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Introduction to Abacus Chess Wizards Orton-Gillingham Tutoring by lonyoo


									educational classes
Introduction to Abacus                                                   Chess Wizards NEW!
Ages: 5-12 years (See below)                                             Ages: K-8th grade
Throw away your calculator! In this introductory course, stu-            Let your child be part of a successful local chess
dents will learn about the Abacus and how to use this ancient tool       academy. Chess Wizards is the largest, most successful
to calculate simple addition and subtraction. Students will also         chess academy for children in state of Illinois. Chess
learn techniques for improving concentration, visualization, and         Wizards offers specifically designed classes that cater
memory. Each student will receive their own abacus. All materi-          to all levels of chess ability. Each child is challenged
als are included with course fees. Parents are welcome to attend.        by fun games and lessons from real Wizard teachers.
Must be able to write numbers from 0-9.                                  It is proven that Chess enhances cognitive develop-
(6 wks–* No class 11/25)                                                 ment in children, improves both verbal and math-
Min/Max: 6/12                         Fee: $75/$90                       ematical skills, and increases all levels of academic performances!
Instructor: Play Abacus Staff         Loc: BPD-Elm/Oak                   Playing chess stimulates the min and helps children strengthen
Actv.# Sec.# Day Date               Time             Ages                skills such as focusing, visualizing goals, abstract thinking, and
305229 01       W 9/9-10/14 3:45-4:45pm              5-7 yrs             forming concrete opinions. (8 wks–*No Class 10/22)
          02    W 9/9-10/14 3:45-4:45pm              8-12 yrs            Min/Max: 10/15                           Fee: $100/$125
          03* W 10/28-12/9 5-6pm                     5-7 yrs             Instructor: Chess Wizards                Loc: BPD-Barrington
          04* W 10/28-12/9 5-6pm                     8-12 yrs            Actv. #        Sec. #   Day           Date            Time
                                                                         305207         01*      Th            9/24-11/19 4:30-5:30pm
Tail Waggin’ Tutors                               FREE!
by Therapy Dogs International, Inc.                                      Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Program NEW!
Ages: 2nd Grade                                                          Reading & Writing
What do you get when you bring chil-
                                                                         Ages: K - 1st Grades (See below)
dren, dogs, and books together? You
                                                                         This is the perfect tutoring program for
get happy, confident children who love
                                                                         your kindergartner or 1st grader who
to read! Teachers, Librarians, children
                                                                         is struggling or needs extra help with
and parents agree; it’s an unbeatable
                                                                         reading! Orton-Gillingham is a lan-
combination. The main objective of
                                                                         guage arts program taught by an ASHA certified Speech Language
this program is to provide a relaxed
                                                                         Pathologist who uses a multi-sensory (see, hear, feel) approach
and “dog-friendly” atmosphere, which
                                                                         for sequential learning. Arts and crafts are incorporated in each
allows students to practice the skill of
                                                                         session where learning is an interactive process which enables the
reading. Many of the children cho-
                                                                         child to use all modalities (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) when add-
sen for this program have difficulties
                                                                         ing new knowledge to existing knowledge of phonemic awareness,
reading and as a result have developed
                                                                         naming and recognizing letters, formation of letters, reciprocal
self-esteem issues. They are often
                                                                         teaching and phoneme/grapheme relationship. All materials are
self-conscious when reading aloud in front of other classmates. By
                                                                         included in the program fee. (10 wks, 30 sessions)
sitting down next to a dog and reading to the dog, all threats of be-
                                                                         Min/Max: 6/20                           Fee: $256/$307
ing judged are put aside. The child relaxes, pats the attentive dog,
                                                                         Instructor: Anita Rahim                 Loc: BPD-Hickory
and focuses on the reading. Reading improves because the child is
practicing the skill of reading, building self-esteem, and associating   Actv.# Sec.# Day              Date          Time        Grade
reading with something pleasant. Unfortunately, not all children         305236 01        Tu/W/Th 9/15-11/19 5:30-6pm Kindergarten
are comfortable around dogs. Some children that have not had an                    02     Tu/W/Th 9/15-11/19 6-6:30pm 1st Grade
opportunity to be with dogs have a fear of them. As a child inter-
acts with a TDI dog, they develop a better understanding of a dog.       Clean Kids                     NEW!
