October Birthdays by lonyoo


									       www.standrews.ponyclubvic.org.au                                                  P.O. Box 59 St Andrews 3761

My Bit                                              Junior Committee                                Issue 20 October 2005
The last rally went off well & Ethan and        Trivia Night: October 22nd
I know lots about Up-Downs and I’m
sure we will learn lots more. Our Stan            Halloween Theme                                   Committee 2005
Finch day went off very well after lots         Drop off the kids and go out for
of hard work on those poles, they               dinner!!!
looked great. No major falls on the day         Trivia night organised by the                       President
was even better. A special thanks to            junior committee for all PC                         Paul Fildes           9719 7197
Jackie who ran the canteen for most of          members and their friends to
the day with help from Nangie                                                                       Vice President
                                                have a great night. Get together
(Wendy’s mum) & a few others. Our               with friends and organize a table
                                                                                                    Peter Stuart          9710 1175

cooktop wasn’t done last rally as they          or just come along and join a                       District
did lots of other things & will need to be      friendly table. All ages accounted                  Commissioner
done when the kitchen is not in use. A                                                              Pam Stuart            9710 1175
                                                for. Bookings- Alicia Lavery
little fairy told me it might be put in the
Saturday before the next rally won’t it         97101843.                                           Rally Organiser
boys!! We are NOT MENTIONING                    $3 entry per child. Tables of 8                     Chris Dyson           9876 1228

the house this month so don’t ask.              max. BYO drinks and nibbles.
                                                Soft drinks available to purchase                   Secretary
See you all at the next rally.
                                                                                                    Helen Powell          9730 1837
Pam                                             at $1 each. Great prizes for the
                                                winning table and the MC will be                    Treasurer
                                                his usual fantastic self.
WELCOME                                         Halloween theme so dress up and
                                                                                                    Ray Lavery            9710 1843

To our newest member                            be there by 6.30pm .Even the MC                     Events Secretary
Stephanie Lynch                                 will be all dressed up won’t you                    Helen Hunt            9710 1617
Your buddy for the day will be Michelle Temme                                                       Zone Rep
                                                                                                    Belinda Scattergood   9730 1965

Thank you                                                   Canteen &                               &
                                                                                                    Judy Tricker
A big thank you to everyone who                             Maintenance
helped for our Stan finch show                  Each month families of our club are                 Canteen
jumping day. All the jobs eventually            rostered on to do Canteen and                       Jackie Wilson         9730 1559
got covered even though Wendy                   Maintenance. This means that the
                                                Saturday before our Rally Day jobs                  Maintenance
stressed a bit and I stressed a lot!            need to be done around our                          Maggie Broom          9710 1374
We raised money that goes back                  clubhouse and on the Sunday of
onto the club that benefits our kids.           Rally you are expected to help in                   Back Protectors
A special thank you to parents who              the canteen. Each family gets 1                     And Uniforms
                                                roster per year.                                    Tracey Gilligan       9438 4246
helped even though their children
did not ride on the day. It is you who                             This Month
volunteer that makes our club so                         October Roster                             Karen Hayley          9710 1482
special. If you couldn’t help on the                Portman, Rolfe and Webb
day and your child is a member of                                                                   Fundraising
                                                                   Next Month
our club (and you will benefit from                                                                 Liz Stonehouse        9878 7476

