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      CreativeLiving                                                                                        Editor’s note
                                                                                                               Wow, this sum-
                                                                                                            mer we’ve had
                                                                                                            some interesting

    Features                                                                                                weather, to say the
                                                                                                            least. Scorching
                                                                                                            heat, pouring rain,

      6       Keeping your patio furniture looking new                                                      strong     storms,
                                                                                                            thankfully      we
              The rain, the snow, sleet, hail, all thatt fun weather is what our patio furniture endures.
                                                                                                            have roofs over
              Check out some great information on how to keep your outside furniture looking like new.
                                                                                                            our heads and fur-
                                                                                                            niture – well most
                                                                                                            of our furniture.
     10        Halloween Photo Contest Annoucement                                                             Do you realize
              We are looking for your best Halloween costume. See details on page 10.                       how much your
                                                                                                            outdoor furniture
                                                                                                            goes through in
                                                                                                            one summer, one
                                                                                                            year? Makes you
                                                                                                            start wondering about the patio set you purchased
                                                                                                            a few years ago, doesn’t it?
                                                                                                               Well, don’t worry, you don’t have to rush to the
                                                                                                            store to purchase new outdoor furniture, all you
                                                                                                            have to do is clean up what you have! This
                                                                                                            month’s cover feature will show you just how to
                                                                                                            do that.
                                                                                                               Whether it’s wood or whicker, the cover feature
                                                                                                            provides detailed tips and instructions on how to
                                                                                                            properly care for your outdoor furniture. Keep
                                                                                                            things looking new to add to your home’s value
                                                                                                            and welcoming appearance.
                                                                                                               Also, in this issue we’re announcing a
                                                                                                            Halloween Costume Photo Contest. We’re offering
                                                                                                            three categories of winners, adult, pets, and chil-
                                                                                                            dren. Scary, cute, funny... we want to see what you
                                                                                                            can come up with and the winners of the contest
                                                                                                            will have their photo published in the October
                                                                                                               Enjoy the read.

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          3 Senior Living                                            & Fitness
                                                            5 HealthBody • Spirit
                                                              Mind •
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            Care • Communities                                                                                       Hayden c/o The Community Press/394 Wards
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          6 At Home                                         8 Back to School                                               mhayden@communitypress.com.
            Decor • Repair                                        Learning • Fashion
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                                                                                                      S E N I O R             L I V I N G

Seasons/Courtyard Dining For Wellness™
program improves residents’ health
       ining for Wellness, a pro-     at Seasons for six months, I am well is part of a healthy, enjoyable        With a wealth of experience
       gram designed by David         taking less medication than I did lifestyle, and that health-conscious ranging from creating several
       Koelling, corporate direc-     at home and my levels are lower. I dining choices have a significant highly acclaimed Chicago-area
tor of hospitality and dining                                                                                     restaurants to pioneering fine
services for Senior Lifestyle                                                                                     cuisine for Odyssey Cruises,

Corporation, made its debut                                                                                       Koelling     brings    a  fresh
January,         2008          at                                                                                 approach to dining services at
Seasons/Courtyard and more               Developed to educate residents about the correlation                     Seasons/Courtyard.
than 60 other SLC communities                 between diet and health, Dining for Wellness will                      “We’ve worked with each
nationwide.                                                                                                       community to create healthier
                                        become a key component of Senior Lifestyle’s award-                       menus offering seasonal cuisine
   Developed to educate resi-
                                             winning Fit for Life program, promoting nourishing

dents about the correlation                                                                                       and the most flavorful dishes
between diet and health issues,                choices for the mind, body and spirit through six                  available,” Koelling added.
Dining for Wellness will                                                    dimensions of wellness.               “We’re raising the bar with
become a key component of                                                                                         four-star restaurant standards
Senior Lifestyle’s award-win-                                                                                     of quality and service.”
ning Fit For Life™ program,                                                                                          For additional information
promoting nourishing choices for      attribute this to the wide range of impact on the quality of life for all on the Dining for Wellness pro-
the mind, body and spirit through     food choices at Seasons including of our residents,” Koelling said. gram, please contact David
six dimensions of wellness.           fresh fruit and vegetables and “The educational initiatives and Koelling, (312) 673-4374 or Jason
   A resident recently said about     styles of cooking that minimize improvements to our dining serv- McCabe, (312) 239-1108. To make a
the dining services at Seasons: “I    fats such as poaching and baking. ices promoted through Dining for reservation for dinner or Sunday
want you to know that I just had      What a life!”                       Wellness help set our communities Brunch call Betsy Flynn 984-7289.
my cholesterol checked after living      “We understand that dining apart.”