Tail Waggin’ Tutors is a phenomenal program with far-reaching
                                                                         Ages: 3-8 years (See below)
benefits. Tail Waggin’ Tutors will take place in the beautiful Tree-
                                                                         This class is fun and informative for all ages. Classes are presented
house at Citizens Park and is free of charge. You must pre-register
                                                                         by age group and teach the importance of hand washing for better
for this program; no walk-ins. For more information please visit
                                                                         health. Be sure to wear older clothes or a smock for our hands-on (5wks)                 Min/Max: 6/8
                                                                         craft project; water and washable paints will be used. A folder is
Fee: FREE, must pre-register
                                                                         provided to each child with materials to reinforce proper hand
Instructor: Sue Jantorni Allen & Mardi, an English Setter
                                                                         washing and other valuable goodies! Kids will bring home their
Therapy Dogs International, Inc.
                                                                         completed craft project too!
Actv.# Sec.# Day Date               Time           Location              Min/Max: 5/20                         Fee: $12/$15
305243 01       W 9/23-10/21 4:30-5:15pm CP–Treehouse                    Instructor: Cleaning Solutions,       Loc: BPD-Birch
         02     W 11/4-12/2 4:30-5:15pm CP–Lodge                         Kristi Butkus
                                                                         Actv.# Sec.#        Day     Date      Time                Age
     Please see Spanish Enrichment Classes on pg. 11.                    305269 01           Th      11/5      4-5pm               3-5
                                                                                   02        Th      11/5      5:30-6:30pm         6-8

Tutoring and Academic                                                  Homework: A Parent’s                     NEW!
                                                                       Survival Guide
Enrichment Programs                                                    Ages: K-5th Grades
                                                                       A workshop exclusively for today’s busy parent, designed to em-
                                                                       power parents to help their child do better in school. During the
Help Your Child do Better in School                                    workshop, we show parents different techniques for structuring
Huntington Learning Centers help students of all ages build the        their children’s time and creating an environment at home to im-
skills, confidence and motivation they need to attain better grades.   prove homework performance. All attendees receive a voucher
Whether your child is struggling in school or simply seeking a         for a FREE academic assessment and consultation valued at
more enriching academic experience, our individual, personalized       $195.
programs will make a difference. Our tutoring and enrichment           Min/Max: 10/25                                 Fee: $10/15
                                                                       Instructor: Huntington Learning Center         Loc: CP-Lodge
programs include:
                                                                                    of Barrington
• Academic skills assessment
• Personalized attention                                               Actv. #      Sec. #    Day         Date           Time
• Accredited by local educators                                        305237       01        Tu          9/29           4:30-5:30pm
• Certified teachers
• Flexible scheduling
                                                                       Study Skills: The Foundation NEW!
                                                                       for Lifelong Learning
                                                                       Ages: 6th-12th Grades
                                                                       Good study habits are essential for all ages. This workshop is de-
                                                                       signed to inform parents about various study skills and how to help
                                                                       their students implement them both at home and in the classroom.
                                                                       Topics will include homework organization, note-taking, outlin-
                                                                       ing, test preparation, test taking, and scheduling. All attendees
                                                                       receive a voucher for a FREE academic assessment and con-
                                                                       sultation valued at $195.
                                                                       Min/Max: 10/25                                  Fee: $10/15
                                                                       Instructor: Huntington Learning Center          Loc: CP-Lodge
                                                                                    of Barrington
                                                                       Actv. #       Sec. #   Day           Date          Time
                                                                       305237        02       M             10/5          4:30-5:30pm

2009 Fall Brochure • 381-0687                                                                                                          13
             theater classes
                    Mere Players Presents Intro Acting Theater Classes
Groundlings                                                              Imagination Auditions!
