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					                                                                                                   Village Preschool Center
Safety Tips
Those of you who have been with us a few                                                                          Newsletter
years have read these before. They bear                                                                                November 2007
repeating, especially since adults do not
listen so much better than children. For new VPC parents, they may save a
life.                                                                            A day to remember: Trip to the Pumpkin Farm
    1. Don’t carry children on your shoulders. Shortly after reading this
        warning in a newsletter, one of our fathers blithely ignored it at his   We’re sure that anyone who came with us to
        own –or rather his son’s - peril, and fell down on the 14th St           Green Meadows Farm has a fond memory of
        sidewalk with the boy on his shoulders. No one was hurt, but it was      that school outing. It would be hard to imagine
        sheer dumb luck, with the accent on dumb. The dad urged us to
                                                                                 a more perfect day to visit with the animals
        repeat our admonition in our next newsletter. Since then we have
                                                                                 and choose a pumpkin than this Columbus
        gather other examples with more serious consequences, none
        involving VPC families, fortunately. At the Bronx Zoo, a father
                                                                                 Day. The weather was ideal, the farm was
        dropped his child from his shoulders. The result was a concussion,       practically empty, the waiting, minimal, and
        and a lovely family day became a nightmare. We have learned from         the traffic, non-existent.
        a current parent about another child who wound up in a body cast
        after falling off the dad’s shoulders. Sure, children love being         A note from Nancy: Fundraising
        carried on a parent’s shoulders. They would also love to play with
        matches and handle a real gun. Adults have to say no. PS: This is        Why Fundraise?
        not a fathers’ only problem. We see plenty of moms carrying              As an alum parent of VPC, former PTA treasurer at PS 41 and your
        children on their shoulders.
                                                                                 current Office Manager, I have had many years of experience with
    2. Don’t swing or lift children by their arms. Again, kids love it.
                                                                                 fundraising, and would like to share some of my thoughts with you.
        Again, adults have to say no, because children’s shoulders dislocate
                                                                                     - Nancy.
        very easily. Hold kids under the arms to swing or lift them.
    3. Dispose of dry cleaner bags immediately by getting them out of
        the house and into the trash. Don’t leave clothing in cleaner bags       As with all private schools in NY, tuition only covers our basic
        hanging in the closet. Children have used cleaner bags as tents and      operating expenses. We rely on fundraising for all of the extras: growth
        suffocated.                                                              in our programs through staff development, facility enhancements,
    4. Cut Venetian blind cords. Several Christmas Eves ago, the cousin          financial aid and the creation of a reserve fund. Fundraising enables
        of four VPC children stood on a toy chest to look for Santa, fell, and   VPC to be forward- thinking in providing your children the most
        got caught in a Venetian blind cord. Although her mother is a nurse,     nurturing and stimulating environment.
        she was unable to revive her daughter. Older Venetian blind cords        In the past few years, our fundraising efforts have been focused on our
        are nooses. Take a knife or scissors and cut them immediately.           building fund. While we would dearly love to pay down some of the
                                                                                 school’s debt, the main thrust of this year’s fundraisers will be
          Have a safe and happy Fall Season!                                     scholarships for some of our current families. Each year a few parents
                                                                                 lose their jobs or experience business setbacks. We want to make sure
that we have funds available that will allow them to keep their children     Dylan and Presley Folbaum’s mom Kelcey is the
in the VPC without compromising our services to our other families.          creator-author of a very entertaining blog at
                                                                    She shares her funny and
VPC Fundraisers                                                              unpredictable take on motherhood with other
Over the course of the school year, we ask families to participate in our    parental cybernauts. Kelsey is helping the school
various fundraising activities. We kicked off with the very successful       find green alternatives for products we have been
gift-wrap fundraiser and will soon be contacting you regarding class         using; she urged Innisbrook to use recycled paper
photo sales. Our largest fundraiser will occur in early spring. This is an   for their gift wrap, and found them very receptive.
evening event with music, cocktails and a live auction. In addition, this    One idea for the holidays that will raise the children’s awareness:
year we will also be having an online silent auction.                        instead of trashing wrapping paper, reuse it for collage. We’ll gladly
                                                                             recycle what you don’t need.
How Can Families Help?                                                       Marco’s dad Paolo Mastropietro has, with his partners, opened a
By offering a variety of fundraisers, we hope to provide an opportunity      beautiful new restaurant, Irving Mill, 116 E. 16 St., featuring dishes
for families to participate on a level that they feel comfortable with. We   splendidly prepared by former Gramercy Tavern chef John Schaefer.
welcome any person willing to volunteer their time, if only for a few        The space is lovely, and the wine list is to die for.
hours. Also, you may have a special skill you can contribute, or a           On the ERBs and other tests, New York City children score higher in
business or personal connection that could lead to a lucrative donation.     verbal skills than in spatial relations. This is curious, because they live
Very often, many of our parents’ input and ideas have proven to be very      on a grid above 14th St, and in a labyrinth below 14th. Aidan Sechy and
profitable. Please share your thoughts and resources with us. If your        his dad David play a great game that can only improve a child’s sense
time is limited, please feel free to make a cash                             of space and directionality. They enjoy doing elaborate Lego projects
donation. All donations make a strong                                        together. David builds one side of a structure, and Aidan studies it and
statement that our families are as committed                                 builds the mirror image other half to complete the project.
to VPC as VPC is committed to all of its
                                                                                               Halloween Celebrations
      The Innisbrook Fundraiser
                                                                                                We were happy that many parents were able to attend
The results from the Innisbrook wrapping paper fundraiser were good.
                                                                                                our wonderful Halloween celebration. Specialty
We raised approximately $5,700 a bit shy of our goal of $10,000. Thank
                                                                                                teacher Penny, a renowned puppeteer, story teller and
you to all of you who shopped and those of you who did not have time
                                                                                                a specialty art teacher, presented her traditional
to shop but still made a contribution. You can continue to shop online
                                                                                                Halloween show, The Litterbug Witch, to howls of
year round at, where we will continue to receive
                                                                             laughter from the children. The kids were in a festive mood. For once,
50% of the proceeds. Our school number is 107722.
                                                                             they kept their costumes on all day. They also danced like crazy and
                                                                             feasted with gusto.
                                                                             The PM programs played special Halloween games and partied. The
Parents News                                                                 upper AM programs visited the HSBC bank, where they sang for our
We continue to be amazed at the many and fascinating activities VPC          bankers, trick-or-treated, and visited the vault. Thanks to all our
parents are involved in, and their wonderful ideas for working with their    families who gave us treats and decorations for the festivities.
children. Here are some that came to our attention recently.