  Communitypress.com • East                                                                    C R E A T I V E          L I V I N G          3
S E N I O R          L I V I N G

                                            Help for seniors: Where do you start?
                                            Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio
                                               f you’re an aging American (or     iors would have to leave their
                                               caring for one), you may have      homes and go into nursing facili-
                                               wondered what your options         ties.
                                            are for help.                            “We’re also an unbiased, reli-
                                               Start with your Area Agency on     able source of information with
                                            Aging (AAA). In our region, that’s    nearly 40 years experience.”
                                            Council on Aging of Southwestern         Every day, hundreds of people
                                            Ohio (COA). COA is a non-profit       call Council on Aging and come
     CreativeLiving                         organization designated by the        away better informed. Many
                                            Ohio Department of Aging to           enroll in free and low-cost pro-
    Reach all of the family
                                            serve the older adults of Butler,     grams that help them stay inde-
       Call 248-8600                                                              pendent in their homes. Others,
                                            Clermont, Clinton, Hamilton and
                                            Warren counties.                      who are family caregivers,
                                               “Thousands of older adults are     improve their skills and peace of
                                            leading better lives because of the   mind.
                                            programs and services we offer,”         For answers, call 721-1025 and
                                            CEO Suzanne Burke said.               visit www.help4seniors.org.
                                            “Without our services, many sen-

                                            Welcome home to Sutton
                                            Grove Retirement Community
                                                    ave you reached that point    change, you have the peace of
                                                    in your life when you can     mind knowing that additional
                                                    no longer keep up with        services such as housekeeping,
                                            your house and yard? At the           laundry, and home care are avail-
                                            same time, you don't want to lose     able to you while you maintain
                                            your independence or give up          your independence in a safe,
                                            your pet.                             secure environment.
                                               So, what do you do?                   Sutton Grove is just two blocks
                                               The folks at the Suton Grove       from Mount Washington so you
                                            Retirement Community have             have easy access to the bus line,
                                            helped many people transition         library, bank, post office, shopping
                                            from home ownership to inde-          and Stanberry Park.
                                            pendent living at its finest.            Transportation is also available
                                               Sutton Grove has 75 one and        through Anderson Senior Center.
                                            two-bedroom unfurnished apart-           Giving up your house is one of
                                            ments     with      fully-equipped    the hardest decisions you will
                                            kitchens located in the heart of      face. If you talk to the residents at
                                            Mount Washington.                     Sutton Grove, they will tell you it
                                               This means that you can bring      is also the best decision they ever
                                            your furniture and all those things   made.
                                            you love with you, even your pet.        Call Sutton Grove today to see
                                               Sutton Grove is not just an        an apartment and tour the facility.
                                            apartment building, though. It is     The staff will make you feel right
                                            a retirement community offering       at home!
                                            communal meals, recreation, com-         For more information call 231-
                                            panionship, and even a beauty         0008 or visit
                                            salon and barber shop on site.        www.suttongrove.com.
                                               In addition, as your needs


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                                                                                 H E A L T H   &   F I T N E S S

