PARADISE                                                 Children can bring along a party snack for
                                                         themselves to eat during the afternoon. As
ELEMENTARY                                               with any food brought into school please
                                                         avoid all foods which can cause allergic
NEWSLETTER                                               reactions. These items include: sesame
                                                         seeds, peanuts, nuts, kiwi, banana,
                                                         watermelon, egg and fish (including
Issue # 3                                            We’d also like to encourage you to make
October 23, 2009                                     Hallowe’en a healthier event for your child and                               their friends. "Treats" make the event special
                                                     but let’s try to make them healthier. If you are
GRADE 4s HOST THANKSGIVING                           interested in sending along a treat for the class
ASSEMBLY                                             please make direct contact with your child’s
                                                     teacher. We encourage you to think about some
The Thanksgiving assembly which the grade 4          of the following items as opposed to the usual
classes presented went really well. The school       candy. Here is a list of healthy treats which may
collected a lot of food for the food bank. We        come in handy at any time.
would like to thank everyone for this generous
donation. This food helps a lot of people.           Healthy Treats for Halloween Parties & Treat
All grade four classes made feathers showing
what they are thankful for. They put these           • Fresh fruit or vegetables (trays, kabobs, etc.)
feathers together to make a huge turkey which        • Fruit cups (pieces or puree like applesauce)
was placed on the wall. Ms. Hutton’s class did a     • 100% fruit bars or shapes (e.g. Fruit to Go
slide show showing what they were thankful for.      Bars, Squiggles)
All grade fours sang a funny song about              • Small packages of raisins
Thanksgiving. Students in Ms. Simms class and        • Berries parfaits (e.g. layer berries, yogurt, and
Ms. Normore class read poems. Ms. Moores’            cereal in a small cup)
class did a little dance. Thanksgiving is a time     • Yogurt tubes (try these frozen)
for joy, but not for a turkey, goose or deer.        • Milk puddings (low fat types are preferred)
                                                     • Cheese strings or small cheese cubes with
By: Calista Greening and Melissa Hussey - 4N
                                                     • Mini muffins
                                                     • 100% fruit juice boxes
                                                     • White or chocolate milk
                                                     • Smoothies
           All schools within the Eastern
                                                     •Plain Popcorn (Orange colored for Halloween is
               School District will be closed to
                                                     now available)
              mark Remembrance Day,
                                                     • Cereal Bars (not dipped in chocolate or yogurt)
November 11th. It will be Day 3 on Thursday,
                                                        Oatmeal to Go (Maple Brown Sugar, Oats
Nov. 12th.
                                                        and Honey, Cinnamon Roll)
                                                        Quaker Chewy Granola Bars
                                                        President’s Choice Rich and Chewy®
                                     As we all
                                                     • Snack Packs
                                                        Chips Ahoy or Oreo Thinsations®
                                     Halloween is
                                                        Original Bits and Bites®
                                     an exciting
                                                        Homestyle Oatmeal BearPaws®
                                     time for
                                                        All Bran Snack Bites®
                                     children. To
                                                        Mini Chef® crackers
                                     celebrate the
                                                     •Baked Chips (Doritios, Lays Original, BBQ or
         event at our school classes will be
                                                     Sour Cream and Cheddar)
         having their own class parties on
                                                     • Graham Crackers
         Friday, October 30th. We are
                                                     • Fruit cookies (fig, apple or date)
         including a few other reminders about
                                                     • President’s Choice® Arrowroot cookies
         the occasion:
                                                     Hallowe’en treats do not have to be edible.
•   Students in grade 3-6 who wish to wear a         Try these ideas as an alternative to food treats:
    costume will put them on during
    lunchtime. Students in Kindergarten,             • Activities and Halloween games
    Grade 1 and 2 can come to school in their        • Coloring sheets and crayons
    costumes.                                        • Craft in a bag
•   Please ensure that all children can see and      • Pencils, colored chalk or fun shaped erasers
    walk around safely in their costume. We          • Plastic rings or hair accessories
    need to ensure that all children can evacuate    • Rubber spiders, worms or creepy figures
    the building in a safe and orderly manner if     • Stickers or temporary tattoos
•   Please do not send along any accessories                  Like you, we always have safety
    which could pose dangers to other students                concerns at the forefront of our minds
    (sharp objects, etc.)                                     during Hallowe’en. Please review the
•   Avoid sending along aerosol sprays and                    safety rules with your children before
    scented products.                                         they head out for Trick or Treating.
        OUTSIDE PLAY-DRESS WARMLY                  With winter just around the corner we would like
                                                   to remind our parents / caregivers of the
We would encourage you to have your child          protocols and procedures which we follow
dressed warmly for outside play at lunchtimes.     regarding all school closures. If it is deemed
The fall chill is in the air.                      necessary to close schools due to weather,
                                                   District office personnel will make an
PLEASE AVOID SCENTED PRODUCTS                      announcement via local AM/FM radio stations
                                                   and Status Central (please note below the steps
Please note that we do have children and staff     to follow to access this system through the
who are scent sensitive. Please avoid sending      District website). The target time will be 6:30
along such products as scented markers and         a.m. However, if it is determined that schools
scented hand sanitizers. We would also ask that    will close during the day because of weather the
perfumes / cologne and after shave be avoided.     School District communicates that decision
The best smell is no smell at all!! We thank you   through the radio stations and Status Central as
for your cooperation.                              well.

