Dear Parents and Students in 3M_ by lonyoo


									Dear Parents and Students in 2/3M

On Friday, October 30th, 2/3M will be participating in various Halloween activities.
Students are welcome to come to school dressed in their costume and wear it for the
day. However, I would like the following guidelines be kept in mind when preparing a
costume to be worn in the classroom:
            not have a violent theme
            masks and violent accessories such as swords, guns, axes and will be put
              away in the classroom until the school parade
            be safe and comfortable for indoor wear (not too hot and does not
              obscure vision)

It is an early dismissal day and it is booked with a variety of activities so it is going
to be quite busy. Plans for the day are as follows:
            Before morning recess: typical instruction
            After morning recess: Halloween Parade starting at about 10:30
            After parade till lunch: distribute Halloween messages and treats
            Lunch: pizza lunch and recess
            After lunch and recess: cupcakes and juice, Halloween games, dismissal

I have found that the students like to bring in a small Halloween treat to give to each
of their classmates. As a result, I have planned for the students to make a decorative
Halloween bag and make Halloween cards for each other during class time. They will
then be given time to pass out the treats they have brought from home and cards they
have made in class on October 30th. Please note that students are not required to
bring treats to pass out but if they do I am asking that they give one to each student
in the class (20 students).

Debbie Hightower, our class party parent representative will be contacting those
parents who previously offered to contribute something to one of our parties this year.
I ask that parents not send in food or treats unless they have been contacted because
we end up with too much and the donated items may go to waste. The afternoon party
menu will include a cupcake and a juice box. If you have not been contacted, please
assume that you will be asked to contribute to future parties later in the year.

Mrs. T. Morris

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