Stop waiting, get in shape today
         ow many times have you          Doctor’s Weight Loss Clinic pro-
         promised yourself you’d         vides its customers with the
         get in shape? Well, with        newest innovations in weight loss
the year half spent there’s no time      treatment.
like the present.                           But don’t just think Doctor’s
   There’s no better place to start      Weight Control and Wellness
than Doctor’s Weight Weight              Center is only for those who desire
Control and Wellness Center.             to shed a few extra pounds.
   A new you is waiting at               Healthy lifestyles are fostered and
Doctor’s Weight Control and              comprehensive              strategies
Wellness Center; offering a variety      achieved and maintained with
of programs designed to produce          their program.
the best results.                           Just remember, the longer you
   Don’t forget Doctor’s Weight          wait, the longer it will take for you
Control’s cellubike, one of only         to get in shape.
eight in the country, that burns fat        Doctor’s Weight Control is
not only through a cardiovascular        located at 1717 Dixie Highway in
exercise but by subjecting the fat       Fort Wright. Contact Dr. Brown at
cells to safe levels of infrared rays.   344-0911 today.

Don’t live with ingrown toenails
          ost of us at one time have     walk out in regular shoes, without
          developed a painful            missing any of your normal activ-
          ingrown toenail.               ities.
   Sometimes we are lucky and                The procedure, called a partial
are able to cut out the corner of the    matrixectomy, is performed under
toenail at home doing “bathroom          local anesthesia and removes the
surgery.”                                deep, ingrown portion of the nail.
     Other times we are not as           Next, by applying an application
lucky, and a painful, red draining       of a safe chemical agent, the deep
nail corner occurs that can last for     nail corners are cauterized and no
weeks, causing shoes to rub              longer are able to grow the painful
against the toe and create pain and      nail corner again. A simple band-
disability.                              age is placed over the toe and the
   At the Centers for Foot and           patient uses bandaids for the next
Ankle Care in Harrison, Drs.             few weeks while the toe heals.
Michael Brock and Dipika Patel               If you have trouble with this
are able to fix your toenail prob-       chronic problem, please call the
lem permanently with a short             Center for Foot and Ankle Care at
office procedure and have you            831-7503.

                        C R E A T I V E             L I V I N G            5
A T      H O M E                                                                                                                                                                                                                    A T   H O M E

          patio furniture
          patio furniture
                                            By Pam Marra • Community Press staff writer

                                                    ave summer elements taken
                                                    their toll on your once-beau-
                                                    tiful patio furniture? Heat,

        some summer
                                            humidity, dust, wind, dampness and

        some summer                         simple daily use can do a number on
                                            that chaise lounge or wicker rocker if
                                            regular care is neglected.
                                               But here's some tips that will help
                                            keep all your pieces in tip-top shape
                                            and looking good as new come next