money raised), please say “yes” and                    November Roster
volunteer for our next fundraising                Rushton, Searle and Wilson                        Karen Somers          9710 1583
event, which is Cup Day.
                                                    For canteen details please ring Jackie on
This is a non-horsey day. It is a                (9730 1559) and she will fill you in on what you   Adult Riders
major fundraiser for our club and                                need to bring                      Carolyn Spratling     9710 1569
your support is vital. Helen P
                                                  Please Ring Maggie Broom (97101374) to
                                                confirm you will be available for maintenance on
                                                         the Saturday prior to the rally.
General Interest                                                                  October Birthdays
Next Committee Meeting                                                            Happy Birthday to:
This will be on Monday, 24th October at                                     Melissa Ball, Katelyn Kyme,
8.00pm – The THIRD Monday of the Month
Due to Cup Day. Everyone Welcome please                                    Emily Linton, Alysha Somers,
bring a plate.                                                               Declan & Jemima Portman
                                                                          Marianne Tait,& Michelle Temme
Saturday Club
The next meetings will be available from Jo, they
start at 10am. Please (you must) ring Jo Lavery
(97101843 or 0418526224) if you would like to
                                                                                    STATE GAMES
attend, so we know if we have enough numbers. If                          We wish all our A Team Games Riders
the weather is unkind, ring Jo or Gill to check if the                     the best of luck for STATE GAMES
club is still running.                                                            on Sunday 2nd October.
Back Protectors                                                           We would also like to thank their coach
Please don’t forget the procedures for borrowing
back protectors. If you borrow a back protector you                       Helen Powell for putting in many long
must sign it in and out and have it returned by the                       hours and helping our kids get to State.
beginning of the next rally.
                                                                                   GAMES INFO
Horse Rug Repairs                                                                 BRIAN BRENNAN
Horse Rugs Repairs, If members have rug repairs,                          Brian Brennan Games are to be held on
contact Peter at equinerugs@rabbit.com.au to                                       Sunday 16th October
book a pick-up on PC rally days, which will be
repaired and returned before the rally ends, Peter
will donate 10% of the repair cost back to your                           Don’t forget that Brian Brennan still has
club.                                                                    practices coming up. The teams have now
                                                                         been chosen and this should be a fun day
Buckskin Jodhpurs                                                                          for all.
We tried to organise Wendy from Buckskin Jodhpurs to
come out. However she is fully booked until Next Year.
So we are going to have her out next year. If in the
                                                                        Practices still listed for Brian Brennan are;
meantime you want to order some Jodhpurs you can                        Sat. 1st Oct 2.30 our Pony club.
download an order form from                                             Sat 8th Oct. 2.30 our Pony club
    http://cyberhorse.net.au/buckskin/Buckskin                          Sat. 15th Oct. our Pony club will be in afternoon.
   If you do purchase some Jodhpurs before                              If you can’t come to practice or have any questions
     Christmas please mention you are from
                                                                        please call Helen.
  St Andrews as a % of your purchase comes
        back to our club in a gift voucher.
                                                                            Brian Brennan Games day is a great
              You can contact Wendy on
       Phone (03) 9728 3761 Fax (03) 9728 6661                          starting comp for little kids and oldies alike,
    Buckskin Jodhpurs have become something of an institution,
                                                                          very friendly. If anyone feels like coming
providing affordable perfect fitting "Made to Measure" jodhpurs at no      along to cheer on our kids please do so.
                              extra cost

For Sale                                                                The Pony Club Website has a Statement of Why
                                                                        Games should be part of our club. May we all
POLO horse float for sale                                               remember this statement.
Features include fibre glass construction, no rust, 4                      - an excerpt from PCAV Website.
wheel electric brakes, 4 external lockable tack boxes, 1
internal lockable tack box with saddle racks, built-in                  One of the aims of the Pony Club movement is to
beds, non slip floor, super safe, little use, $10,500 Call              help the members enjoy their riding and to make
peter 0427 512 474                                                      riding more interesting because they are
                                                                        participating with other members. Games should
                                                                        be fun for both horse and rider. They also supply
                                                                        an opportunity for developing team and club spirit
                                                                        and good feeling.
                                                                      Adult Riders
                                                                      The Adult Riders now meet 2 weekends a
                                                                      month, the 1st Sunday & 3rd Saturday
                                                                      between 9am and 12 noon. Any Pony Club
                                                                      members over the age of 16 are welcome to
                                                                      attend cost $15.
                                                                      Ring Leanne 97181223 for any enquiries.

                        .                                             The Adult Riders are there for only 3 hours
                                                                      so please make sure you do not use the
                                                                      grounds while they are there.
Out and About
Congratulations to all our riders
If you have something for out and about please let Pam Stuart,
Helen Powell or Belinda Scattergood know.
                                                                      Yard Up Date
                                                                      The Yards are nearly finished now. Yet we
Hannah Norris
Werribee Horse Trials        Grade 3                        1
                                                                 st   are still waiting for your “expression of
                                                                      interest” form to come back, please fill
Nicole Motscall
Werribee Horse Trials        Grade 2                        6th
                                                                      these out & return them at the next rally.
Patrick Dyson
Werribee Horse Trials        Grade 5                        7th       Tap Up Date
                                                                      The New Tap is nearly finished out the
Toni Scattergood             Westy
Friends of Werribee          Pre Novice                     3    rd   front. The boys have set a date and hope to
Avenel @ Oaklands            Pre Novice                     4th       have the piping finished by Top Teams.
Avenel @ Oaklands            Award for best performance
                             Pre Novice Under 21                      Which means we will have it for use by our
Melissa Ball                 Rufus
                                                                      November Rally coming into the warmer
Wyena Horse Show             Pleasure Mount                 1st       months.
                             ODE Mount Grade 4              5th

