           A discussion then ensued about the signage at the Preserve, including trail
 59   markers, educational signage, and the possibility of moving the kiosk.
 60           Mr. Gantt asked about a completion date and Ms. Richard replied that it is 90
 61   days from start date for the parking lot and 120 days for the boardwalk.
 62           A discussion ensued about the existing and proposed trails at the Preserve and
 63   the dune walkover.
 64           A workday at the Preserve to work on trails was set for Saturday October 7th at
 65   8:00 a.m.
 66           Mr. Davis stated that we really need to put an emphasis on trails because they
 67   are really the heart of the Ponce Preserve.
 69   B.      Skate Park Update
 70           Ms. Richard stated that the budget was approved for the skate park, dog park
 71   and any other park improvements. She said that she has heard concerns from residents
 72   about liability, noise, and property values. She has also heard the opinion that
 73   skateboarding is a fad.
 74           Mr. Althouse asked what the length of time for a fad is. He stated that
 75   skateboards came out in the mid 1960’s and that it is a mega-billion dollar industry. He
 76   feels that in-line skating is a trend that has come and gone but skateboards are
 77   everywhere.
 78           Ms. Richard is trying to determine a figure on the number of children who
 79   skateboard and needs to research alternative activities.
 80           A discussion ensued about lighting the skate park, hours and the location.
 81           Mr. Schoenherr stated that the location could not be at the new Police
 82   Department site and that the south side of the old Town Hall was the only site, it is the
 83   perfect spot.
 85   C.     Dog Park Update
 86          Ms. Phillips said that the dog park support group is meeting on October 11 th at 7
 87   pm at the Ponce Inlet Community Center. The Public Works Department will be
 88   represented at the meeting so that the issues of surface and mulch can move forward.
 89   She is contacting fence companies and looking at signage now. She stated that she had
 90   not received any complaints from residents about the proposed dog park.
 92   D.      Old Carriage Park Update
 93           Ms. Phillips stated that she had spoken to Jon Cronin, the Eagle Scout who is
 94   heading the improvement project at the park. He said that he is waiting on engineering
 95   for the pavilion and DEP approval. He was asked to report back as soon as he
 96   anticipates beginning work at the park.
 98   E.     Timucuan Oaks Botanical Gardens
 99          Ms. Richard stated that the environmental survey will be done in the next couple
100   of weeks by Don Spence. She will be speaking to the Lions Club on October 16 th about
101   the Braille trail at the park.
103   Item 9          Public Participation
104            None
105   Item 10     Board Discussion
106          None
108   Item 11        Correspondence
109           Vice-Chair Gantt read a letter from Donna Marietta dated September 11, 2006
110   resigning from the board due to business commitments. Board members thanked her
111   for her work and wished her well.
113   Item 12      Adjournment
114          Mr. Davis made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Ms. Eckert seconded the
115   motion. Motion carried 4-0 voice votes.
117   With no further items to be discussed the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.
119   Respectfully submitted,
123   Kris Phillips, Recording Secretary