                                            summer!                                                                                           with soft bristles. As soon as you're done,
                                                                                                                                              rinse the umbrella. If you find that the solu-
                                            Cleaning Resin or Plastic Patio Furniture                                                         tion fades the colors, look on the tag to see
                                               To clean resin or plastic patio furniture that's light in color, make a solution that includes what cleaning agents you can use. Always
                                            1 gallon of warm water, 3/4-cup of bleach, and 1Tbs. laundry soap. If there is any coloring let the umbrella dry completely before you
                                            on the furniture, test a small, inconspicuous area first to make sure it won't damage the close it, as this can cause new mold to
                                            color. If the color brightens but does not become discolored, you can continue.                   develop.
                                               Use the solution and a scrub brush with soft bristles to clean the entire piece; leave the
                                                         water solution on the furniture for about 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.         Aluminum Patio Furniture
                                                              If the furniture is colored, use a solution consisting of 1gallon of warm          To clean aluminum furniture, scrub the
                                                             water and 1 Tbs. of all-purpose cleaner. This eliminates the bleach, which piece down with a plastic scrubber or steel wool using
                                                               can damage colored furniture. Again, after washing, let the solution sit on dish detergent. Put in plenty of elbow grease to make
                                                                 the furniture for 10 to15 minutes and rinse completely.                      sure to get it good and clean. Rinse thoroughly.
                                                                                                                                                 If the furniture is baked-on aluminum, use a sponge
                                                                 Unfinished Wood Patio Furniture                                              instead of the plastic scrubber. Soak it with the dish-
                                                                    Unfinished wood furniture is really abused by the elements. One washing detergent. Work the sponge and the cleaner
                                                                  problem with cleaning this type of furniture is that it tends to absorb into the furniture and rinse well. Dry using a cloth and
                                                                  excess water, which can cause it to warp or crack. To avoid this, make a then finish with some car wax. Make sure the wax
                                                                 solution out of a gallon of water, 1 cup of ammonia, and 3/4 cup of doesn't get on the fabric or webbing on the piece of
                                                               vinegar. Scrub down your wood furniture with this solution, and then furniture.
                                                             rinse it completely. After rinsing, use towels to take up any excess water.
                                                                                                                                                      Wicker furniture
                                                              Furniture Cushions                                                                      Wicker likes humidity but it is not standard
                                                                  The cushions on your patio furniture are probably one of the most likely outdoor furniture. Rain, direct sunlight, and
                                                                    items to need a good cleaning. Most are washable, but check the label dew are damaging.
                                                                       first. If they are, wash with soapy water and a sponge. Make sure to           To clean periodically, vacuum away loose
                                                                          rinse them well and wipe them as dry as possible.                        dirt. Prepare a solution of detergent and water.
                                                                                                                                                   Skim the suds off into a damp sponge and apply to
                                                                                   Cleaning a Patio Umbrella                                       furniture, working on a small portion at a time. Use
                                                                                        Patio umbrellas often grow mold. This happens a small brush in crevices. Do not wet wooden parts
                                                                                       because they get wet and then sit closed in the warm of furniture. Wipe off suds with clean damp sponge,
                                                                                       weather, making a moist environment for mold to grow then spray rinse with a garden hose. Dry chair as fast
                                                                                       in. Not only is mold unsightly, but it's also a health haz- as possible by putting in the hot sun, using hair drier,
                                                                                       ard.                                                        or directing a fan onto it to keep air circulating.
                                                                                           To clean, make a solution with 1 gallon warm water,        Allow wicker to dry for several days before using
                                                                                       a squirt of liquid dish detergent, and 3/4-cup of bleach.   or sitting on it.
                                                                                          Test the color first on the inside of the umbrella. If it
                                                                                          reacts well to the bleach, open the umbrella, don some                     Sources: EzineArticles.com, Essortment.com
                                                                                          rubber gloves, and scrub using the solution and a brush

      C R E A T I V E   L I V I N G                  Communitypress.com                                    Communitypress.com                                                                                     C R E A T I V E    L I V I N G
B A C K                T O          S C H O O L

Easing kids back into school mode
Parents can help students with transition before school starts               you or your child have about school. (Always put your concerns in
                                                                                • Plan a special shopping day for purchasing supplies and clothes.
By Jan Malley
Little Read School Houses Founder                                               • Call other families who will have children attending school with
                                                                             your children and arrange an outing or picnic to get acquainted.
                                                                                • Start going to bed earlier each night, two weeks before school

       very school year we anticipate the fall energy that prevails – the
       excitement yet emptiness that embraces us when school begins.         begins in order to establish a “school” bed time routine.
                                                                                • Visit the library and read to your children as often as you are able.
   Little people are preparing for a new journey into “unknown                  • Buy a few “Back to School” workbooks and play school with your
waters.”                                                                     children.
   New teachers, new friends and new expectations all change our
sense of security. Parents have to allow their children to step forward     Planning for school can be a happy and rewarding experience. It all
and enter a world without them by                                                                                          depends on how one
their side. This step can be taken                                                                                         approaches                it.

with vigor and aptitude or with                                                                                            Remember, children are
fear and shyness.                                                                                                          parents’ little mirrors in
   It is the duty of parents to give         Parents have to allow their children to step forward                          life. How the parent
their children the strength and                                                                                            appear is what they usu-
                                                and enter a world without them by their side. This                         ally see in their child’s
confidence to go forward and tack-
le new challenges. Children can                 step can be taken with vigor and aptitude or with                          facial expressions and
                                                                                         fear and shyness.                 attitudes.

