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                                          November/December 2007
                                                                                               O’Lanterns,     among   others. Our
      COMMUNITY                                                                                participants received warm applauses
                                                                                               from everyone, including teachers,
        CIRCLE                                                                                 parents and students.
        October                                                                                         After the parade, the children
           By Laura Garay                                                                      enjoyed different activities to celebrate
                                                                                               this day. Kindergarten kids and students
                                                                                               in Grades 1st – 3rd enjoyed some

O        ctober´s Community Circle was
         dedicated to our Halloween
                                                                                               Halloween games and a delicious snack.
                                                                                               Kids in grades 4th – 6th had the best time
                                                                                               at the swimming pool, competing in
                                                                                               different aquatic games, and, in the
         On the 30th, all the Kinders as                                                       afternoon, they enjoyed the movie “The
well as grades 1st, 2nd and 3rd gathered in                                                    Fantastic Four II”.
the Kinder 2&3 class to participate in a
                                                                                                  CATEGORIES              WINNERS
very special activity related to Halloween.
                                                                                               Overall Best Costume Sebastián Martínez
         Miss Angie welcomed all the
children and asked them what they knew                                                         Most Original
about this celebration. All the kids were                                                      Costume              Alejandro Bergamasco
very enthusiastic to tell everything they
knew about this special day. They were                                                         The Funniest         Antonella Adorno
surprised when Miss Angie announced the                                                        Costume
visit of the nicest witch, who suddenly
appeared with her magic wand.
                                                 Halloween 2007                                The Cutest Costume   Alfredito Britos and
                                                                                                                    Erika Ibañez
          Miss Laura was the witch who
                                                                                               The Spookiest
would turn all the kids into something
                                                                                               Costume              Damián Heyn
else. Every child had the opportunity to
participate in the activity where the witch
used her magic wand to turn the children
into different animals. This way the class
was filled with monkeys, cats, dogs,
horses, among other earthly creatures.

         They really enjoyed having the
witch with them and they all had a lot fun.

As usual we also celebrated our monthly
Birthdays and honored our Super Kids for
                                                      n October 31st, the students at SEK-

         Our last Community Circle is         Paraguay celebrated Halloween. This festivity
                                              dates back to the time of Celts and Druids in
scheduled for November 22nd. We will
                                              Great Britain. After the influence of the
have a great party on that day to celebrate   Romans, it was celebrated before November
and remember all the fun we had               1st, All Saint’s Day.
throughout this 2007 school year.
                                                        Students in Grades K2 – 6th gathered
                                              in the school´s gym, which was decorated by
                                              teachers and students, for the traditional
                                              Halloween Parade. Teachers Natalia Báez and
                                              Jazmín Cazal presented the different costumes
                                              worn by our students, including witches,
                                              skeletons, monsters, cartoon characters, Jack
       2007 Parents´                                                                               Trinity and Anglo
         Sport Day                                                                                   Exams 2007
   by José Ricardo Copani

                                                                                                 O       n October 25 and 29 some of our

                                                 OCTOBER SPELLING
                                                                                                 students took the Trinity College
                                                                                                 Examination at the Instituto Stael
                                                    BEE CHAMPS
                                                                                                 Rufinelli de Ortíz.

                                                                                                           All of them passed this

                                                 O       ur     second     Spelling        Bee
                                                                                                 international exam satisfactorily.     We
                                                                                                 congratulate Sandra Alderete in 3rd Grade,
                                                                                                 Ma. Elena Blanco in 4th, Junior Cortazar,
                                                                                                 Eduardo Okada, Valentina Silvera and

