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					Tykestown Daycare & Preschool
                          October 2008
  October Preschool Lessons
  Letters: H, S, P                Opposite: night and day
  Numbers: 3,4                    Science Theme: nocturnal animals
  Shapes: triangle                Science Theme: pumpkins
  Color: orange                   Science Theme: spiders
  Special Holiday: Halloween

  Kisker Road Library Story Time
  The children’s librarian at Kisker Road Library will be offering private story
  time opportunities for the children of the Tykestown Daycare and Preschool.
  She has excellent interaction with the children and encourages their
  participation in finger plays and story actions. Our first private story time
  will be Friday, October 3rd from 10am to 10:45am. The children will also
  have the opportunity to check out a couple of books to enjoy in the
  classroom library.

  Parent’s Night Out (PNO)
  We will be offering a Parent's Night Out on Saturday, October 11th from 5
  PM to 11 PM. The PNO fee is $20 with an additional $15 for siblings. The
  children will be served dinner, and we will be making and decorating
  Halloween cookies for a fun snack. They will enjoy playing Halloween themed
  games and watching a (children’s) movie during the camp-out in the playroom.
  The deadline to reserve your child's space is Thursday, October 9th.

  October Field Trip
  We will visit Daniel’s Farm located @ 352 Jungermann Road in St. Peters on
  Wednesday, October 22nd. The children will enjoy the petting zoo, a straw
  maze, a fort maze, and a whiskey bale train ride. There are also large
  wooden cutouts available for fun photos and a playground to play on if there
  is time. Each child will get to pick a small pumpkin to bring home with them.
  We will have a picnic lunch before leaving the farm. We will be leaving at
  9:30am and returning at approximately 12:30pm.
Halloween Fun
We have a day full of fun planned for Halloween (Friday, October 31st). We
will play Halloween games and have a Halloween themed menu which includes:

~pumpkin-shaped pancakes
~Halloween apple bites (apple slices w/ almond slivers for teeth)
~mummy dogs (hot dogs wrapped in baked dough ropes and mustard dots for
~skeleton w/brain dip (fresh fruits & veggies arranged in the shape of
skeleton w/ ranch dip)
~ghosts in the graveyard (dessert-pudding topped w/ Oreo crumbles and
Cool-Whip ghosts & gravestone cookies)
Afternoon Snack
~spider web brownies
~Halloween pizza
~ghost banana
~carrot fingers

We will be going ’daytime trick-or-treating’ around 10am to approx. 11am.
Children should bring their Halloween costumes to wear during this time.
Please bring a light jacket or clothing to wear under costume if the weather
is cool. We will be staying on Norwich Drive (crossing over Droste). We will
also be trick-or-treating in the subdivision during the evening hours with the
2nd shift children.

Baby Fortner Update
I’m tentatively scheduled to be induced on Thursday, December 4th. We will
be closed on Thursday, December 4th and Friday, December 5th. Your weekly
payment will be adjusted accordingly for these two days. We will reopen
Monday, December 8th. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
                      Tykestown Daycare and Preschool - October 2008
       Monday              Tuesday        Wednesday             Thursday         Friday               Saturday

                                     1                     2               3                     4
                                                                           Kisker Road Library
                                                                           Story Time

                                                                           Depart: 9:30am
                                                                           Return: 11:15am
6                     7              8                     9               10                    11
                                                                                                 Parent’s Night
                                                                                                 Out 5pm-11pm

13                    14             15                    16              17                    18

20                    21             22                    23              24                    25
Field Trip Fee Due:                  Daniel’s Farm Field
$7.00                                Trip

                                     Depart: 9:30am
                                     Return: 12:15pm

27                    28             29                    30              31
                                                                           Daytime Trick-or-
                                                                           Treating Outing

                                                                           Depart: 10:00am
                                                                           Return: 11:00am

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