Ages: 3-5 years                                                          Ages: 7-10 years
This class will help bring out a child’s confidence and help them        In Imagination Auditions, we use games, memorization tech-
express themselves at home, at school, and in group play. Through        niques and no-pressure positive reinforcement to help your
fairytale stories, creative songs, and movement exercises, this class    little actor shake off the nerves and gain the confidence to stand
will tap into your child’s creativity and help them take to the stage    proud and speak out loud! This day-long workshop is focused on
and burst into the spotlight. (6 wks)                                    auditioning for commercial acting in front of a camera! (You will
Min/Max: 6/15 Fee: $70/$88              Loc: CP-Lodge                    get a dvd “reel” of your child’s commercial auditions to keep at
Actv. #       Sec. #     Day         Date          Time                  the end of the day!) Kids will get the basics of auditioning, while
305133        01         Sa          9/19-10/24 10-10:45am               parents gain real knowledge of the business from seasoned child
                                                                         commercial actress, Megan Morris. We subscribe to the post-
                                                                         Stanislavski method of acting, which is the belief that no matter
Footlights                                                               how talented, no actor can “create” without the help of their
Ages: 6-9 years                                                          inner child’s imagination. The best acting schools in the country
This class is for children who are just starting their elementary        use this time-honored method to bring OUT the inner child in
school careers. While Footlights mirrors the same fun and creativ-       adult actors. Mere Players uses the same technique for children,
ity as the Groundling class, in Footlights, the children are taken       to hone that natural ability to pretend, imagine and ACT! You
through a variety of exercises that hone in on important theatre         will be amazed as your child’s confidence and memory skills soar!
skills such as courage, availability, imagination, and presence. It is   Parents, expect to stay the first 30 minutes of the day, and please
a wonderful tool to help your child find themselves among their          come back for the last 30 minutes to watch your child “audition”
young peers. (6 wks)                                                     for a commercial! (6 wks)
Min/Max: 6/15 Fee: $70/$88               Loc: CP-Lodge                   Min/Max: 6/24 Fee: $85/$106 Loc: CP-Lodge
Actv. #       Sec. #    Day           Date          Time                 Actv. #        Sec. #   Day         Date           Time
305223        01        Sa            9/19-10/24 11-11:45am              305224         01       Sa          9/19-10/24 9-9:45am

                                                                         Private Voice Lessons                    NEW!
                                                                         Ages: 7 years and up
                                                                         Donna Galloway Chung, National Association of Teachers of Sing-
                                                                         ing instructor, welcomes singers of all ages and all levels to take
                                                                         half-hour private voice lessons. No previous experience required.
                                                                         Lessons are fun and affordable! Students will build vocal technique,
                                                                         find audition repertoire and will learn music theory. There will be a
                                                                         final concert the last day of class for all friends and family. Students
                                                                         will need to purchase a CD with their warm-up music and music
                                                                         book (with accompaniment CD) separately on the first day of class.
                                                                         Prior to the start date of the session, the instructor will con-
                                                                         tact you with the time of your lesson. If you need to reschedule
                                                                         or cancel a lesson, it must be done within 48 hours of the scheduled
                                                                         lesson or there will be no make-ups. No make-ups for no-shows.
                                                                         (8 wks)
                                                                         Min/Max: 4/6 (1 student per time slot)            Fee: $250/$300
                                                                         Instructor: Donna Galloway Chung                Loc: BPD-Willow
                                                                         Actv. #   Sec. # Day      Date           Time
                                                                         305262    01     Tu       9/22-11/10     4-7pm (1/2 hour lesson)
                                                                                   02     Sa       9/26-11/14     9am-12pm (1/2 hour lesson)

                  music lessons
Prior to the start date of the session, the instructor                Piano Lessons – Private or Group
will contact you with the time of your lesson. If you                 Ages: 5 years and up
need to reschedule or cancel a lesson, it must be done                This piano program is dedicated to helping children and adults ex-
                                                                      plore the fascinating keyboard. Class will be taught by Gina Fiore,
within 48 hrs. of the original scheduled lesson or there              who has more than 25 years of teaching and performance experi-
will be no make-ups. There are no make-ups for no-                    ence and has a degree in Music Education. During each session,
shows.                                                                participants will learn to read music, music theory, ear training
                                                                      and how to prepare for a recital. Everyone who enrolls for this
                                                                      fun piano program will need to bring their own electronic, three
Private Drum Lessons                                                  octave range portable keyboard to class. (8 wks)
Ages: 7 years and up                                                  Min/Max: 3/10                 Fee: $240/$300 Private
This class is one-on-one private drum lessons designed for begin-     Instr: Gina Fiore                  $172/$206 Group
ning, intermediate, and advanced students. Al styles, including       Loc: BPD-Willow
rock, jazz, funk, and blues are taught. Each lesson is designed for   Actv. # Sec. # Type              Day      Date              Time
the individual student. All lessons are held on Saturdays.            305260 01           Private      Su       9/27-11/15        By appt.