sense if mom has concern or is
apprehensive. Therefore, one must
keep a veneer of calmness and                                                                                              Jan Malley has been a
                                                                                                     Jan Malley            teacher for more than 20
light-heartedness when preparing
their little people for school.                                                                                            years. She combines her
   The following points will allow                                                                                         teaching degree and her
children to settle in slowly and                                                                                           background in sociology and
make a transition from a summer                                                                                            psychology to understand
to a fall mode.                                                                                                            the whole child and the
                                                                        learning process.
   • Share with your children the positive attributes of new school She founded the Little Red School Houses in 1975. These preschool and kinder-
experiences. Tell them what you liked and looked forward to at school. garten programs are available for full or half day programs. Jan is married, the
   • Don’t fill their ears with your dislikes or fears when you were mother of two sons and lives in Lakeside Park.
young.                                                                  Jan and her husband, Chip combine to make an effective team. Jan handles all
   • Visit the school before opening day. Tour the classroom and range the educational and curriculum aspects of the schools, while Chip is in charge
to meet the teachers informally.                                        of the business responsibilities and expansion.
    • Send a note or give a note to the teacher expressing any concerns

                                                                                                                     Tell your neighbors your story
                                                                                                                              Call 248-8600

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                                                                                                  B A C K           T O       S C H O O L

Excel Mixed Martial Arts Academy offering open enrollment
      xcel Mixed Martial Arts        and includes a variety of healthy    and mental abilities for flourishing   esteem, self discipline, respect,
      Academy is currently hav-      snacks and drinks. Eating healthy    in many activities. Children with      and courtesy to others.
      ing open enrollment for the    is a key factor in keeping your      special needs, such as ADD and            Children with high levels of
after school Sports & Fitness pro-   child fit. This program provides     ADHD are often recommended by          self-esteem believe more in them-
gram. Students ages 6 to 13 can      proper diet which supplies energy    medical professionals to partici-      selves and have a sense of impor-
spend their after school                                                                                          tance and self-respect. This is
hours doing something                                                                                             beneficial on the affect of how

healthy and constructive.                                                                                         your child approaches new tasks
Many children today spend                Excel Martial Arts Academy believes this program                         and challenges and how they
way too much time in front                                                                                        interact with others.
                                      offers more than just physical fitness, but also helps                          Excel Mixed Martial Arts
of a TV, video game, or
computer and fail to get             build a child’s confidence, concentration, self esteem,                      Academy is located at 1451 State
proper exercise. Along with            self discipline, responsiblity and courtesy to others.                     Route 28 in the Goshen Plaza.

the added junk food snacks                                                                                        You may call 575-5425 or you can
that are unhealthy, it’s no                                                                                       visit    the    Web     site    at
wonder our nation is a                                                                                            www.excelmixedmartialarts.com
leader in obese children. If                                                                                      for more information.
no intervention is made, 80 per-     activity that allows calories to     pate in structured programs such          Note that students in the
cent of these children will stay     burn properly. An added benefit to   as martial arts.                       Goshen school district can ride the
overweight as adults. This puts      this program includes instructions      Excel Mixed Martial Arts            bus from school. Other districts
them at a high risk for many med-    in Tae Kwon Do martial arts.         Academy believes this program          will need to supply their own
ical problems.                          Tae Kwon Do is especially ideal   offers more than just physical fit-    transportation.
   This program consists of well     for students who struggle with       ness, but also helps build a child’s
rounded fitness and fun activities   team sports. It provides physical    confidence, concentration, self

                  Don’t be left out
   Call 248-8600 to learn            School Directory, pub-
   how you can be a part             lished bi-annually by
    of the February 2008                The Community
   edition of the Private               Press/Recorder.

  Communitypress.com • East                                                                     C R E A T I V E           L I V I N G           9
B A C K      T O      S C H O O L

                                                         Halloween Photo Contest
                                                              oo! We are looking for your best Halloween costume photos. A
                                                              winner will be selected for the three following categories: Adult,
                                                              child, and pets. Submissions are due Sept. 3.
                                                           To submit a photograph e-mail mhayden@communitypress.com.If
                                                         you have questions contact Specialty Publications Editor Melissa
                                                         Hayden at 591-6166.