Emily Van Sonsbeek
Wyena Horse Show
                             Led Class Under 13hh           1st
                                                                      Thank You To
                             Pleasure mount under 13hh      3rd       Ron Phippen for our wonderful Loud Hailer
                             Natural Rider under 10yrs      2nd
                                                                      The Hunt Family for the corrugated iron for our
Bethany Stonehouse                                                    new shed.
Wyena Horse Show             Neatest and Cleanest           1st
                             Pleasure mount under 15hh      3rd       Thank you to the huge effort made by
                             Natural Rider under 13yrs      1st
                             ODE Mount Grade 5              1st
                                                                      Emily Van Sonsbeek, Ethan Stuart, Holly
                                                                      Rushton, Brooke Searle, Stephanie Emery, Jake
Henry Newton                 Cody                                     and Jonty Rushton and Alex Hubbard for the great
Wyena Horse Show             Led Class Over 16hh            2nd       effort you went to to sell Raffle Tickets at Stan
                             Tallest Horse                  1st

                                                                      Thank you to all our Volunteers for the Stan Finch
                                                                      Memorial Show jumping Day. Without you the day
  Grounds Closed to all Riders on                                     would not have been a success.
          16th October.
The Top Teams Navigational Ride is being hosted by
St Andrews Adult Riders & Nepean Adult riders
                                                                      BRENDA’S GROUP CHANGE
which will be held on Sunday 16 October. They are                     Please note:
expecting about 250 riders from across the state to                   After a short trial with this group going down to
participate in this event. The event is only open to
HRCAV riders.
                                                                      listen to all the announcements it was decided that
The Pony Club will be running the canteen & we                        we will go back to the old way. So please go to
desperately need helpers for that day so if you                       the clubhouse with your Log Book first
can spare a couple of hours to come & help                            DO NOT TACK UP
please let Pam know.
                                                             Cup Day in the Hills
                                                                Our Annual Cup Day Event
                                                               TUESDAY 1ST NOVEMBER

                                                       Raffle Tickets
GOSSIP SPOT                                            Each Family Member has been sent books of raffle
Who thought their phone wasn’t working but had it      tickets for this great day. Can you please make sure
                                                       you return all raffle tickets AND MONEY to the Club by
upside down???                                         this Rally Day. Raffle Tickets and money can also be
Who ordered Drinks Loudly??                            handed in to the Smiths Gully General Store. If you
                                                       would like more raffle tickets please see Lyn or Liz at
                                                       the next Rally.
                                                       Remember – The family who sells the most tickets
                                                       will be given a great prize of a monster show bag.

Coming Events                                          Working Bee
October                                                Because of our fabulous event we need to hold a
PCAV State Games                   Sun 2 Oct           Working Bee on the Sunday before hand. We are
                                                       hoping to have many dads & mums volunteer
Our Rally                          Sun 9 Oct           to come and help because many things need to be
                                                       done to get our grounds in ship shape.
Eltham Showjumping Day             Sun 9 Oct
Nillumbik Four Series                                   And we are sure the boys are planning on having
Official Rally                                         a light refreshment or two afterwards.
                                         th Oct        Please speak to Pam or Paul at next rally to let them
Oaklands Horse Trials              Sun 9               know if you can attend our working bee.
                                          th Oct
Brian Brennan Games                Sun 16
                                          th Oct
Adult Riders Top Teams             Sun 16
Junior Committee Trivia Night
Hurstbridge CT and Dressage
                                   Sat 22 Oct
                                   Sun 23 Oct
                                                       2nd Hand Sale
Nunawading CT
                                   Sun 23 Oct               We are having a 2nd hand sale
Lilydale Horse Trials              Sun 30 Oct
                                                                     at our club
Working Bee                        Sun 30 Oct          on Sunday November 13th – our rally day.
Yarrambat Showjumping Day          Sun 30 Oct
Nillumbik Four Series                                  We are hoping that anyone with 2 hand horse items,
NMZ Pre 5 & Inexperienced 5        Sat 29 Oct &        rugs, bridles, lead ropes, saddles etc,.. can bring them
Eventing Clinic at Yarra Glen      Sun 30 Oct          along to Pam, Wendy or Liz either at October or
                                                       November rally.
                                                       All items sold will be at your marked price with 10% of
November                                               the value going back into the club.
Cup Day in the Hills               Tues 1 Nov
                                             st        Please make sure all items have been priced
                                                       before giving them to us.
Our Rally                          Sun 13 Nov
                                              th       See the fliers and posters up at next rally or speak to
 nd                                           th
                                                       Pam for more details.
2     Hand Sale at our Rally       Sun 13 Nov