(10 wks–*No class 10/24, 11/28)                                                 02        Group        Su       9/27-11/15        By appt.
Instr: Tom Corrao                      Fee: $264/$316
Loc: BPD-Birch                                                        Violin Lessons – Private or Group
Actv. #       Sec. #   Day          Date          Time                Ages: 5 years and up
305256        01*      Sa           9/19-12/5     By appointment      This violin program is designed to provide students with the
                                                                      knowledge needed to enjoy playing the instrument. Class will be
Guitar Lessons – Private or Group                                     taught by Gina Fiore, who has more than 25 years of teaching
                                                                      and performance experience and has a degree in Music Educa-
Ages: 7 years-adult                                                   tion. Students will learn how to read music, use the bow and play
Learn to play guitar in a fun and stress-free environment. Les-       in-tune. Musical terms and dynamics will also be reviewed. More
sons are given through private, one-on-one instruction or groups      advanced students, will have fun learning how to play different
of 2-3 students and are open to all ages and levels of experience.    bowing techniques. (8 wks)
Groups must register together. Students can learn electric and/       Min/Max: 3/10 group lessons          Fee: $240/$300 Private
or acoustic guitar. All playing styles are offered, including rock,   Instr: Gina Fiore                         $172/$206 Group
blues, classical, and jazz. There will be a recital for friends and   Loc: BPD–Willow
family at the end of the session. All lessons are held on Saturdays
by appointment. (10 wks–*No class 10/24, 11/28)                       Actv. # Sec. # Type         Day              Date
Min/Max: 3/10 Group                     Fee: $264/$316 Private        305261 01         Private Su by Appt.        9/27-11/15
Loc: BPD–Hickory                              $180/$226 Group                  02       Group Su by Appt.          9/27-11/15
Instructor: Brad Wahlen
Actv. # Sec. # Type          Day Date            Time
305259 01*         Private Sa       9/19-12/5 By appointment
          02*      Group Sa         9/19-12/5 By appointment

Private Trumpet Lessons                     NEW!
Toot Your Own Horn
Ages: 6 years-adult
Learn to play trumpet with instructor Brad Wahlen! Lessons
meet for a half hour every week for 10-weeks. Brad’s fun and easy
approach to learning will have students playing songs in little
time. Lessons are for beginning to intermediate students and are
a great way to advance those students who play or wish to play in
their school band. Lesson times meet on Saturday by appoint-
ment. Sign up now to reserve a time!
(10 wks–*No class 10/24, 11/28)
Instructor: Brad Wahlen              Fee: $264/$316
Loc: BPD-Hickory
Actv. #      Sec. #   Day         Date           Time
305257       01*      Sa          9/19-12/5      By Appointment

2009 Fall Brochure • 381-0687                                                                                                          15
                                           All classes are by
                              Touch of Etiquette
Social Grace                                                          Etiquette - Manners 101 for Scouts
Ages: K-8th grades (See below)                                        Ages: All Girl/Boy Scout Troops
What gift can you give your child that will last a lifetime? Good     This 90-minute class is designed for scouts - both boys and girls
Manners. Good manners truly matter and, unfortunately in              to have the opportunity to earn their manner badge. This class is
today’s era, they are often lacking. Did you know that increasing     a combination of both our dining and social grace classes. Some
your child’s Social Etiquette will help them in building a self-      of the topics covered include introductions, conversations, proper
confidence that will promote success in all avenues of their life?    table setting, and technique. This is a private class that can be cus-
Through this interactive course, which is conducted by The Bar-       tomized to meet the needs of the troop. To select specific topics,
rington Park District and A Touch of Etiquette, children (male &      please see our website All class times
female) will learn the value of each of these etiquette skills:       and dates are coordinated with the Barrington Park District and A
• Why Etiquette Matters                                               Touch of Etiquette. Please contact Kim Sweeney at 847-304-
• Ιntroductions & Handshakes                                          5294 or to schedule
• Conversation Skills                                                 your own private class for your Girl/Boy Scout Troop.