                                                         Mount Washington Art Works
                                                         hosts Exhibit, Open House
                                                                  ount Washington Art           ments.
                                                                  Works will have their            M.W. Art Works is a full-func-
                                                                  third annual Student Art      tioning art studio, open to the
                                                         Show and Open House on                 public, on the east side of town.
                                                         Saturday, Aug. 23 from 10 a.m. to 2    They have art classes for all ages,
                                                         p.m.                                   from 2 through adults. While each
                                                            Located in their bright and         course provides age appropriate
                                                         beautiful art studio, the exhibit      instruction in drawing and paint-
                                                         will feature the artwork of their      ing, you don’t have to be gifted or
                                                         students. Many will receive            talented to have an enjoyable and
                                                         awards for excellent work.             successful art experience.
                                                            The open house will also have            For more information, please
                                                         free art activities and refresh-       call 232-3648.

                                                         St. Louis school acknowledged
                                                         for academic excellence
                                                                    here can you find a         criteria established by the No
                                                                    school with superior        Child Left Behind-Blue Ribbon
                                                                    academics, computer-        Schools program for private
                                                         driven interactive white boards in     schools, St. Louis ranked among
                                                         every classroom, individualized        the top 10 percent of all schools
                                                         math and reading programs, a           nationally in academics for the
                                                         computer lab with thirty-one com-      2007-2008 school year. Tracey
                                                         puters, innovative teachers, a         Distler, whose children have
                                                         faith-based curriculum, a compet-      attended St. Louis for the past six
                                                         itive sports program, excellent fine   years, indicates she recognizes the
                                                         arts, and a family atmosphere?         school’s merits when she makes
                                                         Right in Clermont County at St.        such statements as, “This school
          CreativeLiving Fall Issues                     Louis School in Owensville!            has afforded my children the
                                                             St. Louis School is noteworthy     opportunity to develop academi-
          Fall is on its way, so be sure to call about                                          cally, spiritually, physically, artisti-
                                                         for its academic excellence, as well
               having your business featured in          as its welcoming family atmos-         cally, and culturally.”
           CreativeLiving this year. Call 248-8600.      phere.      With    students      in      For more information on St.
                                                         Kindergarten through grade eight,      Louis School please visit the Web
          Share your story with your neighbors
                                                         St. Louis strives to be among the      site www.stlparish.org or call 732-
                                                         most highly regarded parochial         0636, Ext. 101 or 102.
                                                         schools in Ohio. Based upon the

10   C R E A T I V E       L I V I N G                                                    Communitypress.com • East
                                                                                                   B A C K           T O      S C H O O L

Back to School is a good time to stay connected
   t’s that time again. School districts are gassing up the yellow          Concerns with children and wireless phones
   buses. Parents and children are browsing store aisles – one with            Many parents are concerned about giving their children a wireless
   perhaps more bounce in their step than the other – carefully cross-      phone, but with the right technology, parents don’t have to worry.
ing off items on the Back-to-School checklist. In addition to stocking      Now parents can set limits on children’s voice and text usage and
up on pencils, folders, and notebook paper, Back to School is a great       monitor their children’s cell phone usage from any computer with the
time to make sure your family has the right telecommunications              My Account feature.
products and services to stay connected.                                       Cincinnati Bell’s parental controls give parents peace of mind and
                                                                            offer a better way to allow children some independence while help-
Selecting the right plan                                                    ing to keep them – and your wallet – safe and secure. Parents can set
   Families come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s important to have a      weekly and monthly limits to the number of voice minutes and text
wireless plan that accommodates all family members’ voice, text, and        messages their children use. They can receive notification e-mails and
data usage. Cincinnati Bell’s new Unlimited Everything Family Pak           text messages when these limits are exceeded.
can satisfy a family’s biggest talkers, fastest texters, and most intense      Parents can also assign time periods when calls or text messages
Web surfers.                                                                can’t be sent or received, for example, during dinner time or home-
   The new Unlimited Everything Family Pak offers unlimited calls,          work sessions. Some parents give their children wireless phones to
text messaging, and data usage at a value unlike anything currently         use only in the case of an emergency. Parental controls allow you to
out there. The service is available when customers bundle their fam-        designate which numbers children can dial and which numbers are
ily’s wireless service with home phone and ZoomTown High-Speed              off limits.
   Fusion WiFi from Cincinnati Bell combines wireless and WiFi tech-        What’s a library?
nology so you and your family get the speed and great reception         Technology has changed many aspects of life. Today’s students
needed to stay connected. Fusion WiFi, an evolution of Cincinnati    rely on technology more than any previous generation. Students can
Bell’s original WiFi service launched in 2007, gives customers free  use the Internet to research any topic without setting foot in a library,
WiFi minutes along with outstanding in-building reception and        but in a world where Wikipedia has replaced encyclopedias, it’s crit-
download speeds unparalleled                                                                                      ical to have a fast and
by other wireless carriers in                                                                                     reliable Internet connec-

