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					November Moon
Plot Outline

The cast -- the player characters are all students of an elderly professor (Hiram Ben Jakob,
formerly of John Crane) at Miskatonic University. They are publicly students of a "normal"
discipline who work with Ben Jakob in studying the occult.

The game starts on the afternoon of Friday November 9, 1928. The new moon is five nights
hence (the night of Tuesday 11/13/28. Prof. Moamar Shalad has “procured” (ie: paid to have
stolen) an artifact from a village in Corsica. The artifact is an evil magic medallion which comes
alive on the night of the new moon. Knowing that there is genuine risk in holding onto the
medallion, he entrusts it to his “best student” Asenath Derby Waite.

Shalad thinks that he has outsmarted Asenath, in that he has not given her the materials needed to
make use of the medallion. Asenath, however, knows that Shalad is holding out on her (him!),
and may make some foray to retrieve the materials from Shalad’s rooms – perhaps in the form of
her poor undermined husband Edward Darby.

[ We conclude that the game takes place before the story line of Edward and Asenath has played
out as told in Lovecraft’s tales]

Act I
Prof. Ben Jakob is concerned about Shalad’s activities, and the coterie of “bohemian” students he
has attracted, particularly the ever-troublesome Asenath Waite Darby.

>> Hiram will suggest that Albert seek out Prof. Shalad and ask if he might audit his medieval
metaphysics class.

>> Hiram will also suggest that Rhea try to shadow Asenath and learn her haunts.

   When Albert goes to Shalad’s office, he will run into Paul Grigot, who is tyring to slip out of
Shalad’s office after having rummaged through it looking for the item. Grigot is from the
Corsican village where Shalad’s agent located and stole the medalian. Grigot’s family in Corsica
has already killed the theif, but not before he shipped the medalian off to America. Grigot
arrived a week behind, and has been tracing the package with the medalion from Boston to
Miskatonic for the past three weeks. Paul speaks OK English, and may or may not be willing to
talk to the investigators depending on how they approach him.

   Rhea will learn that Asenath and her clique hang out at the Sighing Raven café near campus.
Also, that another man – Frank Charlton – acts as the “gate keeper” for entrance into the inner
circle of the Miskatonic’s bohemians. Asenath’s husband Edward Darby is never seen at the
Raven, and rumors exist that Asenath and Frank are having/have had an affair.
[ The plot of last year’s Halloween game having usurped the reanimator story, we decree that
Frank Charlton is alive and well, and still rooming with the affable Biff Williams. Charlton is
not a cultist – his greatest sin is his love for Asenath. He’d quail at the knowledge of Asenath’s
true nature. ]

Grigot’s Family & their Charge
Grigot’s family was entrusted with stewardship of the medalion in 1537 by shipwrecked Moor
who was running with the medalion to keep it out of the hands of a Moorish despot. He
described it as a weapon of horrific power that must be kept out of the hands of man eternally.
He left for Cadiz bearing with him scrolls which instructed upon the use of the medalion.
Grigot’s family would have cast the thing off as something silly were it not for the twin facts that
it hums with increasing agitation at the rising of the new moon, and that if covered, it will cause
whatever covers it to smoulder into flame when the new moon is at its apex overhead. Thus,
Grigot’s family held onto the medallion and kept it on a stand on a shelf in their library.

The Medallion
The medallion itself is gold, six inches in diameter with two holes punched in it at the 10 and 2
o’clock positions. There are fine silver chains attached through the holes which go up to an
engraved copper rod ten inches long. The rod is graven with a motif that looks very much like
seaweed. The medallion is decorated on two sides – on the side which is slightly convex, there
are geometric engravings around a roughtly 1-inch flat area in the center (on a successful Idea
roll suggest that it might be struck like a small gong). The engravings go out to within 1/3” of
the edge. The outer 1/3” on the convex side is taken up by a design of many snakes intertwined
all facing widdershins all around the outer band. The edge of the 1/8” thick medalion has a
sinusoidal line cut into it. The convex side has covered in indistinct wavy lines. If the medallion
is vibrating – either on its own at the new moon, or after being struck with a light mallet – the
lines will resolve themselves into images of elder gods dancing around a fire on a montiain top.
The SAN loss for viewing this display is 1/1D8. Anyone failing their SAN roll with swear that
the images of protean horrors was indeed moving as if it were some awful silent film. Anyone
who is a Tier 1 magician or greater will sense the medallion humming on the magical plane like
a bloody perpetual tuning fork.

Act II
…Now, having obtained a pile of papers from Moamar Shalad, Asenath will vanish for a couple
of days to decode them. She has an inkling that the medalion is attuned to the new moon, and
wishes to unlock its secrets before Shalad asks for its return.

If the party confronts Shalad, he will puff and bluster as first, but will cave and tell the group
what he knows of the medalion, and its present whereabouts. He’ll be much more likeley to give
in to the pressings of Ben Jakob than either Albert or Rhea.

On the night of the new moon (Tuesday the 13th, at around 11 PM) Asenath will go from her
rooms in Crowninshield manor out into the clearing in the woods, where she will attempt to
activate the medalion. If she succeeds, she will summon a BFM (Big Fucking Monster) who she
will command to trample around the woods for an hour or so, and will then dispatch.
After successfully testing the medallion, Asenath will be reluctanct to give it up to Shalad, and
may make a power-play to turn him into her (his!) student…