• What Makes a Good Listener?                                         Loc: TBA                        Fee: $12 per child
• Manners at Home & School                                            Instructor: Lauren Brynjelsen,
• Telephone/Internet Etiquette                                        Touch of Etiquette
Cost of class includes A Touch of Etiquette workbook that will be a   Actv.#      Sec.#      Date/Time
useful reference to the information learned within this course.       305225      07         Lauren will call to set up date and time.
Min/Max: 5/20                                   Fee: $40/$50
Instructor: Lauren Brynjelsen                   Loc: BPD-Birch
Actv.# Sec.# Day Date                Time            Grade
                                                                      My Best Foot Forward                    NEW!
305225 03          Tu     9/15       5-6:30pm        K-1st            Ages: 5th – 8th Grades
          04       Tu     9/22       5-7pm           2nd-4th          Young ladies, here is your opportunity to learn why first impres-
          08       Tu     9/29       5-7pm           5th-8th          sions are lasting impressions. We will cover all you need to know
                                                                      to enhance your personal presentation at school, social activities,
Dining Dynamics                                                       and on the home front. Through this interactive course, your child
                                                                      will learn all these answers and much more. Some of the skills
Ages: K-8th grades                                                    covered include:
How confident are you in your children’s knowledge of dining          • Posture & Sitting
etiquette? Do they know which fork goes with which dish? Do           • Standing/Walking/Pivoting
they know the correct table setting or how to handle a dining         • Body Language
oops? Through this interactive course, which is conducted by The      • Grooming
Barrington Park District and A Touch of Etiquette, your children      • Personal Presentation
will learn all these answers and much more.                           • Body/Skin Care
Some of the dining skills covered include:                            • Style
• History/Introduction to Dining                                      • Importance of Healthy Eating
• Napkins                                                             Min/Max: 5/16                        Fee: $40/$50
• Formal & Informal Table Settings                                    Instructor: Lauren Wilkman           Loc: BPD-Hickory
• European vs. American Style                                         Actv. #        Sec. #   Day       Date            Time
• Proper Way to Eat Each Course                                       305225         10       Sa        11/7            12:30-2:30pm
• De-stressing Mealtime Moments
• Eating Difficult Foods
• Dining Hints & Tips
Cost of class includes A Touch of Etiquette workbook that will be a
useful reference to the information learned within this course.
Min/Max: 5/20                                  Fee: $40/$50
Instructor: Lauren Brynjelsen                  Loc: BPD-Birch
Actv.# Sec.# Day Date               Time           Grade
305225 01         Tu     11/3       5-6:30pm       K-1st
          02      Tu     11/10      5-7pm          2nd-4th
          09      Tu     11/17      5-7pm          5th-8th

youth programs
    Little Chefs Cooking Programs                                        Art Classes by Young Rembrandts
                                                                         Min/Max: 8/15                         Fee: $60/$75
                                                                         Instructor: Young Rembrandts          Loc: BPD-Oak
                                                   All New
Holiday Kitchen Creations                          Recipes               Preschool Drawing
Ages: 4-7 years
                                                                         Ages: 3-1/2-5 years
Experience the fun of creating your own special dishes that high-
                                                                         Pre-schoolers are so eager to learn, and a joy to teach. Young
light the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Winter. Get to know your
                                                                         Rembrandts’ instructors provide a positive, nurturing environment
way around the kitchen including: cooking, utensils, safety, and
                                                                         for your child. Each week, we’ll draw something these little ones
basic food preparations. We’ll follow simple recipes along with
                                                                         are interested in – from fish to teddy bears, rainbows to cowboys,
emphasis on good nutrition and clean-up procedures. You’ll help
                                                                         and we’ll talk about the subject matter as we learn to draw it
prepare each recipe and eat your delicious creations for dinner.
                                                                         together. We’ll concentrate on the skills of drawing and color-
Kids will get recipes, treats, and homemade gifts to take home.