Cincinnati and Dayton.                                                                                            tion.    That’s      where
                                                                                                                  ZoomTown High-Speed
Never miss a call
                                             As individuals put more and more of their personal                   Internet can help.
   For home phone customers                   lives on the computer in the form of family photos,                    ZoomTown           High-
with voicemail, Cincinnati Bell            videos, and financial documents, it becomes impera-                    Speed Internet offers fast
offers a one-of-a-kind suite of                                                                                   data transfer and can
                                                             tive to protect these critical assets...

services combining wireline and                                                                                   access more than 350
wireless services via voicemail                                                                                   WiFi hot spots through-
services.                                                                          Larry McClanahan               out Cincinnati. That
   There are several unique fea-                                                                                  means greater connec-
tures designed to ensure you and                                                                                  tivity and the freedom to
your family never miss a call,                                                                                    get online when and
including:                                                                                                        where you need to.
   Distinctive Rings: Prior to
ringing, a main greeting prompts callers to identify who they want to       Play it safe
reach, and a unique ringtone is used to alert that individual.                 Let’s face it, kids like to download games, music, and videos, but
Unanswered calls go to the recipient’s voicemail box, which has been        downloading the wrong file could spell disaster for your hard drive.
set up with a personal greeting.                                            Unintentionally downloading a virus could wipe out every family
   Multiple Voicemail Boxes: One phone line can host up to nine per-        photo, music file, or tax return on your computer. ZoomTown
sonalized voicemail boxes.                                                  Internet users can easily back up and protect the files on their person-
   Zero Transfer: Callers have the option to be transferred to another      al computer, protecting them from computer crashes or unintention-
local phone number, such as a cell phone, by pressing “0” following         al deletions.
the voicemail greeting.                                                        “As individuals put more and more of their personal lives on the
   Text-Message Notifications: Users can set preferences to receive         computer in the form of family photos, videos, and financial docu-
text-message alerts to their cell phone when they have a new voice-         ments, it becomes imperative to protect these critical assets from acci-
mail in their home voicemail box.                                           dental deletion, system crashes, theft, or fire,” adds McClanahan.
   Converged Home and Wireless Voicemail Box: Customers are able            “ZoomTown Storage and Backup provides users with their own vir-
to combine wireline and wireless voicemail boxes so they only need          tual hard drive, where they can protect those files that are most
to check one voicemail box for messages.                                    important to them. Additionally, as long as customers have an
   “Voicemail features such as multiple mailboxes and zero transfer         Internet connection, they can access their files from any location.”
make for a better and simpler way for customers to manage calls and            Cincinnati Bell also offers a variety of wireline and wireless plans,
messages,” says Cincinnati Bell’s Larry McClanahan, director of             but with so many options available, sometimes it’s not easy to deter-
Wireline product management. “How often do individuals give out             mine which plan is the best fit for your family. Cincinnati Bell can
multiple phone numbers to avoid missing a call? With voicemail from         help you select the best plan based on your and your family’s voice,
Cincinnati Bell, the only number they need to give out is their home        text, and data needs. For more information stop by any Cincinnati
phone number.”                                                              Bell retail store, visit www.cincinnatibell.com, or call 513-565-9730.

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