Kangaroo Ground Showjumping        Sun 13
                                              th Nov   Musical Ride/Flat teams
Nillumbik Four Series                                  Are you interested in participating in a musical ride
Official Rally                                         next year????
Whittlesea Pony Club and Adult     Sun 27
                                              th Nov   It was disappointing that our club did not have enough
Riders Horse Show                                      interest in sending a group of kids to zone last year
                                                       BUT hopefully that will change. I am interested in a
NMZ Qualifier for State Dressage   Sun 27 Nov          group of 4 pony clubbers or more with an interest in
and Showjumping                                        dressage. They need to be on their mount now, not
                                                       going to sell or change in the next 6 months. They
December                                               cannot play games as zone is always on the same day.
End of Year Gymkhana               Sat 3 Dec           They need to attend practices together – about once
And Break Up Night                                     per fortnight and then weekly as winter sets in next
                                                       If you are interested let Helen or Pam know at Pony
                                                       Club or ring Helen to discuss it further. 97301837.
Wanted – Someone who can sew!!!!!!                         Congratulations
Our club desperately needs a new set of                    To those who went to Werribee over the last
armband letters for zone. We have been “ZZ”                weekend.
and “DD” for the past 8 years and our letters              Nicole Motschall came in 6th in Grade 2
are worn and washed out (it usually pour with              Hannah Norris came in 1st in Grade 3
rain on games day). The club will provide money            Patrick Dyson came in 7th in Grade 5
for fabric if you can the time to sew them. Great          Tess Mumme had a couple of rails & we
for a family to volunteer some time to pony club           haven’t had an update on Elisha Hayley who
if they were unable to help for the dressage or            still hadn’t ridden her X-Country at 6pm on the
show jumping day. If you can help please let               Sunday night, hope Elisha & Serenity had a
Helen or Pam know and they will explain what               torch to finish.
need to be done.

Zone Qualifiers At Yarrambat
If you are interested in doing Dressage or
Showjumping at Grade 3 Level or Higher and
would like to represent our club please fill in
your details on the form in the clubhouse must             Adult Riders Wine Sales
be done this month so as we can get form back              Adult Riders wine fundraiser is on
to Zone.                                                   again. They are offering 5 reds, 3
                                                           whites and champagne from the
NMZ Eventing Clinic                                        Duet and Naked Range wines from
Pre 5 & Inexperienced Grade 5                              Jansz Estate. All wines will be sold
At Yarra Glen Pony Club                                    by the dozen. Delivery is around five
This is the last clinic for the year they are very         working days. For more information
popular & if you are interested in going please
let Pam, Brenda or Gill know & we will have
                                                           on this please see Pam or Carolyn.
plenty of forms available on the table at the next

Club’s new WEBSITE
Please take a quick look at our new website, we
have started work on it but it will improve over           Xmas Ideas
the next couple of months. If you have any                 In this newsletter there will be a form to order
suggestions to go onto the website please let us           some T-Shirts with your own photo on it also
know.                                                      some coffee cups with your own photo, the
                                                           photos can be one you already have or one that
                                                           can be taken at a rally. As well as some throw
                                                           rugs that have a horsey picture on them, all
   NEW EQUINE VET IN                                       enquires to Liz Stonehouse.
Simon Bray, specialist Equine Vet, Jenny Bray, Practice
Manager and Kate Murray, Vet have started a new clinic
in Kinglake. They are eager to help anyone from our pony
club with horse, cattle or small animal concerns.

Kinglake District Veterinary Clinic                        Lost
                                                           If anyone found a small Driza-bone at our last Rally
2/4 Whittlesea-Kinglake Rd, Kinglake                       in September, it belongs to Brooke Searle. Can
Phone 5786 1422                                            you please check all your coats in case you
                                                           accidentally picked it up by mistake.

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