         O         n   Saturday,     October

20th, the second edition of SEK´s Parent´s
                                                 Competition was held during the 2nd week
                                                 of October. For this edition we included
                                                 several new winners and also welcomed
                                                 back quite a few from our previous
                                                                                                 Beatriz Aguirre in 5th Grade and our sixth
                                                                                                 graders Lucas Oneto and Marcela
                                                                                                 Alderete. You have done a great job!!!
Sports Day/Integration Tournament and            contest.
                                                                                                          Furthermore, on November 7th,
Mixed Volleyball practices for Parents,                                                          six SEK students took the Anglo Exams at
took place at the school´s gym. Nine                      Our proud winners for this
                                                                                                 our school. Tommy Blixen (2nd Grade),
mixed teams participated: Kindergarten           edition are:
                                                                                                 Julieta Blixen, Joaquina Vera and Larissa
2-3, 4-5, 1º, 2º, 3º, 5º, 6º; 7º-8º-9º and 1º-                                                   Ibarrolla (3rd Grade), Ma. Elena Blanco
2º-3º of the Media. The games followed           1st Grade: Jessica Oh (1st place)
                                                                                                 (4th Grade), and Lucas Oneto from the
the double loss system, with “high-                         Juan Daniel Kim (2nd place)
                                                                                                 6th Grade did great on the test. We
voltage” games, which combined parents´                     Sergio Lim (3rd place)
                                                                                                 congratulate them for such a good
good humor and excellent collective                                                              performance.
performance.                                     2nd Grade: Agustín Estigarribia (1st place)
                                                           Abigail Aquino(2nd place)
                                                                                                          The     Cambridge       University
         The parents´ presence, as well                    Brenda Copani (3rd place)
                                                                                                 Exams (Starters, Movers and Flyers) will
bringing smiles to our kids face, was an                                                         be taken on Friday, November 30th. We
excellent opportunity to unite, through          3rd Grade: Sebastián Acuña (1st place)
                                                                                                 wish our kids the greatest of luck for these
sports, our entire SEK-Paraguay school                      Larissa Ibarrola (2nd place)
                                                                                                 tests. As always, we are sure they will do
community, sharing significant moments.                     Marita Ferreira (3rd place)
          These latest editions of “SEK          4th Grade: Santiago Vargas (1st place)
Parent´s Sport Day” have positioned this
event as one of the most important
                                                            Alejandro Candia (2nd place)
                                                            Leo Lim (3rd place)                      6th Grade Field
activities for our school´s Physical
Education Department                             5th Grade: Gonzalo Recalde (1st place)                    Trip
                                                            Atilio Cortazar (2nd place)                      by Loreto Plate
         Our P.E. Department would like                     Francisco Vargas (3rd place)
to thank all participating parents who
have represented our grades and children
                                                 6th Grade: Arturo Merino (1st place)
                                                            Nicole Copani (2nd place)
                                                            Marcela Alderete (3rd place)
                                                                                                 O         n Tuesday, October 24th, the

                                                                                                 sixth grade students had an end of the
         Final positions were as follows:                                                        year field trip that consisted on visiting
                                                                                                 “Itaipú,” where they had the chance to
1st.     Place………..            6º      Grade                                                     observe the biggest and greatest
                                                                                                 hydroelectric dam in the world. After this
2nd.      Place………..           3º      Grade                                                     visit, they went to the city of Foz de
                                                                                                 Iguazú in Brazil. On Thursday the 25th,
3rd.     Place……….           Kindergarten                                                        they visited the “Iguazú Falls,” and they
                                                                                                 were amazed with its natural grandeur.
         The experience they had was          MEDAL)
unique, not only from the cultural point of
view, but also because they had the           SEBASTIÁN       ACUÑA         (SPECIAL            UPCOMING
chance to strengthen friendship and
cooperation among classmates.
                                              SECOND CYCLE (4th, 5th, and 6th
                                              Grades)                                    •    November 9 – 23: Final Exams.

                                              MATHEMATICS:                               •    November          10:        First
                                              GONZALO       RECALDE         (SPECIAL
                                              MENTION)                                   •    November 20: Annual Festival

                                                                                         •    November 23: Christmas Shop
                                              RAFAEL   GONZÁLEZ             (SPECIAL          (Grades K2 – 3rd)
                                                                                         •    November 23:       SEK Annual
                                              JUNIOR CORTÁZAR (SPECIAL                        Dinner
                                                                                         •    November 29: SEK Awards
     2007 Knowledge                           THIRD CYCLE (7th, 8th, and 9th                  2007
  Olympics at SEK School                      Grades)
          by Julio Giménez                                                               •    November 30: Cambridge
                                              MATHEMATICS:                                    Exams (for students that

         O       n    Tuesday,

23rd, our school hosted the 2007
                                              SERGIO CAMPOS (FIRST PLACE

                                              SERGIO PARK (FIRST PLACE
                                                                                         •    November 30: 2007 School
                                                                                              Year Ends (Students)
Knowledge Olympics, organized by the          MEDAL)                                     •    November 30: 12th          Grade
Ministry of Education School Supervision                                                      Graduation Ceremony
Department, for Zone A, city of Lambaré.      FELIPE YOO (FIRST PLACE MEDAL)
More than 20 schools participated in
                                                                                         •    December 6: Report Cards go
different subject areas including Spanish     MEDIA (10th, 11th, and 12th Grades)             home
Language Arts (Spelling and Writing) and
Mathematics                                   SPANISH:
                                                                                         •    December 3 – 19: Summer
                                                                                              Camp (K2 – 6th Graders)
         Three       categories    were       BEATRÍZ GUILLÉN (FIRST PLACE
established by levels. The activity was       MEDAL)
led by Teacher Julio Giménez (Science
and Math Coordinator and Academic                                                      Special thanks to teachers Loreto Plate,
                                              CHIARA     ONNIS     (FIRST     PLACE     Laura Garay, Julio Giménez and José
Director of our school).                      MEDAL)                                   Ricardo Copani for their contributions.
         Students that had an outstanding
participation, obtaining medals and
special mentions were:

FIRST CYCLE (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grades)


PLACE              MEDAL)

(SPECIAL                      MENTION)



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