GRADE 1 AND 2 CHRISTMAS MUSICAL                    Please read – important….We are also using
                                                   the system called SynreVoice. This system will
                     All grade one and two         allow the school to call the phone numbers
                    students have just begun to    you’ve provided on your child’s registration
                    prepare for this year’s        form. The automated system then informs you
                    musical “A Place in the        of the message. It therefore continues to be
                    Christmas Choir”. Due to       essential that the school has up to date contact
                    our constantly growing         information. If this information which you
                    school population, our         provided in September on your child’s
                    musical will be held over      registration form has changed since it was
                    two nights again this year.    completed please make contact with the office
These events will be held on Monday, December      and your child’s teacher. It is also important as
7 and Tuesday, December 8 at the Rotary            well that your child is aware of the plans that
Paradise Community Youth Centre. More              you’ve put in place for them in the case of a
information will be sent home in the next week     school emergency.
or so regarding these events.
                                                   How to access Status Central
GOULDS / MOUNT PEARL                               To access Status Central, log on to the Eastern
PARENT INSTRUCTION PROGRAM                         School District web site: (The
                                                   Status Central notice board is on the right side of
We will be offering a Level One Parent             the main page.)
Instruction Program beginning on Wednesday
October 28th. The program will run for 10          You can also customize Status Central and
weeks, one hour per week and will be held at       chose only those schools you want to view.
Goulds Elementary School on Doyle’s Road,          1. Click on… Click Here to Customize.
Goulds. The cost is $40 for members and $60        3. Select the schools you want to view.
for non-members. To register, contact Camilla      4. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the
Stoodley at 747-1036 or 689-0439                   page when finished.
                                                   5. When completed, you will see the message –
SCHOOL COUNCIL MEETING                             Configuration Saved.

The next school council meeting is scheduled for   To ensure you’re getting up-to-date information
Tuesday, November 17th at 5:00 p.m. We will        on stormy days, remember to refresh your screen
meet in the resource centre. Turn left after the   regularly.
main entrance. All parents are welcome to
attend.                                            WEDNESDAY IS OUR RECYCLING DAY

PLEASE NOTE – EARLY SCHOOL                                          As you are aware Paradise
CLOSURE PROCEDURES                                                  Elementary is a recycling
                                                                    school. We look to everyone to
                                                                    support this beneficial initiative.

                                                                   As was the practice last year
                                                   please complete one slip of paper per four
                                                   recyclables. On each slip please record the
                                                   student’s name, grade and teacher’s name. See
                                                   the example below:

                                                   Name: Jane Smith

                                                   Teacher/Grade: 1- Reddy
These slips go into a draw for prizes throughout
the year. We will be holding three grand prizes
this year as well as classroom pizza parties for
classes in both primary and elementary who are
selected through a random draw.

Students travelling on the bus are limited to one
grocery bag due to space restrictions. Children
are not permitted to take glass recyclables on
the bus. If you have several recyclables (or glass
bottles) at home we would encourage parents to
bring them directly to the school for Wednesday
morning. Please remember we can only recycle
cans, bottles (beverage/liquor) and juice boxes.
Please remove all caps and straws from
bottles / containers.

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