                                                                         ing, but also work on developing fine motor skills, focus, listening,
There will be new, fun recipes for each class, so register now for all
                                                                         staying on task, spatial organization, and patience. Classes are 45
                                                                         minutes; all materials are provided – happy, smiling faces guaran-
Min/Max: 8/16                          Fee: $28/$35
                                                                         teed. (6 wks)
Instructor: Jodi Paz & Barb Lauro Loc: BPD-Birch/Kitchen
                                                                         Actv. # Sec. # Day           Date             Time
Actv.# Sec.# Day Date             Time              Theme
                                                                         305128 01          W         9/9-10/14        3:30-4:15pm
305264 01        M       10/26 4:15-6:15pm          Halloween
                                                                                   02       W         10/28-12/2       3:30-4:15pm
          02     M       11/16 4:15-6:15pm          Thanksgiving
          03     M       12/7     4:15-6:15pm       Winter
                                                                         Elementary Drawing
Cooking Around the World : NEW!                                          Ages: 6-12 years
                                                                         Let’s get ready to draw amazing things together! Young Rem-
Day-off of School Cooking Programs                                       brandts’ innovative, step-by-step drawing method can teach any
Ages: 5-8 years (See below)                                              child how to draw – regardless of artistic ability, giving them skills
Enjoy the day of off school by creating and eating fun creations         to express their creativity that will last a lifetime. We provide all
in the kitchen. During this interactive 3-hour class, we will make       materials and brand new subject matter every week, ranging from
a craft, read a theme related story, go on a treasure hunt and ob-       animals, landscapes, still life, and even art history. Our philosophy
stacle course and make a delicious lunch. You will also get to know      is to give children a very positive, nurturing environment, as we
your way around the kitchen including: cooking, utensils, safety         teach fundamental drawing techniques. You will see increased
and basic food preparation. We’ll follow simple recipes along with       ability, self-confidence, and self-esteem in this 45-minute class.
emphasis on good nutrition and clean-up procedures. You’ll help          (6 wks)
prepare each recipe and eat your scrumptious creations for lunch.        Actv. # Sec. # Day             Date              Time
Kids will get recipes, treats and homemade gifts to take home.           305208 01           W          9/9-10/14         4:30-5:15pm
Min/Max: 10/16                         Fee: $42/$52
Instructors: Jodi Paz, Barb Lauro Loc: BPD-Birch/Kitchen                 Cartooning
Actv.# Sec.# Day Date            Time                Theme               Ages: 6-13 years
305264 04         M      10/12 10:30am-1:30pm Hawaiian Luau              Learning to draw can be lots of fun, especially if we’re creating
           05     F      11/13 10:30am-1:30pm Italian                    silly characters, funny expressions, and drawing sequences that tell
                                                                         jokes! This delightful program combines Young Rembrandts’ in-
                                                                         novative, step-by-step drawing method, with light-hearted subject
                                                                         matters that engage children, their sense of humor, and their vivid
                                                                         imaginations. Come join us - classes are 45 minutes,
                                                                         all materials supplied. Giggles guaranteed. (6 wks)
                                                                         Actv. # Sec. # Day           Date            Time
                                                                         305209 01           W        10/28-12/2      4:30-5:15pm

2009 Fall Brochure • 381-0687                                                                                                               17
youth programs
Classes by Glitzy Girlz                             NEW!                Kreative Kreations Events
                                                                        For more information about Kreative Kreations, please go to
Monster Mash Carnival
Ages: 3-8 years (3-4 must be accompanied by an adultt)
Come celebrate Halloween with the Glitzy Girlz party staff for          Glamour Girls
a fun, co-ed carnival. Attendants may come dressed up and gear          Ages: 3-12 (ages 3-5 must be accompanied by parent)
for a unique night of excitement! Our class will consist of a craft     Girls, if you like crafts and love to feel glamorous, this class is
(personalized trick-or-treat bag), beading (glow-in-the-dark name       designed especially for you. You’ll create your own sparkle-scented
outfit dangle) Halloween games (ex. Eyeballs Toss), Tattooing and       lip gloss and creamy body lotion. Then, you’ll design a purse us-
Face Painting, Prize Raffle and Glow in the Dark Limbo Competi-         ing a large variety of rhinestones, sequins, and other fun embel-
tion for kids and adults. Our carnival provides popcorn snacks and      lishments. You’ll also be treated to a special glitter braid in the
refreshments too! See ya at the Monster bash!                           color of your choice. Lots of fun for every girl! Pre-registration is
Min/Max: 7/40                Loc: BPD-Barrington                        required.
                             Fee: $31/$39                               Min/Max: 12/50                          Loc: BPD-Barrington
Actv. #       Sec. #   Day         Date           Time                  Instructor: Kreative Kreations          Fee: $29/$36
305270        01       F           10/16          6:30-8pm              Actv. #       Sec. #    Day          Date            Time
                                                                        305263        06        Fri          10/9            6:45-7:45pm

Mom & Me: Monkeys Going
                        NEW!                                            Halloween Cake Decorating
Bananas Splits Party                                                    Ages: 3-12 (ages 3-5 must be accompanied by parent)
Age: 3-10 years w/mom                                                   Forget Halloween candy – now you can decorate your own
Come join Glitzy Girlz for this unique new class for Mom and her        Halloween cake! We’ll provide all of the fabulous Halloween-
special son/daughter. Together, each couple will bring life to an       themed frosting and toppings, and you do the decorating. You’ll
adorable 15” monkey friend. They will stuff it, fill with a wish-       complete your very own cake, cupcake, chefís hat, and cake box.
ing star, and get an official birth certificate. They will decorate a   You’ll even get your very own apron to keep the mess away! Pre-
personalized t-shirt with the monkey’s new name and monkey em-          registration is required (Min/Max: 10/50). Min/Max: 10/50
bellishments, feathers, jewels and safari touches. Our next project               Loc: BPD-Barrington
will be to decorate a bamboo basket with beaded monkey handles,         Instructor: Kreative Kreations      Fee: $31/$39
cool safari beads, and even monkey beads for authentic creativity
                                                                        Actv. #      Sec. #    Day       Date          Time
on their new home. The class ends with each couple assembling
                                                                        305263       02        Fri       10/30         6:30-7:30pm
their own BANANA SPLIT with all the fixins! Come and GO
BANANAS with us!
Min/Max: 7/20 couples                   Loc: BPD-Barrington
                                        Fee: $33/$41 per couple
                                                                        Mother/Daughter Holiday Glamour Hair
                                                                        Ages: 3-14 w/parent
Actv. #       Sec. #   Day           Date           Time
                                                                        Share a wonderful evening with your daughter as you both learn
305270        02       F             11/13          6:30-7:45pm
                                                                        the latest techniques in updos and braids. This hands-on class
                                                                        will show you how to create special looks for recitals, dances, and
Daddy/Daughter: Holiday Jewelry Making                                  holiday events. We’ll provide the bobby pins, hairspray, bands,
                                                                        clips, and everything youíll need to create the perfect party styles
Ice Cream Social                                                        for both younger and older girls (for the most effective styles, girls
                                                                        should have shoulder-length hair or longer). You’ll also receive a
Ages: 3-10 years w/dad                                                  special surprise and an instruction manual to recreate your favorite
Moms- take advantage of this special class, which was a sure hit last   styles at home! Pre-registration is required
year, so we brought it back! Sign up your daddy/daughter pairings       Min/Max: 10/25 mother/daughter Loc: BPD-Barrington
to make you gifts this season and share a special night together.       couples)
This jewelry class is designed for them to make gifts together to       Instructor: Kreative Kreations        Fee: $19/$24 per person;
surprise family members. Glitzy Girlz will provide glass faceted                                              please register mom &
crystals, clay beads, custom designer beads, silver accent beads and                                          daughter separately
holiday/love related charms and dangles. Each couple will make a
necklace, bracelet and zipper dangles - enough for gift-giving and      Actv. #       Sec. #   Day         Date             Time
the designer to wear! Each couple completes the surprise with           305263        04       Fri         12/4             6:30-7:30pm
packaging for no peeking. Top off the evening with an ice cream
sundae buffet for kids and dads! Music and festive mood provided.
Min/Max: 7/20 couples                 Loc: BPD-Barrington
                                      Fee: $33/$41 per couple
Actv. #       Sec. #    Day         Date           Time
305270        03        F           12/11          6:30-7:45pm


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